Mestengo. Mustang. Misfit. America’s Disappearing Wild Horses

Read Laura Moretti’s excellent article and historical overview here on the Wild Horse Preservation website


27 Responses to “Mestengo. Mustang. Misfit. America’s Disappearing Wild Horses”

  1. Horse Says:

    Awesome project guys…Our new horse blog site is also dedicated to supporting the horses…Please check it out

  2. jo bunny Says:

    barb warner just posted a note regarding the roundups in calico mountains complex. the plan is to roundup 2,476-2,787 wild horses there. THERE ARE LESS THAN TWO WEEKS TO RESPOND TO THE NOTICE.
    the link to the EA she provided didn’t work, so if someone else can get it, please post it!! i’ll keep looking.
    comments can be emailed to wfoweb@nv.blm. gov with “Calico Complex Capture Plan( Fox)” as the subject.
    says, barb in her post, “I have not looked at it yet but this sounds really BAD. Two alternatives- -removal and no action.”
    please take action.

    • jo bunny Says:

      that number means the removal of NEARLY NINETY PERCENT of the horses gathered in the calico mountains roundup, according to the numbers provide in the blm gather schedule posted last month. NINETY PERCENT, folks. gone.
      AND this round up is due to last from 1 december through 28 february of next year. three months to round up 3000 horses & remove ninety percent of them from their homes….

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        There is no way to stop this round up from happening. Weather will only postpone it. I cannot believe that people will do nothing or that what ever they do is useless. We will lose 4000 horses in about 4 months. Think of it.
        We only have guestiments of the number still wild. Burros are very few. The authorities are manipulating every one.

        Jo Bunny is writing Colleges and Universities with Horse Programs. It is my experience from the University of Connecticut and New Mexico State, that there are bulletin boards in the halls and in the barns. I will ask for them to post the emails/letters in the places where Equine students will read them. At Uconn the barns are open to the public and they can also read the board. mar

    • jo bunny Says:

      link to the calico gather…..

      reference information:

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        There may be bad weather and they may not get them all. This roundup is in NW Nevada, just South of the Sheldons. Just hope the Moratorium happens or the weather keeps them out. Mar

  3. jo bunny Says:

    here’s a link to another article (i first saw this referenced on wild horse warriors blogspot)…we’re getting the word out there, folks! keep it rolling!

    if anyone is in the tucson area tonight, stop by the 7.00 pm presentation on wild horses……

    • Barbara Steele Says:

      This was a comment by the Wild Horse Foundation on the Tuscson Citizen article. It stresses the importance of all of the Wild Horse Groups coming together as a powerful lobby. Makes sense to me.
      Also contains an interesting idea as to how to “manage” the HMA without the BLM! I would also add a Humane Officer from a recognized Humane Organization.

      The suggestion from the Wild Horse

      This time let the Non-Profit groups adopt each HMA. Have them remove the excess wild horses. Pay them with government funds to manage the area, an established removal of young healthy adoptable horses removed every year by bait traps, water tables-holes can be monitored by groups and then any conflicts can be over seen by a panel of 5 made up by 1-BLM, 1-Non-profit, 1-Range Specialist, 1-Vet, 1-Neutral Person to be determined in that region from a Mayor, Council, Economist for panel decisions if hardships arises for that HMA.

      This should remove it from the direct hands of the BLM and there control.

      In fairness Cattlemen should have access only to enough land to maintain the minimum AUM for a 5 to 1 ration, 5 cows to 1 wild horse, not the 150 to 1 presently.

      People of America if we don’t come together and protect our legacy now, we will not have a legacy to see or know tomorrow.

      Read the GAO Report and tell your friends. We need your support in DONATIONS to keep feeding our wild horses on the sanctuary.

      Will you Help?End of Quote–

      • jo bunny Says:

        barb, take a look at their website. here’s a piece taken from their “who we are & what we do” page….
        “RMR Ranch – Wild Horse Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to prevent the American Mustang from suffering abuse, neglect and slaughter. The foundation is dedicated to helping preserve and promote the “Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Program” through the U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management (BLM), State of Nevada, by offering and sponsoring mentor assistance training and education programs to the public about the uniqueness of the Wild Horse. We utilize “networking” with other clinicians all over the United States to ensure education and safety with natural horsemanship techniques.

