Stampede to Oblivion: An Investigative Report and More…

Investigative reporter and Peabody award-winner, George Knapp, reports on what is really happening to Nevada’s wild horses in a special one-hour “Stampede to Oblivion”. This special report will air on Saturday, Oct. 10th at 9pm in Nevada. It will be available online after the broadcast– stay tuned. Watch a preview here:

It would appear that in preparation for the 12,000+ horses and burros to be rounded up in this fiscal year (Oct- Sept. 2010) the BLM is securing more long term holding pastures like this one in Montana. The place for these horses is in the wild and in the 20+ million acres of range taken away from them. The mismanagement is only increasing. 

Today the BLM began rounding up and removing 206 horses from the 30,000 total acres of the Four-Mile and White Sands Herd Managment Areas in Idaho… leaving only as few as 37 horses in the Sands Basin  (there is a standing AML of 37-60) and 33 or more in the Four Mile HMA (AML of 33-64). This is being done to “maintain a thriving natural ecological balance”. I don’t know if anyone is out there observing this roundup. Read more here. 

12,000 wild horses and burros are scheduled to be rounded up this fiscal year– read for yourself and share BLM’s Roundup Schedule for 2010_2009

The closest herd to the Pryors, McCullough Peaks, is going to be brought down to the non-viable number of 122 beginning October 15. These horses roam an area twice the size of the Pryors and only 120 or so horses will be left on the range. 



48 Responses to “Stampede to Oblivion: An Investigative Report and More…”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Well, what can you say? BLM has gone nuts. They should just stop. The damage they have already done is more than we can even guess at this point. But this report is a great one. It is telling hard truths. Thank goodness. I am so sorry that Idaho roundups are happening and I have not the resources to get that far. I would go if I had money. My sense of obligation is so strong that I feel like I am failing them. More horses forced from home and there is no reason but greed and stupidity. Why shouldn’t we be trying to stop them all? every one of them…

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Mar your strength is in your long observation of this mess, your decades apparently of watchfulness and your ability to see the “forest for the trees.” Don’t go running off in a snow storm. Keep those blogs coming.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        But I want to be on the road, i am good there. To be out there and seeing and documenting is what I feel is best for my abilities. I would not stop writing. I would have current things to say. We need information. There are horses in trouble in Idaho, they need us to document their removal. And then other horses in other roundups. If I knew someone with money I would be asking for help. mar

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Animal Angels are “out there” in places one might not want to go oneself, actually.

        Maybe they have some $$ to help you???? You could become an “Animal Angel.” I don’t know ‘for shuurre.’

        I am sending a pittance every month to the Cloud Foundation in hopes that others may do the same and it will amount to something, especially for the care of the Freedom Fund horses.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        I do want to go myself. Our situation has been tenuous because we moved here recently and have had no time to get a rental. We had a great place lined up and she broke her word to me. I have not found another as good, despite all the rentals here. If I can get my act together I will be out there and doing what I can. I have traveled alone all my life, no big deal. I actually find few who can deal with it as well. I have not heard a word about any horses being taken from New Mexico and “Jicarilla” shows up again on the schedule. There is another attempt at West Douglas, too, here in Colorado. But hopefully it will be stopped again.

        When BLM speaks they get all this official recognition. Yet they lie and what they say, being from an official source, is accepted. mar

  2. Barbara Steele Says:

    and this article says BLM says they aren’t going to allow any humane observer and they don’t have to by law.

    Great to get an investigative report.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Yes, This was circulating yesterday. BLM has no business doing this to hold horses in Rock Springs all winter?? Totally insane at this point. No observers as if they spook the horses and the helicopter won’t. Down with BLM. mar

  3. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    I hesitate to say this but should not. This is a hate crime at this point. There is no reason to continue the roundups except to cause the total removal of all but a small number of nearly non reproducing horses. Token horses. Families and gene pools destroyed. This is a holocaust. Horses sold secretly to slaughter. The lies told about their destruction of their ranges, water holes and overpopulation and starving in the best years when their populations have been plundered? This is an organized hate crime of such magnitude that people are embarrassed to hear the truth. They are afraid they may take the wrong side and be ridiculed because they are unsure that compassion is OK? Bush really conditioned people not to respond. We have worried about reprisals for attempting to get a grip on this. Information is withheld and horses hidden from the public? Are our Public lands controlled by a dictatorship? Who are these people who are continuing to remove the last of our wild horses? It is not for the health of the range, that is a lie. If you put 10 times the cattle where the horses were this is theft of the land from the horses and done so with lies and manipulation as if there is no voice for these wild horses and burros. There is a loud voice. mar

