CONFERENCE CALL with Secretary Salazar & Bob Abbey

posted 11:00am on Wednesday, Oct. 7–  I hope that we can get a copy of this posted soon. READ PRESS RELEASE HERE

AP ARTICLE HERE (note that this plan does nothing to restore wild horses and burros to their rightful lands)

Salazar says that “there are 69,000 wild horses and burros on public lands” not mentioning that  there are 32,000 of those in holding- “problem spiraling out of control”- Correction, there are only 37,000 wild horses max in the wild, 32,000 of America’s wild horses and burros are in holding. 

Bob Abbey is announcing an initiative for wild horses and burros

“Predicament of managing horses on the range and paying for them in holding…. We owe horses in holding good care and horses on the range a good habitat.”

Points of Announced Initiative

1) Preserves located on lands bought by BLM from – located in midwest or east

2) would manage sustainable preserves with non-producing 

3) Our partners – wild horse groups- will help in managing preserves and adopting more horses. 

4) manage sex ratios (ie cause increased social dysfunction, prompt wild herds to compensate and reproduce more), non-reproducing herds (ie gelding herds- or zeroing out in one generation ), aggressive fertility control and more flexible adoptions to place more horses in more good homes (allow horses to go unqualified homes in higher numbers?)

More notes:

Bob Abbey looking to have 26-27,000 wild horses in the wild.  (Suddenly there are 37,000 wild horses in the wild).  Abbey says that we are seeing huge problems with overgrazing- horses are causing trouble for mule deer, elk, antelope… and themselves. 

The adoption program used to be the best conduit to get rid of horses, but now that adoption is down, and severe drought, lack of forage etc – Abbey doesn’t see anything turning around. 

7 preserves can carry 3600 horses each. 25,200 could be taken care of in these preserves. Initial cost of acquisition of land $92,000,000 estimated cost. If you look at the program over the next two years there would be substantial savings for the taxpayer, this will be best for the horses, the range etc. 

Bob Abbey said that this is not a problem between livestock grazing and wild horses- this is not true. 

American public has shown that they don’t want slaughter of these animals, so we have to manage them in order to protect them, protect land and protect American taxpayers. 

The BLM is managing the wild out of wild horses and burros— read what they say as slanted. The real way to protect these horses, the lands and the american taxpayer is to return the 20+ million acres taken away from them. Removing 12,000 horses this fiscal year  (10/09- 9/10) and refilling the holding pens after horses are moved to “preserves” at a huge initial cost is not the answer. There is a massive campaign of misinformation being spread by the BLM and DOI– please help us to educate our polical representatives and the media.


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  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    What does this mean? They want to hear what we have to say? mar

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Here’s the place to send your feedback on the Press Release, above:

      I haven’t sent anything, but it is a link provided at the bottom of the page of the actual press release. (When you click on “READ PRESS RELEASE HERE”, above, and go to the bottom of the press release page, to “feedback,” and then click on that, you get the above (what I posted) link, you can input your feedback.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      OK, this is what I just sent to Interior Salazar’s “feedback” mechanism via the Press Release web page:


      Some of Interior Salazar’s suggestions are illegal. The 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act expressly states horses are not to be removed from their lands. Changing the rules in midstream as Salazar is attempting to do, will serve no good purpose. He needs to start over again and do it right. This bandaid approach is totally incompetent. Only the most ill informed people will see any good in his suggestions.

      A complete study which includes biological, and legal professionals is called for. Past illegal activities should be identified, and rectified. Nobody knows who’s on first as the BLM has disregarded its directives for so long and overstepped its bounds..things should definitely change, but not in the ways The Honorable Salazar is outlining.

      The SB 1579 (The ROAM Act) should be debated.

      ABOVE ALL: There should be an IMMEDIATE CESSATION OF ROUNDUPS pending criminal investigations and in depth consensus among the scientific community on this issue before further steps are taken.


      Janet Ferguson


      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Thank you Janet, I am still stunned. They are asking everyone to be a party to their destruction of our wild horse herds. No way. This is criminal, as you said. Maybe NPR would help me get to some of the roundups with a press pass. It is worth a try. Radio has been good to us. I have to look for them. mar

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        MW Go for it.

        I also sent another note to the above feedback page which was slightly less strongly worded, suggesting that if Salazar wasn’t trying to become a Czar that he should step aside and let the subcommittee debate The Roam Act, SB 1579. Also that the legal arm of the United States Government should investigate whether or not the BLM has followed its directives.

