Protesters Cheer Stallion’s Escape- from the Westword

Free again, photo: Craig Downer

Freedom, free again- photo: Craig Downer

A wonderful article honoring Freedom


16 Responses to “Protesters Cheer Stallion’s Escape- from the Westword”

  1. Cathy Kindsfather Says:

    One glorious moment in our hearts!! I think this photo will be historic! I was so pleased to see him escape after so many failed attempts. The picture of his chest powering through the barbed wire just before this bolt to freedom, heart wrenching. They better leave him alone! Freedom, our hero icon of the Calico Stallions. We must work overtime now to stop the atrocities of BLM! Save the Calico Complex WIld Horses!!! Stop all roundups and restore the purity of the 1971 Federal protection and free roaming act!! I wish all the protesters the best turn outs and piercing mark on the media and hearts of all.

  2. Sandra Miller Says:

    Today I am calling all of you my “friends and relatives” and sharing with you the message I sent to them:

    Dear Friends and Relatives,
    Click on this link to view some still photos of an amazing and valiant band stallion trying to save his 8 mares and two colts from a roundup by the BLM on New Year’s day in the Calico Mountain complex. If you think I love these horses because of fantastic and romantic western horse stories I read in elementary school, think again. The only thing fantastic and romantic about those great novels by western authors like Thomas Hinkle, Will James and Mary O’Hara was the ending – everyone lived happily ever after! The horses themselves were portrayed by the writers who knew them and lived with them with great accuracy, and here is the band stallion, Freedom, being just as these horses have always been – strong, courageous, admirable, and devoted to their families! If his captors had given Freedom a corral with enough running room, he would have cleared that six foot fence. If they had given Freedom a corral with enough maneuvering room, he would have crashed that corral gate and taken his mares with him. But they had him caught in a narrow corridor between two six foot walls. He did what he could, although it took him two tries (the first time he fell and landed in his back). He fought his way over that fence, he fought his way through the barbed wire on the other side, and he was gone, with all flags flying. I ask you – who IS IT who cannot love these horses?! I ask myself that question daily! We are the ones who can make a happy ending for horses like Freedom. If we cannot, and these horses are lost to us, I believe we will have lost our American soul!
    Love, Sandra

    Love, Sandra

  3. kas0859ohio Says:

    Just look at that boy go! His head is high and he is so proud. HE IS the symbol of Freedom! Good luck to Freedom, run like the wind!!!!!!!!

  4. Suzanne Moore Says:

    Thinks there’s any chance we can get the BLM to release at least some of Freedom’s family?

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Suzanne, Like someone said, how would they find them? The record keeping of BLM is deplorable. Every horse that comes in deserves a file and a description of markings sheet done on the day of arrival in a capture pen. That way horses from bands can be identified also from their family members. Foals are taken from mothers before they are adjusted to a pen and before any freeze marking is done? Theses are the ways to lose horses not to keep track of them. Pam Nickoles has used photographs to try to track down horses BLM has captured and shipped. They can’t even manage to do that simple a task. The BLM has shown us all what not to do for decades. That this family is absorbed and about to be lost is another tragedy brought to us by Bureau of Mismanagement and Lies. mar

  5. Laura Evans Says:

    I’m so happy to seem him escape but I’m sad for the fact that he had to leave his family. There is another victory in the posting of this article that we all need to take a moment to enjoy. Did you notice the comment section? We may not feel like our politicians are listening but the american people are. I didnt’ read them all but of the ones I did read the pro horse comments by far outnumbered the negative ones. Our voice is growing louder by the day.

