Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions- Wild Horses on PBS this Sunday


Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions is the next chapter in the exciting life of the charismatic stallion, Cloud, and the wild horses of the spectacular Arrowhead Mountains of Montana. This new adventure captures the twists and turns of a complex family drama; a tale of two stallions, Cloud and Shaman, who raise each other’s sons: Flint and Bolder. When the loveable colts mature into adult challengers, they battle the very stallions who raised them. Five years in the making, this unpredictable tale is both epic and intimate, tragic and joyful. Cloud fights to win new mares, surprising foals are born, lethal predators prowl, and a government bait trapping operation endangers Cloud’s family. Ginger Kathrens again captures the dynamic, complex, and beautiful world of wild horses.

p08_008 cloud prances 2003  Gather family and friends together and make this show an event to save America’s wild horses. Join filmmaker Ginger Kathrens on immediately after the  program for a live question and answer session. Then take a few minutes to write letters to your Senators to support the ROAM Act (§1579) and letters to your  editor requesting that wild horses be preserved and protected in viable wild herds.  12,000 wild horses and burros are to be rounded up over the next year alone and   removed from public lands in ten western states. This will leave fewer horses in the wild than will be stock-piled in government holding pens.

      Download a printable flier  here (WORD FORMAT   or  PDF FORMAT ) to spread the word! Please give to local clubs and groups!

Cloud's Band- Summer 2008- Living Images by Carol Walker

    Promotional flier here

     Preview of show here

Watch PBS’s Nature program on Sunday, October 25th – check your local listings for specific broadcast times! 

Press Release AVAILABLE here:  3rd Cloud Program  or in PDF Format here

Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions BOOK now available- 100’s of beautiful photos, 160 pages, all proceeds to The Cloud Foundation

 Order here (books ship the week of October 26th) 

cloud_challenge_stallions book cover

Don’t forget to watch “Stampede to Oblivion” – George Knapp’s Investigative Report 




2 Responses to “Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions- Wild Horses on PBS this Sunday”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Ginger, Makendra and Christine, How is Cloud? mar

  2. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    TCF, About Cloud, I got a message from matt and he was p the mountain twice this week and said he even took some video of horses people were asking about. He is posting it today. Maybe you can link him. mar

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