BLM Calico Update 1/21- 2 more horses killed

This has got to stop-  BLM ran the feet off this foal and then made him ride four hours in a trailer to Fallon where he was unloaded and then shot.

No members of the public were allowed to observe the roundup today. Please demand a stop to this roundup– call    Obama (202-456-1111), Michelle Obama (202-456-1414), Joe Biden (202-456-1414), your Senators & Congress people   (202-224-3121)  again, it is time for Washington to step in.

From BLM website:

Transported 118 horses to the Fallon facility on Wednesday.  Plan to ship the horses remaining at the gather corrals to Fallon today.  Continuing to dissemble the gather corrals and move to new location in the Calico HMA.

Mares coming into the Fallon facility are in poorer condition than stallions and weanlings/foals. About 30 mares from the Warm Springs HMA range in body condition from a 2.5 to 3.0.  One mare that was down on the transport truck arrived at the facility alive, but subsequently died.  One colt with multiple hoof sloughs from the capture was euthanized at the facility.

About 20 to 25 horses at the facility have received treatment for vaioius injuries or lameness and are recovering.  There are no indications of infectious respiratory disease.

The BLM has asked that wind breaks be installed at the Fallon facility, similar to ones that are at the Palomino Valley Center.  The contractor will begin constructing wind breaks in 12 of the smaller holding/sorting pens which are used for sick or lame animals.

Totals: 1,195 gathered, 1,074 moved to Fallon, 30 at gather corrals, 2 euthanized at gather site, 1 death pre-existing condition, 1 back to HMA.

Fallon facility: 6 deaths


Windbreak update:

The BLM did put up tarps to block the wind but contends that in Fallon, Nevada the “weather is not that extreme to require wind breaks for healthy horses… they do not require protection from the elements to maintain good health. . . .there is nothing to be concerned about from an animal well-being standpoint.” Adopters are required to provide mustangs with shelter and protection– why is BLM exempt from humane care of our mustangs? Read the Cloud Foundation’s 1/20 Press Release on lack of windbreaks here.


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  1. jan sterling Says:

    it says 1 was released – does that mean just 1 horse was released back – without family – how horrible

    • kas0859ohio Says:

      Jan- I think the one released was Freedom “via escape”. As far as the humane observer updates (I’ve read so far) NO horses have been released.

  2. Judy Loudin Says:

    I don’t think anyone in this administration gives a damn about the horses or the people of this country. And now the Supreme Court is giving the country away to the corporations and allowing them to spend unlimited dollars to get their people elected to office. Land of the free: bullshit! No one is free in this country any more: not people, not horses, no one! And no one seems to care. Calls, letters, blogs: we write and write and they keep killing the innocents. These roundups are a disgrace to common decency which apparently no longer exists if the BLM is involved. And the President could care less! He’s too busy trying to figure out how to do his job. I cannot understand WHY he has not stood up to the jerks in the Senate and put them in their place. Time to take the gloves off and stand up to the lobbyists(thought this administration was going to get rid of them!) and the career politicians who continue to serve their own ends at the expense of the people. I am sending a copy of this to the White House. Always mark the “I want a response”….never get one! Change: what change?

    • Karen L. Says:

      Yeah, Judy, I always mark “I want a response”, too. No, I’ve not received one either.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Judy, At this point and due to increased press and now the protesters I think we have begun to represent a larger fight for freedom than we originally intended. If this is true the wild horses and burros have come to symbolize what has gone wrong with our government and represents their disconnect from the heart of the people. We are never giving up. We have everything to gain! Mar

    • Mark Says:

      Why do you think every 8 years some stooge gets elected. He’s too f’n stupid to know what the f is going on so this kind of thing happens and know one knows what to do? It takes an idiot like this to figure out how to swear in his own staff and Joe Biden had to step in and do if for him. And this is our Commander in Chief of All our Armed Forces? We a screwed!!!!

      Nobody cares about horses. All they care about is making friends with groups that have money and want more. Just how many jobs are created by running horses off of cattle grazing range? All a bunch of in-bred assholes.

  3. Monika Courtney Says:

    The indifferent cruelty inflicted by this outfit named Cattoor is beyond words. HOW do they get away with this ? I am so appalled I am just shocked to no end. Everyone and everthing in this country is regulated but THEY do this – like a gestapo directing their hate towards these innocent and defenseless animals – WHY on earth are the brains in office not responding ???? WHY ??????? What has become of this nation ?
    Why does no one expose this on national TV ????????????? Every other stupid little scandal is aired, over and over, but this is kept secret ????

