New York Times- AP article posted

Boston Globe posted full article here

New York Times shortened version here

AP reporter Martin Griffith spent the whole day at the meeting – attention to this issue is growing!


44 Responses to “New York Times- AP article posted”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Yatta, yatta, yatta. How can anyone keep repeating BLM Bull? Mar

  2. Sandra Miller Says:

    Thanks to everyone who went to the meeting yesterday to speak for those of us who live far away. I read the posted meeting notes, I read the new NY Times article, I laid this information next to all the research I have done into this matter since August and concluded, “What a bunch of liars!” It makes clear that the only route that makes sense is the legal one, and so I am very grateful to In Defense of Animals for taking up the battle. On March 3, 1974, the Los Angeles Times carried a story headlined, LAW BACKFIRES – NOW WILD HORSE POPULATION EXPLODING. Later the BLM person responsible for making such a statement admitted he had LIED. Sound familiar? The more things change, the more they stay the same! We have to get the management and the fate of the wild horses and burros OUT of the hands of the BLM, who, probably, by this time actually believe all the lies they tell. I can’t wait for an independent audit of the wild horse and burro numbers! Also, in 1959 Congress passed a law, informally referred to as the “Wild Horse Annie Law” that prohibited using any mechanized vehicles like trucks, airplanes, and helicopters to round up the wild horses and burros. Is this law still on the books, and, if so, why am I still seeing videos of terrified horses being chased by helicopters?

  3. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Here are some contact locations via NYTimes online paper:

    To send comments and suggestions (about news coverage only) or to report errors that call for correction, e-mail or leave a message at 1-888-NYT-NEWS. To contact a reporter, click on the byline of one of his or her articles to access the reader e-mail form. You can also find any reporter’s archive here (alphabetized by last name; reporters’ names are italicized): Times Topics: People
    The Editors
    The Newsroom;;;;;;;

    To reach Clark Hoyt, who represents the readers, e-mail or call (212) 556-7652.

  4. Janet Ferguson Says:

    OK. It is morning. What’s on your doorstep, left by Ms. Ferguson, finder of strange things on the internet:


  5. jo bunny Says:

    awesome, janet! lots of interesting things in there…..can’t wait to sit dpwn & really give it the time it needs to get through it all! thank you for that, ohgreat researcher & fellow internet troller!

  6. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Here’s more c(*p: (from somewhere on the Wild Horse Collaborators website) (about a meeting that has already passed)

    “USGS scientists will be presenting research on wild horse ecology and behavior and “trotting out” a strategic plan developed for the BLM at the Western Section meeting of The Wildlife Society March 7-9 in Visalia, CA. Population management is a major issue for wild horse herds, most of which increase at rates of 18-25% per year. USGS researchers Kate Schoenecker, Francis Singer, and Linda Zeigenfuss, along with BLM colleague Linda Coates-Markle, are presenting papers on mare fertility and a comparative study on population demographics and responses to management actions in two wild horse herds. Led by Singer, this team also developed a research strategic plan for the BLM on habitat issues, population dynamics, use of contraception, health concerns, and genetics. In related USGS work, scientist Ron Osborn will discuss application of a wild horse photo-identification system for monitoring small herd dynamics and management actions.”

    For more information contact: Kate Schoenecker

    Here’s The Wildlife Society (mentioned in my copied paragraph, above)

    Somehow The Wildlife Society thinks of itself as a Professional Not for Profit Organization. I am trying to figure out who they are what they do as they appear to influence the BLM’s mgt. practices?

    I’m not sure The Wildlife Society is “a good thing” for the wild horses and burros on America’s public lands, but I am “on the case.”

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Here is the “council” of The Wildlife Society.

      Does ANYONE recognize anybody in this group as either friend or foe to the wild horses and burros on America’s public lands?? Or all wild horses and burros, for that matter?

      Is there anyone you recognize or have heard of at all?

      Thank you

      • Janet Ferguson Says:


      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Here’s the result of going to The Wildlife Council’s webpage; news section, and doing a search on “horses” Among other things, I found,

        “TWS Rejects Amending Wild Horse and Burro Laws

        On 5 October, TWS along with over 20 conservation and sportsmen’s organizations urged leaders of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee not to consider either H.R. 1018 or S. 1579, which would amend the Wild and Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act in a manner detrimental to fish and wildlife habitat. If passed, the legislation would require the current wild horse and burro program to regard these animals as integral parts of public lands and ecosystems, and expand their ranges onto all BLM and US Forest Service lands. However, non-native horses and burros have a significant impact on rangelands by trampling and overgrazing many native plant species. This reduction in habitat quality is a threat to sensitive and at-risk species like the sage grouse. Because these wild horses and burros don’t have natural predators, their populations can increase significantly and disrupt the ecological balance within the habitats they occupy.”

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        The Wildlife Society appears to have chapters in every state and appears to be well organized. It appears to have members including “Professionals, educators, and students”.
        There are chapters within universities.

