Stampede to Oblivion

George Knapp’s Investigative Report on Wild Horses in Nevada- watch here

An idea from Nevada Horse Power:

Please send your stories to MICHAEL MOORE,  and ask for him to do a feature documentary on the gross government mismanagement of our wild horses and burros. 


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  1. Linda H Says:

    Send this link to every elected and appointed official today. I’ve been at it all morning.

  2. betty Says:

    Can we get a national program to carry this story? This is well researched well documented and well done!

    The map of HMA 1971 vs the map 2009 speaks volumes!!

  3. Suzanne Moore Says:

    Great idea!

  4. gemfarm Says:

    Awesome idea regarding Michael Moore – Need to get on it…unable to tune into Ginger’s Sat pm interview – will it be posted here?

  5. Margaret Says:

    This is a super idea. He taught me so much about the ill health care system we have with his film a couple of years ago. He might be willing to come on board.

  6. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    What George Knapp has done is a piercing report that was needed. I have not watched it all yet but he has evidence that is damning of BLM. The corral owner who stated there were wild horses that remained unbranded is proof of how they managed to ship many to slaughter.

    I know you have been enjoying Pam Nickoles ‘foals’ photos, but you might go to her site to see her incredible struggle to save El Mariachi, her wild horse. The BLM nearly killed him and now he has safety, but he was nearly lost. Think of those who were.

    Please contact me if you are interested in a project to get people to roundups.

    • Margaret Says:

      I know you haven’t seen the video yet but there is video of a foal being roped and thrown (big ow) and yet another of a big ranch hand type picking up a foal to put on the trailer by his neck and tail. A word of warning for the end of Part 4 and early into Part 5 of VERY GRAPHIC video of a slaughter house in Mexico.

      This guy should get some kind of Emmy for his award winning documentary that shows the BLM for what they are. It’s a close second to Ginger’s documentary on Cloud (but that’s my own biased opinion!)

      • Morgan Williams Says:


        George Knapp has won a Peabody award. The same goes for Ginger Kathrens.

      • Suzanne Moore Says:

        Margaret ~ If you think what you saw in the slaughter house on “Stampede To Oblivion” was graphic… I know they had to keep it suitable for prime time, so what they showed was how it is when things go completely “right.”

        But, as we know, things frequently go wrong, especially with horses. What I have seen makes the Knapp footage look like a bedtime story. The one video that I decided to put on my blog is graphic, but pretty tame compared to some I’ve seen but could not bear to put on my blog. Maybe I should put them there, but I can’t stand to be reminded of them…

        The stuff of nightmares.

  7. jan eaker Says:

    this was excellent! How can we all unite and send our fury to Washington; all the talk about horses as nonnative; what are cows if not nonnative,

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      Was it you that asked who has the ROAM Act on their desk/calendar right now? S.1579 and S. 727 are with the Committee of Energy and Natural Resources in Washington. They must put it on their calendar to review (which is why Ginger, Makendra & others tried to visit all 24 Senators on the committee the day of Mustangs on The Hill) and pass the 2 bills to the Senate floor for a vote. It there are enough votes, the 2 bills go to President Obama for signing into law.

      • jan eaker Says:

        Thanks, I just mailed them all to beg them to get ROAM out of committee and passed and also to halt these roundups,
        I am sending this coverage to everyone I know, if this doesn’t anger people, and cause a groundswell of action to DC, then we have all lost our souls.

  8. Roxy Says:

    I have sent an e-mail to Michael Moore almost every week – and always get “undelivered – e-mail address is full”. So I think this will require hard copies.

  9. Morgan Williams Says:

    WOW! This was a deep, well done report. I applaud this reporter for his work. 5 stars George Knapp. He must have spent hundreds of hours investigating and shooting the report. He brought so many people into view that I have not heard mentioned before like the woman who worked along side Mustang Annie. Wish I could shake his hand in person. Bravo to all those people being interviewed, for their courage and determination to tell the truth.

    I have questions about the Madeleine Pickens’ plan. However, I do think her efforts are highly commendable and sincere. Her and her husband’s voices are getting to the right people in high places. Boone certainly has the money to fund Madeleine’s 1/2 million acre ranch and all the set up costs. Madeleine wants to set up a public park or eco system. That would create income off the mustangs and burros. This idea has gotten her favor with the American Cattle Association and the state of Nevada because it could mean money in their pockets too. Madeleine is asking the BLM to pay her the customery $500 per head per year fee for caretaking the mustangs & burros on her private property. Would all this income be just enough for to cover all expenses of the sanctuary? Then, that would make sense. Is there logic to causing all the mustangs to be non-producing? Then they would slowly die out. Would Madeleine (as long as she lives) keep taking newly rounded up Mustangs and Burros? How on earth would you write up a legal Will to make sure the herds didn’t go to slaughter after Madeleine’s or Boone’s death?

    The main thing is to get those Mustangs and Burros out of BLM prison and out of federal hands.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      These have been my questions, too, Morgan. I would like to know our worst case scenario. mar

    • jan eaker Says:

      The Wild Horse Sanctuary in the Black Hills is in the process of setting up a trust to ensure that the Sanctuary will continue forever, so I’m sure that the Pickens’ lawyers are aware of how to do this.
      There is some good information on that site as well, he has around 500 mustangs on 11,000 acres, and has to supplement hay during the winter, wouldn’t that be something the BOM could do on range they say is poor???? it would be cheaper than all those horses in those awful holding pens;

      • Christine Says:

        If I remember correctly, there are also places that supplement DEER with feeding them hay during the winter. Shouldn’t be a problem for horses.

        I’m glad I was led by Creator to contact George about the issue back then. His email is on under ‘Hosts’ if anyone wants to contact him.

      • Linda H Says:

        Yes, they feed deer all over in the winter. They also feed the elk in Jackson Hole in the winter.

      • Morgan Williams Says:


        YOU are the one who started George Knapp on investigating? Wow!

        What kind of deer are you talking about that are fed hay? In Wisconsin we have white tail. They cannot eat or digest hay. We are also not allowed to feed them anymore. Feed stores used to sell deer corn to help folks supplement forage in hard winters. Since the degenerative brain disease struck Wisconsin, feeding deer is illegal. One year all the hunted deer kill had be destroyed because Chronic Wasting disease can be passed to humans.

      • Linda H Says:

        We have mule deer in Colorado, and a local feed maker mixes up some special grain for deer, and they drop hay from helicopters. Hay is a large part of their diet–particularly ranchers’ hay.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        The Elk Range in Jackson gets much criticism for feeding the elk. Many want the herds to forage but because they are big money for hunters they have been supplemented.