        Oh well, I am going to leave complete instructions for my spouse on pet’s care, should “they” come and cart me away over my comments. . . .

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        MW, Here’s a link for four different public radio stations in the Four Corners Area (I think you live in this general area from your blogging comments). You can check at each station for what you are looking for. They do not fill from general applications, only specific openings that exist. (from their website). They are not the only fish in the sea, however.

        Good luck.
        also, don’t forget Humane Society etc.,. and others, awi, and individuals who might be interested who have shown a high profile.

  2. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Roxy put up a great piece over at the Advisory Board post, about Salazar. Do read it. Much was expected of this man and it has been a total disappointment. mar

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      MW: Hope you don’t mind if I tag this onto your reply.

      I can’t say enough about the article, linked below, from Laura Allen, which carefully traces the evolution of the “wild horse” legislation and its amendments to date, beginning with the 1971 Wild Horse and Burrow Act. Comments along the way clarify how the intention and wording of the original 1971 legislation has been abused.

      “Can America’s Wild Horses and Burros be Saved?”

      This is a good one to read and re-read as hopefully a “dialog” emerges on the fate of the herds whose protections have been systematically stripped by the actions and misguided “interpretations” by the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management.

      Congressional negligence perpetuated the abuse, with the lawmakers’ lack of integrity and fidelity to the intention of the original 1971 law, when they consistently provided no oversight in the matter, decade after decade.

      Studying this article and using it as a reference will help me going out to draft pertinent factual letters for the elected officials, news outlets and flyers. I hope to improve my communications to elected officials, news media, etc., by using and quoting this article.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        JF, This is a good piece and we have all come back to it. I have wished I had printer at times so I can hold onto a page and refer to another. Drives me crazy, so I make notes and have an envelope full. mar

  3. Suzanne Moore Says:

    Yes, Mar, I saw it and I’m thinking: “Is this the same Salazar?”

  4. Suzanne Moore Says:


  5. Barbara Steele Says:

    This is sick, sick, sick—-and begining to suspect the lead up to this “horse park” idea is Madeline Pickens Plan amd I bet these “preserves” will be property owned by their defunct cattlemen buddies.
    You know Dept. of Interior and BLM have been affected by horse advocates and figured out how to circumvent us and appeal to the “dumbed down” public.
    Think I will go mow grass and talk to my horse. Giving up on the human race for the time being. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • Barbara Steele Says:

      2 snakes in the grass—-

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Where did this come from?? This is amazing. Is it a bribe? It will not do. He wants to totally control the wild horses with a meddling menu of drugs, sex ratio and more non producing horses. WHY? More flexible adoptions? So more horses can go to slaughter?

        This is what I was saying yesterday, if we do not step up and demand that wild horses be treated as wildlife, they will never be wild for real again. Handling horses every year, aggressive fertility control? WHY??? WTFIT?mar

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Letter to Harry Reid from Salazar. No mention of burros. Just dead ending wild horses. WHY???? Why the lies to cover up their activities that we are all aware of??? Cattle, big horn sheep and gas and oil exploration.


      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        BS Wow where did you get a copy of that? Did you notice who copies were sent to on that?? Didn’t
        Grijalva get a copy? Or would he be copied “in the chain” ????I am printing this out to read.

        BS What do you think is going on???

      • Roxy Says:

        Landrieu was not copied either.

      • Roxy Says:

        Mar, I have had a reailization just in the last days – I have said before that wild horses need to be classified as wildlife. But we need to understand that they would then be hunted -there would be a hunting season, and permits would be issued. And the same people we are fighting now about AHMs (is that correct?) would be deciding how many hunting permits to allow.

        Just a thought.

        Again, I’m thinking lets not throughout the baby with the bath water – getting them identified as a “National Heritage” I think wil provide more protection and even if BLM remained in management (hope not) , there would be another level of oversight between agencies.

        But the real aim, get ROAM passed, get their land returned to them that was taken away, then lets see where the back and forth then goes from this proposal for teh already penned up horses (which appears to me to be a stab by BLM to maintain their “kingdon” rather than standing up to the plate like “real men” would and doing what is right – just my opinion).

