New Humane Observer’s Blog from Elyse Gardner

All Humane Observer Updates from Elyse Gardner will now be posted on her Humane Observer’s blog, please stay updated here! Photos and video. You can reach this blog and many other great sources of information on our blogroll at right


5 Responses to “New Humane Observer’s Blog from Elyse Gardner”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Thanks Elyse, what you have been experiencing must be very difficult. It is sad that you are not trusted at the roundup sites by BLM who have been with you and others many times now. We are all grateful to have your reports. take care, mar

  2. Margaret Says:

    Thank you a million times Elyse. I was ready to cancel going to Sacramento today–not feeling great. This post has changed my mind.

    It is so hard to read about what OUR government is doing to our horses. It makes me sick.

    Thank you for your incredible reporting and having to put up with horrible conditions put on you by people with outrageous demands. One can only think they are acting like this because they have so much to hide.

  3. Sue Says:

    God I hate the BLM!!!!

  4. jan eaker Says:

    I ampraying that your information is the correct version of “Freedom’s” fate. all those beautiful horses, this is too tragic for any words to express.

  5. Robin Bailey Says:

    Elyse, your blog makes me cry but also makes me hope for Freedom. Thank you for being there and being our eyes and ears, and a voice for our Mustangs. We appreciate you more than you know, and so do the horses!

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