        It sounds as if the Pickens plan has long term goals. That is nice to hear finally.

        Hey, Jo Bunny you out there? That was some French you used on the Canadien. You were cool, do not get me wrong.. mar

      • jo bunny Says:

        hi, mar! i’m still here…lurking in the shadows & chappin’ some butts on other blogsites. that horse eating’ canadien needs some serious buttchappin… latest reply to him was even more direct….
        while we are here. i have a question regarding the usfs & their role in doing roundups, branding horses, & maintaining long term horse confinement camps. i was under the impression that the blm was responsible for these particular atrocities against horses. does the usfs ALSO have a hand in this???? i know that they have made recommendations to the blm for horse culling & removal, but i found something the other day that leads me to believe that they are conducting their own roundups, doing selective brandings, & even possibly farming these horses out to outside people. can someone tell me more about the role that the usfs has in “managing” wild horses???? i’m really curious about this!!!

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Hey Jo B. I loved the French. That was icing on the cake. You need to find our researchers and see what they can dig up. What did you find that brings this up? Of course the USFS has a hand in things in places. They have been pretty hard core in some instances and others more flexible. But they are complicit. What I have from this blog is buried. I hope someone knows… mar

      • Morgan Williams Says:

        Jo Bunny,

        The United States Forestry Service has been and continues to conduct their own gathers. Jan F. or Jan E. brought to our attention the North Dakota gather on Oct. 15th. She thought Nakota mustangs were involved. I called Frank at the Nakota Horse Conservancy in North Dakota to see what he knew. He and his group will be at the gather and the auction to watch over the process. Frank is angry at the Forestry Service. He has been working to save the Nakota mustangs for over 30 years. Frank says the mustangs involved in the gather are watered down bloodlines of the Nakota mustangs, as quarter horses & shires were introduced a long time ago.

        I am of French Canadian (New France) lineage. The French Canadian people are a very different culture & upbringing than Americans, depending on what providence the Canadian man is from that you were conversing with on R.T. blog. The eastern lands are very, very French. Get over towards Alberta and you will see the effects of American culture. Canada has suffered a brutal history of marginalizing Indians & the experience of slavery as our country has had. There is much confusion between all the citizens, like we have between the people of each U.S. state. I don’t mean to excuse his choice of words, nor am I trying to demean the points you had Jo Bunny. It’s a matter of education and bringing folks up to a higher level of thinking. Not easy to do but a worthy endevour.

  10. Morgan Williams Says:

    I was able to save all sections of the video into a file on my PC.

    • Christine Says:

      Could you email them to me? I’d really like to see the report, but its not buffering well for me – I have a slow connection so streaming doesn’t work so well. My email is

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      George Knapp responded to my email I sent after watching the investigative report. That was very impressive. I am sure he reads thousands of emails each week.

      George told me that he has been following Mustangs and Burros for 18 years. He said he will continue working on their behalf until he dies.

      • Morgan Williams Says:

        George Knapp wrote back to me. He has given me permission to make DVDs or CDs of his investigative report for sending to Washington Senators.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Morgan, Great. If you want me to help we can either burn some or contribute come blank DVDs. Thanks George.

        Thanks for the Nelson video, he is beautiful. He reminds me of Mentor, the Morgan stallion at Uconn when I was growing up. Very strong and good confirmation. It is amazing he is not gelded and he has been adjusting. He is very well behaved. The place is in Chatham, NY, upstate. It is very beautiful there. mar

  11. jan eaker Says:

    sorry, BLM, can’t type tonite, watching that “person” throw that baby horse into the trailer by his head and tail just did it for me, how terrified those babies were,

    • Morgan Williams Says:

      Since when is a tail a ‘handle’ anyways. Good grief. All those babies in one trailer away from their mamas. One baby had screamed itself silly and did not even sound like a foal’s voice anymore.

      There was so much video of abuse that was so hard to watch, but George Knapp and his editor did the right thing. There was a shot of a burro being kicked senseless. A burro! Adults who abuse animals are very sick mentally. They are a threat to society. I have heard that a child that kills or tortures animals at a young age has real potential to grow into a deranged criminal if not given proper treatment from professionals.

      • Linda H Says:

        That’s why in many states, it’s a felony to harm or kill an animal. I sat on a jury once in a felony abuse case where a cat was killed in front of some children. Animal abuse is a predisposition for mental instability and other types of abusive behavior. Why am I not surprised to see this deplorable behavior in these roundups. That’s why I can’t understand why the Humane Society can’t intercede and charge individuals in these cases.

      • Christine Says:

        I sent all the Coast to Coast hosts the press release about the roundup and trying to stop it, and George is the only one who responded and said he’d look into it. I’d quote the email response, but my old emails are currently trapped on my old computer. He’s an occasional guest host on Coast to Coast and the next show he did was a full show with Madeleine Pickens and at least one other expert. I’d link to the show, but its behind their Streamlink membership wall.

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      You are a hero! WOOOOOOOOW. Do you have contact with Mr. Knapp? What press release did you send to him intitially?

      • Christine Says:

        Nah, it was just the first idea I could come up with to help. His email is on the website, tho, under ‘Hosts’.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Good work, Christine, you have got one hell of a response. It is such a big story, he saw that. You found him. Mar

      • Morgan Williams Says:


        Last month my laptop nearly crashed. I had a professional service replace my harddrive & restore my laptop back to service. My DVD burner is now working again and I am finally on the project of making copies of George’s report for the Committee on Energy & Natural Resources and my 2 Senators. I did recieve written permission from George Knapp. If you would like, I can make one DVD for you, for your personal use for home viewing. Please send me your address:


  12. Morgan Williams Says:

    It did pain me to see President and Mrs. Obama visiting a BLM long term holding prison (pens, I mean) for Mustangs and Burros and not be horrified by what they saw. Wild horses that are wild no more. Some of those equines have been greatly physically and emotionally injured by the round up process. Those pens hold mares whose foals have been left to die on the range or the fetus was aborted from stress. Those pens hold colts and fillies orphaned when their mother’s died from broken bones, internal injuries or heat exhaustion. Those pens hold once proud & majestic stallions that lovingly protected bands of mares and offspring. The life in their eyes has gone out. They are all sentenced to life long internment or possible slaughter. The once highly valued icon of the great American West is sadly reduced to a number on a tag. Why did President Obama walk by them all with such a smile of satisfaction on his face? Why?????