    WHO is not corrupt ? I cannot imagine the horror these animals must live thru. And Cattoor, claiming they care to be humane…. keeps telling her sick fairy tales and getting away with playing little Hitler. This must be stopped. What on earth must one do to get anyone in power to stop this ? Are they in a deep sleep ???

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      This analogy is just and it is says how very wayward this entire government has become when this outrage continues for children to hear about and wonder what does this really mean? mar

    • Mark Says:

      It’s called clear channel. Google it. They own the media. And guess who is in charge of media regulations? The FCC. So the government controls what is released about the government in a way. I know you probably don’t want to hear this, but try the OReily Factor or some of the other “conservative” news media. If you could get video of the foal going down or the roundup that shows how badly they are being treated, it is a ripe time for attack after the state of the union address. Please check it out? You would be surprised what the conservatives would do when they find something as cruel as this. Because it’s all about money and making friends who will help the administration get elected. Obama hired Joe Biden because he knew what was what and that is his source of information on the Washington Beltline.

      • Monika Courtney Says:

        I contacted O’Reilly about a dozen times. Different emails, links, etc. never hear anything back – it seems impossible to get them to read any emails or respond –
        this is what is so mindblowing, the ignorance looming over us, by all media outlets, who usually jump on any scandal, air it over and over again until no one wants to see it no more.. but the horses, suffer, and don’t get noticed by those who should.

      • Mark Says:

        I sent a copy of some of this chain to someone I know at Milwaukee Public Television. Keep your fingers crossed. They have a good reporte with WBGH in Boston and several other large PBS affiliates. Maybe we can even get Alan Alda (scientific frontiers) on board? Have to keep fighting. This is too much? I always thought these stangs were put up for adoption? I had no idea? I think our best bet is public broadcasting and if we get lucky a hollywood star? Anybody know somebody out in the hills? My cousin is a film editor, he might know someone? I will keep trying. Don’t forget about me. I have a lot of resources and way too much time on my hands!!

      • morganjservices Says:


        I also tried NPR news in Wisconsin. Please try to, if you like.


  4. Margaret Says:

    The one that was released is Freedom–the beautiful black stallion that jumped to freedom. I read this morning that Freedom may be back in the hands of the BLM. Elyse and Craig will advise as they find out.

    Just read the incredibly sad news about the little one. I’m off to bed to be ill. Please God make this nightmare end.

  5. Diana Sharp Says:

    All I can say it is a Federal Offense to harass the horses and that is just what BLM is doing, they just want to pass the buck and blame someone else. They are the ones who are destroying our horses.

  6. Catherine Ritlaw Says:

    The people who run the BLM should be in prison. They are criminal animal abusers. I have a sanctuary filled with damaged animals from BLM abuse and mismanagement. This is a national disgrace. It must stop! They are violating the law. Catherine Ritlaw, Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary and mustang rescue.

  7. Morgan Williams Says:

    I don’t know how the Cattoors and the BLM agents on site are even humans. I really don’t see one human quality in them. To run the hooves off a colt, transport him in suffering agony and then force him to unload for a bullet to the head. With this news, anyone can clearly see the magnitude of appalling & assinine content in the Cattoor’s recent article blaming M. Pickens for causing so called harm to Mustangs and jepoardizing the integrity of this brutal roundup.

    All Mustangs captured are being transported. None released back to HMA. Herds zero’d out forever. Using the term ‘released’ for the 1 Mustang is a bald face lie. Freedom forced his way back to the range under his own power.

    So many injuries. So many deaths. So inconceivably stupid. Beyond any reasonable imagination.

    When or how can this nightmare for the Mustangs and Burros end? Is it possible? We can’t make the general public think about what will be next on the hit list. We can’t make them see that public land is being stolen & plundered away from Americans. No education we offer seems to make them wake up as personal freedoms slip into oblivion. The federal government is running amuck into the night and behind secret closed doors. There is going to be hell to pay.

    • Ronnie Says:

      Dear Morgan & All,

      Your last paragraph is a call for help. You say, “When or how can this nightmare for the Mustangs and Burros end?
      To paraphrase: How nothing is working to inform the general public of this wild horse atrocity. The horrendous suffering. Of how our personal freedoms, democracy, is just not there.

      I and so many others feel the same. These roundups are illegal, extremely cruel, not needed. Thousands and thousands of wild horses are being tortured, brutalized, injured/dying, killed. And yes, they DO go to slaughter.

      The public needs to know!!

      It appears that some progress is being made from our calls, emails, to those in power: Salazar, BLM. Our dedicated and influential nationwide rallies!
      But Salazar/BLM/Cattoor’s response to the calls, emails, rallies, is to write press releases, articles, full of lies. And then, here we go again, we follow-up with comments opposing the lies.

