Online Press & Information Kit

I will attempt to upload all the documents and some photos of use to you, the wild horse loving public, and to the media who is considering covering this issue. Please send media to this page to download all these helpful links. Footage and photos are available upon request. The Cloud Foundation media department can be reached at 719-633-3842 or        Thank you!

Fact Sheet and Overview from The Cloud Foundation Click here for Fact Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions from The Mustang Coalition FAQ About Wild Horses_12_09

Myths About Wild Horses and Burros from Animal Welfare Institute wild-horse-and-burro-facts-and-myths

Words to Save Them from the Animal Welfare Institute Words to Keep Them Wild and Free


9 Responses to “Online Press & Information Kit”

  1. Joette Snyder Says:

    I have been spreading the word on my artbistro, WordPress and facebook. Please let me know is I can donate any artwork for fundraising as this is my quest.
    This is the WordPress address

  2. Laura Evans Says:

    Thanks, this is great to have. I know when I get going I have to have everything in front of me and it never fails, I end up missing the key post it that has what I’m trying to say on it. Now here it is all in one bunch.

  3. Jane Bravery Says:

    Fabulous! THanks so much for all your hard work. Educating from ground zero has just become a whole lot easier.
    Just one request, is there a place we can put this so it is the first, or only thing the press see, a dedicated page somewhere?
    Best to you all,

  4. Lori West Says:

    I am totally devastated by the Calico Roundup happening right now. I saw those horses by accident 2 August’s ago at the Rainbow Opal mine off of Soldier Meadows Rd. I had no idea they were there and they changed my life. They had all the forage and water they needed due to a spring fed pond complete with bullfrogs! I am sick at the thought of never seeing them again. I am a jewelry designer and I am working on a “Freedom” design necklace & earring set. I will be in touch when it comes together. I plan to travel back to the Rainbow mine this June and I will be looking for my cherished band!

  5. Joette Snyder Says:

    I will love to see your jewelry. Someday soon going to see Mustangs in nature and take pictures is my dream. In the mean time I want be in the BLM’s Face. I am so angry about their actions!

  6. Barbara Ellen Ries Says:

    Thank you Cloud Foundation :

    This listing is great for improving everyones ability in small and large communities, and cities to protest the wild horse gathers.

    These listing and Makendra’s help make things easy to stand up and protest for the hero’s on four legs.

  7. lee chesterfield Says:

    I just watched the GMA about the mustangs. salazar and sheppard had a setting and gave there canned speech. Craig , Madeline, Sherly Crow. where standing out in the wind and had 20 seconds each. Some good things where said. but…..I watched on line .at the end ABC asked for comments. and also said if anyone has more info on this topic to “click” and contact Editor. If your not looking for this statement you might miss it. I asked ABC for more info from Madeline and her plan, Ginger Kathrens,and Craig and his lawsuit.

  8. Angie Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful press kit. My husband and I have been increasingly sickened by the blatant irresponsibility and callousness of the BLM and the greedy organizations that are pushing the horses off their lands for their soles interests. So many people I speak to have absolutely no idea what is going on with the wild horse herds, and the main thought is that the horses rounded up all get good adoptive homes! Less are award of the other issue of horse slaughter! Because of their ignorance, they easily believe the lies the BLM is putting forth. Thank goodness for the organizations and people who are putting the truth out there and trying to save these beautiful animals. We all must do what we can….every voice and letter counts.

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