  4. Janet Ferguson Says:

    This video has fleeting glimpses of all phases of horses being slaughtered. I don’t recommend it for those who find this too harsh.
    Sure it is a reality but some of us are not able to cope with this. What kind of worker could do this work every day. At least right now it’s not happening in US Borders. . . for now.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Steven Long wrote an article about a Montana legislator who pushed a bill for horse slaughter through and Long pointed out that no one could get horse meat inspected let alone shipped out of the states because it is illegal now. If states attempt to start up slaughter houses again, domestic or foreign, they are not going to do any business.

      The only thing that bothered me about Mary Landrieu was that she gave BLM a year and I would not have, and she gave them more money and they are using it to round up the last of the big herds and the off BLM herds. Mar

      • theandbetween Says:

        All the BLM needs is a year to zero out or reduce herds to unsustainable levels. Justice delayed is justice denied.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        I did read that article, and others (?) or the same one (?) about how people are serving up filet of equid at southern Fla restaurants to special customers. Said that central and south americans like to have horse meat dinners. Also that butcherings are taking place by roadsides to supply this market.

        I wonder if Ms. Landrieu is aware of all these roundups??? Or was it just an event unrelated to her actions?
        Was it out of her control by then? She has a Facebook page and website.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Theandbetween, you said it, we have to be actively pursuing BLM and in the fray. mar

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        I am sure that Mary Landrieu has gotten a couple roundup schedules. She wants any information we can get her. Morgan has been sending her info, I believe. I have been putting a list together, too, who has said what lie to whom. I ought to finish it and send it to her. She needs our input.

        If we can convey this as an Emergency, as it has become, we may gain some ground and time. BLM needs to be investigated. There are not 37,000 horses out there. If you look at their figures over the last 8 years they have reduced the herds From 37,000 and that leaves very few horses. To take out 12,000 more may be impossible. There may not be that many. That “Jack” character at RT fitch said the most they will get is less than 5,000. We cannot let them have them.

        We need an Emergency Moratorium as the horses need to be counted and located by a citizen group. This is an Emergency. BLM has stolen all our wild horses and burros. mar

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        and here’s Nebraska now…

        dated 10-3-09

        article on discussions taking place in Nebraska legislators re “unwanted horse problem.”

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        JF, Are they referring to our mustangs? have they simply changed terminology and made them “Unwanted horses?” This makes me sick. This may be our horses they are talking about. I hope it is not so. HOW DO WE FIND OUT?

        We can use this as a reason to demand to see the horses and o a preliminary count. I am so scared this our wild horses. mar

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        JF, I made a comment I am hoping will get printed or i may hear from Laura.
        I asked if she would be willing to go with Ginger and a senator or two and demand to see the horses in holding and to be sure these are not our wild horses that they are talking about slaughtering. I am sick from this. It just brings back to me that I did not have any way to save my own mare when she was sold at auction without my knowledge when I was out of state. I have a very bad feeling about this. I am so glad you found this. It is really important. mar

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        MW, your comment made it to the page at Animal Law Coalition! Keep an eye on the page because Laura Allen leaves comments there or answers to comments sometimes.
        I have trouble leaving comments there because the system thinks my cookies are disabled. How dare they!!

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        JF, Thanks I will have to go by there. I put a comment on home page at RT Fitch and I also wrote him a personal note and asked if he would try asking BLM to see the horses in holding. If we got a group of our central people together; Ginger, R>T>, Laura and some representatives, and they request, publicly, to see the horses and stress no one has, it would bring attention to the horses and burros who have been held so long and denied freedom.

        Last night I ended with a note to Barbara and i told her how the burros were really having a bad time and things I have heard over the years, and we needed to help them as they are nearly gone. I can’t find it now, do not remember where I posted it. But I was real glad to see the burros up on the blog this morning. mar

    • Suzanne Moore Says:

      Well, you know, Janet, I doubt there is anyone in the WORLD more devastated by views of animal cruelty than I am. I can never get the images out of my mind, and I go on a crying jag every time. I have inherited form of Major Depressive Disorder and I can REALLY get DOWN over this stuff. I was always this way.

