Stop the roundups Petition

STOP THE ROUNDUPS- Petition. This is only a small step, please continue with letter writing and calling– if you have media contacts interested, Ginger Kathrens is available for interviews.


22 Responses to “Stop the roundups Petition”

  1. Angie Sellitto Says:

    This weekend I was visiting with my cousin that was just recently a congressional staffer and she said that to really make sure that your call counts that you should ask to speak with a Legislative Assistant. I would suppose it would be the LA that deals with natural resources issues.

    Also, I am including a copy of this in my mailings.

  2. Louie Cocroft Says:


  3. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Everything adds up as long as we are all doing something all the time. We have to dig in and keep at it. The pressure is not off and the country just learns more and this makes the Obama administration ponder. They cannot just make decisions that encompass the horses without addressing us and the nation about their safety and well being which is being openly destroyed and continues to be more deeply threatened each week. What we all do has great effect and all of you should know how invaluable you are for caring and making yourselves heard. Justice is needed on behalf of our wild horses and burros. We all work to bring it to them. mar

  4. RJ Daum RPLS Says:

    Congress remove the Wild Horse and Burros from the BLM within the Senate version of the ROAM act.A completely new agency with private and public leadership.Remove all funding of Wild Horse and Burros from BLM. Senator Conrad of North Dakota have hearings on previous and proposed spending.
    The new agency would determine herd areas and best herd management practices on bands,DNA baselines and ranges available.Land used could be public or private land with application of public trust doctrine and wild doctrine with judicial, adminstrative and executive decisions.Every ten years the agency would have congressional Sunset review.

  5. Angie Sellitto Says:

    I am a scientist so I am stuck on the fact that these horses are native to this land and deserve to be protected as a cherished wildlife species. I was looking at an old post by Barbara Steele and noticed that the USFS is RIGHT ON!!! Does anyone know if congress is aware of the USFS’s most educated outlook on these horses? Shouldn’t we point out the discrepancy in what BLM is saying?

  6. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Angie, Barbara is writing a letter now as a rebuttle to what has been the ‘myths and lies ‘ about wild horses that are being used right now to attempt to defeat ROAM in the committee in Natural Resources. She may be using that as it was her find and a very good one. I think she will see this and your comment. That and many other facts that Barb and others found are being used to counter attack those who use the myths and lies to mislead the public. mar

  7. Angie Sellitto Says:

    Also the link that I have at the top of this page.

  8. Angie Sellitto Says:

    Marilyn, are you speaking of the letters written to the chairman of the Natural Resources Committee from the public land trust?

  9. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Angie, Yes, the letter is so typical of BLM speak that is needs to be shot down, point by point. The way that BLM literally slanders the horses, blaming them for things we can now use references to prove wrong, and the general disregard
    they Promote towards the horses can be addressed and, as far as we are concerned, laid to rest. The truth being very interesting and counter to what BLM says, is a breath of fresh air. mar

  10. RJ Daum RPLS Says:

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      Did you put this website together? I read the link about you which said you grew in Montana and are very familiar with the Crow people. So, you must know Elder Boggess. Do you still have family in Montana that is active in the fight for American Mustangs or fighting against the proposed new slaughter house?

      • RJ Daum RPLS Says:

        Odd you ask this , I put site up to find more tribes so to speak to help. I’m not sure what is happening. Maybe the little boy whose first horse looked like Cloud is an old man. My Aunt and Uncle still farm and ranch on Crow Tribal land. My grandparents met and were married there.Lots of relatives still live in the area where Cloud is. My brothers and I hunted and fished as boys where Cloud roams.
        I do not know Elder Boggess except through correspondence with Joe Medicine Crow. The principal of the Pryor public school is an old classmate.
        One of my Uncles went to college with Butcher who sponsored the Montana Slaughter Bill. My Uncle Jim lives and works close by on the family farm at Flatwillow. He is a great source of knowledge on the BLM and local Montana understanding of
        current rural Montana life.
        I have relatives in some excellent places who have been very helpful with the mustangs and stopping slaughter houses.
        A long time ago my dad and I walked to caves with horses on the walls. I’m not sure I could find those caves again in that ancient land. There is an ancient hoop on the land that Cloud roams also.

    • jo bunny Says:

      rj, what is an “ancient hoop?”

  11. Christine Says:

    What is the plan with regards to this petition? Is there a certain time and place that the sheets need to be sent to once people sign them? What’s going to be done with them after that, where are they going to?

  12. Morgan Williams Says:

    I just sent this to Wisconsin Public Radio:

    I would like to suggest a current issue in our nation about the mismanagement of public lands in the west by the Bureau of Land Management & Dept. of Interior. At tremendous cost to American taxpayers, the last of the free roaming Mustangs and Burros are being rounded up daily right now, placed into long term holding pens, sold at auction or sent to kill buyers for slaughter in Mexico or Canada. Few are adopted out because of public economic financial conditions. The long term holding also cost taxpayers $100,000 per day according to the BLM. The public land was protected by the 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act. The land is in very good shape & roundups are not necessary. The American Cattle Association and the American Mining Association want the public land for other uses not included in the 1971 Act. If not stopped, the American icon of the west will be no more our beautiful public lands or parks will be destroyed. There is proposals right now to send the 36,000 Mustangs and Burros in BLM pens to midwest and eastern states in government built sanctuaries. Just 2 parks will cost $92 million taxpayer dollars just to build. The Mustangs and desert burros already have land! Put them back! Ginger Kathrens, a film maker for Nature, Peabody Award winner and author of the documentary “Cloud, Stallion of Rockies” on PBS is available for interview on your show & live call in questions. Please call the Cloud Foundation at 719-633-3842.

    100,000 American equines are being sent to slaughter in Mexico and Canada every single year. These are healthy and viable equines. Mustangs, burros, American Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds, Arabians. They are adults, yearling, fillys, colts and even newborns. The foreign market for horsemeat is a billion dollar industry. They value our Mustang horse meat because it is all natural, range fed and wild. American’s don’t eat horsemeat. Deep down inside it is just wrong. We don’t have nor do we ever want horse slaughter plants again on U.S. soil.

    – Ben Merens’ “At Issue” Programs (Weekdays 4pm-6pm)

  13. Barb Beck Says:

    I have collected signatures for this hard copy down-loadable petition. Do I send it to you, or do I mail the signatures to President Obama?

  14. Morgan Williams Says:

    Oops. Hit enter too soon.

    If you have not already, please call the Cloud Foundation and ask to speak to Makendra with your question.


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