Moratorium Letter Update

Edgar Prado, Hall of Fame Jockey and Kentucky Derby Winner (Barbaro, 2006) has added his name to the list of supporters calling for a moratorium on wild horse and burro round-ups. You can view the complete list here: Organizations and noted individuals are encouraged to add their names to this unified call for an immediate moratorium on roundups. Individuals are needed to sign the petition backing the same letter!

ORGANIZATIONS: Please sign the above petitions and complete this form to be added to the supporters list. Please email the form to

INDIVIDUALS: sign the supporting petition, click here.

Here’s the breakdown as of 12/19 am:

Organizations, Celebrities and polical leaders, authors:  187

Individuals: SOWH/TCF Care2 Petition                     5,015

Individuals: Petition                                  2,224


16 Responses to “Moratorium Letter Update”

  1. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Remember the Alamo!

    (From 2005)

  2. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    JF, Another little Gem; the bad that began this chapter in wild horse survival.. mar

  3. Barbara Steele Says:

    Looks like the Nevada Cattlemen have a perception problem–its not their cattle that are causing the damage–its those feral/wildhorses–this is from their Nov 2009 meeting –go to page 12 of this report . Also they support all this alternative energy stuff as long as they don’t lose any grazing AUMs. “Big” of them—- t

  4. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Who ARE they? What is the demographic of this group of cattle runners? Are they the big corporations? What is actually at stake here? The Beef Council administers a gov’t program where the federal gov’t gets $1.00 per head sold in this country. The feds keep $0.50 and the local Beef Council keeps $0.50 of each dollar. The monies locally continue to be controlled by federal guidelines and are used to promote the product. (this from a website I hope I am interpreting right; posted here somewhere on this blog). I wonder how much dinero this actually amounts to. . . ?

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      JF, Isn’t this, or some of it, the wild ones’ money? Cattle run on any of the original 1971 designated lands, horses/burros present or not? Maybe a suit to give them their money would help uncover all the crap BLM has put them through. And being about MONEY, would be given attention! The Peoples’ Wild Horses and Burros vs BLM for money owed from leasing their lands for grazing. mar

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        You mentioned that before. . . I don’t know how it’s supposed to work . . . makes sense, though!!!!

    • Barbara Steele Says:

      Let me explain the Beef Council, it is a program that producers participate in to promote the consumption of beef. The National Cattlemens Association is the HUGE lobby group that is heavy into property rights, anti-environmental legistlation, public land grazing, etc. They are much like the United Organizations of the Horse that on a state level, Pennsylvania Horse Council(in my case) “seems” innocent but on the National level has the likes of Sue Wallis behind it. Lots on people join on the local level not paying any attention to what’s really going on. The USDA is also mixed up in this too.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Barb, they are embedded and have been around and naturally that is hard for anyone to who comes up against them. Mar

      • Laura Evans Says:

        Doesn’t it say somewhere that a very small number of the cattle on public lands are actually consumed? Like 4 or 6%? I think the “It will raise the cost of beef” is just a scare tactic to go along with the horses are starving.

  5. Deborah Hord Says:

    Can’t we figure out how to come up with the proof that BLM is being paid by the cattle industry to do this. We can sue them and get it stopped?

    This as with many, makes us all sick. Just as the issue with our Elephants in
    circuses, zoos and their abuse.

    Every one needs to be involved and FIGHT! This Country and World is going
    to hell (literally) in a hand basket.

    Thank all of you for the Fight!

    Deborah Hord

  6. Pamela L True Says:

    The fate of the wild mustangs in the hands of the government is abominable. Horses have been our counterparts throughout our history in this country and what they have done for us and how they have served us for our betterment, should be held in high honor. We are forced to support government officials who serve even one term, we take care of them for life. These horses deserve to be free for life where they fend for themselves as God intended. The cruelty placed upon them using our dollars, by the BLM and the influences of big money is an outrage that has been going on for too long and has to be stopped now!

  7. Audrey Caprio Says:

    PBS news did a segment last night on all of this lobbying at every different level, which is guiding (misguiding) the whole political system, and has been for many years. What really sickens me is that, with all of the concerns about global warming – there is NEVER a mention of the GREATEST contribution – which is the methane released from slaughter houses… and animal waste, but, as long as there is demand for the something like 43 billion animals slaughtered every year for food, and ranchers certainly make lots of money – nothing will change. If there was far less demand for beef, then the tide might turn in favor of public lands for the horses…..less cattle, less land required, less money and power. This is a really vicious cycle. I myself have been a vegetarian for over 12 years. I certainly do not mean to impose my values on anyone else; however, I am happy that my choice does not contribute to ranchers’ wealth, factory farming, misery and suffering of animals during transport and slaughter, and the warming impact on our earth. If the masses all cut back on meat, the ramifications could have a real impact……then, perhaps we wouldn’t be spending our taxpayer money on eliminating the “vermin horses”, and helping the ranchers become wealthier….I will call my senators and officials again regarding the moratorium on the Calico herd, and pray….

  8. Pat Says:

    Not only is the cruelty subjected to the horses and burros, it continues to haunt the cattle! Not just for their meat, but for other by-products, such as dairy, leather, etc. NO non-human animal comes out unscathed from this whole deal! Meanwhile, the beef, dairy, and skin is tainted from all the hormones and other chemicals fed to and shot into cows who are “manufactured” for human consumption. Living a vegan lifestyle, i.e., dietary and otherwise, is the way to avoid raising the demand for animal by-products; thus, not making it worth the ranchers (of ANY beings) to farm animals for our pleasure/convenience. This is not only a compassionate choice for non-humans, it’s ALSO a far HEALTHIER choice for humans! An organic, non-animal diet will turn one’s health toward the positive side (if done properly, like any regimen) quicker than it takes to raise a calf! It will also help the health of our environment!

  9. Shirley VerHoef Says:

    This whole situation is so horrendous. Our wonerful and beautiuful wild horses are at the mercy of ideotic beaurocrats who have dollar signs in their eyes.
    I can’t believe that they pulled that winter “gather” and left the horses with no shelter. It just sickens me.
    So does the fact that I’ve had no response from the letters I have sent to my representatives and Salazaar

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