      That having been said, people will never be able to deal with reality if they don’t face it down. You can’t hide FOREVER. Maybe if they were horrified enough by this they would get off their duffs and DO something about it.

      If a grown person – or even a child over 10 or 11 – lives a life THAT insulated from the real world I don’t think you’re doing them a favor by not enlightening them. The real world will come knocking SOMEDAY and they won’t have a clue on how to deal.

      Just my opinion, but you’d have to look hard to find someone more easily hurt than I am, especially when it comes to horses…

  5. Suzanne Moore Says:

    Hey, Mar ~ You forgot to mention that WE are paying for the destruction of OUR horses on OUR land.

    Right now I’m not just loud – I’m screaming… Gonna post this preview EVERYWHERE. It’s already up on my own blog:

    This truly is madness.

  6. Marilyn Wargo Says: has a series of Cloud related roundup stories. Plus the one about slaughter legislation in Montana. mar

  7. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    OOPs! It was at RT fitch that I read the Montana legislator slaughter house piece!
    So sorry, but Steven Long has some good stuff on Cloud. Suzanne, you have a lovely blog, thanks for posting it! Yes, I think I have said that it is on all our heads what has happened to the horses. My guilt has been growing as i feel powerless at the moment. I will get up to Wyoming but I do hope I can find the corrals. There is a book I should get, The American Mustang Guidebook by Lisa Dines. She has corral locations. This is a $15. book. I do not know if the Cloud Foundation has a copy but if not they should. I am going to get one on line right now. Mar

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Now Marilyn don’t go running off into the snowstorm on your bald tires.

      At risk to life and limb.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        We both have all new tires. I am sooo glad. That has me able to go safely. Oil changed, Lubed. Just got to get into a place and out of the caravan. Need to empty the camper out. Mar

    • Suzanne Moore Says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed my blog, Mar. It’s a labor of love. :o)

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Suzanne, So is mine. Hope you visit; The horses took over but the wolves still need me and many others. Before the roundup there were day trips and photos, mountain lions and eagles. mar

    • Ronnie Says:

      Marilyn, I am so envious of you. I so love to drive, long distances…on a mission. There were many times I was ready to go for the horses, but it was short notice…no way could I make it. A few months ago I was ready to go to Nevada to protest wild-horse round-ups. Then there was the emergency when Cavel slaughterhouse in Illinois was closing and no one knew what would happen to the horses inside. We were told by HSUS to stay away.

      Then I was so thrilled when I heard of “Horses on the Hill,” in DC.
      I had been waiting forever for some sort of demonstration. Well, apparently it was not, but a productive few days, never-the-less.

      But I like so many feel so powerless. I am all for faxes, visiting Reps and all, but I feel there has to be more. Hard to get people together, but if only, if only we could have a few hundred people show-up, organized, we would gain attention for the horses.

      Things are happening so fast. It is so absolutely frightening. Everyday another shocker. Never know what tomorrow could bring. Salazar could get his sanctuary zoos approved by Congress!! Never know… Hey, this is the way it seems to be happening.

      A few weeks ago I spoke to Sally Summers of Horse Power, based in Nevada. They were to Live Stream the Sept. 28, 09 BLM Advisory Board meeting. She so wants groups of people to monitor the round-ups. So you both are on the same wave-length, along with so many others who know the BLM is up to usual>>>no good.

      Anyway, I will keep reading here to see what is going on.

      BTW, wolves my PASSION too. And again, Salazar!

  8. Courtney S. Says:

    HOW does this continue to escape the attention of America’s major news networks??? I’ve seen literally MINUTES (collectively) of national news coverage extended to the recent roundups and current holding situation. Meanwhile, the wasteful spending involved remains unspoken. This is occurring NOW in our OWN country at the hands of our OWN government–in this economy nonetheless (as if that even matters)! This sort of conspiracy and shocking footage deserves to be a MAJOR NATIONAL NEWS HEADLINE, TOP STORY, BREAKING NEWS, etc.! Please excuse my rant of frustration. I know all here are working tirelessly to raise awareness and gain exposure. I’m just sick over the fact that my own tax dollars are being designated to fund such a shameful injustice. I pray this report gets picked up to air nationally.

