Sheryl Crow Continues Her Fight

Our thanks to Sheryl and all who are fighting for the protection and preservation of America’s wild horses and burros

Sheryl Crow Continues Her Fight For Wild Horses

By: Lauren Moraski

Sheryl Crow isn’t backing down when it comes to her fight for wild horses that roam in the West. Last fall, she began to criticize the government’s plans to remove as many as 25,000 mustangs from the range and send them pastures to the Midwest and East. Since then, Crow has lobbied Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and even dropped off books and DVDs about wild horses for President Barack Obama at the White House. Crow wants the government to halt the roundups, telling the Associated Press, “My main concern is that horse numbers not be dwindled down to where they can become extinct.” She’s against the government’s stance that rising mustang numbers are threatening the horses with starvation and harming arid rangelands and native wildlife. Crow adds, “I think there has to be a better way than taking them away from their native lands. I feel so passionate about the issue because wild horses are one of the last remaining ties to the land as it was and our history in America.”

Crow first got passionate about the issue in 2006 when she rode an adopted wild horse named Smokey in Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Since then, Crow has adopted a wild mustang named Colorado and has 20 other horses on her ranch near Nashville, Tennessee. Crow reveals, “I was the kid who asked for a horse every year, but we didn’t have the backyard for one Now, I ride every day I’m at the ranch. It’s a very spiritual connection riding a horse.”

Other celebrities involved in the cause include Willie Nelson, Lily Tomlin, Bill Maher and Ed Harris.

Derived from the AP article 1-9-10, read here.


4 Responses to “Sheryl Crow Continues Her Fight”

  1. jean civis Says:

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate all the work and time that The Cloud Foundation, Sheryl Crow, IDA and the many others that are fighting to protect our wild horses from extinction. And, that’s exactly what’s going to happen to them if the BLM continues to have their way. We simply CANNOT allow that to happen, so please keep up the fight. These beautiful American icons deserve to be free and to roam the land
    where they belong, in the West. Don’t give up….they depend on us for their survival!

  2. Janet Ferguson Says:

    I think all the celebrities who are in favor of protecting the wild horses should refuse to attend any and all White House Dinners or Nights for the Arts or whatever they are called.

    While Indian chiefs and their representatives were being wined and dined at the White House, their ways of life were being systematically destroyed by the United States Government, by dishonoring treaties and agreements.

    The White House craftily recognizes the power our artists have always held for influencing the common man. Rostropovitch, the great Russian ‘celllist, called music the most subversive of the arts!!! He understood from experience the devastating effect on the human spirit that such regimes hold and the power of music and art to feed a contagious subculture of resistance.

    Therefore, by denying the White House their wish to control our nation’s artists by feigning government friendship and support, our artists and musicians will wield a much greater power than they do by playing the “friendship” cards with these politicians.

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