LA Rally Synopsis- Another Great Event!

LA rally had 150-200 people.  Rally was well attended by Celebrities; Wendie Malick, Francis Bacon, Amanda Pope, Elaine Hendricks, Tatjana Patitz. Authors; Deanne Stillman & Petrine Mitchum.
Speakers were: Bill Dyer, Neda DeMayo, Wendie Malick, Deanne Stillman, Jill Starr, Petrine Mitchum. Channel 11, Channel 7 and Metro News, LA Times and a few radio stations came
Feinstein’s office noted they thought it was the most organized and well-attended rally they have observed there!!

The meeting with Feinstein Staff went very well and lasted for about an hour. The tone was great and they expressed that they were sincerely interested personally, in the cause, present were:
AWHPC coalition members represented by:
Bill Dyer, ( IDA regional director) ,
Neda DeMayo (Founder, CEO -Return To Freedom) and Jack Carone ( COO, Return To Freedom),
Virginie Parant ( AWHPC Director of Communications),
Annie Williams   ( The Cloud Foundation, Board member) ,
Jill Starr ( Founder, Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue),
Bristol MacDonald, Equine Photographer).

It was a good group and the discussion focused on ( but not necessarily limited to):

Moratorium -and what opposition the Senator should expect to encounter as well as briefing & data for a rebuttal
Waste of Tax dollars ( redirect funding for on the range management alternatives)
Restructure a new BLM advisory Board
Make up for the loss of 21 million acres
On the range management
Working together on a viable , sustainable and humane approach for long term range management for WHB
Numbers and data
Concerns regarding Salzaar’s plan to relocate horses currently on the range to the east.

All 4 groups were well represented, professional, well informed and presented a unified voice. Great teamwork everyone!  (Thanks to Neda for this update, photos coming soon!)


6 Responses to “LA Rally Synopsis- Another Great Event!”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    This is all good to hear. I hope there will be a post that is similar about Ginger and Udall’s people?? Jo Bunny says a good interview was done in Albany and hopes someone finds it… Mar

  2. Barbara Steele Says:

    Thanks so much for all you are doing in the various protests. Quite professional and attracting much attention. I am still looking for groups in the Maryland/Pennsylvania. I will definitely go the Washington DC for the “big one” when the time arrives.

  3. jan sterling Says:

    i watched and cked all the local news here in los anegles area and never saw coverage – and friend was watching too and she never saw any coverage – did tv stations choose not to run it or is all the media afraid to run anything that speaks of opposition to the govt policies

    on another note friends have told me about bob eubanks speaking out on the mustangs in rose parade but stephanie edwards apparently uninformed said she thot it was great the blm was rounding up the horses to give them a better life – bs

  4. rob Says:

    ABC channel 7 ran a very short piece at about 4:35pm on the 6th – I was caught offguard – didn’t expect it – Fox Channel 11 was there but I never saw the piece. i checked everyone’s websites -nothing

  5. rob Says:

    During the Rose Parade, Stephanie Edwards made a comment to the fact that the horses, which Bob Eubanks pointed out are adopted wild horses by the Marines, are starving. He corrected her and said that the Nevada issue was a very contested issue. She knew nothing about it.

  6. kathleen gonnoud Says:

    There was coverage at 4:30 that afternoon on channel 7 .. Did not stay up for the 11:00 P.M. possible repeat of story.. Still very dissapointed in local news.

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