    Help me remember. Did President Obama name Ken Salazar as Secreatry of the Interior (knowing that Salazar was a cattle rancher) and then Salazar named Bob Abbey?

    • jan eaker Says:

      I think that’s the way it went, Obama to Salazar to Abbey,
      in the interviews in this piece, all the BLM people sounded like robots, saying exactly the same company line of blab, blab, blab,

    • Christine Says:

      I have a feeling that the President has never, ever seen a horse anywhere but a pen or being ridden, and probably mostly just on TV. For him, that would be ‘normal’, so looking at horses and burros in pens wouldn’t be a big deal. I seriously doubt as well that he has seen or read anything about them beyond whatever Salazar and the BLM gives him which is, of course, going to be slanted toward their views.

      So…hmmm…how could we get him another view? Maybe one of the Senators?

    • Christine Says:

      Maybe send some Cloud DVDs through the Senators? And videos like the I-Team special?

      • Roxy Says:

        Yes, do you think we could get them at cost for this purpose? Or just send TCF the cost plus postange and whatever they htinnk they need for handling and have them send them on our behalf, I would give them permissinon to use my return mail address on the package and even a little note inside.

        And address some to David Axelrod and Janet (forgot her last name) and ask them to distribute them. Would Geroge Knapp do the same if he gave us a price?

        Wish I lived in Colorado Springs! But I’d be a pop sickle!

      • Roxy Says:

        Yikes, sorry for typos!

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      After all the attempts there may be someone who has said something. This is not a new story. I just think he trusts Salazar and has not appraised DOI in an objective way. I wish he would, but his eyes will be opened at some point. This is not over, sadly. mar

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Morgan, What I remeber of seeing that clip, Salazar was talking in an animated way. Maybe just putting it over on the Pres. Obama did not seem to be Looking at horses but rather listening to the snake in his ear. mar

    • Linda H Says:

      The pieces to puzzle just fell into place when I googled Robert Abbey:. “Abbey previously worked as a consultant specializing in western land and resource stragegies.” BUT prior to that he was the BLM director for the state of Nevada, ” responsible for managing natural resources and mineral development activities on about 48 million acres of public land in Nevada.” This would explain the history of the vast annihilation of the herd areas in Nevada, and the BLM’s resistance today to the WH&B supporters. He’s met his match now! And George Knapp certainly did a great job of opening up this can of worms–Susie Stokke appears to following in a great Nevada tradition of virtuous, reputable BLM executive employees.

      • Morgan Williams Says:


        Wow. Great work. When the BLM roundup scheduled came out for the new year, there were so MANY scheduled in Nevada. I had asked the question “Why?” What is there that the BLM wants?

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Linda, Thanks, and yes, Susan Stokke is scary. How to lie and get ahead.

        Morgan, BLM wants No horses. No burros. Their stewardship/guardianship has been used to annihilate their wards and steal their lands under ‘multiple use’ guidelines. If it is for cattle or for future energy exploration and the recent building of thousands of miles of gas pipelines, or for big game and ecological balance, it is all the same. No wild equines. What they do betrays the trust and the law for what they were given to protect. Their reasons generate money, influence and jobs on boards for companies and states. They are powerful but not invincible. mar

      • Morgan Williams Says:


        You misunderstood. I was agreeing with the facts Linda laid out.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        I was just trying to get to the last part about state and company boards which is where these people end up making even bigger money after government jobs. i was agreeing with linda, too. don’t think I misunderstood anything mar

    • jan eaker Says:

      Morgan, at least he DID go and see first hand, for him to do this means that our calls and emails and letters have had an effect. I’d think he’s the 1st president in forever to actually go see for himself what these horses look like and where they are being kept. I have to hope that this will bring favorable results to our efforts.

      • Morgan Williams Says:

        Janet E.,

        I suppose there is some good in President Obama and the 1st family going to the BLM holding prisons. I won’t dismiss your point because it is possible good will come, as you said. I hope you are right and I am wrong in my assessment.

        My first thought was that of Jane Fonda, 1972 & the American POWs in Vietnam. After she met 8 POWs, she went home & told the world the POWs were in good health, not being tortured and the POWs expressed shame for what they had done to Vietnam. She went on to charge that North Vietnamese POWs were systematically tortured by their American captures. When POWs started arriving home, Jane told the public not to hail them as heros, that they were all liars and hypocrites. She condemned the service men & women as war criminals.

  13. Roxy Says:

    WE need to figure out a way to educate Obama – remember he is a city guy, probably thinks whatever BLM told him ahead of time – and since they weren’t skin a bones, he probably thought they were as good as they get.

    And now probably thinks what he saw was what a wild horse is like. How do we get him to watch Cloud or any of the other documentaries?

    I don’t know how.

    Almost every e-mail I send I ask him to watch the first two on the internet, then to check out some of the other advocates films, but does anyone at the white house hear any of this, actually read anything we send, or hear any voice mails?

  14. Christine Says:

    Or maybe he should be invited to come see the Pryor horses, the free ones. Not like that would likely happen what with all the security that’s around our Presidents nowadays…

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      That would be fantastic for President Obama to visit mustang and burros in their natural habitats created in 1971. THEN President Obama would get a real picture. He is a smart guy. He can put the puzzle pieces together.

      A wide girth can be created for President Obama and his family no where they would like to go. Almost any place in this world can be made available to them. The government police and military have got all the protection needed available to the first family.

  15. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    The thing that is hardest to watch is very important, that abuse of burros and horses, young and old is a real sign of sickness in this society and that is something people have had a hard time accepting. The press has had a hard time presenting it, but George simply did what the story called for. He will likely win awards for this. That will give it more exposure. Mar

  16. jan sterling Says:

    i have been sending postings to steven long at horseback magazine and asking glenn beck at fox news to do an investigation of the blm – someone needs to write to glenn beck that has more influence – have not gotten any response from him

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      He may not think Glenn Beck is the way to go. Fox news is not the one I would choose either. Maybe CNN needs to review the George Knapp report? If morgan downloaded the report, she should send it to someone who can burn it. We could, Roger might, I will ask him. We may need permission. Maybe we should ask George if we can copy it to use in Washington to educate all of them, the committee and Obama’s people. Michelle. If we do not need permission since we are not selling it, let’s copy it and get it out. I will pay for a couple dozen copies.
      I can get Roger to help. Morgan, you want to do this? Hard Copies. In hand. mar

      • Morgan Williams Says:


        Yes, I would like to get copies out to EVERYONE on the planet. I will ask George Knapp about copyrights first. He is very quick to respond to email.