        As you can see, the cancer spreads with long tentacles.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Here is their recent 990: please note financial details at bottom of report (their income from membership dues alone appears to be in the 800,000 range. Who’s paying all those dues? Taxpayer-supported public entities that employ all these professionals?

      • Janet Ferguson Says:


      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        No, JF, this is mostly a professional group. Many have never debated whether wild horses are reintroduced. if they have it is not mainstream. The Forest Service did, though… It is not unheard of. mar

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Here’s the Executive Board of the “professional group” in my state:

        I really believe these dues are paid by the American taxpayers — all $900,000 of them, for this wildlife society.

      • Roxy Says:

        Janet – YOU ARE ON FIRE so to speak – in a good way of course! Thank you so much for all of this – it will take me a week or two to digest it all.

    • Nora Morbeck Says:

      The population growth numbers vary widely from source to source. I’m curious … “they” say that populations grow by up to 25% per year.

      They must be counting live births of foals. But are they then adjusting those numbers in cases of foal — and sometimes mare — mortality? Where do other horse deaths actually fit in?

      The statistics are a little confusing to me.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Now, if you think you’ve heard everything, check this out: They are trying to improve diversity by having CATTLE trample and “replant” (“restore”) an area —

        Are they gonna use this to “prove” that cattle are a beneficial species to the environment?????

    • RJ Daum RPLS Says:

      The Wildlife Society
      President 2007-2008

      President 2008-2009

      We use to say we have a tiger by the tail, recentlty been changed to cheetah.

      Many years ago when I was surrounded by NVA everyone said what our fellow marine “Chesty Puller ” said in similar battle in Korea. “Men they can’t get away from us now. ”
      Finally, they can’t get away from us now.

      BLM director Abbey plans Great Basin Restoration Initiative
      This is their plan.

  7. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Here’s a “nature group” that is also domiciled in Virginia. The Wildlife Society’s main loc seemed to be BETHESDA, MD.

  8. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Here’s an article from Digital Thing (approximation of name) This article at least touches on BLM’s questionable practices.

    • jo bunny Says:

      yow! some evil & hateful comments posted after THAT article (perhaps from either a rancher or a hunter who has some financial gain in all of this?). janet, you’re been on a roll all day! thanks for all these articles & links!

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Do I have to stop now???

        Here’s an article about using horses to improve land:

      • kas0859ohio Says:

        I REALLY wanted to share my post with you, I will ley you know if he posts a rebuttal. I just can’t stand ignorant people out there spreading hate.

        Dear Mr. Rickman, I looked up your credentials (on your site) and could not find ANY. Do you have a degree in any kind of animal science? What makes you an expert on wild horses? What makes you think this quote is at all accurate?
        ” The horses cannot support themselves without the aid of humans, who artificially feed them. Stop the feeding and they would all starve to death, but not before other animals that they compete with starved as well”
        Nobody is feeding the wild horses accept the ones the BLM has rounded up and stuck in captivity. Left alone by man on THEIR land they would take care of themselves along with other animals they share the habitat with.

        Furthermore I have not read anything about the French offering to buy our wild horses. Some European countries do eat DOMESTIC horses supplied by the U.S.. However, they are learning how tainted by drugs that supply of meat is, which is why they are implementing new restrictions on imported horse-meat from the U.S.

        The horses are not forcing any species into extinction, their are plenty of resources for all wildlife in this country if the cattle our removed from public ranges and put back behind fences on PRIVATE PROPERTY where they belong.

        I cannot imagine if you offered horse-meat to starving children in this country there would be many takers. If you would like to start an organization that helps feed starving people with horse-meat please let me know. I can provide you with a list of killer-buyers who would gladly sell you their horses.

        I started this letter with much anger directed towards your hateful thoughts and misguided posts. But in coming to the end I will refrain from name calling, and just feel sorry for you.

      • jan eaker Says:

        My god, the ignorance of some people; and it does no good to argue w/them, becuase they are righteous in their ignorance.

    • kas0859ohio Says:

      OMG- John Rickman’s comments are disgusting- I looked him up, he is a particular kind of bastard. I joined Digital Journal just so I could tell him that. Feral pigs my ass, he’s a pig! Sorry I needed to rant!

      • Laura Evans Says:

        Thank you! I wanted to comment but couldn’t trust myself.

      • kas0859ohio Says:

        Laura- You are most welcome! I feel SO much better now 😉

      • jan eaker Says:

        he is a true piece of work,

      • kas0859ohio Says:

        Please check out the most recent posts, tell me am I an ANGRY person…. really? YOU BET I AM!!!

      • Laura Evans Says:

        Wow, let’s hope the BLM don’t get their hands on him. He could be their poster child. “See this is what the American people really want.” He’s a perfect example of seeing what you want to see and picking through the facts until you find something to twist into saying what you want it to say. Perfect BLM strategies.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        I wonder if a few ba*&(*S! don’t go trolling for these articles, wait for some horse advocates to come along and comment, and then, sitting there with a few beers, “gang up” on the commentor(s).