      The media will not write for US and the wild horses. But they need to write for the government, DOI, Sec. of Interior, BLM, et al. And truth be told, the public still reads as truth what the government feeds.

      We have powerful celebrities working for the freedom of the wild horses. The WILD HORSES need exposure on a national scale. A voice loud and clear and explicit.
      It would be so powerful if a short piece, like an advertisement, could be put on national TV! The Defenders of Wildlife did it with Sarah Palin and the wolves. Throughout the nation, short clips were broadcasted on national TV. I saw them! It worked!

      This is so very serious with the wild horses: Their freedoms and OUR freedoms. Unprecedented! Why is there not a similar campaign on TV as the Defenders of Wildlife had?

      I know no one can answer this, but a short broadcast appears to be a viable, powerful voice for the horses and the public’s democracy being “stolen and plundered,” as you so aptly stated. Also, not as effective, but a full or half-paid ad in the major newspapers.

      OK, I may be in La La Land. Thos takes big $$$$. But Madeleine Pickens has the resources and connections to do this. And the other celebrities…great if they could all join together. I would say the HSUS, as they have campaigned for animal causes with the television media, but obviously, this does not seem an option considering their minimal support so far.

      Yes, when it always seems it can get no worse, especially since the Cloud roundup…daily, in a frenzy, it gets more surreal and a true horror. I never thought I would feel so betrayed by my government. And I need not say, but will, the devastating betrayal to our wild horses.

      The land is their land to live and run free with their herds/families. No horse deserves extreme abuse and to be disposable.

      Yes, it is a holocaust!!!

      Please, ~*~ Amazing Grace ~*~

      • Barbara Steele Says:

        There are such wonderful writers here on the Cloud blog all speaking for us and the horses but we all are in the same pew. I agree with you Ronnie that this whole fiasco needs to be “ramped up a notch” and taken to the public. Short TV ads(remember the public only has a 15 second attention span) run on every national network at high viewing times. And it has to show the devastion to the wild horses, the inhumane treatment, a shot ringing out ending the life of the colt run to death. Not a pretty picture but this is what I personally think needs to be done. Madeleine or another wild horse organization could start the fund and the little people like us would energetically support it.

      • Karen L. Says:

        National TV ads would be great! The HSUS probably has the budget to help underwrite such a campaign, but so far they have only written one letter suggesting the roundups stop. They could garner a lot of public interest and support by lending their name to this cause in a media blitz.

      • equus5 Says:

        I just read about the foal from the Calico roundup who was run to exhaustion by the BLM and then shot in the head. I was thinking of how to get the word out to the public about what is happening with the wild horses and burros since the majority of Americans don’t seem to even know it is happening, no thanks to the media. It got me wondering, what if all the celebrities, singers and wild horse advocates got together and made a music video, like they did with “We are the World”, and sang a song to raise awareness for the wild horses and burros, like “I Wanna Run Free” by Maria Daines and spread it all over the Internet and TV. There could be footage of the roundups and contact information telling people who to write to and call to protest the roundups and ask for a moratorium. Maybe something like this would get the attention of the largely unaware public.

      • Laura Evans Says:

        That’s why I’m trying to get a protest going in Ft Worth on the 30th. Maybe if we can get as many as we can going on that same day people will take notice.

  8. Savewildhorses Says:

    Awful news, especially about the little foal just starting its new life in the beauty of the wild.

    As for the windbreaks, Heather at the BLM assures me that the other horses (not the sick and lame) do not need any windbreaks or shelter from harsh elements, even though they have no cover like they would find in the the wild. Please write Heather and tell her how you disagree with this assessment. These horses can’t run to get blood moving, can’t get out of the wind or driving rain. Why does the BLM fight every single issue no matter how easy it is to rectify for them?

    Tell Heather she is wrong and to have windbreaks and overhangs constructed for all the horses. There are a lot of out of work Americans who would willingly do this work for the horses.


    • Barbara Steele Says:

      Thanks for the email address
      Here’s my email to BLM concerning windbreaks and the mis-treatment of the wild horses. I am sure I will get a “nothing” reply from Heather but I keep at it. It is probably good that I do not live close to this carnage–but I keep writing and calling–the least we can all do for our wild horses.

