New Press: Obama’s back: A roundup of gatecrashers, polls, pols and wild horses & Marin, CA article

Wild Horses are pounding on the White House steps… they get the last word in this LA Times blog article

Hit It and Quit It! – Save the wild horses from More Marin


23 Responses to “New Press: Obama’s back: A roundup of gatecrashers, polls, pols and wild horses & Marin, CA article”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Well, that was a nice cap to the article. mar

  2. Barbara Steele Says:

    A new BLM “propaganda” blog that probably should NOT by commented on–best to leave these guys hanging
    This blog has another Kurt Golgart photo posted (nice buckskin) and is “written” by a BLM employee with a Bob Abbey interview. More of their planted mis-information. Don’t have a bit of pity for the photographer. He is on salary promoting the “party line”. This link was on Horseback magazine.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      People need to know: Ken Salazar is leaving his post as secretary of the interior and has Obama’s OK to run for Gov. of Colorado since Dem gov Ritter is not running for a second term due to scandal. This Is true!!! Salazar will have to step down to run and soon to do a campaign. Advocates are talking about: this is how
      Obama can try to make a better second start with DOI/BLM!! Raul Grivalja has been our pick, what do you think?? Craig would be great, too… The guy to take charge will be a temp, and then Obama must find a new appointee. Mar

      • Karen L. Says:

        Mar, Really?? Interesting news! Yes, Raul Grijalva would be great, but can we influence a new appointment at all? As jan sterling notes at 7:54 P.M., there are frighteningly worse possibilities for DOI…

      • Karen L. Says:

        All I can find quickly is a story in Horseback Magazine taken from a Colorado newspaper. Is there something more comprehensive?

      • Karen L. Says:

        Okay, I found this from Chicago as well.,0,3842412.story

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Karen, It is a second chance and I would like to think we can say all we want, but will we influence?? If there is continued disregard of out fight for the wild ones, and if Salazar is being saved as a ‘valued democrat’ then I am not sure if the truth will out from this administration. They can always say he dealt with what he had.. and the problems stemmed from Bush and Burns. We shall see what comes along and if the press is brave enough to dig deeper after we have handed them such a big bone… mar

      • kas0859ohio Says:

        OH NO mar- This is from an article is in today’s Chicago Trib-

        Interior Secretary Ken Salazar says he won’t leave the cabinet to run for governor of Colorado.

        The Democratic former senator says he wants to remain in Washington to work with President Barack Obama.

        I was so hopeful!

      • Ronnie Says:

        I read of this possibility a couple of months ago. That Salazar might be going for Governor of Colorado…and…has aspirations for the President of USA. So this explains lots more.
        Salazar most likely has been on the “pre-campaign trail” for awhile now. And this means, catering to special interest groups that will contribute to his campaign…and VOTE! Ha! One thinks a politician works for what he was elected to do. Seems Salazar “works” to promote himself further up the legislative ladder.

        And he does seem a most powerful man in DC! Formidable. What he wants, he gets.

        It seemed to me, those on the Senate Committee on Natural Resources hearing, March 3, were intimidated. And why legislators for the wild horses cannot get through to him? Just maybe Salazar has more power than we thought and was always in the running for the more power in government. Guess insider DC knows these things.

        Salazar has been against most animals, endangered or not. Talking here wolves and wild horses. Meaning: RANCHERS! Cattle!

        Salazar is all for the wild grouse. Meaning: Audubon Society.
        Wild grouse is a biggy with the Audubon Society. DOI to give grouse millions of acres for protection. (Wild horses supposedly eat & trample grouse food. Cattle do not? But it is *scientifically reported that cattle are the greatest threat to grouse!)

        And! Salazar has named the former director of the CA Audubon Society to DOI Advisory Councils on Conservation. Now “buddies.”

        And! Salazar and Obama have been good friends since they were junior Senators. Here is Bio/Profile of Salazar… with photos of huggers: Obama & Ken.

        Remember, when Obama appointed Salazar as Secretary of the Interior, he was seen as a most unlikely choice for the job. Many were surprised and shocked, and not only environmentalists, ecologists, and so on…

        So, connect the dots. Maybe Salazar’s intensified wild horse roundups have nothing to do with the Ruby Ridge Pipeline, uranium, coal/oil/gas… Apparently Salazar has been a-looking at increased power for awhile: Governor (& maybe future President).

