Boston Protest! Another Great One for the Horses


and a note from Organizer Carole P.

15 wild horse and burro supporters from  Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut attended the protest.  Two of the supporters who braved the cold weather to come to Boston had just attended the Albany protest the day before. One  young girl about 9 yrs old, a big Cloud fan,  made her own sign and had her mum bring her so she could help call for an end to the roundups.  One supporter with visible physical disabilities stood in the freezing temperatures all day and proudly displayed her sign for all to see.
Many of the 15 people present stayed most of the day. My State Senator who was not at the State House during the protest had asked his aides to come and greet us and bring his regards. His aides came down twice to make sure everything was ok etc. He is Senator Stephen Brewer. He has now sent a THIRD letter to President Obama, Cong. Olver, Sen. Kerry and Sen. Kirk in regards to the roundups. Neither he nor I have had any response. One of the Senators aides informed us that he grew up in Nevada and was deeply saddened at hearing the fate of the wild horses over the years and wanted us to know that there ARE many of us living in New England who love the wild horses.
Throughout the day, people in the street approached us asking what was happening to the horses and also who was responsible for this. We  showed them recent photos of the Calico roundup , passed out lots of info, phone numbers and email addresses and website info that we had prepared.  The response was really incredible, people were genuinely interested in learning more and then they were angry at the perpetrators when they did. Folks walked away vowing to call the president. One businessman came running down to us and said “I have seen a lot of protest here over the last 25 years and this is the first time I have approached the protestors to say “Thank you”, Thank you for doing this, I am a horse owner and horse lover and from one horse owner to another…thank you” Then he ran back towards his place of work.


7 Responses to “Boston Protest! Another Great One for the Horses”

  1. Cathy Kindsfather Says:

    B E A U T I F U L

  2. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Way to go Jo Bunny and Carol!!! We are way proud of you Wonderful Wild Horse Warriors!!! You got great response from people… thank you New England! mar

  3. Kathleen Says:

    Thank you, Boston! Thank you for standing in the cold as you stood up for our horses. God bless each of you.



  5. Barbara Steele Says:

    Thank you for what you have done and continue to do in COLD Frosty Boston!

  6. jo bunny Says:

    we actually had a few more than 15…i think it was closer to 18. while most of us were there the entire FIVE hours, there were a few people who came & left in various shifts. my count was a little higher than what was posted above.

    i was so impressed with the young girl who showed up with her mom & her hand painted signs! her passion & her determination were an inspiration to us all! i hope that more kids are coming out to these events. it really made me feel proud that this young lady was there on friday!! kids ROCK!!!!

    & while we didn’t have any real live horses at the event (boo & cupcake both wanted & had permission to come, but unfortunately didn’t have rides), we had horses in our presence anyway…across from us was a large bas relief sculpture/statue of civil war colonel shaw on his horse & behind us was a statue of major general joseph hooker on his horse. as rt would say, the force of the horse was with us! yes, indeed, brother fitch. the horses were with us in more ways than one.

  7. Kristen Walker Says:

    I was proud to stand there on the state house steps standing up for our amazing wild horses and will continue to fight the fight. I wish that I could have stayed longer because I really want to do everything that I can to stop the round ups. What I was dissapointed about that I was the only one from the north shore of boston, where are all the other horse lover’s? There is a very large horse community on the north shore, one of the oldest and largest hunt clubs in the country and numerous equestrian facilities. Come on people the horses really need your help! Stand up and use your voices and help the animals that you love so much.

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