      Dear Heather,
      I am amazed to hear that the BLM does not feel the need for windbreaks for the corraled wild horses at the Fallon facility. When I “adopted” a BLM mare some 20 years ago I was REQUIRED to have certain fencing and a SHELTER. My local SPCA requires all animals to have food, water and SHELTER. The least that you could do is to let volunteer groups put up windbreaks for these horses that have no natural areas to seek refuge from the elements.
      It seems to me that those in charge of these BLM operations have no obvious “horse sense” when it comes to horsekeeping.
      By the way my mare is doing quite well in her run in shed that I have always provided.
      And I really don’t know how the people in charge of the roundup operations in the Calico Mountains can sleep at night by running a young colt’s feet off!
      Shame on BLM.
      Barbara Steele
      Littlestown, PA

  9. Savewildhorses Says:

    How do you know the horse that was released was Freedom? Where did you get this information?

    • Margaret Says:

      Freedom a couple of weeks ago jumped a 6 ft fence. We had a big blog here about it with pics. Freedom at first got his front legs caught in the upper pipe rails of the fence. He got them free. On the first or sec try over the fence he fell on his back. He got up and third time he went sailing right over that 6 ft fence–front and back legs. Then he got all tangled up in the barb wire but got free.

      This is all documented here at TCF, on Elyse Gardners blog (which TCF now has a link to) and I think In Defense of Animals has this story too.

      Sadly it looks like Freedom was recaptured in the past couple of day again by the BLM. We need to wait for Elyse to get back up to Calico to find out the truth. Craig Downer will also be with her.

      They were both at the Sacramento rally yesterday. Really nice and terrific folk. I found them both the be as kind as the day is long.

      They are out in the cold, the snow, with folks that mostly wished they’d just go away. And yet to help each of us know the truth–they are our ears and eyes. I wish you could meet Elyse.

  10. Michael Lockhart Says:

    Just why are the people of this country paying to have representatives in
    Washington D.C.? I don’t witness anything of importance being accomplished with the country. It’s business as usual with politician’s hands in Ruby pipeline corporate wallets.

    President Obama’s administration is allowing the BLM to run roughshod
    with the Wild Mustangs & Burros. Mr. Obama, the country has learned of the BLM gone rogue with their atrocities against innocent Wild Horses. Mr. President the BLM is not only illegally conducting itself, the parallelism water-loo hovers the Democratic Administration; the likes of
    helicopters chasing defenceless Wild Mustangs & Burros.

  11. Monika Courtney Says:

    With all the fiscal expenditures they don’t seem to mind in this ill operation, but not investing a thought in the right care and feed for the horses… the only answer as to WHY THE BLM FIGHTS EVERY SINGLE ISSUE NO MATTER HOW EASY IT IS TO RECTIFY… is: They are on a powertrip – powertrip – powertrip – and enjoy seeing us squirm at everything they can so wrecklessly get away with – I often feel that some in that outfit are truly sadistic.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Monika, There is sadism and even delight that they have power over us and can can do this never realizing we are their neighbors and the people they pass on the street. They think of us as some thing unrelated to the horses and we are not. Most of us are country folk and have or had horses. We are not elitist. They have made themselves elitist. They have bathed in blood money for too long. mar

  12. T.A. Paxton Says:

    They have just made up their minds not to back down no matter how wrong they are. I agree-any ordinary citizen who did this would be arrested for animal cruelty. And no matter how we need alternative energy, I can’t believe this stuff is on the up and up. If it was an honest deal, all good for the people and not just the big corporations they wouldn’t lie that it influences the decisions they make regarding the horses.

  13. Kathy Mahan Says:

    Those numbers do not add up! 1195 gathered, 1074 shipped, 30 at capture site, 3 dead, 1 free… Which leaves over 80 horses missing using these figures!

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Yes, this is BLM math! Read Cindy McDonald’s piece at American Herds, “The Dead Of Winter” and you will see that many will go unaccounted for and the discrepancy is right there. Business as usual. Always look closely at their roundup figures. There is much that they keep secret. The nature of the beast. mar

  14. Savewildhorses Says:

    Yes, I am also wondering why they are just releasing one horse at a time on certain days. What is their logic of this? I know, they don’t operate logically. But it strikes me as very odd. One horse, every once in a while. What is their criteria?

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      The BLM is not releasing one Mustang at a time. The ‘1’ they speak of is the black Mustang nicknamed Freedom who escaped back the range on his own. The BLM is using the wrong terminology as usual.

      • theandbetween Says:

        Yes, the BLM would say it is “emotional” to call what “Freedom” did what it really was–an escape–but they also say it is “emotional” to give names to individual horses (they prefer to call the wild free roaming horses and burros “these animals” or “these horses” or “critters”). The BLM and their cronies also say “euthanasia” when they mean slaughter, and use the term “all the management tools” when they mean commercial sale without limitation for slaughter. Bureaucratic speak such as “Appropriate Management Levels (AMLs)” and “Herd Management Areas (HMAs)” disguise what is more accurately described as a policy of extermination.

