Calico Wild Horses– New Video

The healthy Calico horses in late November. BLM’s latest “secret” roundup started today


4 Responses to “Calico Wild Horses– New Video”

  1. Christine A Jubic Says:

    I would like to know whos private property these gathers are to be conducted on so I could make them a petition and EXPOSE them to the world. I also wonder how much the BLM is paying them for the privlidge of using the land. I suppose Cartoor does not have the proper equiptment to conduct the round up on public lands. Yuk Yuk Geez. They should be able to afford enough pipe corral to get the job done on BLM land, making over 1M on this particular round up alone.

  2. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Cannot use link and was not good at you tube either… Mar

  3. kas0859ohio Says:

    Try this one. It says its from December 28th.

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