Press Release: Sheryl Crow & thousands more oppose BLM decision to conduct Christmastime roundup of 2500+ mustangs

BLM Issues Decision to Move Forward with Massive Christmastime Mustang Roundup

Sheryl Crow and others oppose this inhumane and unnecessary action to take place in the dead of the winter- lawsuit to be heard tomorrow in DC Court– read the press release online here


15 Responses to “Press Release: Sheryl Crow & thousands more oppose BLM decision to conduct Christmastime roundup of 2500+ mustangs”

  1. true15 Says:

    The link to the press release is not working.

  2. Christine Says:

    The link is bad…

  3. Anne Novak Says:

    OK. Look at this disinformation. Please comment directly to this article and correct their errors including claiming that helicopter roundups are allowed according to the 1971 Wild Horse & Burro Protect Act, etc.

    Go for it:


  4. Christine Says:

    I just checked, looking to quote the law…and helicopters ARE allowed. IIRC that’s one thing the ROAM Act will correct.

  5. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Before the 1971 Act was passed, Annie did get a law through that made it illegal to round up horses using aircraft. It never should have been changed. We need it again. Mar

  6. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Apparently ROAM incorporated several issues the Sierra Club had (heavily incorporated) from what I understand. . .

  7. Janet Ferguson Says:

    The Bismarck Tribute editorial “buys” the “party line” about OVERPOPULATION. Here’s another chance to comment! Set ’em straight! Bismarck is in North Dakota if memory serves.

    P.S. Craig Downer indicated there is enough legal wild horse land now to repopulate every wild horse in gov’t holding PLUS 8,000 more!!! This was in a paper 9/08 presented in Reno, NV. and accessible via the wild horse preservation website. The title of the paper is “Forever Wild and Free” (if memory serves).

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      oops. . .

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        For all this stuff, just google “wild horse” and click on the “news” filter google provides.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        The Bismarck article seems to have a thoughtful and kind twist AGAINST ROUNDUPS. They may have it wrong about overpopulation vs. stolen-land (wiped out areas) but at the same time the editors seem are clearly taken aback by the Roosevelt losses (roundup at Roosevelt Nat’l Forest) and has approached the “big picture.” There is an author named, Don Hoglund, who wrote a book about “Nobody’s Horses” and talks at length about horse birth control and as such feels research should find better methods than are currently being used. He mentions that PZP is allowable for animals in-the-food-chain.

        I tried to comment on the Bismarck article but unfortunately their registration process took ‘way too long even after you put yer stuff in.

  8. kas0859ohio Says:

    JF- I’ve been google-ing wild horse news, also. Try BLM, (& spell the whole name out) and Mustangs, too. Sometimes there are completely different articles. There are more and more news articles popping up everyday! YEAH!!!!!!!

    • Laura Evans Says:

      This brings up something that I brainstorm on alot and I would appreciate hearing some of your ideas too. For me an important thing is correcting the misinformation. My sister in law was going to adopt a BLM mustang and she started telling me about how they round up the horses because they’re starving. She now has a completely different outlook on the wild horse situation but she’s one of many. How do you spread the word? Over Christmas break my daughter is going to start a Cloud fan club. She’s going to write a newsletter that she can hand out to her friends at school and mail to her cousins. Her school principal, who had no idea that there were still wild horses, said to let her know when we had done this and they would have something put in our local paper about it. It’s just a small paper but it does serve two counties. Another thing we want to do is make bead bracelets and sell them for $1 a piece with all of the proceeds going to the cloud foundation. Then we put a little note with the bracelet saying what the cloud foundation does. I play farmtown on facebook and from time to time I go into the public chat rooms and say does anyone want to hear a story and I tell the story about Cloud turning around to face the helicopter. Everytime at least one person says I’m going to check out that website. One person from Nebraska said that their wild horses were protected so that didn’t happen there. She has since found out that their wild horses were Forest Service wild horses that aren’t even protected by the 1971 law. Another person blindly following the beaurocratic line, now looking up their own information and learning the truth and hopefully fighting the fight with the rest of us. So how do you spread the word? The theory is that we are six people away from knowing everyone in the world. Going by that, there is some one out there who knows some one who knows some one and one of those some one’s is going to be the one to make a difference. Just out of curiousity, what does everyone do to try and reach that person? Remember the children who helped Wild Horse Annie don’t realize that things are no longer being taken care of. Oh yeah, we’re also growing horse and cow manure for the science fair to show which animals droppings are more beneficial to the range land. But also so people will come up and say “what in the world made you think to grow horse poo?”

      • kas0859ohio Says:

        LE- I’m trying to start a brainstorming chain. Some ideas I have so far:
        Contact local “Horseman’s Council” state & county chapters.

        Try for a booth at the “Equine Affair” or hand-out parking lot flyers there. (Most people don’t like stuff on their windshields)

        Distribute flyers at horse shows, no matter how small the venue, as well as county/state fairs

        Tag along with any type of animal rescue groups’ activities, many are happy to share info.

        Post to local feed stores and vet clinics

        I’m trying to come up with a one page B/W document that has quality info, facts, and doesn’t offend anybody. The farmer I buy my hay and beef from had no idea there was any such ‘problem” as wild horses. “My cows are right over there…” he said 😉

  9. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    You and your daughter are doing some very good things. Reminds me of 4H in the early 60s and I wrote a news letter and my principal xeroxed it for me.

    It is true that so many still believe all is well and that what BLM is saying is the ‘official’ view. It stuns people to find out how much they are being lied to. Mar

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