    • jan eaker Says:

      Glenn Beck!!!!!!!!?????? I agree w/Mar, Fox news is NOT the best way to get the President’s attention,
      Do we need George’s permission to send it on? there’s an email link on the broadcast, could it be emailed to the powers that be in Washington?

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Jan and Morgan, Late last night I discovered I could email it home and did. So i think we can just email it all over. A hard copy would be nice, but it is very quick and to get it out now. I got it at my blog and hope that my girlfriend in Connecticut is still emailing the posts I have links on.

        George may know someone who can get a Whitehouse person to watch it. It is important to get around BLMs hold on the Administration. mar

      • Morgan Williams Says:

        I just don’t want to copy & pass along George Knapp’s investigative work until I hear back from him. I don’t know or understand the professional definition of copyright infringement. Since Mr. Knapp did answere my email from yesterday very quickly, I am hoping he will answer my question today just as quickly.

        I would suppose sending a link is perfectly legal.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        I guess this is something to include to everyone we contact. What a plus to flood washington with this report, how could it go unwatched? mar

    • Suzanne Moore Says:

      I don’t think Glenn Beck or ANYONE from Fox would be the way to go not only with the President but many others as well. Including me. I know if I saw it on Fox, I probably wouldn’t believe it, and I know many, many others who feel the same way. I’m afraid someone like Glenn Beck would likely hurt us more than help.

      • Morgan Williams Says:


        You are right. Glen Beck would only use the plight of the Mustangs, Burros and domestic American horses as ONE MORE platform to spew hate speech at President Obama and the entire Obama administration. The spin would be focused on the person and not the horses.

  17. jan sterling Says:

    well if you want to educate obama – ask him why did he pick salazar in the first place – sure someone on his team put that bug in his ear to hire salazar – who represents the ranchers for the dept of interior

    • Suzanne Moore Says:

      I think most people thought Salazar was a great choice and they expected him to do a lot of house cleaning in the DOI. Remember, our perspective on what is important is different from the man in the street – unfortunately. For the most part, they don’t know any more about wild horses than the Obamas.

      • Morgan Williams Says:


        I will give the average Ameican on the street much grace for being completely ignorant on the issue of Mustang and burro extinction, or even on horse slaughter. I will work very hard to educate them on the facts and bring them into the battle with us.

        But, President Obama? No way. No how. He is OUR President. He is college educated (many times over) with big degrees behind his name. He was a state Senator who voted on horse slaughter issues. The last plant to close was in Illinois. President Obama should know the history of this country better than anyone right now. He knows darn well that Mustangs and burros belong roaming the west. He knows full well what the 1971 Act did and exactly what public land was set aside. He knows darn well that equines do not belong on a dinner plate.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Suzanne, that’s so true, we all had great expectations. It was that he was from Colorado and that meant there was a chance he would be progressive. He is not. His rancher background has been a real set back when DOI needed to get set right. mar

    • Suzanne Moore Says:

      Morgan ~ I don’t think you’re being quite fair regarding President Obama. Knowing about slaughter issues is not the same as knowing the ins and outs of the BLM/mustang situation.

      Heck, I’ve been working against slaughter for over 30 years, but knew nothing substantive about the Mustangs and how the BLM was actually disregarding the existing laws in regard to removing the horses from the range. If you don’t live in the West, you really don’t hear a lot about this. Unfortunately.

      And I don’t have health care, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Gitmo, the ecomony, etc. all being pushed in my face at once.

      Obama probably thinks he has no reason not to trust Salazar. We need to disabuse him of this notion if we can.

  18. jan sterling Says:

    thats a great idea to send cloud dvds and maybe the one made by sheryl crow – shows the slaughter houses – send them a wake up call – back to the national parks -john muir had written some books but the national geographic society did a book on the national parks and the proposed national parks and teddy rooselvelt made sure each member of congress got a copy – give the senate and obama the link to mary nash’s website – very graphic but hey maybe it will wake them up –

  19. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    If we get more timely photos from the up coming round ups we should send them to his press people and keep it up. Make CDs of any significant photos. CDs are cheap to make. Laura has photos of the foals in the Our Sheldon Horses that are just heart wrenching of the cruelty to them. And Pam’s story about El Mariachi is heart breaking, also. They all are. Obama would cry, too. The clip of them with Salazar at the pens was a real let down. mar

  20. Barbara Steele Says:

    Send a copy to Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia. He is a Democrat, took his daughter to Chincoteague Pony Penning. Maybe he would “educate” Obama.

  21. jan sterling Says:

    as for anything published online – you can email it and not cross copyright law – but i think you have to have permission t o download and make copies – i have a program that a friend gave me to download video from youtube – lots of people do and i wanted to make copies for friends – its that sheryl crow video on wild horses – but you can change subject line before you email – put in capital letters to draw attention to person getting email it will stand out – put in bold too – as for geroge knapp – you might try calling the station – i call our local channel 7 news all the time and you do get a live person – most tv stations get tons of emails – true to form i have read a lot of stuff online on how the blm wants to get rid of all wild horses so cattlemen can lease the land for very cheap for cattle and sheep – hope the predators get them – thats why they were mad in montana and idaho when wolf was put back in yellowstone – now idaho is letting people shoot the wolf again – no beef for me ever

  22. jan sterling Says:

    as for roundups – read online one person gave comments to put small cameras up around on holding pens and even on bottom of helicopters – then have a wireless feed offsite to a laptop – you could see what is going on without being there – and cameras on those drone planes – you would just have to know when and where roundup is to launch the planes – seems stalitlite tracking would be possible

  23. jan sterling Says:

    i think obama knew salazar before he appointed him and knew what his agenda was – after all the cattle business in this country is huge as well as dairy industry – he would not bat an eye over a few thousand horses that most people deem useless – read on one site about only little girls care about wild horses anymore – the rest of the world does not have time or has too many other problems to worry about – oil, minerals, timber, cattle, they are more important as they make MONEY for the country – the dollar has become the god of america – in fact i would not doubt in coming years to see them searching for oil and minerals in our national parks – its coming and only us older folks know what this country used to stand for

    • Morgan Williams Says:

      It’s like warning the public about not borrowing more than they can truly afford in the 1990’s when interest rates were so low, or during the last 4 years of mortgage scams. What each person does financially AFFECTS the economy and cash flow of the entire country. One simple college course in economics will teach anyone a wealth of knowledge that change your outlook permenently.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Jan, I hope not. In Illinois I was working on environmental issues and the Farm Bill which Obama wanted to make include enough for small farmers to protect streams and and water sheds from the cattle runoff. He knew it was needed and time to favor small farmers over big ones because people have been going back to farming in the sustainable movement.

