KOWS Radio Show NOW available for download

For those who would like to listen to Craig Downer, Shelly Sawhook, Elyse Garnder and others who were guests on KOWS 107.3 FM Sonoma County, CA- Arnold Levine’s radio program on 10/23- fear not! Here it is. Direct link here. The radio show website is  www.tommysholidaycamp.com

Thank you all and stay tuned for a follow-up interview with Ginger Kathrens.


16 Responses to “KOWS Radio Show NOW available for download”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Is this where Monika Went off to? Mar

  2. lee chesterfield Says:

    I live in California I have called emailed Feinstein/Boxer at there local offices and Wash.dc office. 2 to 3times a week since August 15. regarding pryon mt roundups , asking for a morotorium until a plan for the mustangs is in place. Requesting an investagation of the BLM because of there mismanagement of the mustangs and burros. I have received nothing from either Senator. I will not stop. If anyone can think of something else to be done. Please let me know. Lee

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      Just one thought. Have you tried to meet with either of your Senators when they are in your state capital offices? My first attempt to see Senator Feingold was when he was in Wisconsin during the August recess. Then I worked to get an appointment in his Washington office. His staff in both Madison and Washington were extraordinary people.

      Before I tried to meet with Senator Feingold, I wrote up a report with all the current facts. I was able to pass that to his aide first. Then the ball was rolling.

    • jo bunny Says:

      lee, i just saw this posted fridae, 23 october, on http://wildhorseconservation.blogspot.com/
      “There is no plan to save any of the California desert herds of
      donkeys. Between the BLM, National Park Service, California Desert Protection Act, etc., business lobbyists got everything they wanted. The last 40 burros at Clark Mountain will be removed to make way for a solar farm. The National Park Service is adamant that all burros will be removed or shot. The BLM doesn’t control enough desert land in California to save a burro gene pool even if they wanted to, which they don’t.”
      there is more in the post….frannkly, i don’t think that boxer or feingold give a rat’s butt about the wild horses. look & see if they are behind legislation to get the solar plant in there on the burros’ lands. no matter what, though, they still need to hear that their CONSTITUENTS care about those wild burros! get everyone you can involved in writing, calling, faxing, petitioning to save the wild horses & burros in your state. if enough of you are making your voices heard, they HAVE to listen.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Lee, This winter there is a Final Burro roundup in California. I think you should get people out there and stop it. Civil disobedience. People out there have experience in this. Save the burros. Be sure they are not shot. Be sure they have place to live free. Why has the state of California gone the route of BLM? Make them stop if it is the last herd. mar

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Lee, the Twin Peaks Burros are on the schedule, which can change, for next summer (Arizona is this winter). From August 3rd to September 14th, 2010, they will be removing 135 from 156 they intend to capture. You can find out who knows them and see them before then. Twin Peaks has many horses, too. I can only hope that all this will be stopped before then. But if for some insane reason we have not stopped all this, I would choose a place and make a stand. Those may not be the last burros, I have no way of knowing. You should find that out from people who have burro sanctuaries. But, if those are the last burros, save them and their land. mar

  3. Craig Downer Says:

    Tried to phone in tonight but when I finally got a ring no one answered. Seems program is not very well run. Heard Elyse briefly. Sorry

  4. Morgan Williams Says:

    Another great program on the airwaves to get the facts out. The host on the radio was terrific.

  5. jo bunny Says:

    morgan, can you or one of the other blogger/listeners post the highlights of the radio show? we missed it last night & after looking at their website this morning, it doesn’t appear that they have pre-recorded programs available on line. thank you!

    • Morgan Williams Says:

      Jo Bunny,

      I wrote the moderator asking about a taped copy of the show. It was 2 hours long and was interrupted for 20 minutes for another interview on an event in town.

      The guests were:
      Makendra Silverman
      Elyse Gardner
      Craig Downer
      American Horse Defense Fund advocate from Tennessee. I have to remember the woman’s name. It might have been Trina.

      I will do my best to summarize for you all later on today, without writing a novel here on the blog. It was a fantastic show. Mr. Leviene was a great host at the Radio Station in CA. Lovely, lovely man.

    • Morgan Williams Says:

      I guess no worries. Everyone can hear the show again later on-line. I see the update above posted by TCF.

      Looks like the woman I forgot was Shelly Sawhook from the Equine Defense Fund.

      Guests in order:

  6. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    When tis does get up for us to hear, i hope someone will give a heads up… mar

    • Morgan Williams Says:

      Hi Morgan,

      Thanks so much for your email. I’m really glad you enjoyed the program on wild horses. It was an interesting challenge for me as I didn’t know who was going to call in, and with what angle on the issue. I loved it!
      I’ll should be doing a follow up interview with Ginger soon, after the impact of the Cloud documentary sets in.

      You can listen or download a copy of the program from my website

      I have basically strung together all the phone calls and it runs 87minutes. It’s labelled Makendra Silverman, Cloud Foundation in the “Interviews” section

      The very best,
      Arnold Levine
      KOWS 107.3fm, Occidental CA.

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