12/29 Calico Update

According to BLM:

The holing facility where horses are being taken is the newly contracted Indian Lakes Road facility in Fallon.  74 horses gathered yesterday – no deaths or injuries. Helicopters did not fly this morning due to bad weather.  Current operation is in Piute Meadows.  Jan 7 or 8 will go to Soldier Meadows Ranch

9 Responses to “12/29 Calico Update”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    I am glad we got the info. It is not like the BLM has been forthcoming. They have not said why all the horses caught were removed and none released. We may expect more of the same. mar

  2. jo bunny Says:

    some nagging questions…so. i was looking at cattoor’s website. they are staying at soldiers meadow ranch during at least part of this roundup. wonder if taxpayers are paying for them to stay at the b&b & the hot springs while they are herding our horses into death camps…..then looked at soldiers meadows website which says that their ranch will be closed for the month of february & am now wondering if this means that the roundups taking place there will also be on private land & therefore not accessible to the public (i posted these questions on rt’s blog in response to d.masters query about flight patterns in the area….d wanted to know if the cattoors had been herding horses ONto the private land BEFORE the 28th….something i had not even thought about! d was looking to see if there were flight plans available for that area) i am also wondering if we taxpayers were paying for the cattoors between the first of december (when the roundup was supposed to have started before the judge postponed it) & the 28th. they were contracted to have work for those few weeks…..but supposedly didn’t work….but did they still get paid for the time??????? how would we find this information out????? jf, are you up to some research???????

    • kas0859ohio Says:

      jb- Do we know who flies the YELLOW HELICOPTER we see in so many round-up photos? I just thought the public might like to know who is personally tormenting our horses. I was reading on the Wild Horse Foundation website concerning the (ridiculous) accommodations the BLM employees get to use. I hate to think the ‘cowboys’ were at Soldiers Meadow Range enjoying themselves at taxpayers expense. The employees (of Cattoor) may have filed unemployment claims for the down time? Or the “employees” themselves maybe contract labor? In Ohio they would have to be treated as employees unless they work for more than one contractor, just FYI. Isn’t there a great big air force base in Nevada? I’m sure the Cattoors have to file some type of flight plans.

  3. jo bunny Says:

    & check out true cowboy magazine’s december editiion, with articles from craig downer, elissa kline, simone netherlannds, & vicki tobin
    & for more interesting history on the blm AND snow’s feedlot in fallon, head on over to mar’s blog & read today’s entry (the one entitled american herds: some history of blm mischief). it seems our good friends at blm have quite an interesting history with this particular feedlot & it ain’t good.

  4. jo bunny Says:

    why why why are these horses going to a feedlot? the owner, snow, a cattle rancher? what are the greasypalm dealings going on here???? this is so disgusting……

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Jo, They are going to the Fallon feed lot that is leased by BLM that is now the holding facility. Not Snows… even if it may have been at one time. Someone else ran this place who is a friend of Craigs? I believe… But it is still BLM and we all know that could mean anything… mar

  5. Christine Says:

    Has anyone been using Google Earth to check these places out? It occurred to me today that that would be one way of observing depending on how close the satellite can zoom in, but I personally have a dialup connection that may not be able to handle it.

    • kas0859ohio Says:

      I have the basic free version which doesn’t have ‘live’ viewing. I’ve done a “fly over” of the Calico Mtns area. you can see the terrain but with this version not much else. There is a live coverage version, I will check out how much it costs. Not sure if the viewing is in real time. though.

      • Christine Says:

        Well, at least we could count captured horses (aka specks in pens) with the free version I expect. That would be helpful data particularly if we were able to keep count over time. A friend of mine who has broadband is also testing it out…I might be able to talk her into getting the paid version, and then we could see what we can see.

        I expect that if the pictures are close enough, then they could be used as evidence.

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