      Obama only one time said something I disagreed about; tar sands. I told him to research what it does to the water and land when it is extracted. He never brought it up again.

      He needs to know. If the Senator mentioned here receives George’s Report
      and has the ear of Obama, we may be in luck. It is not as simple as that, most likely, but it is worth a good try. mar

  24. jan sterling Says:

    read on one website that the fish and game dept was also involved in rounding up horses – think that was in nevada or colorado not sure

  25. jan eaker Says:

    I also think this should be sent to Senator Landrieu,
    I also think Obama is a smart guy, and will want to see all sides of this issue, I hope so anyway, remember that it was the last administration that gave BLM free rein w/the roundups, there is a good video about this on the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. I feel like the BLM is in a feeding frenzy, trying to get as many horses as possible off the land before anyone tells them to stop. I believe they think no one is going to tell them to stop; so we have to keep the pressure up until someone listens and puts an end to this madness.
    I have sent letters to all members of the Senate Committee, and will now send letters to whoever you guys think is important about what is happening and why it needs to stop NOW.

    • thecloudfoundation Says:

      Thank you– Landrieu and her staff have the link and I think that they will watch this- she is committed to this issue. Whether or not we can get Obama to watch this is another matter, but yes: keep up the pressure! Makendra

      • jan eaker Says:

        I will pray that Obama is moved to watch this, and once watched, will make a difference in his administration’s actions regarding the horses and public lands,

      • Suzanne Moore Says:

        I’ve already asked one of my Senators, Evan Bayh, to consult with Sen. Landrieu for more details about this. They both are on the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, although not on the specific subcommittee that’s got S 1579. Senator Bayh has a pretty good record – he co-sponsored the anti-slaughter bill in the Senate and voted for S 727. I’m sure he’d support 1579 if it ever comes to a vote.

        Not so sure about our other Senator, but I’ll send both of them the I-Team link.

  26. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Jan e, Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia. As Barbara said. We can tell him that the way the ponies have been managed with public involvement is what we are aspiring to. And everyone else we have been and more… mar

    • jan eaker Says:

      I will contact him today! just went to the save our wild horses link, emailed both my senators and representative, and sent them letters concerning horse slaughter and returning the horses to public lands, it’s a good site,

  27. Linda H Says:

    I found Kerry Sanders on Facebook, (did the NBC story at Pryor) and challenged him to do George Knapp one better with links to that video as well as the Challis Roundup Wreck video where they weren’t on their best behavior. I don’t know if we should all bombard Kerry–would that impress on him that this issue has gained eeven more momentum since Sept., or would that work negatively?

  28. jan eaker Says:

    the link to this report is on Madeleine pickens’ website, I hope that helps,

  29. jan sterling Says:

    i sent link for george knapp video to our local cbs station in los angeles – sent it to david goldstein who does investigative reporting for channel 2 – also was able to forward it to 60 minutes – would hope maybe maury safer would look into it – email for sixty minutes is so you can write to them too

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Tomorrow I will send it to CNN even if others have. i had been in touch with them before. Time to do follow up and give them George. mar

    • Linda H Says:

      Click on this us gov website that has all the info for the committee that hears S 1579–members, schedule, etc. and you can email
      Click on Contact Information to email the committee–I know it’s not very personal, but if the staff gets a lot of responses, that can’t hurt either. I asked about when S 1579 would be on the hearing schedule. Keep at them from all directions. The Health issue is all over, but the committees still have their schedules to hear.

  30. jan sterling Says:

    yes i was thinking the president must be swayed to save the horses because if that ROAM bill ever gets passed in the senate he will have to sign it – or if he doesnt know the plight of horses he may veto if salazar has any influence on him – scary

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Jan S. Hope he has more compassion since he is for the people. I wanted to get back to the cameras, they cost money. But a motion detector camera used on wildlife can be under $100. and set up with camouflage. It might be nice at a place we can’t get access to. mar

  31. jan sterling Says:

    sadly right now that darn helath care bill is all washington is thinking about – before thanksgiving maybe you need another mustang on the hill – this time ride some – that will get their attention

    • jo bunny Says:

      i think that there are people in dc right now doing some campaigning for roam. & peca…..isn’t the american horse defense council doing something this week on the hill???? they were asking for volunteers to campaign during the month of october. i don’t know if anyone else answered the call to come to dc after the big mustangs on the hill event but i’m pretty sure that at least one organization is there this week…..

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Jo B, Yes, They asked for people all month to keep at the legislators. It was a good move. If they have the George Knapp report, now, that will help them sway people who are sitting on the fence. Mar

  32. Barbara Steele Says:

    While I was in Chincoteague watching roundup I read a book called “Mad Sheep”

    —about the USDA and a small farm flock of sheep that were destroyed by the government when BSE Mad Cow disease appeared in U.S. Our USDA maintained the sheep had BSE–they did not and sheep don’t get BSE. The National Cattlemen Beef Council was behind the sheep killing of course since about 78 billion dollars of beef is exported each year and if foreign countries would boycott U.S. beef the stock market would go into the dumper. Getting rid of the sheep took the heat off the cattle industry that had a big problem and still does. Only a small percentage of cattle are tested for BSE in the USA. Politics won out over science.
    Anyway here is the NCBC response to Salazar horse plan

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Thanks Barbara, If we look hard enough we would most likely find USDA is as bad as DOI. I think that is the case. Yes, the buffalo have had a real bad rap, and now that there are no cattle near Yellowstone proper, there is no reason for the hazing and the culling. Animals could be removed to enhance Native herds and the herds on other public lands, such as Wind Cave, SD. It is more of the inane madness the DOI is guilty of. Mar

      • jan eaker Says:

        Actually, according to the Discovery Channel special I watched about the Yellowstone Buffalo, it is the Montana Livestock ASSN who demands the infected Buffalo be sent to slaughter, not to exonerate DOI, just received an email from the National WIldlife Federation, now 120,000 acres of WY may be useed for methane gas producers, jeopardizing the elk and other wildlife out there, this is the BLM, managing our public land,

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Because the buffalo do leave the park in harsh winters and for birthing, the Park Service will do this without being asked because it is what the association wants. I have come on the places they were slaughtered myself, right on the main road in West Yellowstone. it is shocking. Cattle are not usually kept over winter anywhere around the park boundaries. They are trucked in for late spring and trucked out in fall. That buffalo may damage fences and if we allowed them to grow into roaming herds, they would be formidable, so they are also kept from natural herd expansion. the culling will take out family groups and excellent individuals. This is very bad for their genetic survival. mar

      • jo bunny Says:

        oh yeah. usda is bad news. head over to farm sanctuary’s website to learn more about their dealings with the usda. it’s amazing how much corruption & good ol’ boy money is involved there. for those who don’t know, farm sanctuary is the leader in animal activists fighting for legal rights for farm animals…pigs, cows, chickens, sheep, goats…..but not horses. they have 2 sanctuaries, 1 in california, 1 in upstate new york. they can tell you everything you want to know about the usda.

