Reports Reveal More Deaths and Sloppy Record Keeping by BLM as Groups Call for Investigation

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26 Responses to “Reports Reveal More Deaths and Sloppy Record Keeping by BLM as Groups Call for Investigation”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    At some point we need to start an umbrella group, National. That will get through the rest of the war we are fighting to save the wild ones from this terrible abuse and carry over to a new management plan that will need citizen and professional involvement in the field as watchdogs and guardians of them. If we need to come together let it be so we can stick around and be useful in the long run.

    Roxy and I have been thinking… there is much still to do and wild ones to save. Arizona’s and California’s burros are almost gone… there are only a few more roundups. They need some focus from us all.

  2. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Realize that we get NO figures on Burros and I have heard the worst stories about them for years. Mar

  3. Margaret Says:

    Why does this NOT surprise me? The past couple of months have sure been an eye opening experience and not in a pleasant way either. I’ve seen names here regularly that I identify with but our Government which is suppose to be For The People is running amuck.

    With the bad weather that CO has just had I worry about Cloud and the others. I know they’ve handled this kind of weather for years but Cloud is still getting over being lamed etc. Too soon. I hope Ginger was able to get a looksee on her way home–so when she posts she can tell us how he is.

  4. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Bureau of Land Management is listed as one of Horseback Magazine’s “Advertisor’s Websites” on their home page?I have wondered about that for some time. My college roommate always read the fine print, esp. sponsor’s names on everything she read, she was majoring in journalism.

  5. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    JF, Write Steven Long and ask him…
    He will answer.. mar

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      no, you. ha! I’m really too chicken. Who cares, right? Probably they cover mustang makeover or something? Or support adoption days or the like? I just thought it was “ironic.”

  6. Christine Says:

    Steven brings up a good point – where ARE the Humane Society and all the other big animal rights/protection groups that could afford to bring an injunction and charges against the BLM? Doesn’t PETA want all animals to have what the wild horses and burros should be keeping, complete freedom, and thus it should be a no-brainer for them to jump in and fight for it? Doesn’t the Humane Society prosecute or help prosecute abusers? Is all In Defense of Animals going to do is web petitions?

    So why aren’t they helping? Why are they leaving all the various small wild horse and burro advocate groups holding the line?

    • Ronnie Says:

      To Christine…and all,

      I’ve been thinking the same thing since right before the Cloud round-up when it looked like it was going to get REAL BAD…and it did! And waited and waited…

      I fully expected one of the Biggy animal rights/protection groups, i.e., HSUS to step in with their high-power lawyers and get federal action going like they certainly can do and have done. In addition, in the past, the HSUS has also joined with other high-power and influential animal groups to file legal action in DC. And it works! Immediately!

      What the hell is going on? HSUS is trying to stay neutral but making a positive statement about Salazar’s sanctuary “zoos?” Mum is the word from HSUS as this round-up horror is going on? The BLM is going against the law with these round-ups. And hey! I thought the HSUS was so focused on animal abuse, cruelty, which is so flagrantly happening in these intensified BLM round-ups. Hellooooo? Anyone home? And PETA, so often disliked as they are in-your-face. But they go where others fear to tread. Where are they now??

      I agree. Articles, petitions, web site descriptions…all well and good. BUT WHERE IS THE ACTION?

      We, the grassroots public, have turned ourselves inside-out with no response. It is more than incredible. Can we demonstrate? Yes, miles away from a round-up site. Come close and the BLM have guns…they did during the Cloud herd round-up. And demonstrate? Civil disobedience?

      Where is Madeleine Pickens in all this? For the wild horses, yes. But for some reason, as I see it, laying low. Same with all the “for-the-horses” celebrities. And Major Media? And oh, where are *Reps. Rahall & Grijalva? And btw, within Salazar’s sanctuary plan, there is wording of “more flexible adoptions.” I think we know what that means. Continuous, under-the-radar BLM horse slaughter. But now more ~ flexible ~.

      I read a few days ago that it appears something is going on that we, the public, is not privy to. I wonder. For this is all too obscene, surreal. it is as if this is not the United States of America. And true, other countries are appalled.

      I still have some of my 400 post cards to Senators. Now I will add to ROAM: “Moratorium” on BLM. For the card reads, under a beautiful photo of wild horses running free:

      “These horses belong to all the people of America and they exist on lands that belong to all the people of America.” –Velma “Wild Horse Annie” Johnston.

