New AP article and Horseback Magazine Article

Read the article here: Mustang Moratorium Rejected -AP 11/15/09 and the Horseback Magazine article: Is A TRO in BLM’s Future?

The BLM continues to reject the opinion of the public and independent experts. But we aren’t giving up– Of particular concern to us, on humane grounds alone, is the Calico roundup to begin in NW Nevada on December 1 and continue until February 28, 2010. Rounding up over 3000 horses (including older animals and pregnant mares) in the dead of the harsh Nevada winter is unconscionable. Ecologists and local residents expect many horses to die in this roundup due to the steep and rugged topography of the area. Horses will be run by helicopter across mesas and down rocky and potentially icy slopes, near cliffs and through canyons. The timing of this roundup and the need for a removal of 2500 horses is not substantiated by science, logic or even a current census. This roundup will destroy the last major herd complex left in the west, just one of many roundups that will remove over 12,000 wild horses and burros this fiscal year.

It is time that independent analysis of the BLM clarifies the faulty assumptions and science they are basing the destruction of our wild herds on.Arrow

Please contact your Senators and Congress people again, and demand that BLM cease and desist. Voices for the horses and our public lands are being given increased time in the media and this issue is coming to the attention of more and more people. Please keep working for the preservation of our wild horses and burros and our public lands both.


33 Responses to “New AP article and Horseback Magazine Article”

  1. Louie Cocroft Says:


  2. Louie Cocroft Says:


  3. Janet Ferguson Says:

    I urge people to go to the comments on the article — I’m sure few people read them, but take the time to register. This is the second article this online publication has done; one a column, that to me seems fair and actually pro-wild horses.

    I left the following comment by the article:

    11/16/2009 8:11:00 AM

    “Western cattle provide less than 3% of beef to this country. The American Public is subsidizing these grazers.

    Wild equids (including burros) have a post-gastric digestive system. This means they replant the native seeds they consume, unlike the other grazers on western lands.

    Our biggest problem here is ignorance: of the ways of wild herds and their place in our ecological balance; of the facts pomulgated by our government agency vs. the realities not transparent to the American public; and the ignorance of those who will not bother to educate themselves on the real issues, both biological and political, behind the mess the Bureau of Land Management, along with the negligence of our elected officials in their oversight of this agency, has brought upon itself, and, for “itself” here, read “American Public” because, all you taxpayers out there: YOU PAID FOR IT.

    Please take a few minutes to read up on the laws that are on the books. Only the most blind of you will realize that the American Public is the big loser here — but, unlike the wild horses, we have the ability to act on these injustices; but our wild horse herds, though given by our creator to provide for themselves and much of our ecosystem in so many ways on arid and inhospitable lands, (all this learning is available for your use if you will take the time to find it) are at our utter and irrevocable mercy.”

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Yes, Ma’am. Mar

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Hey, Mar, (Margo)

        I brought up your idea of a group of advocates for each herd to do monitoring, etc. to Craig Downer.

        He thought it was a great idea, but fears the herds are dwindling so drastically! You should contact him on the subject (of your herd monitoring organization idea) Let me know if there is anything I can do from my encampment along the Mississippi River.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        JF, He thinks we are too late? I have never contacted him. If there are any horses left they will need us. It was your idea, too, dear. We all want to help but I can’t accept that they are going too fast. But it is true and we have to get this quest accomplished. How do we do more? Mar

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Don’t give up on it. Like Louie says, were not going away. See the 7,000 comments on the Calico and extention of time?

  4. Janet Ferguson Says:

    I read the TRO article and still don’t understand what a “TRO” is.

    I am asking: “What is TRO”

    Thank you in advance for your attention in this matter.

  5. CB1 Says:

    What is going on with the moratorium and is there a time limit for Congress to decide on the moratorium?

  6. Janet Ferguson Says:

    This is a wonderful video about “Thistle” a rescued Mustang from the 3Strikes Ranch!

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      If this was already posted, sorry!

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      The HSUS could be doing so much more and their size and presence would help so many more horses that have had to go through this. They choose not to to. Thistle is ONE lucky horse and there are so many still out there in an underreported back log of horses removed, trucked and lost to their wonderful world of freedom. Compassion has got to take priority but I do not see it from the largest humane groups in the USA today. Where are they? There are some wonderful stories like this because these horses are a real prize for people to own and train. I am glad that the Parelli’s are involved, I hope they show this kind of story on their TV show, which I do not get. We are still fighting this fight and we have to realize IT IS UP TO US. I still return all the humane society’s mailings with the question; Why are you not involved in saving our wild horses from being taken from the wild and kept from the terrible loss of their families and freedom? Thanks, JF, it Is a good story. There are not enough of them. Mar

  7. kas0859ohio Says:

    Janet thank you so much for posting Thistle’s video, I try to keep up with happy Mustang videos and stories but (thankfully) there are a lot of them. I read your comments on the Horseback site first. Thank you and well put. The BLM keeps talking about multi use. Who are these multi users? And what are they using the land for?

