Craig Downer’s Recommendations to BLM Advisory Board

Wildlife Biologist Craig Downer read 2 minutes worth of his comments to the Advisory Board before being timed out. Here are his complete comments. Craig Downer- BLM Advisory Board comments 9-2009


8 Responses to “Craig Downer’s Recommendations to BLM Advisory Board”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    This is a vision I like. mar

  2. Frank Martinez Says:

    An eloquent and well written statement! Such as these are rare. This should move MORE people, horseowners or not, to take action by contacting their elected senators, urging them to support Senat Bill S1579(ROAM Act).

  3. Frank Martinez Says:

    An eloquent and well-written statement! Such as these are rare. This should move more people, horseowners or not, to urge their elected senators to support Senate bill S1579(ROAM Act).

  4. Morgan Williams Says:

    He was able to give his whole 3 minute version on Howling Radio last week. Such a sincere and gentle man of integrity & determination! Go Craig!

  5. Kathi Martin Says:

    Thank you Craig – You have the vision!

    We must all lobby hard and be in full force at the December WH&B Advisory Board mtg.

  6. Roxy Says:

    Kudos as always to Craig Downer! Also, see excellent piece on R.T. Fitch site.

    I’m looking for opinons about these current newsclips, that answer some of my previous questions, unless anyone in this audience thinks these are faulty, if so please speak.

    My take on these: the one that mentions gunning them down, if you read the whole article, earlier they actually suggest machine gunning them down, then it gets even more bizarre – not sure of the motive here; another one, would appear to indicate that sterile horses will still act like a family and run and play together; the science – what I have said all along about the Bush era – fixing documents to their own will (EPA, WMD, BLM); how will this save money? Will only start saving by 2019 (Is that the 10 years that keeps cropping up? And how much MORE would be saved by just returning their rightful lands that have been taken away – SOMEONE COULD DO A COMPARISON PERHAPS?); every article that talks about predation repeats the same lie -”there is none” – well, that is only true when you are killing off the predators – stop killing the predators!; Grijalva “praised” the proposal – but really sounds like he praised the fact that BLM is talking, that he still hopes for further communication? I hope so.

    FROM Missoula Independent Free Thinking, October 8, 2009 by Erika Fredrickson “Alone on the Range”
    About Flathead Lake’s Wild Horse Island:
    …According to documents Stillman acquired, two scientists in the Department of the Interior resigned in 2005 after claiming that they were pressured by the Bush administration to fix the findings of a grazing study by saying wild horses had the most negative impact regarding range degradation.
    ……”From a historic standpoint it’s kind of exciting to see them there (Flathead lake Island),” he says. “The setting is really dramatic. What I’ve noticed in the past when we’ve had four or five horses there at a time is they tend to become a little more active. You’re more likely to see those scenes that you envision when you hear the name Wild Horse Island. Occasionally, on a chilly morning, you’ll see them running across the plain together.”…

    FROM Washington Daily Post, 10-08-09
    Salazar Presents Ambitious Plan to Manage Wild Horses
    Preserves in Midwest and East, Sterilizations Proposed as Population Grows Beyond Control in West,
    By Lyndsey Layton and Juliet Eilperin:
    …The government intends to partner with nonprofit organizations and other private groups to create five more preserves, so that 25,000 animals would be living on preserves by 2014. All the animals would be sterilized or segregated by sex to prevent procreation.
    At the same time, the government would seek to sterilize or control the reproduction of enough animals on the range so that the birthrate is 3,500 foals a year. That would equal the adoption rate of the wild horses and burros, resulting in no net growth of the wild herd. Under the proposal, the costs for the wild horse and burro program would start decreasing by 2019…

    FROM Arizona Daily Star 10-09-09 (sorry didn’t copy credits)
    Grijalva lauds Obama plan on preserves for wild horses
    Conservationist, however, calls it ‘the easy way out’:
    A Tucson Democratic congressman who has led the fight to save wild horses had high praise this week for a new Obama administration plan to move thousands of the horses and burros to new preserves in the Midwest and East…
    …U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva of Tucson praised the proposal, although it didn’t go as far as the bill he has proposed that would free up 19 million acres across the West for horses to roam. That bill has passed the House and is pending in the Senate.
    “It’s a step forward in the right direction, even though it’s not everything we want,” said Natalia Luna Rose, Grijalva’s press secretary. “The administration is listening. The congressman is happy to see this in motion.” …
    …Grijalva called Salazar’s plan a significant improvement from those of previous Republican administrations, and said he looks forward to continuing to forge common ground among various advocates.
    A Tucson environmentalist who comes down in the middle on this question is state Rep. Daniel Patterson, a Democrat who is also Southwest director of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility. “There are big problems that wild horses and burros can do to native wildlife, but the big question is how do you deal with them? On one side some people say gun them down, others say do nothing. I believe they should be humanely managed.”

  7. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Unable to access this document. Please advise.

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