        And what about the families torn apart by round-ups? Tom Pogacnik, former Chief of the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program, had this to say about wild horse families (in a book published in 2006): “Well, the fact is that all horses form new bands anyway. So whenever anyone says such-and-such is a family unit, it’s not the kind of family to hold up as an ideal, because daddy’s got two or more mates and thinks nothing of killing his offspring if the situation arises.” (p. 13, “Honest Horses” by Paula Morin). Yes, that is the name of the book, but I would not recommend paying full price for it.

        So, who is really being “emotional” here? Contempt, anger and disgust are emotions too, just not the desirable ones.

    • Karen L. Says:

      Yes, the BLM described Freedom as a “release” in their reports from the day he was captured. They use interesting terminology…

  15. Elvira Janz Says:

    These atrocities against the helpless horses, foals and burros has got to stop. BLM should all be fired…Everyone of them. When election comes around, I hope everyone remembers how The President and others turned their back on these helpless horses, foals and burros. Everyone should vote these people out. The power of the people should speak out.

    No one in Washington busted for the wild horses and burros of the West. The people of this country shouldn’t lift a finger to put these irresponsible people back in power.

    • Laura Evans Says:

      The problem is, who do you vote for. Bush started this, Obama is allowing it to continue. Should we have elected for McCain and Palin who shoots wolves from helicopters? I really don’t think the “Drill baby drill” ideology of the republicans would help us any more than Obama has. I feel the Bush administration supported this, I feel the Obama administration is indifferent to it. All we can do is continue with the public outcry. Continue to put the truth out there. Commercials are great but how many people watch the commercials anymore? Too bad we couldn’t get a super bowl ad.

      • Karen L. Says:

        The ads against the aerial gunning of wolves (as mentioned by Ronnie above) were very jolting. An organization as powerful as the HSUS could help more than they currently are by restating their call for a moratorium to the BLM and underscoring it with TV spots showing the reality of the roundups. Publishing some of the pictures featured on this blog through mass media could be effective. I, personally, am going to write to the HSUS to request they do more—writing to Congress, etc., is not enough at this point apparently. We are “bothering” the BLM, but we are not packing a powerful enough punch.

      • Eileen Says:

        Strong action from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) would help, but the organization has said it is “cautiously optimistic” about the Salazar Plan, and that Plan would require that round-ups continue.

        I do not understand how the HSUS can endorse a moratorium on round-ups on one hand and endorse the Salazar Plan on the other, but maybe it is time to ask the HSUS if that “cautious optimism” about Secretary Salazar’s capture and relocation plan has been tested and maybe broken by the deaths, injuries, horrible record keeping and poor conditions for the horses in the Calico Complex round-up.

      • thecloudfoundation Says:

        The HSUS has not signed on to the letter calling for a moratorium on roundups, they only support a moratorium on removals. Salazar’s plan is absurdly expensive and would be a humane disaster for our wild horses. They need to stay in the west. Read our response to the Salazar plan here:

      • theandbetween Says:

        I do not understand the distinction between a moratorium on “roundups” and a moratorium on “removals.” On November 24, 2009, Wayne Pacelle of the HSUS said the “massive roundups and removals must be curtailed.”

        Pacelle sent a letter to Secretary Salazar requesting an “immediate moratorium on the gathers scheduled” in the Calico Complex until the HSUS and Department of Interior could meet to discuss a “new economic model” for managing wild horses.

        I still do not understand how you can support a moratorium on round-ups, removals or gathers (whatever you want to call them) of wild horses and burros on the one hand and on the other hand support a plan to relocate wild horses and burros. You would need to gather, round-up or remove in order to relocate. The moratorium needs to come first before any plans are made or “solutions” advanced by anyone.

      • thecloudfoundation Says:

        HSUS would like a stop to removals but continue rounding up wild horses and burros to contracept them. This is not the Cloud Foundation’s viewpoint and we feel it is necessary, in order to save this species in the wild, to place an immediate moratorium on roundups and progress with hearings on the BLM and forming a sustainable plan for the BLM’s management of wild horses and burros. Not the Salazar plan and absolutely not what is now underway.
        Thank you!

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        We can raise the money for an ad ourselves and maybe get it up before Easter. It would have to be perfect.

        The ads for the wolves raised awareness but it did not save them. Horses, of course, have a broader appeal and we can reach many who have not taken action or did not know.

