Calico Update 1/2/10 & new video

A new youtube video on the Calico horses- overview of the controversy and footage of these beautiful and healthy wild horses currently being removed, possibly all that remain will be trucked to the Fallon holding faciltiy. For anyone who is new to the issue, this is the video to watch.


Update from Craig Downer and Elyse Gardner, observing the Calico roundup as permitted, here.

Death toll rises in Calico- an update overview from IDA


12 Responses to “Calico Update 1/2/10 & new video”

  1. Janet Ferguson Says:

    This is a good video — don’t know if it’s been posted or not?

    includes interview with Craig Downer and also Shepherd talking, plus shows horses. Video is a newscast.

  2. Christine Says:

    Did you guys mean THIS video?

    The link you have above just goes to the same website as the other links in the post, which only has a video of the capture on Dec 31st.

  3. Christine Says:

    I emailed the heads of the Curly Mustang Association because one of Freedom’s bay mares in the third photo looks like she could be a Curly. She could also just be sweaty with a heavy coat, but if she does turn out to be one, that would be one horse saved from long-term holding, and maybe even her foal.

    • Anne Says:

      I read about the Curly: there is a pix of what I would refer to as a Curly I have seen on a website roundedup by the BLM; a very big healthy type horse
      hopefully this horse will be rescued then; “Curly Mustang Asc.?; thank u !

      I will post the link if I can find; good to know ! thank you ! anne conn. usa

  4. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    The roundup video is very good and shows the stress and confusion the horses are experiencing as they are suddenly within the entry pens. Always very hard to see them taken like this knowing what will happen. I guess the rumor was not true and the Calico roundup continues….. mar

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      This is all BLM has at the site for gather updates. They just redid the format but have stooped short of the Escape of Freedom the Black Stallion. Mar
      Gather Activity Updates

      Updates will be posted as we receive information.

      Dec. 31, 2009
      Four people were escorted to the gather site today, Craig Downer, Elyse Gardner, Deniz Bolbol and Willis Lamm. There is heavy snowfall at the gather site and the contractor is not flying today. Snow is forecasted until mid-day Friday.

      Today, 66 horses were transported to the Fallon facility (27 studs, 25 mares, 13 weanlings and one foal). All of the horses are in normal condition for winter gathers, with a few noted in lesser condition.

      No horses were shipped on Wednesday. There are no plans to ship any animals on Friday. Next update will be Monday, Jan. 4.

      Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2009
      Seventy-three of the 74 horses captured on Monday were unloaded at the Fallon facility on Tuesday. Many of the horses are in good body condition. One horse, a 20-plus year-old mare with a body condition index of 2 (poor) was euthanized at the gather site on the recommendation of the onsite veterinarian who determined it was unlikely her condition would improve with better care.

      Weather affected the gather operations on Tuesday somewhat, but the contractor was able to gather on lower elevations and brought in 22 animals to the capture corrals.

      The BLM escorted media to the gather site today.

      Dec. 29, 2009 Horses gathered on Monday are being moved to the Fallon facility today. Snowy weather conditions may slow or prevent gather activities today.
      Dec. 28, 2009 First day of gather on the Black Rock Range East Herd Management Area. All activities at the gather went smoothly and without incident. Seventy-four horses were gathered with no reported injuries to the animals or the crew.
      Dec. 27, 2009 Contractor set up gather site corrals.

    • Anne Says:

      I was reading on one of the websites about how: after the wild Horses are rounded up; they are put in pens at the gather site until the next day;

      then they horses get shipped to Fallon Corrals; and my question is:

      “Do the Horses in the pens at the Gather sites where they are held the night until being shipped to Fallon the next day; do these Horses get fed when in the gather site pens; do these horses get water @ the gather sites ? I know the horses do not get feed during the 4 hour trip to Fallon Corrals; so i guess

      If the horses was rounded up at 10 am; and in the pens until 10 am the next day; with not adequate feed; and then shipped for 4 hours; this would means

      Some horses might go for a long as 20 hours with no feed: no wonder the horses won’t eat the new hay; the horses are too dehydrated and famished from the holding pen @ the gather site and the trucking with out feed;

      so the horses are persihing at the hands of the BLM from “lack of correct feed; this fescue type hay infested with fungus; causes digestive upset’

      this is why the mustangs won’t eat; not some stupid excuse like” the mustangs fail to adjust to the feed;

      no; acutally the BLM has a failure to feed horses correctly and adequatley a.

      • Christine Says:

        I’m pretty sure that’s something they don’t do, leave the horses without water and feed at the gather site. At least they wouldn’t leave them without water. But a horse who’s hot and sweaty like that its a very bad idea to allow them free access to water, ESPECIALLY freezing cold water, because it causes them to colic. You have to dole it out in small amounts until they cool down.

        But one thing I learned about mustangs when I had mine, is that they know how to keep themselves from colicking. Mine actually used to PREVENT other horses drinking when they were hot like that. If they were really thirsty he let them eat some snow, which I surmise made it harder to consume mass quantities and thus prevented colicking.

        If they’re feeling sick or hypothermic as well, they’d just not eat – number one clue that ‘something is wrong’ with a horse. That and they’re used to eating a variety of live plants, not piles of dead, dried ones. Mustangs need to figure out something is ‘food’ before they’ll willingly eat it – they’re picky that way.

  5. martimu Says:

    Video of January 6, “Wild HorseWednesday” in Lexington, KY here:

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