      My, my, needed to vent today! And of note, getting all these holiday goodies from HSUS w/requests for donations. I write back, “Yes! But only when you “humanely” stand up against the abuse and cruelty being done to the wild horses by the BLM. Take legal action, HSUS, as you do so well.” And writing the same back to all the other high-power animal rights groups that routinely advocate for wild horses.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Ronnie, i do the same thing, I write a note and send back the donation slip. “When will you stand up for abused wild horses?”

        Do not mention civil dis. I have been told by a reporter. My bad.

        I just lost my blog about Madeleine Pickens. She has never shown any interest in saving horses at the source in the wild. Why? She has the money that could have been used for on the ground investigation of BLM.

        We are working with no funds. We only have others like us. That no wealthy person who cares has come to help is shameful.

        We are now moving into an 11th hour aspect. That means this is a rescue. From my point of view. The horses left in the wild are in dire trouble. This is an emergency. Why? We can’t move fast so we better be moving now.

        What will we do? The best things cannot be said.

        What can we do? get people to roundups and get Timely, meaning brand new, information and photos and videos out to YOU TUBE and the press.

        There is not a road block at every roundup. There are not US marshals walking around with guns. They know we are weak. Use it. Be there and get info and every time something happens, file a complaint for animal abuse. Include the helicopter pilots. They never have to gallop horses so far and fast that any die or any foal is lost. Get the pilots down for using there machines to abuse. there is documentation. There are witnesses.

        All roundups are in remote areas? Some maybe. But if e are not there the horses go and there is no knowing what happened unless a local decides to come here and say,”Where were you?” I cannot bear that.

        We have no money. Yes, I wish someone would get Barb’s link for the Ford Motor company and woo then out of another 100,000 grand. They are now the best selling vehicle in America. We need their help. Who could talk to these people and get what we need?? mar

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        If we keep up with the roundups and give out information, it will show what is happening and it is the way to win favor for the moratorium.

        We need funds for suits and funds for roundups. Any of you got $$ cause it talks? I never thought it would come to this, but when I thought that it would not, we were already to late.


  7. Barbara Ellen Ries Says:

    BLM Plan Would Relocate Wild Horses
    by: Pat Raia
    October 09 2009, Article # 15061

    Thousands of wild horses would be relocated from their traditional Western ranges to preserves in the East and Midwest under a proposed plan unveiled in a letter from Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to congressional leaders on Wednesday.

    Under the plan, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) would purchase land east of the Mississippi River to develop two wild horse and burro preserves. The BLM would later work with nonprofit and private partners to create five additional preserves. The preserves would be located in areas conducive to ecotourism development. Eventually, 25,000 animals would reside on the seven sanctuaries by 2014.

    The plan also proposes an aggressive fertility control strategy using sterilization and sex segregation to create nonreproducing herds. Only nonreproducing herds would reside on the proposed new preserves.

    The BLM currently manages 37,000 free-roaming wild horses and burros in 10 Western states. Another 32,000 animals reside in long-term holding facilities at a cost of about $27 million annually.

    The proposal is designed to reduce wild horse management costs by decreasing the number of animals in holding facilities and limiting herd population growth. The ecotourism component aims to expand public interest in wild horses beyond Western states, said BLM spokesman Tom Gorey.

    However wild horse advocate Karen Sussman rejects the plan on grounds that wild horse removals disrupt herd social structure and threaten the viability existing herds. “The BLM needs to manage wild horses as wildlife,” said Sussman, president of the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros. “This is taking a Disneyland approach,”

    Gorey is uncertain how Congress will react to the plan. “The Secretary put these ideas forward to engage Congress,” he said. “If there are better ideas, we want to hear them.”

    • jo bunny Says:

      yeah. there are MUCH better ideas, tom gorey! clean your ears out! we’ve been telling you this all along! leave the d@^&$% horses where they are! return the 20 million acres of land that you took from the horses & burros (you know, the ones you sold off or set aside for cattle? THOSE 20 million acres?) then return the horses in holding (the ones who have evaded the mustang burger express) back to their land! how ’bout THEM IDEAS????


  8. Sue Says:

    Christine and Ronnie are right. Where are the biggy animal welfare groups? They should be front and center on this issue. Must be too busy writing fund raising emails. We should all be contacting them daily for the horses. Let’s get them involved!