  8. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    This article has only given us the BLM end of the road view. Tom Gorey has lied one HUGE lie and the whole lot of them will be sitting on fences before those horses are gone.

    Please remember that this is a numbers game to BLM. Now the numbers increase and now the horses and burros are gone before the quota is filled because they made a mistake. Sure. Calculated to cause extinction. Mar

  9. Karen L. Says:

    Steven Long’s “TRO” article makes an interesting point–that an injunction against the BLM could be obtained if only the “right” attorney were to enter the fray. So, basically, the mustangs need an Innocence Project group? How do we know where to direct any interested people if the guy making the assertion wants to remain anonymous? There are some pretty smart lawyers already on this problem–Laura Allen is an example.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      What is an Innocence Project group? Thanks

      • Karen L. Says:

        The Innocence Project is a legal clinic started by Barry Scheck in 1992 for the purpose of exonerating wrongfully convicted persons, largely through the use of DNA. I’m saying that the horses need a “Barry Scheck” type of impassioned attorney who can create this passion in other attorneys and law students so that a cohesive team can be formed to hammer away at the inverted legal reasoning of the BLM. If funding is a problem, as Mr. Long’s article implies, then a good legal mind ought to be able to appeal directly to potential sympathizers such as the Pickens family. Of course, we could always start another “fund.” I thought the “TRO” article offered hope for the possibility of a new, more aggressive approach. Interesting that the interviewee wanted to remain anonymous.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Karen, aonymous is likely because there is something going on as eluded to by RT’s buddy… mar

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Personhood for animals — “on the way” and some lawyers working on it.

      Found this over the weekend

  10. Jacqueline Says:

    This absolutely breaks my heart in a way unlike anything else has! These animals have a right to be there. It is our job as the dominat species on this earth to protect those who cannot protect themselves…from us! I read the act that protects these horses and find it unthinkable the changes that have been made to it. To change it to say that they have a right to destroy these animals is desgusting. To put in the act that they can chase them with a helicopter is barbaric. There obivously is something behind this, something behind all of these roundups that is not right..I’m not an expert, I live in Canada and I do not understand all the laws of your country but something seems fishy. If there is anything I can do, please let me know. I don’t know who to write to or if they would even listen to someone from another country but I feel a need to help. I am currently trying to gain support for a MLA in one of our provinces that is trying to pass a bill to protect some of our wild horses..(who have NO protection at all!!) here people can shoot the wild horses with no consequences to them at all.. To see a horse in the wild is to see nature at it’s truest form. they are a living link to our history, they helped build our great countries and they deserve the respect of us because of that. I know that because we have domesticated so many horse that we don’t think they are the same as the other wild animals, but they are and they need our help to survive… Please let me know who to write to or what I can do from here..


  11. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Hot n’ heavy today over on the Salt Lake article comment page — need some thumbs up on my remarks! lol

  12. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    EWA says that BLM got over 7,000 comments for the roundup in Calico! The comment period may have been extended. People caught on! Just keep at it… mar

  13. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Also, Pam Nickoles says the Red Desert Complex roundups are over. They had much good weather after the snow storm. It really bothers me that we know so little. Matt may know… Mar

  14. Suzanne Moore Says:

    I made my comments a couple of days ago. Guess I’ll get to make some more! ;o)

  15. jan sterling Says:

    taped and watched wild horses on animal planet last nite – they take captured mustangs to a prison where the inmates gentle them – and then they are sold – did have some coverage of horses in the wild – you can probably watch some of it on animal planet and it will probably be reran on there –

    • kas0859ohio Says:

      I watched the program, too. What really pissed me off was the trainers slapping those bags on sticks at them! Horses aren’t stupid, Parelli uses whips but they are not flung around wildly at the horses. I noticed almost immediately the one horse they were having a lot of trouble with was hurting. They FINALLY noticed after 30+ days in training he was sore and took measures to vet him (he had a hole in his hoof). Why didn’t the “trainers” see this earlier? When they took him out of training and put him out to pasture, they lamented how he could live out his life happily in long term holding. I wonder who produced and filmed the show? At least people got to see how magnificent Mustangs are and that they can be great mounts. Other than that it was a good program.

  16. Louie Cocroft Says:


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