Oregon Roundup Started Today- Public Welcome to Watch

According to the revised BLM roundup schedule the Paisely Herd Management Area in south central Oregon is the next herd on the chopping block. As per the Record of Decision and final Environmental Assessment, 163 horses are to be removed to get down to the low AML (BLM’s “appropriate management level”) of only 60 horses. BLM plans to maintain a population of approximately 30 males and 30 females.   2/3 – 100% of the mares returned will be dosed with the tw0-year, still–being-tested-in-the-wild PZP contraceptive drug to . The accepted minimally genetically viable level for a herd is 150-200 adult animals. In the Paisely Herd Management area the AML is 60-150, however as per BLM policy they plan to remove down to low AML, thus gutting this herd.

BLM Chief Don Glenn has welcomed the public to view roundups, please go to Oregon for this Paisely roundup (12/16-12/21) or the subsequent Palomino Buttes roundup of 61 horses (12/22-24) also in Oregon. Both are being done by the contractor KD Livestock (Cook) who was responsible for the horrific Sandwash roundup in 2008 in Colorado  (slideshow of that here)- 6 horses died as a result of that poorly done operation in which horses were run through the chutes and directly into trailers.

More information on the Paisely Roundup is here via the Lakeview BLM Office (click on Paisely under “projects”

Oregonians: call your Senator’s and Representatives- demand that Oregon not condone these wintertime roundups that take the Paisely and Palomino Buttes herds down to just 60 horses each. Click here for contact information.


22 Responses to “Oregon Roundup Started Today- Public Welcome to Watch”

  1. kas0859ohio Says:

    There has been so much talk about the Mustangs being in-bred, so isn’t the BLM actually encouraging in-breeding by reducing the animals to such low numbers? It seems to me these drastic reductions in the herds’ numbers would also encourage the horses to leave the HMAs and look for mates elsewhere.

    • Laura Evans Says:

      Then they can say they have to remove them because they’re inbred. I have an uncle in Idaho and I asked him why they round them up and he said because they’re inbred. He’s anti mustang and he’s had horses all of his life and says mustangs aren’t good for anything but dog food. We had a rather heated debate about it. He also said that there weren’t any mustangs in the Pryors because if there were the Crowe Indians would have eaten them and all the years he lived in Montana and hunted in the Pryors he never saw a mustang. Of course, he’s pushing 80 so senility may be settling in. Remember that article about Wild Horse Annie? She said mustangs weren’t beautiful. She said they were inbred and starving but she still set out to save them.

    • Roxy Says:

      Yes, inbreeding is the sure way to extintion. Can’t remember the name of that little Caribean Island – The horses there are such small number and those that do breed are showing the signs of it.

      Just another BLM shell game tactic!

  2. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    This should not be happening. Mar

  3. true15 Says:

    The link to the slide show in Colorado is not working.

  4. Margaret Says:

    So what did the BLM say about the horses who died in 08? That it was unfortunate?, sad?, numbers they could expect from time to time?. If this same contractor was responsible for the deaths in 08, why are they again getting a contract?

    Why is the BLM being allowed to conduct experiements on our wild horses? And for God’s sake why are they darting so many mares–and releasing back so many studs?

    Where did the BLM managers go to school to learn management?

    Like Kas I too feel helpless.

    • Karen L. Says:

      I’m wondering where they learned their biology/bio-medical applications as well as their “management”…

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Just putting this here . . . don’t have link at moment. . . but somewhere on the HSUS website there is an article by their vet all puffed up talking about how they are going to use contraceptives on the wild horses and how it will avoid roundups in the future. I think the article was written in 2005? (If memory serves) will try to find.

    • theandbetween Says:

      The Agricultural Extension programs of universities are primary feeder schools providing graduates to the BLM; and the chief criteria for hiring is a background in rangeland or resource management. The University of Nevada’s Reno Extension program sends many graduates to the Nevada BLM (where more than 50% of the federally-protected animals live). Oregon State University has also sent many graduates to the BLM.

      The BLM has never embraced its role as wild horse and burro (WH & B) protector, enforcer and advocate but has instead stayed close to its “Taylor Grazing Act” roots. I think most BLM employees see themselves as land managers whose job is to balance multiple uses, but who have been forced by Congress (and WH & B advocates) to put wild horses and burros above other users. Of course, the law protects the WH & Bs as “principal” users, so this is a legal duty, but that’s not always the way it is seen “on the ground.” With a few exceptions, people with direct horse handling experience are pretty low in the BLM heirarchy.

      It would be interesting to know how many equine science (versus forest and rangeland management) graduates the BLM’s WH & B program does employ, but then not all equine scientists are friends of WH & Bs either.

  5. Laura Evans Says:

    I’m wondering if their days are numbered and they are trying to get rid of the horses so they can satisfy their cattle buddies before they have to give up their control over the horses. They seem to have gone into overdrive here lately now that everyone is calling them to task on it.

    • Karen L. Says:

      The EA they did before the Pryor roundup actually stated on pp.29-30, that “public interest in the welfare and management of wild horses is higher than it has ever been. Currently a bill, H.R. 1018 has been passed. This bill if passed through the Senate and signed into law by the President would substantially change the way wild horses are managed on public lands. If this Bill does not pass it is reasonable to foresee an amendment to the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act in the future.” Yes, they know we are not going away. The quote is from the EA DOI-BLM-MT-C010-2009-35.

    • kas0859ohio Says:

      It occurs to me the BLM doesn’t really want the job of “managing” the WH&Bs. If they have enough problems with this whole round-up mess, maybe congress will take the job away from them-their motive all the while conducting massive round ups?

      • Karen L. Says:

        I agree, they don’t enjoy or have any interest in animal stewardship. I have suggested as much to my Congress people and to President Obama in several letters.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Mary Landreau, I hope I remembered how to spell her name, said as much. She will catch them for spending money on the roundups and not on the feed and care of imprisoned horses. Then she won’t approve money for ‘Eastern reserves’ because it is stupid. She would like to see others take management. Mar

    • GOLDE W Says:

      12/20/09…. From a friend of mine in Oregon….. “I just got back from a board meeting of the ORE.cattlemans asocc.of course among others they are gathering funds to defend their position about the wild horse issue.I must say it was very interesting to say the least…Lay down and go away wasnt exactly the concensus.”
      (Maybe we should start boycotting beef!… in OREGON….)

  6. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Someone should start sending bills to the people who have put cattle on the horses’ range. Mar

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