  6. Sandra Miller Says:

    Suzanne, we should demand it! All of them! All of our activism and the lawsuit by In Defense of Animals has brought a temporary halt by the BLM at last. Now, we have to think about what we want down the road for the wild horses and burros. We want all the land given to them in 1971 restored (and not in “herd management areas” either – all of it). We want every horse able to be returned to freedom back on those ranges. They will want to negotiate. There is nothing to negotiate – there is only the law as it is laid out in the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act, and that should be the only guide. They will say it is impossible to restore the horses to their allotted ranges, because “things have changed”. The LAW has not changed, and until it IS changed, it is the only blueprint we should accept. THE CATTLE MUST GO. The majority of the grazing leases are held by large Corporate interests, not family ranchers (whom we should support, exactly as we support family farmers in the Midwest) – this has been corporate welfare at its finest! We should also make permanent alliances with the wild life advocates, who have been WRONG to view the wild horses and burros as a feral detriment to the land. We are going to defeat Corporate American on this western battlefield, and our country will be stronger for it. In the meantime, we, the people are the bodyguards of the wild horses and burros, and we should do everything we can to rally our fellow citizens to this cause. This is the time to really press forward with confidence – we have the law on our side and we have momentum.

  7. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Hope people are reading the comments, good show from all our friends. mar

  8. golde w Says:

    LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS FOR THE UPCOMING BLM EAGLE ROUND UP>>>>The gather is scheduled to begin in February.

    Contacts: Chris Hanefeld , 775-289-1842 ,

    Comments will be accepted for 30 days until Wednesday, Jan 27, 2010. Interested individuals should mail written comments to the BLM Ely District Office, HC 33 Box 33500, Ely, NV 89301 attn: Mary D’Aversa, Schell Field Manager or send an e-mail to:

    LET’S HAMMER ‘EM….it”s time

  9. Margaret Says:

    HOOFRAY to Freedom! I’m sorry he got hurt going through that barb wire. I hope he heals quickly. But I’m so glad he “told the BLM off”! In the end as sad as it was he felt his freedom was more important than his family. Hopefully some of his mares will be turned back out soon and won’t be the ones designated for long term holding. (Which by the way seems totally illegal as if the BLM really cared about that).

    BLM stands for Bureau of Lunatic Minds

  10. jan sterling Says:

    i just signed petition against the blm sending the 30,000 horses to slaughter – when did that happen –

  11. Angela Valianos Says:

    My heart cries for Freedom and his lost family.

    At night my dreams are not in color, they always drift back to the plight of our wild horses and burros, always in black and white. After all, color was/is meant to entice us into something we would not normally pay tribute to.

    If all the world knew what OUR government was REALLY about: all the lies and corruption; the world would dream in black and white and never again try to become allies with the devil himself, USA-BLM !

  12. Angela Valianos Says:


    815-260-1722 Angela Valianos Cell

    This is really bad. Illinios is reintroducing legislation to reopen Cavel.

    Rep. Sacia is introducing HB4812 to the House Ag committe to be able to reopen Cavel. They suspect they are bringing in some Rep from WY that fancies herself an expert on this issue.

    We need expert testimony for this meeting.

    The meeting is scheduled for 2/16

    This is where OUR WILD HORSES WILL BE GOING ! I have said this all along ! WILD HORSES = HEALTH CARE !!!


  13. Sandra Miller Says:

    Angela, please move your post over to an article that is more current. “Eagle Roundup on Hold” would be a good one, because many people are still posting there. I googled “Illinois HB4812 about Cavel Horse Slaughterhouse” and came up with a January 16, 2010 article in the “”, Indianapolis. The name of the article is “Horse Slaughter Bill Proposed Again?” It seems that Rep. Sacia is bringing up the matter every year at the beginning of each legislative session in Illiniois. The Examiner said,

    John Holland states, ” Albert Einstein postulated that, ‘ the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.’ Jim Sacia (R) of Illinois has apparently made it his life’s work to demonstrate the validity of Einstein’s theorem by introducing his horse slaughter bill at the beginning of each session of the Illinois legislature. This year is no exception. Einstein would be so proud to know that yet another of his brilliant theories has been confirmed beyond any doubt.”

    So, this is not something new, and it does not sound like Rep Sacia’s attempt will work, but it is something we should all watch. The slaughterhouse is foreign (Belgium) owned, and the owners are probably pushing Rep. Sacia to get open again.

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