        This type of thing seem too common to be just a coincidence. It seems to happen quite often. And they are really full of s&*(. Humans on earth only 10,000 years? PLEASE. It’s all really nonsense.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        When Vicki Tobin and Barb Warner asked for people to go to a Casper, Wyoming paper and make comments, I tried over and over and they would not take anything from me, regardless of how I wrote it. i was so angry at their bias.

        I have moved an article to my blog, JF, Copy and paste; success!!! Yippy! mar

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        (First of all: I am commenting on the above comments to Rickman’s responses to the “Digital Journal” article I posted; NOT the article posted here by The Cloud Foundation)

        There is a choice of never reading the comments. However, I have decided that for my own edification I shall draft a standard response to this type of person, whether I ever read any comments or not on the articles anymore. It could include “You obviously have a very focused and intense interest in this issue.” “I can see you know how to read, here are some scientific references.”

        Remember, one must choose the ditch one wishes to die in, and it may not be fighting with someone as negative as the above Rickman person.

        However, if you want to improve your knowledge and ready references, then drafting a response, including a few references (on evolution and other topics) or just drafting talking points would be a good option.

        Another option is to just state your case and get off the comments (and don’t look back!)

        Another option is for everybody to go to these articles and make sure each person places a “thumbs up” on the positive comments — but that would mean “signing in” to these different media and all that.

        I think it’s better to just state facts and provide references (not always the same ones, either) Like MW said, once you have the “big picture” you are hooked! You realize that the problem isn’t TOO MANY HORSES — ITS TOO MANY OF THEIR HERD AREAS ZEROED OUT AND GIVEN TO CATTLE!


        People like John Rickman need to be reminded that the horses belong to all citizens, not just the ones that hate them!

        Also, don’t forget — anyone from anywhere in the world can comment on these articles in the papers — you do not have any proof they are not hired by horsemeat companies or slaughter plants in Mexico or Canada. They may not even be US Citizens commenting!

        We need to keep our voices heard and felt by those people who know us (our elected officials) and who can verify that we are, indeed taxpayers; not by the John Rickmans of the world!!!

      • kas0859ohio Says:

        Janet- Thank you for being the voice of reason and helping me put an end to the insanity. Stupid people just make me crazy! I will have to learn there is no point in arguing with idiots. They say ignorance is bliss, well those haters must be delirious. I took your advise and posted some good points and hpefully I have made a graceful exit. Thank you.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Ya know, it’s so easy to “get into” these things — the reason I wrote all that is because those comments ARE so unreasonable and disturbing and I got into that “once”, then somebody posted a “Janet is right” comment, so I decided to “quit while I was ahead.” Want to avoid in future. I bet most readers if they read anything on the horses to begin with, don’t even read the comments, anyway. I think it is a way to learn. But not at one’s own expense!

      • kas0859ohio Says:

        JF- I couldn’t resist one last look at some digital journal horse articles. This Rickman guy has been spouting for months about how much he knows about horses & his article in some mysterious history publication. I really got a good laugh. I guess that last look got me the last laugh so it was worth it.

  9. Janet Ferguson Says:

    I just read the full article, above,

    Time and time again, these reporters fail to bring out the LOSS of the herd ranges (or shall I say the theft, by the BLM). They include quotes from advocates asking why not move the cows, yet they do not provide the background that the horses were there first and by law they are to be managed as the principal presence on their ranges.

    It is a shame that the reporters do not take even apparently 10 minutes to check some of the information so readily available on the history of the horse ranges and the loss of their spaces to the cattle even on the horses’ own herd areas!!! Raising the question about the numbers was very well reported, however,and stating the overwhelming opposition to the roundups and Salazar’s “Extinction Acres” plan was thankfully included.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Yep, the reporters are not doing background. To do the background on this like all of us have, is to get hooked! We need to keep in touch with CNN and Reynolds Wolff. We need him, he is a horse person. Mar

  10. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Way to go, JF, that is great, and we all have to remember that the only real problems the horses have had are man made ones. There is drought and there are storms, but there is not any ongoing overgrazing and starving. Dying of thirst has proven to be man made fences keeping horses out of Their habitat, where they do belong. They have not ruined anything for wildlife, cattle or sheep. Imagine what it can be like when done with wild horse science based as the deciding factors! Mar

  11. Roxy Says:

    Janet – thanks for these good recommendations on positng blogs. I am printing it and keeping by the key board. I too get caught up in debates sometimes. Your input will be very useful and helpful (I think you followed up on a blog I posted on or Huffington, don’t remember, someone did – sounds like you, added more specifics than I had posted).

    I do try to find something in common first, and try to walk “with” the opposition and sway them. Better to respect them as a human being, while disrespecting their particular point of view. But sometimes my passion takes away from that rational.

  12. kas0859ohio Says:

    I just found this article-isn’t this just great. So much for allowing the public to watch the round ups. Why can’t the powers that be see the corruption so very evident. How sneaky the BLM is? How do we fight this?

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