Coyote killing & Public Lands Grazing report

Coyote killing continues-– predators have it even worse than wild horses in the west… new post on Terri Farley’s blog, added to blogroll at right.

Read Wild Earth Guardians’ excellent report on Public Lands Grazing and “wildlife services” killing of predators in the west: factsheet_Grazing_Fiscal_Costs_WEG

10 Responses to “Coyote killing & Public Lands Grazing report”

  1. Michael J Ahles Says:

    For the preservation of freedom, America, land of the free, Boycott beef.
    And tell a friend.


  2. true15 Says:

    Thank you for posting. Very interesting.

  3. Barbara Warner Says:

    This killing of our predators is nothing but cruelty and it upsets the balance of nature. Ranchers seldom do anything to protect their livestock but instead kill a predator or have it killed . This is another unnecessary use of our tax-dollars as well.

  4. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    We need our predators to keep our herd animals strong. We have the ability to do balanced wildlife management. There are advances and there are set backs. Politics has no place where science is needed. mar

  5. kas0859ohio Says:

    I will never understand why man feels he has to control/manage everything. When man fudges up the balance of nature that’s when the problems start. We NEED predators, to keep the balance, they eat the varmints, etc. Man kills the varmints, predators eat the cattle/sheep. Man removes the horses what do you think the predators are going to eat? The cattle/sheep. Why can’t ‘they’ figure this out?

  6. Michael Lockhart Says:

    Two million, seven hundred thousand wildlife purposely murdered in 2004, by the federal government….

  7. jan eaker Says:

    I live in a southern suburb of chicago, I have coyotes out back of me, their wildness fills me with joy. idiots here run them down w/atv’s and pickups; the destruction of our world and the cruelty perpetrated by people on other animals is unbelievable.

  8. jan sterling Says:

    we have coyotes here where i live in high desert of southern california – because of all the fires and destruction by man – mainly building homes into coyote territory – they now kill cats and dogs – a few rabbits are left here in the wild but no varmits that the coyotes would normally kill –

  9. kas0859ohio Says:

    I have coyotes right in my back “yard”, near Dayton, OH. Its kind of discerning sometimes with all the yipping. Yes, they will eat cats! But they have a right to be here same as me. I’ve seen Mink here, too. They also eat rodents.

  10. Opposition Grows for California Roundup of 2,500 Wild Horses and Burros « Straight from the Horse's Heart Says:

    […] Twin Peaks Range near Susanville. Vastly outnumbered by thousands of corporate-owned destructive livestock, the public’s wild horses and burros are the BLM’s scapegoats for damage on the range. Over […]

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