        I think we should earmark money to the Cloud Foundation for an ad on TV next to NCIS or whatever is most popular now. We can ask Defenders how much their campaign ran $. mar

      • Karen L. Says:

        Mar, I’m in for trying to raise the money. I have heard that such TV ads are astronomically expensive though. We should try to shame the HSUS into doing it and/or helping by matching funds or something. I did contact them this P.M. and said if they didn’t do more, they were going to lose respect and credibility in the eyes of the public. One letter to the BLM and then silence is not enough as the situation escalates.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Karen, I fear if we were to raise the $70,000. or so it may cost we would find another use for it. But we could do ads in TIME MAG or Newsweek and believe me, it would get noticed. For much less money.

        If HSUS would do 2 for our 1 I would say yes. Because it is so expensive. It is all worth a try. I have 2 projects right now, Please contact Makendra and RUN WITH IT! mar

  16. Teresa Says:

    This whole situation is heartbreaking.

  17. Lori Schmidt Says:

    I just feel more and more sick every day when I read these reports, I am going to have a nervous breakdown if things dont change, all my friends think I am crazy I am sure but I am so passionate about this and they just dont “get it”, even the ones who own horses, and they arent willing to research it and see for themselves, it is easier to just close their ears and eyes, think I am a crazy woman and get on with their little lives. Wish I wasnt so far away and that I had resources to help but I am not. I will do what I can but these sons and daughters of satan are just that and it is making me sick!!!

    • Eileen Says:

      Lori, you are not crazy to feel sick when you read these reports. What’s crazy is the mentality that allows it to continue. Your friends don’t want to think about this because it is only human to want to believe what is more comfortable to believe. Many of the people who own horses are in just as much denial as the general public, maybe more because they probably have some guilt feelings over the horses they have given up or given up on over the years. That does not excuse the “hear no evil, see no evil” kind of thinking, but may go part of the way to understanding it.

      You do have resources and power. Continue to do what you can and it will have results. Too late for this little wild one, but that’s exactly why the fight needs to continue and needs to have you in it–so this little foal did not die in vain.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Lori, You have posted here a long time. It makes all of us sick and we all cry when we hear more terrible news. We are grateful for all you feel and want for the horses. You know you are not alone. You do very much in expressing what you have. There are things to do. Just keep doing all you are able. It makes a difference because there are more of us every week. We are strong together and we will see this through together. mar

  18. kas0859ohio Says:

    The biggest HORROR of it all is the BLM thinks these deaths are within ACCEPTABLE levels!

  19. kt Says:

    The BLM is run by the Interior Department, which is headed by THE WORST Cabinet pick of the Obama admin- rancher Ken Salazar. It IS a power trip alright.

    A rancher power trip (which is the BLM mentality 100% f the way), and an effort
    ” to clear public lands for energy/power developments.

  20. Denise Shirey Says:

    The Butchers of Land Management and their lead executioner, Sue Cattoor and her fabulously well-equipped lieutenants of death, have done it again. Well done, Perhaps one day there will be arrests, public trials, and the cruel found guilty and punished. If it does not happen during their lifetime, then there is one last remaining Judge and Jury to face upon their last breath. The sentence will be fair and everlasting. Let us be glad we do not ride in their saddles.

    I do agree that this is a Bush policy that dribbled into the Obama administration and got swept under the rug. It’s our job to sweep out the dirt of the BLM.

  21. Alice Ruth Says:

    Bureau of Land Management is a national disgrace and the Obama administration is supporting it. What a use of taxpayer dollars. I am so ashamed. As I just told the individual who is taking comments for the White House, the fact that this is ILLEGAL is reason enough to halt it immediately. Then a BLM investigation is in order. Obama is “Bush lite.” What a legacy.

  22. Ben C. Says:

    This is so absurd and sick.
    It’s bad enough that our nation has killed more unborn children than ever recordrd. Now the holocaust continues with our beloved horses. These people, if that’s what they are, have gone insane along with the greedy people who help them.
    They have no respect or regard for Life.

  23. Abfabjam Says:

    The following is from the BLM’s website and it would seem they are breaking their own rules. The link is to the Advisory Board of Members with their names, addresses, emails. Oddly the position for Humane Advocacy is currently vacant. Perhaps that explains the inhumane treatment of these wonderful animals, which in the words of the BLM are iconic. Perhaps Mustangs need to be designated a national treasure.

    (animals in holding, keeping in mind, retain their “wild” status and remain under the protection of the BLM, which does not sell or send any horses or burros to slaughter)
    October 7, 2009, a new and sustainable way forward for managing our nation’s wild horse horses and burros…
    And we recommended applying new strategies aimed at balancing wild horse and burro population growth rates with public adoption demand to control holding costs. This effort would involve slowing population growth rates of wild horses on Western public rangelands through the aggressive use of fertility control, the active management of sex ratios on the range, and perhaps even the introduction of non-reproducing herds in some of the BLM’s existing Herd Management Areas in 10 Western states… In the view of the Department of the Interior and the BLM, this set of proposals is the best and most viable approach to protecting and managing America’s iconic wild horses and burros.