    • Suzanne Moore Says:

      Sheep do not get BSE, but they do have a disease called “scrapie” that is also caused by prions and is a Transmissible Spongioform Encephalopathy – TSE.

      Is it possible those dimwits just didn’t know the difference?

      • Barbara Steele Says:

        Yep–that seems to be a possiblity. From what I have read lately domesticated ruminants, cows, sheep, goats should not be allowed to intermingle with wild life. Beef and lamb are probably much safer to eat if it comes from mid-west feedlots and eastern farms or better yet grass fed organic raised. Also just read that big horn sheep get disease from domestic sheep and a sheep allotment is being reduced. Information also states that cattle and sheep are overgrazing public lands. Nothing about wild horses. Maybe an alliance with the wolf, buffalo, and wild animal people would be a possiblity, particularly in the face of the information concerning disease in food animals. Put ’em back on the farm and off the range!

  33. jan sterling Says:

    the ROAM bill – found some very megative feelings about roam bill online – said 700 million will be allocated for the horses – and 12 million acres of public land will be turned back over to the horses – but did not state there would be no more roundups – is that in the bill – also that sterlizliation of the horses would really reduce any numbers they hope to bring back – whats with that – if the blm is trying to save the horse why induce no reproduction – i saved the website just cant post on here

  34. jan sterling Says:

    that about the sheep is the same old story the cattlemen tell about the buffalo in yellowstone – that they are infected with the brusellois virus and therefore are a threat to cattle yet studies have been shown that the buffalo ARE NOT INFECTED yet every year several are killed because they traveled off the park – guess next to God in this country, the cattle people are right up there too and the way its going they dont want God anymore either

  35. jan sterling Says:

    i believe our native american people would agree to leave the horses on the land along with the buffalo and wild animals and take out the cattle – the stockmen that let cattle into wilderness areas and then complain about the predators like wolves and mountain lion shd know a cow can not defend it self the way a wild animal can – they were never taught to defend themselves and besides the ranchers chop off their horns – and then they want to go and kill off the predators – they even complain about our american eagle how they carry off lambs – they proved that lambs are too heavy for an eagle to carry off but they dont believe it – maybe if all of us quite eating beef – they would get the message

  36. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Jan s, Golden eagles will hunt on the ground. I have seen them. They take pronghorn young this way. after a feast or two they may carry off remains unless a coyote or other predator takes it. Defenders of Wildlife reimburses ranchers for animals lost due to proven predation. But we need our predators.

    In recent years grass fed beef has become a big item. It is good and feedlot or grained beef doesn’t compare. We did not realize the beef we had in Dolores was grass fed until I asked. All was raised up along the West Dolores River Valley on San Juan National Forest grazing land. mar

  37. jan sterling Says:

    but how many acres of public land does a rancher need – what one acre per cow – do the cows eat anything else besides the grass – heard that the horses were browsers and ate other plants besides grass – i lived on farm saw how cows graze they pull up plant with their tongue – think horses just nip the tops leaving roots in the ground – sheep are hard on grass and plants too – graze right down to the dirt – seems the horses do the least amount of damage to the land – read online on one website that obama chose salazar because he wanted the dept of interior cleaned up – whatever that means

  38. jan sterling Says:

    have to disagree about salazar – he knows exactly about the wildhorses and on one website i found he had made comment the only good thing for the wild horses was to kill them – he may be a senator but he is from colorado and definitely is backed by ranchers

    • Linda H Says:

      Salazar is always proud to say that he is a 5th generation rancher from Alamosa, CO. That should tell us all where he stands.

    • Morgan Williams Says:

      Betcha that lovely little comment is long gone from the website Ken Salazar was quoted on!

  39. jan sterling Says:

    i just feel if that meeting ginger did with blm in sept and then the march on washington to talk with senate did not sway the way the blm feels about the wild horses – nothing will change their mind – its already made up – he is determined to do with the horses his way or no way

  40. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Jan S, cows need many acres, in NM it takes about 30 acres per cow because of over grazing. Our mountain streams and rivers are polluted from grazing cows and sheep because the DOI allows them direct access even in sport fishing areas.
    The mountain valleys that are grazed for about three months are eaten to nothing and the rancher has to come up, saddle a horse and move the cattle along to a new meadow. I was up watching all this this summer on the West Dolores River valley. The deer hung out but the elk took off once the cows came. mar

  41. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Jan S, we will not change the way BLM feels ever. We can only try to change policy. Nothing will change their minds. They are a brick wall with very few people who have any empathy for what we do.

    This is why we have to stop the roundups. this is the point of removal and the start of the fear, terror, and the awful abuse these horses and burros experience.
    The Moratorium is for saving Lives. NOW. The fight will continue even if ROAM dies in Committee. Then it gets redone and re introduced and may have a better chance the next time. But it is still in committee. We may still have a chance.

    a bill can still pass if it comes through a second time. The horses need thr Moratorium so we can work on ROAM> mar

  42. jan sterling Says:

    did any of you think of contacting wayne newton in las vegas – he raises arabians but loves horses and he has a lot of pull in vegas – since blm is saying most of wild horses are in nevada that would be the place to make a stand

  43. jan sterling Says:

    well went back thru favorites and could find which site i had saved where he said that – anyway according to an article on animal law coalition website -article 1972 – salazar is all for this new proposal of buying land in the east and moving the horses there – can u imagine trucking over 30,000 horses east – and they dont say where they intend to buy land – anyway salazar made comment that there are now over 70,000 wild horses compared to 25,000 when the 1971 law was passed – doesnt he have that backward – there were more in 1971 – adovates for the horses think salazar is trying to beat the ROAM Bill so he can keep control over the horses – under his plan – i think there would still be horse roundups

    • Barbara Steele Says:

