Another 500….

Another 500 horses to be targeted in Nevada
Federal authorities have announced plans to remove nearly 500 wild horses from a Nevada herd management area. The news comes just two days after the Bureau 


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  1. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Here’s a chart from the FLPMA website. It shows Nevada’s growth in pop at over 200% at the 2000 census.

    Now, folks, if there are 5 people somewhere, and 5 more are added, then the growth rate is 100%. If 10 people are added, then the growth rate is 200%. So, when you see a 200+% increase in population, it may not mean ANYTHING AT ALL; what is important in this context, I would think, would be how much urban sprawl there has been with a ratio to the public lands area as compared to previous ratios.

    There’s also a “snapshot” (go to Home page and then down to the “snapshot” link) Showing changes since FLPMA in all those things (like endangered species, job titles at BLM increasing, etc.); showing about 0% growth in cattle run in Nevada on public lands. (as of 2000). (again 10 years old info). I would like to see more details on wild horses and burros in this chart! (like that’s gonna happen)

  2. Janet Ferguson Says:


    (dog barking at me)

  3. BlondeNak Says:

    As a native Nevadan, in a rural area, I can tell you that most of the growth IS in urban areas (Vegas, Reno). There are neighborhoods running into wild horse grazing land outside of Reno. It’s been on their NBC news (one I watch a lot) that horses have been hit in these neighborhoods. Not too long ago (a month?) 5 dead horses were found just outside Reno, believed to have been dead for about 2 weeks.
    Ely hasn’t grown that much. Elko has grown quite a bit in the last 10 years, but not enough to impact the wild horse herds. It has been mainly in a `10 mile radius, and there are no herds that close to Elko. Or at least none that I have ever seen or been made aware of.
    Cattle allotments for grazing were adjusted last year due to some wildfires/man-made fires. I THINK there are more cattle out there on the range (at least in my area), but right now am not sure, as my area is one that was not grazed due to fires 2 years in a row. And it’s winter, the cattle have to be pulled off the range by a certain date in the fall. Hay has been so darned expensive for the past 3 years, due to large droughts, that it is possible that there are less cattle (slightly) due to winter feed costs.
    Perhaps a check into the National Cattlemen’s Association could get your more info on the number of cows? Or even a check into the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association.

  4. BlondeNak Says:

    two other areas…Eureka, in central NV, which has many wild horse/burro herds (where I saw my first real wild herds, watch the stallion protect his mares, and watched some burros fight amongst their herd). They have grown quite a bit in the past few years, due to the mine opening back up just outside of town (tiny, “one-horse” town, not even a stop light on the main drag). And some other large ventures that have brought more people to the area.

    Winnemucca has most likely grown at a steady rate, again due to the strong mining industry and jobs in this area. Haven’t been over there in a few years tho.

  5. jo bunny Says:

    here’s something that i just saw….

    it says “current population 21,000”

    WHAT??????????? this was done in november of this year. on page 3, it says the current population is 21,000…….. AND THEY ARE ROUNDING UP SOME 12,000 OF THAT NUMBER WITHIN THE NEXT YEAR?

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      The Nevada pop they are going for, I have read, is about 12,000 max in the State of Nevada (I have been hearing, reading).

      That’s just in Nevada that 12,000 are to remain I think.
      Again, as we have been hearing time & again, the BLM is just basing their whole operation on adoptable numbers, not scientifice management for genetic strength; no talk here of range condition or removing cattle. Just the usual gibberish — more of the same. . . running to keep their fat *s* jobs.

      • jo bunny Says:

        thanks jf. that clears that up a bit…..& they are running not only to keep their fat *s* jobs but also keep their even fatter *s* buddies in business!!! a little greasy palming here, a little more greasy palming there.

  6. Janet Ferguson Says:

    I think Salazar and his entourage in this messy business are planning to use the lives of all the horses in holding to push thru his grassy graves ideas on the American public, since we would be so horrified at plans for “euthanasia” would “scream bloody murder” and “settle for anything” rather than to destroy the horses in holding.

    Where did you ever find that document, above, you came up with? It looks like a plan or slideshow, almost like an internal document of some kind. . .

    I say the BLM needs to be REMOVED FROM THE WILD HORSE AND BURRO BUSINESS. In Laura Allen’s website she mentions a 11/2 conversation with a government employee indicating that there was talk in Congress going on among several of removing the BLM from the wild horse business completely. This past week I reminded her of that and asked her if she had heard anything else on the subject.
    I figure if she puts it on her website it is OK for me to mention here.It is a race against time.

