Calico update from BLM website


Monday, Jan. 11, 2010

The BLM is escorting public to the gather today.  At the Fallon facility, one mare from the Black Rock East HMA was found dead over the weekend.  The veterinarian diagnosis is the mare died as the result of dietary feed change.  Fog kept the helicopter grounded; no animals were gathered.

No horses were shipped today; 24 horses in holding corrals at the gather site.

Sunday, Jan. 10, 2010

Weather conditions prevented gathering activities today.  Eighty horses were transported to the Fallon facility today.

Totals: 547 gathered, 518 shipped to Fallon, 24 at gather corrals, 4 deaths, 1 back to HMA

Saturday, Jan. 9, 2010

Weather conditions grounded the helicopter today.  No horses were gathered today.  No horses were shipped today, pending brand inspection.  Gathering and shipping is expected to resume on Sunday.

Friday, Jan. 8, 2010

Haven’t received information about the gather activities by the close of business today.  Next update will be Monday, Jan. 11.  Update on Monday: Seventy animals were gathered (22 studs, 37 mares and 11 weanlings/foals).  Seventy-one animals were transported to the Fallon facility.

Totals: 547 gathered, 438 shipped to Fallon, 3 deaths, 1 back to HMA


16 Responses to “Calico update from BLM website”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    BLM is a monster. mar

  2. jan eaker Says:

    There is an update on IDA’s blog about the orphan foal now called “Trooper”, and also a picture of the mare that was “euthanized” by shooting w/ a rifle. SHe is thin, but I’ve seen horses in worse condidtion rehabilitated; rescues were ready to take her, that the BLM didn’t give her this chance is another inhumane act in a leagion of them. Sue Cattoor states that this mare was NOT the orphan’s mom, she actually ahd a yearling w/her, and this little guy is younger. So what happened to HIS mom? and why is he alone in a pen, w/no shelter, shivering in the cold? I think I can’t get any angrier, and then something like this is done,

    • Ronnie Says:

      Wonder if this was the very “distraught” (to put it mildly) orphaned foal, “Trooper,” who was initially put with mares and doing pretty ok. Then, for some God forsaken reason, put in a separate pen, alone. Was this the newest foal to die?

      As reported by the BLM, 3-4 horses are dying daily from the roundups. I wonder what the true number of deaths are. BLM all lies, need I remind. Think not.

      This is all a horror that gets more intolerable every day. When you think it cannot get any worse, it does. A federal agency designed to care for and protect OUR wild horses and burros is torturing, abusing…killing…severe animal cruelty on a daily basis…en masse!

      Keep up the rallies, protests, emails, calls. It is working, slowly, too slow, but working.

      And prayers.

      • jan eaker Says:

        Trooper IS the orphaned foal placed w/the other 2 mares w/foals and then separated from them, according to this latest post, he is doing fine,
        another mare was found dead over the weekend, bringing the total to 4 dead sofar, 3 adults( including the old mare who was shot and has been determined to not be Trooper’s mom as first was thought) and the one baby who died the first day.

  3. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Is Sue Cattoor implying that a foal was already orphaned or that another mare is dead on the route the helicopter drove the horses along?? Likely the latter, me thinks.

    Yes, Trooper is not being treated humanely and that thin mare was standing and looking like she could have used the help to survive. What a shame. Mar

  4. jan eaker Says:

    She is saying that the mare that was shot is NOT Trooper’s mother, that the thin mare had a yearling w/her, so what happened to trooper’s mom?
    It is a shame, isn’t it? at least give her the chance, wouldn’t have cost them a thing but some sympathy and kindness,

  5. Cathy Kindsfather Says:

    Does anyone know if there is any hope of freezing the roundups?? Any legal actions on the front that look promising?? I am so sickened by the Calico Complex operation. Its so depressing and frustrating that you want to help, you want to stop them, but it goes on and on!!!!! Is there a chance that the ruby Pipeline snoking gun, makes some chance of stopping roundups?

    I just got this news about public viewing on Monday, Jan. 11th, but it is Tuesday!!! I would have gone and photographed the scene. I would have wanted to go. Getting this news on Tuesday makes it impossible. There is something in Gerlach on Wednesday morning. I am having trouble locating this information. I think it is a blm meeting open to pubic, but not sure. I would like to attend. Can someone please email me any information if you have it. Thank you. Cat

  6. Amy Coulter Says:

    Is it wrong to be relieved everytime the weather keeps the helicoptor grounded?
    Thanks for the updates! It helps keep those of us here on the East Coast connected!

  7. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Kathy, The info Gerlach is just down the page but here it is… i believe that press and public are allowed Mon. Wed and sat. so please, someone correct me if needed… mar
    BLM Calico Press Day
    January 11, 2010 by thecloudfoundation
    BLM Press Day for Calico
    The event will start at 8AM on January 16th.

    Bruno’s Country Club and Motel
    445 Main
    Gerlach, Nevada 89412 775-557-2220

    1.5 hours north of Reno.

    Rooms price from

    smaller 49.00- 77.00 Ask for Mark

    please let John know if you will be there:

  8. Ronnie Says:

    I say again, where is the HSUS?

    The largest, well-funded animal organization in the United States. And with THE BEST lawyers! The HSUS publishes the amazing work their lawyers do, with the help of many, many law students.

    Hello HSUS! You are so needed here. Why so quite about the BLM and inhumane roundups, “Humane” Society of the United States!?



  10. Hillary Says:

    To Ronnie, Karen, and Louie – I work at the HSUS and I’ve shared your comments with colleagues who work more closely than I do on our equine campaigns. In addition to the link that Karen provided, Wayne Pacelle’s blog (from late November) provides some additional detail – As you may know, one of our other main priorities has been combating horse slaughter and supporting the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act (HR 503). In any case, thanks for the candid feedback.

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