        2 things of note. first, they seem to be partners of the blms’ wild horse & burro adoption program, which in my mind means they support the adoptions AND the roundups.
        second, if they are so big on teaching natural horsemanship clinics, why arent’ they offereing these clinics to the blm people, who have NO training in horse management (see simone’s article posted yesterday on rt’s website). it seems like they could be providing a whole heck of a lot more benefit by starting their horsemanship training at the yahoos in charge of running these roundups…..
        i’ll talk a closer look at their website…i’m suspicious…….

      • Barbara Steele Says:

        Jo Bunny,
        So many of these sites are so confusing. I just sent an apology to Mz at Wild Horse Warrior about the comment I made. If you don’t read every little thing on the site and only read what is just posted you can be easily mis-led. What I am seeing now is that there is a group of Wild Horse Advocates for ROAM and a group against. At least that is my take on the situation. Somebody told me once that “a point is many directions is like no point at all”. So I and many others who have been writing Senators and calling about passing ROAM are “mis-guided”? I would say that I am confused and the BLM and DOI can use this to our disadvantage.
        As to the Wild HorseFoundation we have no way of knowing how deeply they are involved with BLM. Again there are lots of groups that are not what they say they are. Any list of groups that seem to be legit would be a real help to me and I am sure to others reading this Blog.

      • jo bunny Says:

        barb, i, too, have seen reference to the 2 different groups of wild horse advocates…..ones, like tcf who advocate for keeping the horses/burros wild & free & providing for their protection & preservation, & the other groups, who are supporting salazar’s “salaZOOs” (as they were referred to on american herds blog).
        i think i would rather stick with tcf, work to support roam, make the necessary changes that it needs, or start all over & work from scratch. salazar’s zoos will certainly spell the end of wild horses & burros within a matter of years, no matter what! at least with roam, or its provisions, we have a better chance….at least, this is how i am feeling. i’m open to hearing more from people who have been working in the wild horse & burro advocate arena for more years than me. i’m just a newbie at this & am trying my best to a. keep up & b. figure out how best to act next!

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Barb and Jo, thanks for the links. I would so love to see an organization that would include watchdog/guardian participation on the local level, but have spots open for visiting horse people to get experience. The wild ones never had a chance to be a part of things with BLM. They could be a great asset that many could discover and enjoy. what better way to manage them but for the world to see? mar

    • Barbara Steele Says:

      I definitely feel the TCF is on the right track but I am rather disheartened by wild Horse advocates that are very anti-ROAM. I know that ROAM is not perfect but feel that we have to start somewhere. I certainly don’t favor Salazar’s zoos. Already have sent a note to Congress Critters that it would be like sending all the beach ponies to the mountains and all the Mountain horses to the beach. I think he wanted to propose such a wayout idea that advocates would reject so in turn he could say–see I tried–and then go ahead a do exactly what he wanted in the first place.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Barbara, I think this was your statement before the Wild Horse Warriors I sent out yesterday morning. We lose nothing from improving ROAM as it has not been touched by the committee. Maybe that is why it has not been called to a hearing. The moratorium has been needed ALL along.

        What we see is a chance to do something better… much better.

        The Moratorium must be put in place to answer questions and make better decisions. mar

  4. Laura Evans Says:

    That’s kind of like the Pryor Mustang center. His blogs confuse me. On one had he seems to support the horses but on the other he seems to defend everything the BLM does. While I can see that maybe sometimes there might be a situation where maybe animals are eating themselves out of rangeland that doesn’t seem to be the case in the pryors even though he did explain what the BLM “plans” to do in a way that makes sense, he didn’t have enough justification that it needed to be done in the first place. I also feel like he’s a bit too defensive when he’s “siding” with the BLM. The problem with all of this is, if you suggest to some one that they check out the situation and they go on a website like the Pryor website, they may get this information and think “oh, that makes sense, the land needs to recover” and then who are they going to believe? Also, in response to questions he’s had regarding Cloud being lame he posted a video of Cloud grazing. He took about four steps. So, I’m sorry, I like that he posts pictures of them frequently but from now on I’m not putting a whole lot of faith in his blogs. Oh, and I loved the article by Laura Moretti. I tried to post it on my facebook page as a link but it didn’t work. I especially loved the part about all the times people have tried to wipe them out and the American people have stood up and said no. It gives me hope. I wish there were more ways to get school kids involved. My daughters school won’t touch it. They barely let her announce to her class that the new Cloud show had come out. However her teacher did ask if we had recorded it. Just had a thought, I’m going to see if I can make a personal donation to the school library and donate all three books and dvds.