    I think the American Public needs full access to the holding areas, if we dont’ already have them. If they are on private land, that should be written into the contracts. If US wants to throw all this money at this problem, then throw some more money, purchase more liability insurance so the public can get in to see all the animals.

    • jo bunny Says:

      internal document or not, it’s on the blm website! & if it’s on the blm website, it’s for all eyes to see as far as i’m concerned.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        JB Did you notice that part of the document has a bullit “internal/external communications.” I wonder what THAT refers to! They are supposed to be more “transparent.” I hope they are not going to start restricting info on their website to “insiders” or “stakeholders.”

        Did you see the use of the word, “stakeholders” in there? It gives me the chills beause that is exactly the word used in that pro-slaughter (AVMA or one of those groups) “study” that presumes to justify the statement “only non-horse owners and humane groups are against slaughter.” The “pro-slaughter” people, in the study, are referred to as “stakeholders.”

        Go look at the current “Thomas” info on SB 1579. I think it has the Salazar “Zoo” wording in it! What do you think? I have also asked MW and Laura Allen this question.

      • jo bunny Says:

        jf, i did notice the “internal/external communication” & wondered wtf that was all about…..didn’t catch the “stakeholders” (wondering if was a misspelling & those idiots really meant “STEAKholders”?) hahahahah
        as for the salazoo wording on sb1579, this is one of the things that cj (mzmanynames) at wild horse warriors seemed to be saying a few months back….she has recently posted a new proposal for it…not sure if it’s going to be used or not, but it certainly is worth checking out….

    • Laura Evans Says:

      My concern is their need for urgency. Why, with the whole world watching are they pushing and pushing and removing more and more and more. Our hope is for as many of the wild ones as possible to be returned to the range but the judge said that that was not a good idea. Now, against recommendation and against the wishes of the people they continue to remove as many as they can as quickly as they can. My fear is that it may be too late once they’re removed from the wild horse business. Once the horses are gone, they’re gone. We can protest and make phone calls all we want but we can’t get them back from killer buyers and slaughter houses. We can’t repopulate the range with sterile horses.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Well, don’t forget the Freedom Fund horses are “waiting in the wings.” Matt at the Pryor Mustang Center has indicated they are trying to re-open a portion of that range which had been used by BLM a long time ago for holding corrals — they are trying to reopen it. . .

        Also Matt at the Pryor Mountain Mustang Center has been up there before Christmas with his Dad and his dog, Tracker actually REMOVING OLD BARBED WIRE from the range to allow better passage for the horses that are there.

        RL Daum mentioned on this blog another possibility for more space becoming available for the wild horses of the Pryor Mountains.

        A lady I talked to in Nevada last fall while we were trying to stop the Pryor Roundup (she’s with BLM) said their target in Nevada was for 13,000 – 14,000 wild horses remaining on the ranges. That’s what she told me THEN.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        She also told me then that they were at 185% of their AML levels or something like that.

        This subject is apparently (wild horse and burro issues) at the bottom of the barrel for our elected officials.

        Hopefully all these demonstrations will “wake people up” to the situation. There will always be people who don’t care, but the ones who would care if they were aware of it should know so they can “spring into action.”

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        The lady at BLM said the herds in Nevada were at 300% of the AML’s when I talked to her last fall before the Pryor roundups.
        She said there were more wild horses and burros in Nevada than any other state. She said there were 98 HMA’S.

  7. Janet Ferguson Says:

    If the government can disregard all the protests and the rulings by the federal judge; then why can’t they just spray us all with nerve gas some day if they think there are “too many” of “us.”

    They are acting unilaterally at this point, without consent of voters they are changing the rules and not upholding the laws. This is a bad sign for us all.

  8. Anna White Says:

    Janet wrote: say the BLM needs to be REMOVED FROM THE WILD HORSE AND BURRO BUSINESS. In Laura Allen’s website she mentions a 11/2 conversation with a government employee indicating that there was talk in Congress going on among several of removing the BLM from the wild horse business completely.
    Anne’s comment:

    I agree; the reason being the BLM employs “convicts; and so this hints at the entire agency is “dog gone corrupt;

    so the Agency must be dismanted and re- structured; thnx

  9. Anna White Says:

    Everything about the BLM “reeks of corruption; esp. Mr. Salazar

    The Czar of the Wild Horse round-ups…

  10. Anna White Says:

    ‘comment : no where in this article by university of perdue experts recommend; brown or old hay !

    furthermore; the article says; do not store hay on ground or on cement; exactly what the BLM does !

  11. jean civis Says:

    How can the BLM consider themselves as a Management bureau? Going out and rounding up herd after herd, which appears to have no thought

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