“All of our gathers are open to the public”- Don Glenn @ the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board Meeting, Dec. 7th

WH & B Chief Don Glenn Invites the Public to Watch Roundups

YOUTUBE: Watch the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Chief, Don Glenn, telling the public that they are welcome to watch the roundups (he was saying this while an unannounced roundup was taking place in Nevada in a snowstorm (at least one mare was killed). AP article on the Buckhorn roundup here.

Watch the public’s response to Mr. Glenn’s statement in segment 3 of the Dec. 7th wild horse and burro advisory board meeting online here.

Updated Roundup Schedule released after Buckhorn roundup as per The Cloud Foundation’s request here. Each roundup needs several observers who will photograph/video and ask questions and report to The Cloud Foundation. Read about one horrifically large roundup to start 2/7-2/20/2010 in Nevada here.


10 Responses to ““All of our gathers are open to the public”- Don Glenn @ the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board Meeting, Dec. 7th”

  1. morganjservices Says:

    I was there. I witnessed his point blank look into our eyes as Don Glenn lied through through this statement. How does he do it? Does his mind disconnect from his soul? Has he learned to squealch the inherent knowledge of right and wrong? Has his moral decline been so rapid and rabid that he has sunk below the bottom of the barrel? How did the Advisory Board (Larry Johnson in paticular) sit silently during the infamous Don Glenn speech? Did his lie pain anyone? What of the audience reaction? We gasped. We nearly fell of our chairs. We groaned. We nervously laughed out of disbelief and frustration.

  2. Deb Bennett Says:

    Maybe I didn’t do the math right, but it seems like the BLM is removing all but 38 burros of the 473 to be rounded up. Why? It’s bad enough that they leave little or no horses on their range, but they are taking almost all of the burros.

    • Anne Says:

      Maybe I didn’t do the math right, but it seems like the BLM is removing all but 38 burros of the 473 to be rounded up; my comment: did they ? thaks for the info; I feel sorry for the Burros; so what I will do to compensate them is: I will do my best to get the BLM “closed;

      how ? by simply sending the video tape of “Great Star Scrambles thru Chute; (where the Vet pulls wild horse OUT of a WINDOW ! abusing him the enitre time: “must see video to believe;
      and then the following info:
      a, BLM “shot a Foal’s mum for no reason; then pretneded then didn’t by “shooting another mare; leavind a Foal Orpahn; who was a viable nursing foal according to original reports:(Trooper is the name of the Foal)
      b. 26 Horses have perished during this roundup and get this: c. 22 Mares have “Miscarried their Foals IN THE PENS AT FALLON; where the “foal died upon contact with the freezing ground; even if the Foals were full term; they could not survive birht in an open pen !

      when a Mare gives birth in the wild or a burro does; the animal will make a nest in the woods or field simply by trampling down a patch of meadow with her hooves; then she will calmly lie down hours before birthing; resting; gathering herself; then she gives birth to the Foal on a nice clean dry meadow patch; cleaning the foal and giving foal first colustrum;

      Try doing that in a cold damp crowded icy snowy shelterless pen after running for 15 miles !

      that BLM are a bunch of “freakin’ ninconpoops and they will be charged with “cruelty to maares for not providing protection during late gestation; cauisng hypotherimia and exhaustion; not providing a safe birthing place for ANY Foal born; not even a Tree for shelter?

  3. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Deb, They will be doing the same in many horse herds as 2010 proceeds. You should look at the roundup schedule. Herds will be zeroed out or left with so few they will never recover.
    Confusion, Utah, Jan 2010, 15 horses will be left? Of 200. 185 removed.

    That is an example. The info is here if you search. Mar

  4. Nevada: Call Senator Reid 866-SEN-REID « Says:

    […] that the roundups were open to all the public but no one has been able to watch a roundup since Don Glenn made that statement on Dec 7th (IDA observer denied access to Oregon Roundup, Calico roundups not observable for […]

  5. kas0859ohio Says:

    The Dec 7th advisory meeting where Don Glenn talked about genetic viability, he said testing is done on samples taken during gathers to determine genetic viability of gathered herds. These reports confirm herds are genetically viable. I’m having trouble finding the exact spot in the video report, so this is my interpretation. If the BLM is rounding up horses, taking samples, sorting, PZPing and releasing horses at the same time. How does the testing get done and these reports get back to the site so quickly?

  6. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Sounds like another Don Glenn Smokescreen to me. Mar

  7. Karen L. Says:

    Don Glenn doesn’t have a great oratory style, so it was hard for me to hear every word he muttered on that video. He clearly states that “all the gathers are open to the public”, but then does he say they are formulating a policy on it? If the “policy” is already in force, then their actions should follow. If the public is being denied access despite the “policy”, maybe the public should comment/complain to Bob Abbey. What did you all hear??

  8. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    BLM has not restricted people when no outsiders were present. If they think people are coming they shut down or say they will place you where they want you to watch. This has put off both the press and individuals. But there have been unusual incidents like when they took Carol Walker to a bait trap on the last day at McCullough Peaks because she was the last observer there. They do what they want and change when they want. It has always been this way. At Pryor they said one thing to Ginger and then just blew it off. Mar

    • kas0859ohio Says:

      I do think there are good people who work for the BLM and think or hope they are doing the right thing. I just wish they would or could speak up without fear about the goings on at the round-ups.

      They would be welcome at our campfire???

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