    For those who haven’t thought about it yet, think about not eating meat. You know the old saying, “hit them in the pocketbook”. Every steak or hamburger only adds fuel to the fire of cattle producers and gives them more excuses for needing public land. I have been a vegetarian for over 25 years and it is not difficult to do at all and boy, do I feel good about not contributing to the blight of the wild horses because of what I eat. Just give it a little thought.

  9. Janet Ferguson Says:

    For only $58.00 you can get a book about threats to the sagebrush eco systems by an employee of the BLM.


  10. Janet Ferguson Says:

    This was from

    Study funded by BLM among others. Basically I put it “up here” because of the maps at the end, showing “Cloud’s home” areas in different studies. This is about sage grouse conservation vs. energy development or something.

  11. Janet Ferguson Says:

    By the government, of the government and for the government?

  12. Louie Cocroft Says:


  13. Louie Cocroft Says:


  14. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Just for “fun”, here’s an email I NEVER SENT the BLM, but wrote just to “vent.” (back in April 2009)

    To the Bureau of Land Management in the 9th Year of the Twenty-First Century and the Two-Hundred Thirty-Third Year of This Great United States
    Regarding Excess Horses on Public Lands:

    People are getting fed up with the government’s inability to deal with this issue.

    This “problem” has been going on since the late 1800’s. How many hundred years does the United States of America need to figure this out?

    Our elected officials are drawing their paychecks, generation after generation, and nobody is solving this!!!! Read up on it! Horse slaughter of free roaming horses goes ‘way back in the United States. Shipments by railroads east to the processors! Cowboy roundups! Will James! Blood and guts!

    Humane groups are concerned about potential eradication methods, and you are probably aware of the inhumane conditions of horse transport and slaughter in Mexico and Canada, not to mention the environmental mess that unethical processors are leaving behind by dumping unused horse body parts out in open pits (in Canada).

    How can people possibly be expected to adopt these animals when the cost of feeding is so high? When the US economy is in such dire straits. Even the community colleges are under scrutiny by the Obama Administration. Yoicks! YOU GUYS MIGHT BE NEXT!!!!!

    Why didn’t the government preserve their original rangeland? How can you remove the horses and then complain about how much they cost to feed? Please! Who’s on first here? You guys need to get your act together and TELL IT LIKE IT IS. These animals are better off in the wild. Live and die in the wild. And managed only in the wild.

    Even some Native Americans don’t want the horses. . . they want to raise organically produced beef cattle on the land, for heaven’s sake!


    P.S. Here’s a report out of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Scroll down to “horses” and you will see what’s going on — they’re being shipped for slaughter to Mexico, every week. Some of these horses are America’s own wild horses, some are pets, many are “strays” sent to auction from our southwest border states, such as Arizona.

  15. jan sterling Says:

    go ahead and send that email – i sent one to the blm and i did not care how insulted they might have been as they dont give a damm anyway – i kept a copy – i just wrote to the ford motor company – google mustang car – and just write email under contact – heading was public affairs – told them what is going on – and if they could make another commerical for the mustang car using wild mustangs running – they made one back in the 80’s or 90’s – and if they could put in the ad how the horses are being destroyed – we need corporate sponsorship to help save the horses – who better than the ford mustang car

  16. jan sterling Says:

    just read earlier posting – where does the blm think they are going to find large tracks of land in the midwest and east coast – that is more heavily populated than the western states where the horses are used to roaming – there would not be many natural predators needed to keep populations down but guess those herds are going to be sterlized so no foals for mountain lions – dont think many left in miedwest – some in eastern states i guess – and disease – these mustangs are immune to diseases that domestic horses get but if u move them to a wetter area wont they be prone to mosquitoes and horse encplitis – cant spell – doubt if blm would vaccinate them – i grew up in iowa and believe there are no large tracts of land for several thousand horses to be released on – why cant they just go with madeline pickens idea of turning loose on land she buys in nevada or texas and leave them alone – in midwest and eastern areas you would have to put up miles of fences to keep them in or they would be out along highways getting killed – the whole blm proposal is insane but then the ones running it are crazy anyway

  17. jan sterling Says:

    found website called – how wild horses were rescued and are now living on a ranch in ojai, califonria – small group but saved – has good video on link

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