More Protests Planned to Stop Calico Roundup

Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, Denver and International Protests in the works, possibly DC? Repeat protests expected in San Francisco and Chicago.

Start your own rally today outside of those areas! Stay posted for tips and documents that will help.


24 Responses to “More Protests Planned to Stop Calico Roundup”

  1. Laura Evans Says:

    It’s so exciting logging on here and seeing so many people stepping up. I like having something positive to show my daughter. Yesterday we accidently ran into some slaughter footage. I try to not let her see those things and she really hit bottom last night. Try explaining to a 9 year old why some people just don’t see that it’s wrong. But we’re off to a good start today, we’ve looked at all of the pictures and we’re going to start making our protest signs even though we don’t have a protest to go to yet but if we have to we’ll make that too. Now we just need to convince Daddy that not all education happens at school.

    • jo bunny Says:

      laura, i was so touched by seeing all the photos of the people all across america who are protesting these roundups & was even more touched by your posting about your daughter. i cannot imagine how hard it must be for you to try to explaiin such things to your child. hell, i can’t even explain things like this to an adult, much less to a kid! i (& i’m sure many of us here) were kids just like her, devastated at the sight of seeing the bad things that befall animals. one thing that helped me when i was a kid was doing something creative out of it….writing a story or a poem or drawing a picture that somehow honored or blessed or “retold the story of” the animal from that devastating photo or story….i have friends whose kids make little origami animals in honor of the animals they read about or see who have died….i once met a woman who takes her daughter to a farm animal rescue & lets her hang out with the animals, so that she can see all of the animasl who have survived–& to meet the people who work so hard to see that they are saved & given sanctuary… that she knows that, even though there are those who conduct these atrocities, there are so many more of us who work together to stop them. i think that is probably what you are doing by going through these photos of the people at protest…..letting her know that many of us are with her in this fight for our horses!
      & tell daddy that she will learn FAR more from being at one of these protests than she ever could at school!!! she can turn this into quite the educational event, writing about it (like writing a story for either her school paper or the local paper), or perhaps journaling or painting about her experience, or teaching others about wild horses & burros. i think she will also learn a tremendous amount about what it means to stand up for what she believes in & about our rights, our obligations, & our moral responsibility as citizens of this country. i’m sure she will also meet a wealth of other people who share her love & her passion & that alone is worth any day in school.
      i’m so glad that you & your daughter are here on this blog! it makes me feel so good to know that there ARE children out there who are concerned about the welfare of our nation’s wild horses & burros! yay, you & your daughter!!! give her a big hug from me & tell her to stay strong! we are there with her in all of this!!!

  2. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Now that people are taking to the streets I hope we let this build and keep gathering new supporters. DC is not a winter trip and it must be good weather for maximum numbers to get there. In the mean time it is obvious we are here to ride this out and CNN and others who have come up short will find we are spreading sound information and have good ideas and have better people who want to manage wild horses and burros than BLM.

    Love this sign! Who made it? Give credit! Mar



  4. jan sterling Says:

    we can do things in our own area – since i live in apple valley famous for roy rogers and cowboys – guess we can have a protest here and call in the media – lots of horse people here

    will post this link to some friends i have in this area – what did wild horse annie do – she had grass roots people help her – mostly school kids and others came on board –

  5. jan sterling Says:

    there is a video on youtube with sheryl crow on saving america’s wild horses – its graphic but if u could get her to get it on animal planet or pbs or cnn or fox news more people would see what is being done to the wild horses

  6. Beverly Says:

    HLN (HeadLine News) Issues with Jane Valez-Mitchell has already done a story on the Wild Horse and Burro round-up. This is a CNN sister network.

    Please write or call Jane Valez-Mitchel
    “ISSUES with Jane Velez-Mitchell.”

    Ask her to do follow-up stories on what BLM is doing to our Wild Horses and Burros!! She is an animal lover and can help get our cause featured on CNN/HLN

  7. jan sterling Says:

    i emailed bob eubanks – he is announcer on ktla rose parade – he has a website under his name – he knows a lot about all horses so wrote and asked him if he had heard of blm and mustangs – he lives in santa ynez calif

    • Kathleen Says:

      One of my facebook friends posted today that Bob Eubanks BLASTED the BLM roundups today while commentating on the Rose Parade, apparently when the Mustangs ridden by US Marines went past! Yes! What a wonderful gift for the New Year, more vocal and visible/well known folks lending their voice….