  24. Mary Says:

    I hope there is merely a delay in moderating comments, and not outright rejection…

  25. Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) Says:

    I have just been watching RFDTV, a program called Country’s Family Reunion and caught one of the signers, Lacy J Dalton mentioning their fight for the wild horses and their setting up of a sanctuary where they had just released the first 55 rescued mustangs and hoped to release more. Does anyone know anaything about this? Is this lady aware of what we are trying to do? It seems to me that she shares our sentiments and may be a good ally if she isnt already. Her website is

    Fedback appreciated.

  26. Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) Says:

    It seems to me with some big money supporters (ie. Madelaine (SP! Can never spell it right) Pickens, if they put their money where their mouths are then this type of advertising would be peanuts for them. If she is really serious about this then what are the chances to get her involved.

  27. Patty Says:

    Time to Saddle up and Hit the trail with our horses to stop this cruelty………Please stop running the horses and foals to death.. so mean……….Aniaml activists need to be aware of this bad situation
    We nned to get on our Mustangs and ride to were ever we can get our point across

  28. Monika Courtney Says:

    The HSUS provides the infertility drugs to BLM. They will not go and bend over backwards for anything but their own cause, which is not for the animals.
    If you want to write, I tried too, write to:
    Her email address was given to me by Dave Pauli
    The HSUS Animal Care Centers
    Senior Director for Wildlife Response
    Montana Legislative Specialist

    Dave Pauli gave me your email contact. I could write a book on the rogue BLM and the true facts, but I do hope you are informed – up to today there were 9 horses killed. Yesterday the BLM ran down a colt, who ost his hooves, was loaded into a truck only to get unloaded hours later to be shot. It is beyond belief the cruelty that is inflicted by Cattoor and BLM – horses in their care go into colic because of drastic feed changes and are mercilessly killed.
    I have seen a round up of Cloud firsthand in Montana. It changed my life, not so much by just the horror the horses are put thru, but the arrogance and propaganda the BLM is feeding to the nation.
    I am on this campaign with wildlife ecologists and authors and film makers. I would like to know what your stance is. I know you provided the PZP to BLM but I really want to know why HSUS is so quiet when it is clear that with the rampage of gathers our horses will go extinct in no time – the constant lies and fabricated myths are getting old, we work with scientific facts not outdated and manipulative management methods.
    Please I hope to hear from you.

    Monika Courtney

    We unanimously challenge:
    The flawed assumption that wild horses and burros are overpopulating their Western ranges.In reality, the BLM has no accurate current inventory of the 37,000 wild horses and burros it claims remain on public lands. Independent analysis of BLM’s own numbers reveal there may be only 15,000 wild horses remaining on public lands.

    The federal fiscal irresponsibility.The BLM intends to spend over $30 million in Fiscal Year 2010 to capture more than 12,000 wild horses and burros. This stockpiling of horses continues even as an astounding 32,000 are already being held in government holding facilities at enormous taxpayer expense.
    The scapegoating of wild horses and burros in range deterioration.
    Wild herds comprise only a tiny fraction of animals and wildlife grazing our public lands. Far greater damage is caused by privately owned livestock, which outnumber the horses more than 100 to 1.
    Moving wild horses and burros east off their Western homelands to so-called “sanctuaries” in the east and Midwest.
    Significant health concerns if animals, adapted to western landscapes, are managed on wet ground and rich grasses. Finally, we object to at an initial cost of $96 million the plan would require.
    The subversion of the 1971 Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act.
    Removing tens of thousands of horses and burros from their
    legally-designated Western ranges and moving them into government-run facilities subverts the intent of the 1971 Wild Free-roaming Horse and Burro Act, which mandated that horses be preserved “where presently found.” A 2009 DC district court case held that “Congress did not authorize BLM to “manage” the wild horses and burros by corralling them for private maintenance or long-term care as non-wild free-roaming animals off the public lands.”
    We appreciate your Administration’s recognition of the horses’ value as an ecotourism resource. However, the display of captive, non-reproducing herds in eastern pastures renders them little more than zoo exhibits, further discounting the contribution to our history and the future of the American West.
    We believe that workable solutions to create a healthy “multiple use” of
    public rangelands, protect the ecological balance of all wildlife, and
    preserve America’s wild horses and burros in their rightful, legally
    protected home can be achieved. We are calling on you and the Obama
    Administration to reform the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Management Program.
    We ask that you reverse the current course and immediately take the
    following actions:
    1) Place a moratorium on all roundups until accurate and independent
    assessments of population numbers and range conditions are made available
    and a final, long-term solution is formalized.
    2) Restore protections included in the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act. Update existing laws that protect wild horses by reopening certain public lands to the mustangs and burros, thus decreasing the number in captivity. Return healthy wild horses and burros in holding to all available acres of public land designated primarily for their use in 1971. If these lands are not available, equivalent and appropriate western public lands should be added in their place.
    3) Support federal grazing permit buybacks. Reduce livestock grazing and reanalyze appropriate management levels for herd management areas to allow for self-sustaining, genetically-viable herds to exist in the west.
    4) Conduct Congressional hearings regarding the mismanagement of our wild herds and further investigate the inability of BLM to correct the
    shortcomings of the program as audited by the Government Accountability Office’s 1990, 1991 and 2008 reports.