  9. Marilyn Wargo Says:


  10. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    There is a new post up here; a conference call with Salazar and Abbey tomorrow!!! Check it out. mar

  11. Kathi Martin Says:

    The press release is just more of the same, but the October events beginning with the report out of Las Vegas this weekend will turn up the heat. Personally, I am doing my homework on the California herds and have Dec 7th marked on my calendar for the next WH&B Advisory Board meeting.

  12. Christine Says:

    I’m glad George is keeping up on this, I was hoping he would.

    I was thinking today…we need to do something different. Not just post on blogs and such, where only people interested in the subject will see, but get it out to the public. The idea I had was one I am not able to afford, that of taking out ads in publications, and maybe on TV. Maybe not even national publications (which would be ideal) but local ones at least.

    Marilyn, I know EXACTLY how you feel!!! I thought about going to the Idaho roundup, but couldn’t, due to money. And I’m just plain frustrated and angry.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      A while back I started sending mega emails to a magazine, American Heritage, to update them on this whole story, etc., sent several requesting they do an article on it in their magazine.

      still have received no confirmation of getting the emails.

      Just a letter to buy a two year subscription

  13. Christine Says:

    Something that makes me feel a little less powerless:


    Psalm 107:19-20 “Then they cried to the LORD in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress. He sent forth his word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave.”

    Strength in a time of need is what you ask for when things look impossible and you feel like you cannot go on. Today, as yesterday, was a hot humid day. The sun was bright and the sky was clear and the ground was moist from all the rain that has fallen the last few weeks. I’m not complaining about the rain. We needed the rain. But when that happens and the heat comes back it makes life outdoors very miserable. Then the stage was facing west and had a black floor. Nothing wrong with a black floor facing west if it is indoors. When it is a black floor facing west in an open stage where the sun, without a cloud in the sky, is beating down all afternoon, it becomes a recipe for disaster and heat exhaustion. But what do you do when you have to perform and it is a hot, miserable day for dancing under some conditions? As I got up to do my seven and a half minute hoop dance routine, I did what we had already been doing. We do what we
    have to do and pray that God the Creator gives us the strength needed to finish the presentation, and then you get the strength to do what you have been called to do.

    While you may never have to perform on a stage with a black floor facing west under a hot sun with no clouds in the sky, there are other circumstances in life that are just as difficult, if not more. In our distress and in our pain and in our hardship and in our difficulties of life, we stop and do what we have to do and pray to our God and Creator for the strength we need to finish and accomplish what we have to do. David reminded us that God, in our distress, was able to deliver us and give us the strength and power to endure for one more day. He said, “Then they cried to the LORD in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress. He sent forth his word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave.” Just as God the Creator gave us strength to endure the elements today, God the Creator is able to save us, heal us and rescue us. He is able to take care of you and get you through whatever might be haunting your life.

    Robert Soto, Lipan Apache and pastor of:

    McAllen Grace Brethren Church
    The Native American New Life Center
    Chief of Chiefs Christian Church”

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      This was a perfect posting from Pastor Robert Soto. Thank you for bringing peace & sanity back into our hearts.

      I will forever sing thanks and praises to our Creator God, the Father Almighty. Ruler of Heaven and of Earth. God is the only strength in time of weakness. He is the only port in a storm. He is the only hope in times of peril. He is the only righteous one in times of war with an unjust enemy.

      There is no war in the Bible that was not won without God being in charge of the battle. He will make our way straight and bring defeat to the enemy with the power of His right hand.

  14. Margaret Says:

    Well the BLM is sorta listening albeit to late. They want to buy this ranch outside of Bozeman??? Isn’t that what Ginger just did with Conquistador and co???? Okay, so there guilty of copycatting–in this case should they really go ahead with this plan it might be okay. Not great. Not really satisfactory but okay. Next to having the horses in long term holding or sold for slaughter this is the next best thing.

    But I agree the BLM has gone loopy nuts.

  15. Kathi Martin Says:

    This is GREAT, Pastor Soto! Thank you!!
    The Psalms are inspiring, full of stories of the underdog. We are all Davids in the face of Goliath . . . and we all know how that turned out!