  5. Morgan Williams Says:

    Thanks for the link on the Calico Mts round up. Unbelievable nonsense. No logic.

    I just want to know what is going on with the ROAM Act and the Prevention of Cruelty to Equines bill? They are in the Committee of Energy and Natural Resources? Did they put the bills on the their 2010 calendar? What kind of followup has Senator Mary Landrieu done with the bills in her committee or the call for the BLM to clean up their act? No amount of our human force can completely change the BLM’s bloody extinction work ethics without this legislation being put before President Obama face!

    Please understand I am NOT belitting everyone’s efforts nor my own. But we need new laws! We need the 1971 Act to be reinforced. We need the Burns Amendment reversed.

  6. kas0859ohio Says:

    Has anyone read the Pryor Mustang center blog today? Looking at the maps I was astounded by the teeny little area of the PMWHR. Compared to the vastness of the states, why must these horses be “kept” or allowed in such a small area? ohiokathy

  7. T.A. Paxton Says:

    Don’t anyone forget the sneaky approach. Mustang, Spirit of the West is unlikely to recreate the uproar of Harry Potter. But if you give kids books like it and Phantom Stallion it may get them interested in wild horses and asking questions. Schools in general may not want in on a controversy and a lot of people don’t want to be bothered.
    Kids today are growing up with shows with a lot of forensic science, animal planet and Discovery channel. If they hear the BLM’s answers to questions they have the science background to know what they are hearing doesn’t add up
    The big guys up top think they can ignore the little guys -but remember the Miracle on 34th street? Kids in the courtroom. Dad the judge and Dad the DA were caught between ‘common sense’ there is no Santa-and the innocent faith of kids. I don’t know how innocent kids are now, but they are harder to ignore than strangers waving signs.

    By the way I was convinced by the Congressional Report. I only found the link once, does anyone else know it? I do know I linked from an overseas website. Odd they would have it and none of the American sites-even the Cloud Foundation doesn’t seem to have it or a copy.

  8. Barbara Steele Says:

    Here is a link to round-up of Nevada horses with video–Craig Downer and other horse advocates plus quote from BLM guy that wild horses don’t belong in the western ecosystems–grrrrrrrrr
    Think massive civil lawsuit is the only way to stop this now.

  9. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Barb, That is how to get a Moratorium since the President has not seen fit to make any statement that he knows the public has been speaking out. This time we can go to Washington and inhabit the National Mall in Spring for a week and bring the Horse communities together. I do not want this to take that long but if it does then we plan a huge get together. Maybe by then Music for Mustangs can be put together also. I think I will begin to seek out more music people after all.
    Look Out Mick Jagger, I am coming to getcha… mar

    • Barbara Steele Says:

      Maybe there is a way to get to the President. Get off horse blogs and get on political blogs or ask President Obama to “ditch” the Burns Admendment like he just “ditched” this Bush ruling on truckers.
      This looks like a good site for bringing up the plight of the wild horse politically.
      Maybe all that needs to be done with the Wild Horse Act instead of pushing for ROAM bill is to get rid of the Burns Admendment.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Barb, Do they need to have a related Mustang article up? Is the ‘blog’ just where the comments are? How do I break into this? mar

      • Barbara Steele Says:

        Here is what this site states so I think we could start with some well worded comments concerning “stealth” Burns Admendment that was signed by Bush and passes without public imput hidden in an appropiations bill. and leave some comments also pertaining to Public Lands, Wild Horse Act BLM, etc. Maybe also send a message to site’s contact person about doing an investigation. I have to get off computer now and will be back later tonight? Anybody out there interested in pursuing this?

        ProPublica is an independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest. We strive to foster change through exposing exploitation of the weak by the strong and the failures of those with power to vindicate the trust placed in them.

  10. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Barbara, This is excellent and I am going there.. hope to see others there, too. This is a great opportunity. Go for it, ladies… mar

  11. Janet Ferguson Says:

    I am so sorry I missed this entire blog, so now just catching up little by little on comments. . . however, this a.m. found an article on web back to 6/30/09 by Salt Lake Tribune columnist discussing “Sagebrush Rebels” which are “still out there”. Can’t build a house on shifting sands such as BLM provides for the horses.

    Here’s the link to the article. I am going to contact the columnist and see If I can correspond with him on wild horse issues, perhaps he can be a “friend”

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