Stampede to Oblivion follow-up

George Knapp’s follow-up to his one hour investigative report now online, click here to watch now.

If you haven’t yet watched the one-hour “Stampede to Oblivion” you can watch it online in 6 parts, then take action and write your representatives.


3 Responses to “Stampede to Oblivion follow-up”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    BLM ecologist, Cameron Bryce says wild horses do not belong in Western Ecosystems.

    If they had wanted toremove them they should have said so and let it play out in court instead of lying and removing and lying some more then removing more.

    This is criminal to have gone so far and never allowed any alternatives let alone let the people of this country decide for themselves.

    So, CATTLE BELONG? and all the overgrazing and water pollution that comes from them. 8 Million cattle and they cannot let the horses live on their 1%
    of the range in the lowest numbers in decades, if not ever; 20,000. The moratorium and the end of this madness that the public stands against must be brought to reality so we can save what is left of our herds and recover their viability. What is the next best move for the horses and burros? mar

  2. T.A. Paxton Says:

    This video is driving me nuts. My computer is too slow to play video easily. Even the choppy bits I’ve gotten make my blood boil. I’m glad to see a major news agency covered it. I wish I could get them to play it here. It makes me want to ROAR. I guess we’ll have too. A lot of people will have to roar loud and quickly to overcome the big powerful rich forces arrayed against them.

  3. Suzanne Moore Says:

    I don’t know exactly what to do next either, Mar, but I do know that if we can ever get the light of day to shine on Cameron Bryce and all the other liars at the BLM, I think the public will demand something be done. I HOPE!

    I DO love it – the horses don’t belong but cattle – that originated in Asia – DO belong? Sickening.

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