New American Herds Blog Report: Eagle Roundup

The Dead of Winter The BLM has again announced their intent to remove more wild horses from public lands in the Ely District’s Eagle Herd Management Area in Nevada. Your comments needed now. Please read this excellent and in-depth series of reports from American Herds. Click here to read.

Thanks to In Defense of Animals for setting-up an easy to use comment form, just be sure to make your own personal comments and gerneate thousands of calls to stop another inhume, unnecessary and costly (to both the mustangs and the taxpauyer) roundup. Click here to comment.


2 Responses to “New American Herds Blog Report: Eagle Roundup”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Another hard hitting investigative story that makes BLM secrecy look like The Killing Fields. Makes me wonder what the truth is right this minute on Calico.
    When government says nothing and allows criminal behavior without an investigation or any word, they are now complicit and just as guilty as the BLM, hired gun contractors and quick to kill vets. This is the shame that will not let go of all administrations that have done nothing. This disgrace needs a response from every living president. To belittle abuse and cruelty and turn away from public outcry demeans democracy. We demand our freedom be recognized and our wild ones be given theirs. mar

  2. Jan Says:

    if present president truely wants socialist govt then the people have no voice

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