Protest Center- Helpful hints, fliers, signs and more

As the most controversial roundup in BLM history goes forward in NW Nevada more protests are planned in Denver, LA, Las Vegas, Albany, Boston, Lexington, NYC, San Francisco and London. All protests planned will be posted on our events calendar. Organize a peaceful protest in your area.

Suggested Tips for a Successful Rally

Tips from Int’l Fund for Horses – click here

Rallies and Marches suggested tips from IDA– click here. Check list from IDA here


These can be printed at your local print shop or please make your own, a list of suggested slogans are available in a word document here:  “Re-protect our Wild Horses!”

Suggested Short Slogans for Signs and Banners

1. Obama sign 2. SaveWildHorsesObamaSaveWildHorsesObamaColor 3. SaveWildHorsesPoster BLM MAIN 4. SaveWildHorsesPoster 5. SaveWildHorsesFeinsein

Sample Press Releases

1. San Francisco Protest (TCF) 2. San Francisco Protest Media Advisory

3. IDA PR_LA protest 4. Save Our Wild Horses Denver


1. Moratorium letter-FINAL/ Wild-horse-roundup-moratorium-flyer 2. moratorium petition– take clipboards and pens along too!

3. Protest Flier template – great to handout and for day of event

Additional Information:

Long Fact Sheet and Overview from The Cloud Foundation Click here for Fact Sheet

Talking Points from Int’l Fund for Horses –Click here for one page fact sheet (good for handing out to protesters!)

protesting roundups of fellow equines

Frequently Asked Questions from The Mustang Coalition FAQ About Wild Horses_12_09

Myths About Wild Horses and Burros from Animal Welfare Institute wild-horse-and-burro-facts-and-myths

Words to Save Them from the Animal Welfare Institute Words to Keep Them Wild and Free

2009_2010 Roundup Schedule online here.


16 Responses to “Protest Center- Helpful hints, fliers, signs and more”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Makendra this looks like a real working campaign now. Beautiful!!! Keep Marching for Mustangs all across the land! Mar

  2. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Thank you Makendra for this I absolutely gazed in awe at those multi-color jobbies the poster-toters had. . . wondered


  3. Christianna Capra Says:

    This is great you guys, thanks for organizing! I think that by us all channeling our minds, resources, ideas and thoughts we can fight this battle well. I am planning to attend the rally in NYC on 1/17 and will use these fliers and slogans to help make the point! Our collective voices can be louder than the lobbyists and BLM! Lets make some real noise, cause a stampede…
    The horses are counting on us to do the right thing!

  4. RJ Daum RPLS Says:

    Anyone with contacts with Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. Especially anyone riding in parade on January 16th.Extreme makeover event showcasing four year old mustangs. Texas Two Tone captured from Johnnie Area of Nevada. He is a rare Mustang.

  5. jo bunny Says:

    HEY, TEXAS, FLORIDA, DC, MARYLAND, VIRGINIA….when are YOUR protests going to happen??? we wanna see some more protests on the schedule!!! i mean, sheesh! if they can protest in london & rome, i think we can pull it together to get some WHB supporters in these states, don’t ya think????? 8 )

    • Laura Evans Says:

      I’m trying to get one going in Fort Worth but my long distance is down (again) at the moment. I have people lined up to go I just need a place and a time and I haven’t been able to call RJ about it.

      • jo bunny Says:

        yay, laura! you can always contact the police dept (non emergency number) in ft worth and start with them about getting a petition to peacefully protest! hopefully they can tell you which department is responsible for protest permits (carol was SEVERAL different offices until someone finally told her that in boston, the department of transportation handles public protest permits!)
        let me know when you get a date & time…i have a few friends in austin, dallas, & fort worth & i can tell them to get their butts there to protest with you!!! good luck!!!

      • RJ Daum RPLS Says:
        January 15th to Feb 7th. Lots of opportunities to educate,make new friends and renew old friendships. Also watch a four year old awesome mustang captured from Johnnie Herd area in Nevada as a yearling and kept in holding till now. “Texas Two Tone” trained by J-Dub.
        Fort Worth Newspaper can do great story and we can bring in information about Calico and BLM.

        Laura send me an email or contact info on my web site http:/

        I’ve contacted hopefully our new Texas Commissioner of Agriculture and friends of Frank Dobie.

      • Laura Evans Says:

        Thanks for the tips, guys, now I can really get going. Last night at girl scouts some one mentioned the stock show parade and I was going to check into that. I had wanted to get something going for this Saturday but the time just got away from me. This is something my family is very excited about doing. It will be good for my daughter to meet other people who are just as determined as she is. She gets frustrated when people don’t listen.

  6. Regina Says:

    Where is the mustang protest tomorrow, Thursday, in Denver??? Where, what time? Anyone from Colorado Springs area going? Thanks!

  7. Amy Coulter Says:

    Attended the Albany rally today! Great signs, great people. I travelled from CT to be there, and there were others from MA and VT!! It feels good to finally connect with like-minded individuals and DO something! (I have pictures, but don’t know how to post them!) Keep up the good work everyone!!

  8. jo bunny Says:

    somethiing that i was thinking…..for those of you who are unable to attend the rallies for wild horses & burros & protests against wild horse & burro roundups—-there are still ways that you can help!
    1. on the days of protests, call to the senators & representatives of that state & let them know there’s a protest in “city X” & tell them what is going on.
    2. call the news stations in the cities of the protests & let them know that there is a protest taking place in that city & ask that they send a news reporter/journalist the protest
    3. print out the flyers & posters & brochures (see above) & put them around your town—tack shops, libraries, schools, cafes, equestrian centers…..ANYWHERE there is a bulletin board where you can post a flyer! even if you only post 5 a week, that might reach at least FIVE NEW PEOPLE!!!
    we are getting a LOT of people who are saying, “gee i’d like to go to a protest but can’t” & this is what i’m sending to them, telling them that they can STILL HELP WITH THE CAUSE. to make it easier for them, i’ve copied all the information for contacting obama, salazar, abbey, & our senators & am just sending that out to people who can’t make it to the protest.

  9. Moratorium Update/Overview/Note on Protests « Says:

    […] as they go out, and I will twitter and facebook and shout out to the world as fast as I can. Our Protest Center has great signs and sign ideas and also information that can be printed out and shared with press […]

  10. BOSTON PROTEST – Today!! « Says:

    […] out the growing protest calendar for events in your area. Check out The Protest Center for help in planning or attending […]

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  12. Linda Altman / Green Says:

    If there is anyone out there who can get me in touch with Laura Evans re a Rally here in Fort Worth please have her reach me thru lindagreen0616@gmail .com or on Face book under Linda Altman. I am trying to do the same thing. I can also be reached at 817-420-9218. Thanks for any help I can get in this area!! Save the Horses!!!!

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