        Salazar needs to cater to those in the West. Ranchers. Sportsmen. Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah… Large voting public! Nix the Wild Horses, Wolves, Prairie Dogs, Mountain Lions…
        Save the Wild Grouse.

        Just some thoughts. The bigger picture. The sacrificed animals… for Salazar?

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Utah roundup ids postponed!!! Rumor that BLM is reconsidering program and pressure that has come over long term holding dilemma!!!!!!

      OOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Good news feels great, advocates, Way to go!!!

      • kas0859ohio Says:

        Really? Fantastic! Where did you hear/see info? I need to SEE it it to believe it!

      • kas0859ohio Says:

        I just found an article in Salt Lake City online paper, yeah!!!!!!!

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        In Defense of Animals has had this page with a comment that you can fill out and they send it on to BLM/DC and thousands responded and BLM had to postpone because they had no EA for that roundup and no comment period. IDA had set up the page and accused BLM of going through with an illegal roundup. Which was true, and in the midst of this lawsuit with IDA, they had to back down and offer the EA and comment period and reschedule the roundup for summer.

        The info out now about the El Paso Corp and Ruby pipeline has Calico looking like a part of a deal between BLM and El Paso Corp…. Mar

  3. Michael J Ahles Says:

    Dear Governors, Presidents, Kings and Leaders,

    You, the United States Government, is removing our freedom from the land of the free, the wild from the west, the inoocent mustangs from their rightful homes, or simply the liberty from American, from us All.
    The freedom of One is the freedom of All.
    And the denial of Ones freedom is the denial of All.

    Our forefathers fought and died for America’s freedom, and today you round it up and haul it away.

    For Shame on you All,
    On us All,
    America the land that was free.


    If you want to help free the west, boycott beef.

  4. jan sterling Says:

    watching news at 11 in los angeles area – have not mentioned the horse protest going on because the govner decided to give his state of the state this morn at 10

  5. Regina Says:

    Where is the mustang protest tomorrow, Thursday, in Denver??? Where, what time? Anyone from Colorado Springs area going?

  6. kas0859ohio Says:

    Bob Abbey says “While the BLM is working hard to boost adoptions”

    He is so full of crap!

  7. Renee Duncan Says:

    Bob Abbey, BLM, Obama, Kurt Golgard, are all full of CRAP!!!! Where are the protests in So. Calif

  8. jan sterling Says:

    i found a website called animal angels – too graphic anyway they mentioned that the holding pens in fallon, nv is where horses are kept for shipment for slaughter – is this where the blm is going to put horses – just believe if humane society had more backbone they could charge the blm with gross animal cruelty for making horses stay in unprotected shelters

    • jo bunny Says:

      animal angels have done a lot for exposing the atrocities that are happening at auction sites (like holland, shipshewanna, etc), the blm pens, feedlots where horses appear & then are gone, & at the slaughterhouses. i think that kaufmann zoning has some of their videos, too. i just cannot imagine how awful it must be for them to have to do that, but they do it. i commend them for it! they are witnesses for all those horses & are our window to these atrocities. yes, js, if only organizatons like hsus & spca had more balls to go after the people & companies that animal angels expose!!!

    • HeatherinNS Says:

      While I’ve never been near there- there is a feedlot where slaughter horses are kept, in Fallon.
      I have an idea that it would be easy for some of those mustangs in holding to make their way over to the other lot where they are shipped out of country, but I hope I am just being really, really paranoid!

  9. Renee Duncan Says:

    We the people have balls we need to turn the ground and find people with balls that have some pull. I am willing to do pitions or look for some one with clout.Ive written and written with no avail. The genicide continues!! The death row inmates con’t burning tax payer money and they get 3 square meals a day. I am so sick about this horrendous crime It seem like all of our hands are tied. I cry my self to sleep each night. We feed the world while they continue to breed more and more. Why can’t we help our own and leave them alone.What a government!!! Anybody with a plan let me know. I will continue to do any thing I canto stop this torture Renee

  10. jan sterling Says:

    i was wondering if anyone from humane society is overseeing all those poor horses in the pens – that they get fed and watered – someone must overlook as blm sure dont care and how about shelter – can humane society demand shelter for horses – glad salazar is leaving – hope he dont win in colorado – and pray we get a horse friendly person – do u think they might put don abbey head of blm in charge of doi – who knows

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