        And what I don’t get, is why can’t we know right now where are the penned up horses? Why is this like some CIA covert thing going on? BLM should have videos of them on their web site already

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Roxy, no, there would not be a hunting season on our horses. That would not happen because horses are still a beloved companion and work animal. That will not happen. Horse meat may be an underground taste but it is never going mainstream. Most people in Europe Never eat them, the Brits and Irish i know are disgusted by it. Belgium, being the rich little country it is and a bit excentric is the worst offender. mar

      • Karen L. Says:

        This letter looks to me like some sort of supplemental correspondence pertaining to the “conference call announcement” above. The DOI and BLM are announcing their wonderful new plan (yes, I’m being sarcastic) to both the Senate and House in order to address the rising tide of angry public sentiment against them; and to appease both the Senate and House Committees on Natural Resources and on Appropriations. Remember, Senator Landrieu essentially threw down the gauntlet only a couple of weeks ago regarding monies that would NOT be appropriated to the BLM if they persisted in their notion of killing horses with taxpayers’ money. Apparently the BLM has finally figured out that we, the people, want them to change. The changes they propose are not precisely what we had in mind, however. The letter itself is to the Senate majority leader; then the copies are to the Chairpersons of the Committees on Natural Resources in both the Senate and House; to the Chairpersons of the Committees on Appropriations in both the Senate and House; and to the “ranking” members of those respective committees. There are bills pending in both the Appropriations and Natural Resources Committees that can cause a great deal of trouble for the BLM—they are trying to do damage control. They are worried. We have their attention. We simply need to go forward with pressing for ROAM to let them know that their current proposals are not adequate. (Landrieu and Grijalva are not the Chairs or ranking members of their committees, hence, no direct letters.)

  6. Courtney S. Says:

    Can someone please direct me to verified, dated photographs of the horses in “poor” condition ON THE RANGE — PRIOR to the roundups? I would like to see documented condition of other wildlife supposedly suffering due to the direct and sole presence of these horses, as well. Surely, the BLM has such information available for public view. How else can their actions be justified and funded by taxpayer dollars?
    Honestly, what an insult that we would be expected to believe this sort of nonsense. What a bigger insult that we would be expected to not foresee the ill fate that awaits these horses with continued roundups and hindered natural predation.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      CS< You may not find anything and you may well find that Fish and Wildlife people have not been bothered by horses. Some are like Craig D. who has made up his mind that they belong here and have a niche that functions very well. It would depend on how into hunting they are. Many wildlife biologists are not hunters.Many are very good folk. mar

    • Roxy Says:

      Courtney – you will see on the I team news report how BLM “twists” what they provide as their evidence. They show one skinny dead horse, but the investigator found if you looked at that same horse froma diferent photographic angle, it is fenced off from the water. AS you dig you find more and more of this – listen to Ginger Kaathrens radeo interviews, she has identified several of these instances.

      This is not to say there never have, been, are not, or never will be starving wild horses – but the pesrpective for many of us, myself included, is that is nature taking care of nature.

  7. Janet Ferguson Says:

    This post (above, “Conference Call”) is confusing. It appears to have been written/posted in extreme haste. It gives no lead-up, such as, the approximate source of the info about the call. It gives “responses” within the text of the call. It gives “notes”, etc., and then there is no summary, no point of view stated.

    This post, “Conference Call” is very unlike other TCF articles on the blog, in its confusing presentation. What is this all about? Anybody want to summarize WHAT THE POST IS TELLING US???? Because I have no idea, from reading it. Sorry.

    • Barbara Steele Says:

      Go to the link in my last post and go to the link I posted. The complete communication is there. They are proposing making “horse preserves” in the mid-west and east for these horses. Guess all us “dumb easterners” need to see wild horses from the west in our own backyard. They are proposing eco-tourism horse preserves. duh—The whole allure of seeing a wild horse is viewing them in their natural habitat. With this kind of reasoning we could send the Assateague ponies to Montana. Absolutely no horse sense with these baffoons.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Yes and they want the preserves to be all non producing horses on land that they can die on that will cost $92 million. And we can take care of them! Not that we wouldn’t but this is the FINAL PUSH. They really have it in for the horses and have NO RESPECT FOR US!!!! mar

      • Courtney S. Says:

        I feel like the BLM just handed us a pile of cr@p with a bow on top. Is this supposed to disguise the fact that they just handed us a pile of cr@p? I’m sorry, but seriously. They are in no position to bargain a limited existence for these free-roaming horses that belong to the people of America. I’m still waiting on justification that governs prior actions…

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        CS – That is definitely needed: a complete investigation of the BLM and the truth told about this outrage.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      apparently the s*&# is hitting the fan.
      Unfortunately, it is an awful lot of s*&# and a mighty big fan (Salazar).