  16. Christine Says:

    Right after I posted that, I went and bought a small table I needed for my living room, so I can setup my new computer…then I took a really long drive. And did something illogical but that the Creator has been bugging me to do since before the adoption last month. I bought a rope halter and lead. I don’t know the hows or whens…or any other details…I just know the Creator wanted me to get it. And sometimes, when you don’t know what else to do…following the illogical impulses is the thing to do.

    I did notice that the ranch store I bought it at does have a bulletin board, tho.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      That’s interesting:

      Halter and Lead

      Halt Here, and Read

      Think about it.

      or. . . . .not. ha

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Roger brought me a halter one day saying, this is the only tack you don’t have. One day there will be a horse in that halter. mar

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      I did a google search on Pastor Robert Soto. Wow, to say the least. Thank you very much for bringing his name and wisdom from Christ to this blog.

      Yep, follow the Great Spirit, as you are led to do (with the halter & lead). There have been many things I have been led to do by the Spirit that did not seem all together useful at the time. But obedience brings on preparedness for His path for our feet.

      • Christine Says:

        Janet – I never thought of that before! I love it!

        Mar and Morgan – doing that is actually what got me my Brawn, who is with Creator now. I knew Creator wanted me to have a horse (which back then was also illogical) so I started riding at a dude ranch to get back in shape and gradually buying equipment…what I DIDN’T know is what horse, where, and how I would house one, since, like now, I lived in an apartment. Then I saw a notice for an adoption event in my area. I just went to look, but since I couldn’t get them out of my head while driving home afterward, I said to Creator “I’m going to go to this stable I know and if they have the requirements then I know you want me to get one”. Not only did they, but they had just been bought by a woman with 40 years mustang experience. So as I was driving back, I said “Okay, but which one? I’ll stick my hand in the pens and whichever one comes closest, I’ll know that’s the one You want me to have.” A plain brown-bay gelding approached within a foot of my hand. And that was my Brawn. 😀

        Now if my printer was only working properly, I could make up some flyers. Seems I have ideas, but not the ability to implement several of them…which is probably also why I’m led to suggest them here.

  17. Louie Cocroft Says:

    Keep calling your senators–every day–both offices, home state and
    Washington D.C. Also–really important–call the Senate Committee of Energy and Natural Resources–every day. It just takes a few minutes. That is where the ROAM ACT sits, and needs to be pushed through. The staff worker said that they are hearing from both sides. They NEED TO HEAR FROM THE HORSES’ side. Phone# (202)224-4971. Real important–write to all. They don’t know unless they hear from lots of voters. 1 letter counts as 10 votes. Let them know what happens to the horses during those round-ups. Don’t spare the awful details–the horses need everyone’s voice.

  18. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    The show will air again on Las vegas Now, on Monday, maybe after that it will be online. So maybe Tuesday… I did not realize it was a full hour show. Certainly this will be a basis for a broader look at all the states with Wild Horses. It is such a sprawling story I think it is intimidating. I am also looking for Ginger’s radio interview from last night and it is not up yet. mar

    • Ronnie Says:

      And still waiting for the Sept. 28 BLM Advisory Board Meeting to come up online. I have watched every one. It is so disgusting to listen to these ignorant, but savvy, board members. But watching and listening carefully, you can really hear the message not spoken…KILL.

      Maybe you all know of the radio program, live online, every Wed. night at 9:30 PM EST: HOWLING RIDGE RADIO. It is hosted by John Holland, Ellen-Cathren Nash, Craig Downer, Laura Leigh. This Wed., Oct. 14, guests will be Ginger Kathrens, Craig Downer, Lautra Leigh.
      If a program is missed, it can be later listened to. And you can call in live to talk to guests, hosts!


      On this radio program you really hear it like it is. Learn of things going on before it hits the press or is “hidden.” They talk of Salazar, of course, Bob Abbey, M. Pickens, Sen Landrieu et al. Round-ups, cover-ups. Well, so much you could never hear anywhere else. The program is mostly about horses, but last week had Jim and Jaime Dutcher on about Living with the Wolves. On Discovery Channel and DVD.

      Anyway, there were a lot of similarities about what is happening with the wolves, as the wild horses. As I said, past programs can be listened to. Also a chat room is going on as the program is in progress. You will recognize lots of names in the chat room.

      Just thought I’d post this in case some don’t know of this fantastic radio program. The web site is:


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