      I read somewhere that Salazar’s offer to move the horses east or mid-west was to start a dialogue. If it wasn’t so serious the offer would be laughable. I can’t think of anyplace in the east that could have an area large enough to contain the horses. I am in the mid-Atlantic area and farmers here are under duress of development and Chesapeake Bay regulations. Our small herd of 20 beef cows and calves(my grandchildrens 4-H project) are fenced out of the stream to keep from polluting the Chesapeake. EPA is tightening up the regs on the large Amish animal producing areas in Lancaster Co. The Soil Conservation District in our county, Adams, encourages no-till corn production and works with farmers on manure storage, and run-off. We have to have a conservation plan for our small farm. Maybe PA would have an area in the western and upstate counties but natural gas is being found there and most of the area is forested. So most areas that would be close enough for “tourists” to see the horses are already developed and/or farmed in the Mid Atlantic. Don’t know about other eastern areas but I don’t think most states want any more parks that aren’t producing revenue.
      The question of boycotting beef could be a double edge sword. Remember only 3% of beef comes from Public Lands and people do patronize MacDonalds. The public should be encouraged to purchase locally from farm markets or the farmer who raises the animal. Lots more farm markets have sprung up in my area in the past couple of years which is a good.

  44. Barbara Steele Says:

    I just sent the following email to PBS Frontline including the George Knapp link
    I am a PBS subscriber with the Hershey/Harrisburg Station Channel 33. I have always watched Frontline and have learned much from this program.
    I would like to suggest a program that would, I believe, be of interest to your viewing public concerning animal welfare, government mis-management, and range wars. The plight of the wild horse has surfaced with the BLM gather of Cloud and his herd in the Pryor Mountains. A huge number(33,000) of horses are in confinement and the march to gather another 14,000 this year continues by BLM and the Dept.of Interior The following link is an investigative report by George Knapp giving a full background and interviews of the wild horse situation.
    Please consider this program.

    Thank you.
    Barbara Steele Littlestown, PA
    app link.

    Frontline says they read every email sent so email away!

  45. jan sterling Says:

    i already posted it to 60 minutes – on another subject today is national feral cat day – why not a national mustang day or wild horse day –

    and i have been emailing it to horse people up here in the high desert

  46. jan sterling Says:

    i got email from that woman whose husband ran helicopters and i told her the band stallions do not mate with daughters and granddaughters that i had heard that about horses and she insisted the stallion will mate with any female horse well i found article online that says the stallion will let another stallion come in and mate with his daughters and they leave to go live with the other band stallion but the families stay close – mares with daughters but different sire for grandchildren – i sent it to her – nature does not adopt inbreeding only man does

  47. Barbara Steele Says:

    Here is another article about wild horse behavior by the experts.

  48. jan sterling Says:

    the reason i responded to her was that she wrote and told me that the band stallion will breed with any female that comes in heat, including his own daughters and granddaughters and i knew that was not true yet she insisted she was right – so that her knowledge about habits of wild horses is nil – maybe that is all the blm knows too – they do not know how important family groups are and that it is an older dominant female horse that leads the younger horses to food and water and the blm insists on rounding up those mares – told her how important the older horses are to the younger ones – its like the elephants they are led by an older female

    • Barbara Steele Says:

      I believe the lead mare is really in charge of the group. I have seen this many times at Chincoteague and I just viewed the Cloud preview and it shows his lead mare holding the group together and bringing it back to him. It is really scary that the people who are profitting from the wild horse roundups seem so illiterate about the animals. Hopefully they are not all that way.
      When man or woman thinks they are in control nature has a way to show them the error of their ways. It happened in Chincoteague this past year. The firemen introduced an mature stallion from outside of the herd into the established herd. He managed to get 2 mares but in doing so there was horrible fighting and finally wounding of a very nice island stallion. Needless to say he was taken out of there this fall and on his way to retirement in Texas.

      • jan eaker Says:

        I have a little herd of horses here at home, 3 geldings and a mare, she’s 19 now, but she’s been the head girl since she was 2; she is the first to get water, the first to come in the barn at night, she picks out what pile of hay SHE wants and the rest sort sort out what’s left; if she doesn’t come up the hill for whatever reason, the others don’t either, she is the queen; I have a dominant male(even tho he’s a gelding, he is the dominant male) and she puts him in his place all the time, except when she’s in heat, then she’s pretty friendly to him; the guys follow her lead, she takes them out to the pasture in the a.m. and brings them up at night; their behavior fascinates me, I enjoy watching them interact; if I ride one of the geldings away from her, she calls to them until we come back, when the boys are doing something she doesn’t like, she warns them, first very subtly, (i.e. ears back) and it progresses in intensity until they get the message; the 2 more submissive guys usually get the message when she makes what I call the snake face, but my dominant guy(who looks incredibly like Cloud) is slow on the uptake and usually gets a good butt-whipping before he backs off.
        if i bring in a new horse, i introduce him/her very slowly, and keep them seperated for as long as it takes for all to be safe, these horses have been together for awhile and it takes time to reestablish the herd hierarchy. They are definitely a family unit, unreproducing, but a family nonetheless.

      • Morgan Williams Says:

        Jan Eaker,

        Sounds like you have a slice of Paradise there with your horse herd. They are certainly loved by a fine & knowledgable owner.

  49. jan eaker Says:

    Morgan, I have loved horses since I was 3, and I’ll be 60 in March, my Dad put me up on a saddle in front of him and that was it, a lifetime love affair w/God’s most beautiful creature.
    Now my dream is to be able to find and fund a larger place in order to have some mustangs on my place, I only have 5 acres, so I need more room to have more horses;

  50. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Barb, I am a bit surprised by some of the ‘experiments’ that management has attempted and carried out on the ponies. To make them larger for appeal seems unnecessary. Their popularity has been consistent. The introduced stallion may have been brought in too quickly, but that is a risky thing anytime. mar

    • Barbara Steele Says:

      Back in 1962 the ponies were almost wiped out by a ‘noreaster on the island and Chincoteague. The firemen got people who had bought ponies previously to donate them back and they bought some from mainland herds. I went to the Pony Penning that year and the ponies were quite small. They sold for about $250 which was a good pony price. The firemen have been pretty good about introducing outside lines and the ponies still have the Chincoteague “look”. When a palomino pinto comes up at auction, Misty’s name is always invoked and the price goes up! I understand that BLM mustangs were introduced back in the 70’s and they didn’t do well probably because of climate and disease. There is also some Arab blood in the herd also and there are some breeders on Chincoteague and off that maintain bloodlines.
      The introduced stallion had been born on the island and I think he had the breeding of a departed stallion that the firemen were trying to get back in the herd. I think he was from one of my favorites, Billy Ray or Broken Jaw both mustangs. Anyway looking forward to this coming spring to see if the mares he had produce foals like him.
      The idea of breeding for size is just my observation since the ponies appear to be larger than in the 1960’s. As a matter economics the firemen have to sell the foals to maintain the herd that they have owned for quite some time. Larger ponies are not outgrown by children and bring higher prices. To sell them they have to have vet checks, shots, worming and that runs into some dollars. All of the people who handle them are volunteers except the vet. The ponies still live in bands and run free so I guess there has to be a compromise and I hope the firemen continue to do the best they can.

