Calico Roundup to Start under Cover of Private Land- New AP Article

On Saturday morning, 12/26 the Cloud Foundation learned that the Calico Roundup, arguably the most controversial roundup in the BLM’s history, will be held for the first two weeks on private land where no members of the public will be allowed to view the operation. (Read new AP article here) According to BLM over half of the 2+ month long roundup will take place on private land. The immediate reaction from the public and those planning on attending on Monday is that this is unacceptable and leads to further suspicions of BLM misconduct. Don Glenn’s statement that the public is allowed to watch and welcome to any roundup and offer that we will be accommodated at a safe distance as to not disturb the horses has fallen flat. Calico cannot be conducted in secret like the Buckhorn Roundup but by working off of public land the BLM tells us that the landowners will not allow any member of the public to be present. The BLM will try to make it possible for public to observe but first two weeks appear to be out. The public should contact Lisa Ross in the Winnemucca office to learn more about observing roundup – 775-623-1541.

Demand accountability and transparency– our wild horses, our public lands and our taxpayer dollars from President Obama and Senator Reid. Free fax service: — just attach a pdf file of your letter. 2 free faxes per day, 3 pages each. You can fax the White House at 202-456-2461 or call 202-456-1111 or Senator Reid at Fax: 202-224-7327 or Phone the DC office at: 202-224-3542

From the AP:

Feds Face New Criticism Over NV Wild-Horse Roundup

Wild-horse advocates are criticizing federal land managers’ plans to begin a major mustang roundup in Nevada on private land, saying it’s a deliberate attempt to prevent them from monitoring it…. read the whole article by the AP’s Martin Griffith here


One Response to “Calico Roundup to Start under Cover of Private Land- New AP Article”

  1. jan sterling Says:

    will members frm the humane society or the spca be allowed to observe – too bad someone does not have a robot plane to fly over and take pictures so we can see the truth

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