Willie Nelson Joins Call to Save America’s Wild Herds


Dear Friends:
My family and I are joining the Barbi Twins and the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) in their efforts to save the last of America’s wild horses. This is an important bipartisan cause and I am asking all Americans to join with us before it is too late.
I’m a little prejudiced when it comes to horses. I have always loved them. I currently have about 68; 25-30 were rescued directly from slaughter. I got involved 8 years ago, when AWI first made me aware that American horses are being slaughtered and shipped overseas for human consumption. It’s a shame horses – or any animal – be treated this way when horses are the foundation of America. Horses were a way to travel to get to where we are today, and it is our job to protect them.
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the agency in charge of protecting wild horses, has been rounding them up at an alarming rate, supposedly for their own good. Sadly, there are more wild horses in holding pens than in the wild. Something is wrong with that, so we must act now before the BLM has managed these magnificent animals into extinction. I believe that we should leave the horses to run naturally on their land. Wild horses evolved in North America before spreading throughout the world so it is important that we protect them from the BLM. The polls show that over 70% of American’s agree. The people have spoken.
Folks, please join my family and friends at the Animal Welfare Institute by visiting, http://www.awionline.org/wildhorses, before December 28 2009 to see how you can help with this important American cause.

Willie Nelson



14 Responses to “Willie Nelson Joins Call to Save America’s Wild Herds”

  1. Janet Ferguson Says:


  2. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Thank you Willie and family and friends. It is great to have you stand with us on this campaign to save our wild horses. YEEEEEHAAHHHHH!!!! Mar

  3. jean civis Says:

    Thank you Willie and everyone that has taken part in helping to protect
    our beautiful wild horses! The BLM is going to the “extreme” and has been totally irresponsible in their management program. The horses and burros deserve better and should be left alone to roam free where they
    belong, in the West. Somehow, these roundups MUST be stopped and I will continue to do whatever I can, write, call and email to be a voice for these defenseless animals.

  4. mickey bailey Says:

    Dear Horse Lovers of The World, Please Continue too Support This Desperate Cause… Thank Everyone that has been involved from the Beginning…Also if anyone Knows Someone At FORD MOTOR CORPORATION, Please E-mail Them Seeing How The “MUSTANG” IS THEIR “MASCOT” FOR THEIR MOST SOLD CAR…. I think they made like a Trillion Dollars off the Mustang, So it’s only Fair That if They, USED the name of The MUSTANG to sell Cars, They Have an OBLIGATION to Help the Horses out…GIVE BACK TO THE ONE’S WHO HELPED YOU…

  5. Valerie Jennett Says:

    Thank you Mr. Willie Nelson for your wonderful appeal to the Horse Lovers everywhere and your support to stop this inhumane effort to curb our Wild Horse population.
    I put horses after my worship to God and I am praying that divine intervention will be done as our pragmatic human attemps make an impact.
    Run Free Wild Horses. To me and my family they are the most beautiful and noble creatures on this earth.

  6. linda & kip Says:

    Thank you, Willie Nelson & all others for trying to speak for these wonderful horses.

  7. nancy ferrell Says:

    thank you Willie, but writing our pres.will not be enought. Do people think wild horses will be on his mind? we need to get more people like you and Sherl involved by speaking out to people that will listen. the stars our doing so much any more to help people in need . They need to know about our wild horses soon , before they get this terrible thing done.Is there something that way we can help out letting them know?Ginger need to get on tv . Maybe the 6pm news. That will cover alot of people right there. Oh how I wish could do more. thanks Ginger and alll that are. nancy ferrell

  8. Iris Lavender Says:

    Thank’s Willie family and friends and everybody that gives our Horses a voice. how far do we have to go for the guy’s in our goverment to listen. let’s organize a ride to Washington on Horseback, I’m in let’s do it.

  9. Rhiannon Perry Says:

    Well said, Willie. Thank you for lending a public voice for the horses. Bless you for using your resources to rescue the horses who are now in your care. We need a miracle for the horses and for the nation. They are such a symbol of life and beauty. Let them continue to live wild and free and may their hoofbeats forever bring music to the Earth.

  10. Sue Says:

    As the proud caregiver of a former wild BLM mustang senior mare, I would like to thank Willie for his care and love of horses. I have seen his work with Habitat for Horses.
    The mustang is a uniquely American icon. Our government is NOT listening to the people like it should (for the people, by the people, etc.). Few vested interests want the horse eliminated and destroyed.
    Mustang Lily says “thanks Willie.”

  11. Kathleen Kennedy Says:

    Thank you Willie Nelson, family and friends, for speaking up for the innocent ones who cannot speak for themselves!! Your input is truly invaluable… The next time that you tour in New England, please take the time to visit Ever After Mustang Rescue in Biddeford Maine…. Mona Jerome is the founder of this organization…She is in her early 70’s…Her husband is a veteran… who suffers through many physical disabilities… And yet, the amazing thing about Mona, is her devotion to rescuing so many horses who fall through the cracks..and are misunderstood…..(through no fault of their own)…Mona is an amazing mentor for the rest of us…
    The present administration needs to grant a pardon all of the innocent wild horses & burros…. But no one is listening…Thanks for being a voice!!!

  12. Rose Metz Says:

    I can’t believe anyone would want to be so mean as to round up and kill
    the horses which is part of our history. I pray that president Obama will
    stop the BLM from rounding up any more horses and let them run free.

  13. Diane Carter Says:

    Thank you to Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow,Vigo Mortensen, Ed Harris and numerous “celebrities” and average citizens like me for working to save our wild horses.Why can’t we get Oprah on board? I have been writing and calling our government officials at least once a week. Won’t you please join me? Is there anyone out there willing to stage a protest in Olympia, WA? Senator Maria Cantwell is my one of my local senators and she is a member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, where the ROAM act sits.

  14. Sue Says:

    Willie, Famblee and others: I am the PROUD caregiver of a rescued BLM mustang mare. She (and I) is one of the lucky ones, who got rescued. Far too many need rescuing and don’t receive the love and care they need. She is retired here and shall remain for the rest of her years. Leave them on their lands so they don’t have to be rescued! Thanks for doing what you can.

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