    • Karen L. Says:

      Monika, Great letter! I wrote to Wayne Pacelle through the wildlife division of the national site. Who knows how many people it will filter through. Basically I said their continuing silence as the situation at the Calico Complex escalates is not acceptable. If they support a moratorium, as he wrote last month, then more needs to be done.



    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Louie they were killing them again only a couple years ago and we had to fight them all over again. the Canadian Government had struck down the law, again, to provide employment for coastal men, at great expense as they paid out subsidies. The world came back at them and fought. I am not sure where it stands right now. Sea Shepherd went to Maritime provinces and had a boat confiscated and crew beaten. No charges filed, much hostility. mar

    • kas0859ohio Says:

      The people killing the seals say they eat the meat. So the killings are justified. I just don’t understand why they think the method of clubbing is acceptable.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Kas, I don’t know where you heard that, but 99% of the skinned baby seals bodies are just left upon the ice floes. It is only the pelts that they are taking. if they wanted the meat then they would have a different method and be selling it. The fur was meant for the international market but only Finland and another country were willing to buy. It cost the Canadian government millions and was met with great anger world wide. Horses, whaling, baby seals are campaigns I have been on since the 70s and earlier (horses). They get stopped and then some one decides to start again. The horses and burros need to be taken to a higher level of protection than they had before. If we can remain involved beyond winning we should succeed. mar



  31. Sharon J. Kennedy Says:

    The Lord’s Prayer is where we protect all of earth and its creatures from evil and darkness. We will win victory for animals and all creation when we get down on our knees in prayer.

    And for those Americans who oppose God’s laws of compassion and love, In Isaiah 43:24 we are told that God is burdened with our sins and wearied from our offenses. Smarten up.

    • morganjservices Says:

      That a girl Sharon. Praise God for the courage and wisdom He has given to you.

      There is coming a day, soon, when God will say “enough”. He is the same God who said “enough” to the entire world once with a flood and the same God who said “enough” to Soddom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone. These are just 2 examples. I am thankful beyond belief for His mercy and longsuffering with the United States of American. However, make no mistake about His intentions to bring forth a new Heaven and a new earth someday.

  32. Sharon J. Kennedy Says:

    The Lord’s Prayer said on our knees is where we will have victory and justice for all creation.t

  33. Mark Says:

    What happened to the adoption program? I thought there was a program in place to adopt out these horses? Geez. I’m sure there has to be ranches somewhere that would love to have the animals on their land just to keep the Genetic pool clean. Don’t these people allow adoption?

    What is the purpose of the round-ups? I’m afraid I am new to this and don’t understand who feels it necessary to round up these wild animals and why do they feel it is necessary. According to BLM, there is no respiratory disease? Why the need to get rid of the animals?

  34. Belinda GOldate Says:

    Hi I would love to help you!:)
    Hi there, we seem 2 hav alot of mates in common:) It was suggested that we B friends. Maybe ur an animal or ocean lover too?

    I am about 2 launch an animal charity news and info website to help save animals and help animal charities.

    If you are helping animals, which it looks like you are, I can list you in my website to help promote ur charity/cause. Also if u have any articles written I can publish them in my News Section, success stories or pet info section, also Art, poetry, photos, which will lead to more people knowing about your cause. This may lead 2 donations or help:)

    Anyway, thought Id let u know what I was doing, so I can help u save animals:)

    If I can publish any of these stories on my site, I can link to your blog, website or other details at then end of each story. That way, you will receive more traffic or donations. Of course it will help the horses too, thru more people viewing the issue.





  37. Reyna Liebler Says:

    If you agree COlts are going to lose become a fan of FB page Colts Will Lose Super Bowl 2010!

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