I-Team: Injunction Filed to Fight Wild Horse Roundup

Another accurate and informative report from George Knapp and the I-Team in Las Vegas: click here to watch today’s news story

The fate of thousands of Nevada’s wild horses was on the line Wednesday in the nation’s capital. Advocates for the horses asked a federal judge to stop a massive roundup planned for later this month in northern Nevada.

The focus of the court battle is the proposed Calico roundup. The Bureau of Land Management says it needs to remove 2,700 horses from an area larger than 500,000 acres and it needs to happen even in brutal winter weather. Advocates for the horses argued the BLM action is cruel, dangerous and clearly illegal.

“The whole idea of the Wild Horse Act was the horse living in its natural state on the continent of its origin. Now that’s being perverted and they are being made into slave horses, against their will and against the will of the people,” said Wildlife Ecologist Craig Downer. Article continued here on the I-Team Website.


3 Responses to “I-Team: Injunction Filed to Fight Wild Horse Roundup”

  1. Karen L. Says:

    I-Team article really did a nice job of reporting the facts! I liked the quotes from Mr. Spriggs as well.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I like George Knapp. And I think Mr Downer is TERRIFICC. He apparently use to work for the BLM and even HE says that what they are doing is WRONG WRONG WRONG.

    If you haven’t seen Stampede to Oblivion please do so soon. This was a wonderful piece also done by Mr Knapp. It tells the truth. It’s about an hour long (it use to be at the Las Vegas website) and was in pieces. Please please take the time to watch this. And then ask yourself who is telling the truth.

    It just makes me so ill to know that horses are being CORRALED (I hate the word “gather” and roundup is too kind). They are literally fighting for survival out in the wild during winter–that’s nothing new–and running them the way the BLM does will ensure they WON’T survive. I learned how tough survival is by reading about other wild animals out in Yellowstone. Why would anything be different for the horses? If you run a wild animal in the dead of winter–he will use all his reserves and needed energy (just to survive) to run away from those helicopters.

    These CORRALINGS are not only dangerous for the animals welfare in the first place–they are putting the animals very survival at risk by the management procedures they are employing.

    • Suzanne Moore Says:

      I second your view that Craig Downer is a wonderful friend of the horses, and is certainly one of our best voices for them.

      He did indeed work for the BLM until he quit in disgust.

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