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Roger was a Marine, he loves this! mar

      • Laura Evans Says:

        He didn’t blast them but he did comment on the Calico round up however before he said anything at all the ditz he was with made the comment that the horses they were riding were starving and needed help and now they’re happy horses. I was so angry I think I deleted it. Then when he made his comment about the public outcry against the round up and she made another comment like “oh dear” and you could hear her rolling her eyes just by the tone of her voice. And believe me, I’ve got a tween, I know the eye rolling tone.

      • Kathleen Says:

        Well, that’s disappointing, Laura! Who was the ditz? Needs some education, this is 90% of the problem – so much of the public take the “expert” BLM at face value when we know they are master spin doctors. Need to hit that angle….

        BTW I also found your post really cheering today, wonderful to hear about your daughter and hope she will inspire lots of her friends and others her age.

  8. Marti Says:

    We are planning a protest with our mini horses here in Lexington KY (The “horse capitol of the world”) – can’t wait to join the growing voice of concern. πŸ˜€

  9. Ronnie Says:

    Any protests planned for:


    Apologies, I would like to organize but currently having medical stuff and fear I would not be able to follow through 100% as I could before. However, I could *help someone organize online and would do all could to attend the demonstration. Currently using wheelchair…& a real pain in the a** πŸ™‚ 😦 ~

    Snowing here in MA. now. Brrrrr, cold too! But used to it all. New Englanders can do it too! Yes!! Come “Hell or High Water”…or Snow or Rain or Cold or Ice…i.e., No Matter What Else Happens.”

    FOR-THE-HORSES who are having it much worse. Suffering! Injury! Dying!!

  10. Honor Hannon Says:

    Jo Bunny, thank you for those excellent suggestions for working with children on this issue. There was a little girl at the SF protest who helped with the burro and mini horse-it was a wining combination and the press likes to ask children why they are there and what they think. And kids, especially teenagers give good answers!



  12. jo bunny Says:

    fyi, there is a rally planned in albany thursdae, 7 january.
    Date: Thursday, January 7
    Time: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
    Where: The Capitol, Albany NY

    This peaceful protest on behalf of America’s wild horses and burros is part of a grass-roots nationwide campaign. Pressure is building on the Administration and the BLM to halt the inhumane roundup of wild American mustangs on the Calico Wilderness Area of Nevada.
    Our mission:
    1) to educate the press and the public
    2) call for an immediate halt to the roundups.
    We will gather on the south side of the NYS Capitol Building in Albany, NY. Location is marked by the statue of Civil War general Philip Henry Sheridan on horseback.
    Please help us take a peaceful stand for our democracy, and for the horses that helped build it.

  13. jo bunny Says:

    a protest is in the works for boston…….will keep you posted!

  14. jan sterling Says:

    i liked the lady who has her daughter involved – that is what wild horse annie did – she had school kids write letters to congress to get a law passed to protect the wild horses – maybe our seemingly cold congress would read letters from kids

  15. jan sterling Says:

    i believe that fox news does speak the truth and have found more and more of my friends watch fox news – especially glen beck and hannity – just need to get across to them the lies of the blm – they dont like the present administration anyway so they could add more fuel to the fire when it comes to salazar and the blm

  16. Barbara Steele Says:

    I live in Pennsylvania and close to Maryland. There are Horse Expos coming up in both states. What about giving out information with talking points about the roundups complete with photos of stressed horses, etc at these Expos? Booths cost money but am wondering if there are any Rescues, Animal Welfare groups(not PETA types!) that would let us volunteer and be part of the booth? I know there are Horse Expos all over the country.

  17. Lmeg Bucklan Says:

    Murder by Management in disguise! Stop all the roundups wherever they are. Stop poisoning water sources…..Reduce the number of cattle grazing which is the PROBLEM………or send the cattle to some reserve in the mid-West. Hands off our American Horses! Now and Forever!
    The public and the press need to be educated as to what REALLY is going on here with these cruel roundups (even on private land). Disgusting! Greed, of coarse, of the bottom line, as usual. BLM policies need to be revised and a concerted effort made to preserve our wild equine.

  18. Lmeg Bucklan Says:

    Murder by Management in disguise! Stop all the roundups wherever they are. Stop poisoning water sources…..Reduce the number of cattle grazing which is the PROBLEM………or send the cattle to some reserve in the mid-West. Hands off our American Horses! Now and Forever!
    The public and the press need to be educated as to what REALLY is going on here with these cruel roundups (even on private land). Disgusting! Greed, of coarse, is the bottom line, as usual. BLM policies need to be revised and a concerted effort made to preserve our wild equine.

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