  51. jan sterling Says:

    i used to get arabian horse world and someone in there wanted to let one of their arab staiilions run with the mustangs for a year or so to bring up the quality of the horses – think the little arab probably would have been in the least ran off or killed by a band stallion – people just do things without thinking – daughter talked to some people today down in devore who have horses and she said her mom is involved with the mustang campaign – she did not get any names but great to know that everyone is doing what they can

  52. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Barb, i seem to remember that there was a storm that had taken ponies when I had my mustang. I was 13. If arab and mustang were introduced it would give them some size. Breeding with ponies that have been adopted makes sense if they are going to strengthen bloodlines. I still wonder at what S. Cattoor said about the Pryor horses having Arab blood. You could put a mare out but not a stallion. When she produced a colt then they would have first, a half Arab/mustang stallion and his offspring would be 1/8 Arab? I am not doing a chart, and should. The dilution is very quick from the first off spring to the next generation. They would be absorbed, leaving some family traits. With the ponies having one foal, all that would be very slow, now. I remember that some of the favorite individuals were larger stallions and of course, those with ‘maps’ of color. The ponies never were a uniform size.
    I used to be given old Arab Horse World and I remember the cartoons of quarter horses looking bunchy and muscle bound. They have opened ‘the book’ for thoroughbreds to be used on quarter horses more than once, to get away from that bunched look to get a more all around horse. I rode quarter horse, thoroughbred and Appaloosa in Virginia, on a farm where friends and i went for a week to jump in the Blue Ridge back in 1981? I think. The appy mare was the largest Appaloosa I have ever seen at 16 hands.
    The idea of running domestic stallions seems a bit romantic when all you have to do is put a mare out who is not conspicuous. mar

  53. jan sterling Says:

    found another group to email – they are a bunch of big hefty guys and group is called rescueink – they are shown on nat geo so i emailed them a bout horses – email is – you never know they might help

  54. jan sterling Says:

    just saw preview for nature next week on pbs – about cloud – carrried here at 8 pm in southern california area on kcet – i emailed my favorite horse artist – lesley harrison – she and her husband live in northern calif – she does horses in pastels – so sharp they look like photots – you might email sourthwest art mag – there is a huge website for artists in general under the artist magazine website – and there is a group for wildlife artists too that includes horse artists – you might try steven spielberg – his studio made story of spirit movie

  55. jan sterling Says:

    was watching news tonite on abc – evening news with charles gibson and they had story about men who drive the cassions at arlington – now they have started taking injured men from iraq and aghstan who have lost limbs – and putting them on horse back – the walking of a horse is similar to ours so the men get the feel of the way their artifical limbs will work – also man who had brain injury trauma and was severely depressed was in riding program and he said when he is riding it just makes him feel good – too bad when they leave hosp – they all cant take a horse home with them to continue their therapy

    • Morgan Williams Says:

      Jan S.

      What a great report! Thanks for sharing! You have hit on an excellent case in point of the soul of man creating a unique bond with the soul of a horse. Horses are like no other species in the animal kingdom ( but not taking away any merit from the incrediable theraputic & soulful value of dogs, cats, dolphins).

      One of my favorite quotes is from John Lyons:

      There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the insides of a man.

      Just a question (if you have not already done so):
      How would you feel about taking this story to all the 24 Senators on the Committee for Energy & Natural Resources? Do you have the time or ability to send them all a letter? Right there, in their own backyards of Capital Hill are horses serving AMERICA by providing invaluable therapy to our men and women in uniform! How much more do they need to ramp up efforts on the Roam Act (#S 1579) and prevention of cruelty to Equines (#S 727). They need to decide as a committee to pass those bills to the Senate floor!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!! Before Ken Salazar rounds up & destroys every last Mustang and burro herd left roaming free. Before any wild equines in BLM pens are shipped anywhere else except back to their public lands and before many more precious American equines can be sent to slaughter.

      I know you understand the urgency and you are well informed on all the facts. I do not direct my intensity towards you at all.

  56. jan sterling Says:

    you probably think i am crazy but i was thinking about all the service people who have been injured and other people too – that a mustang would fit the bill perfectly for all these broken people – the mustang loves people because he has been part of a family – what better companion for these wounded heroes than a mustang – but they would need help with feeding and caring – i like the program they have in england – they still encourage children to ride ponies – if family cant afford a pony its kept on a farm with someone else and they all get together to ride

  57. jan sterling Says:

    whoops srry did not see the last part of morgan posting – duh – yes i could do that as i already have the list who is on committee – just have to cut and paste what i posted on here

  58. jan sterling Says:

    would i have to get permission frm abc to send it to them – sometimes the stories frm the evening news are still online –

  59. jan sterling Says:

    want to make sure i have the right senators on that committee – took frm website with their email addresses

    senator barrasso – wy
    senator bayh – in
    senator bennett – ut
    senator brownback – ks
    senator bunning – ky
    senator burt – nc
    senator cantwell – wa
    senator corker – tn
    senator dorgan – nd
    senator johnson – sd
    senator landrieu – la
    senator lincoln – ar
    senator menendez – nj
    senator mccain – az
    senator murkowski – ak
    senator risch – id
    senator sanders – vt
    senator sessions – al
    senator shaheen – nh
    senator stabenow – mi
    senator mark udall – c
    senator wyden – or

    i guess they also were listed on cloud website

    • Morgan Williams Says:

      Jan S.,

      Sorry I did not write back sooner. I saw your post. I was off my feet a few days.

      How did you decide to proceed? With email or regular mail letters. Or, are you going to actually send them a copy of the video report? Did you need any of the Senator’s mailing address?

      Feel free to use my regular email address if you like:


  60. jan sterling Says:

    i went to the senators websites that were links and most of them have email right on the website – not like i could write to them and send a link with the video in it – so guess i will have to email each of them unless they have an email at the senate like hingaman does – i cant afford to mail letters – but i can send link for video to morgan if she wants to write letters – i was going to do email – let me know

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