USA Today: Activists Decry Wild Horse Roundups & more from 12-28

USA Today article by William Welch

This is a partial list of media coverage on the wild horses and burros since Sept 2009

lakota_band9.12.09 London Times “Battle to save America’s mustangs as government rounds up wild horses”

11.20.09 Politico Singer Petitions Obama, Salazar

11.20.09 Denver Post Wild horse activists buzz Denver with anti-Salazar banner

12.7.2009 New York Times, MN StarTribune: US wants to round up as many as 25,000 wild horses and move them east, but faces opposition (AP)

12.7.2009 Associated Press Critics at Nevada hearing oppose plan to round up wild horses in West, ship to East

12.8.09 New York Times: US Plan for Wild Horse Round-Up Faces Opposition

12.11.09 Miami Herald (AP) Wild Horses shot to Death on Range in Nevada

12.12.09 San Francisco ChronicleBLM wild-horse roundup on NV-CA border criticized

12.14.09 Seattle Times (AP) BLM approves Nevada wild horse roundup

12.17.09 Washington Post Judge asked to block Nevada wild-horse roundup #5 on most viewed Washington Post Articles

12.24.09 Los Angeles Times (AP): “Sheryl Crow, other wild-horse advocates ask Obama, Reid to stop mustang roundup in Nevada”

12.25.09 NY Singer rides herd on O

12.26.09 San Francisco ChronicleFeds Face New Criticism over wild-horse roundup

12.26.09 LA Equine Policy ExaminerBLM’s conundrum- what to do with 2,700 captured wild horses

12.27.09 Las Vegas CBS Wild Horse Advocates Protest BLM Roundup Monday

12.27.09 SF Chronicle/ San Jose Mercury News (AP) Wild horse advocates protesting Nevada roundup

12.27.09 Copehagen News OnlineBison on birth control and wild horses being dragged away – stories of conservation vs. sustainability in America”

12.28.09 Horsetalk New Zealand Huge Nevada muster to get under way today” 
The muster of up to 2700 wild horses from an area of Northern Nevada was to get under way today.

12.28.09 USA Today:Activists Decry Wild-Horse Roundups


13 Responses to “USA Today: Activists Decry Wild Horse Roundups & more from 12-28”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    I got one comment in at Deseret News. Go for it… mar

    • Laura Evans Says:

      I got one in there too, but people just don’t want to listen. It’s so frustrating.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Laura, There are always some that are straddling the fence and if they are curious will look further and find the information speaks for itself. It happens to all of us about different things. It is always good to say all we can. Mar

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        This is from Vicki Tobin of Equine Welfare Alliance;

        I just spoke to a wonderful gentleman at the white house. He told me they are getting a lot of calls and suggested that since the president is in Hawaii until the end of the week, we start calling the senators’ offices in Hawaii. He is sure that someone will tell the president of the calls, if they are numerous. He also said to keep pounding the press to keep reporting. He said there is a lot of buzz on the mustangs. He also said don’t bother calling Reid because we’ll get no help from him…

        Here are the two senators in Hawaii. I would call the local offices – it is a bit more expensive but our Mustangs are worth it!

        Daniel Kahikina Akaka

        United States Senate
        141 Hart Senate Office Building
        Washington, D.C. 20510
        Tel: (202) 224-6361
        Fax: (202) 224-2126

        Prince Kuhio Federal Building
        300 Ala Moana Blvd., Rm. 3-106
        Box 50144
        Honolulu, HI 96850
        Tel: (808) 522-8970
        Fax: (808) 545-4683

        101 Aupuni Street, Suite 213
        Hilo, HI 96720
        Tel: (808) 935-1114
        Fax: (808) 935-9064

        Dan Inouye

        Washington D.C.
        722 Hart Building
        Washington, D.C. 20510-1102
        Phone: 202-224-3934
        Fax: 202-224-6747

        300 Ala Moana Boulevard
        Room 7-212
        Honolulu, Hawaii 96850-4975
        Phone: 808-541-2542
        Fax: 808-541-2549

        101 Aupuni Street, #205
        Hilo, Hawaii 96720
        Phone: 808-935-0844
        Fax: 808-961-5163


      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        The Fallon Feed Lot, not Snow’s is the place where the horses are supposed to go. But there is still no corroboration. Things are being done as best as possible so the horses will be observed and monitored after leaving the capture sites. No one trusts anything BLM sats. Mar

  2. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    I think people in Nevada are going to need money to buy horses. mar

  3. Laura Evans Says:

    Please tell me that I heard wrong but some one said that the lot in Fallon is a feedlot where killer buyers hang out.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Yes, and it seems horses coming off the Paiute land can be taken there and legally sold. There are people looking into this but it is very likely they will be sold at auction, seemingly legally. If this happens we need to be contributing to a legal fund just like we did for the 40 Forest Service horses in the Pryor’s. We need to buy Mares with 09 foals and pregnant mares who are the future bloodlines of these horses. I am hoping we will get a post for this soon so we can contribute. The Paiute do sell wild horses from their lands at Snow’s in Fallon. There will be more than 40 this time. I hope I am wrong. But I do not think so. There are people in Nevada working on all of this NOW. Mar

  4. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    I wonder if Ginger took Trace with her. I hope she will be OK. I also hope that all the horses up there are fine. Mar

    • kas0859ohio Says:

      I worry about her, I hope she has a bodyguard patrol with her. I would not put anything past these anti-horse folks.

  5. kas0859ohio Says:

    Most of the articles keep saying the same things over and over, no one is rebutting or disputing the BLM stats the head count may very well be over estimated AND the 20-27% growth rate is not realistic AND what about horses that actually die? Horses do die on a regular basis from all kinds of natural things. It seems the reporters are not interviewing anybody except the Bureau of Land Management spokeswoman JoLynn Worley. The comments on these articles clearly say the BLM is not always telling the whole truth. How does an advocate group go about getting interviewed?

    “A September count showed more than 3,040 wild horses were living in the area, about three times the land’s capacity, federal officials said.
    Without the roundup, the horse population in the area would grow by 20 percent to 27 percent annually, passing 6,000 mustangs within four years, according to BLM. At that point, wildlife and livestock wouldn’t have enough water or forage.”

  6. Linda H Says:

    Here’s the Montana story from Great Falls Tribune:
    Susie is at it again with misinformation about the Pryor Roundup.

    • Laura Evans Says:

      Why doesn’t anyone ever even question that the area per horse that they want to move them to is much smaller than the “overpopulated” area they are removing them from? This is part of the misinformation that leads people to not get involved. I just mentioned on Facebook about the horses being sold for slaughter and some one said “This won’t happen to OUR horses.” I said it is happening to OUR horses.

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