      Government is already funding these horse preserves on private ranches in Oklahoma and Texas (see BLM website). All they are gonna do is spread them around the country, like they were potatoes.

      This is just a big CYA on Salazar’s part. He is grabbing the ball before SB 1579 gets to the Senate Floor, and then gonna say, “I solved this problem, Mr. President.”

      I’m afraid Mr. Salazar wants to be a “Czar”. “Czars” can run roughshod over all the best plans of mice and men, including all the hard work that’s already been done on behalf of the horses and horse legislation??? I am also going over to and get Laura’s “take” on this development. Besides reading all the excellent, informed comments here at the TCF blog.

      Just picked up a Cloud video at my library today, “with extras”. Looking for kleenex to go with it. . . . .

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      JF when i first saw the post there was a phone number, a second shorter number and 11 am for a conference call. Nothing else but ‘more to come’. mar

  8. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    This is not a bone. We must stop the roundups. Those last horses in those last places need to remain free. The lies increase! What is it with these people? We can prove, can we not, that cattle are now on some horse land where horses were removed? Put that in his face. They want to ‘pasture’ horses where others were once free? There is this total and absolute control that BLM and INT. dept. display that has no basis in reality. This is a democracy, baby! the Bureau of Mismanagement and Lies has offered advocates non producing horses to soothe our wrath? We will take them but we want ALL the REST! Mar

    • Nora Morbeck Says:

      The bit about non-reproducing herds is disturbing. I’ve read it in a few different places, and it turns my stomach.

      The BLM says it isn’t interested in wiping out wild herds, then discusses non-reproducing herds — which means … uhmmm.. no more wild horses…

      So, get them off the range and don’t let them re-produce and voila! No more wild horse genetics to deal with and the BLM can use public lands any way they want.

      Like Courtney, I’d like to see photo documentation of these supposedly starving animals. Not a single horse from the Pryor round up looked starved.

  9. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    In recent weeks how many times have we seen a different number for the total of wild horses? We see very healthy horses. Very fine foals. Good grass. mar

    • Nora Morbeck Says:

      Maybe one piece of the next legal step for horse advocates is to demand photographic and scientific documentation by an independent, court-approved science team. That way, the BLM can’t doctor or fake evidence, and wild horse advocates can’t be accused of the same.

      The BLM cannot or will not PROVE that horses and other wild animals are starving, that the range is decimated by wild horses, etc. They keep insisting that this is the scenario. Fine. Put a moratorium on round ups and assign an independent team to study these areas for the next few years.

      Let’s see how the science plays out …

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        This would be wonderful. We need a census and range evaluation. If we were to ask US Fish and Wildlife about animals in these HMAs they may say something very different. A good field biologist is not a liar for BLM. mar

      • Barbara Steele Says:

        Excellent point and the horse advocates need to be the REAL advocates not the phony ones BLM has set up to spout forth the LIES.

      • Nora Morbeck Says:

        Actually, I was thinking a true independent study, maybe by a university research team or something like that.

        If it were contracted through, say, the justice department (if that could be approved) then it would be entirely seperate from the DOI. I aay justice dept, because this seems like a legal issue — the BLM dodging the law in some cases, deliberately providing mis-counts on horses both in captivity and in the wild, etc. I think it can be clearly documented by wild horse advocates that the BLM has repeatedly provided mis-information and cannot be trusted to offer its own documentation.

        As far as legal representation for wild horse advocates, I’d rather have Madeliene Pickens pay a legal team to fight for mustang and habitat research than see her offer mustangs up us macots for football teams — which she’s currently doing. Very cringe-worthy…

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Nora, write a response with your ideas on the feedback page link provided at the bottom of the actual Press Release page (link provided by TCF)


      • Courtney S. Says:

        I’m all for this, Nora. I am constantly taken aback by how much the BLM has gotten away with given the fact they have produced no solid scientific evidence to some outrageous claims they have based their actions upon… Has legal action to this effect been taken in the past? If not, why?

      • Courtney S. Says:

        Though evidence and statistics need to be researched and documented by an independent party now and into the future, the BLM needs to be challenged in the courts for their questionable management practices that have brought us to this point. They should be required to produce evidence that should have come into existence prior to the roundups, especially those of late. The past has proven that information (no matter how sound) is worth nothing in the presence of conspiracy and absence of oversight. Facts governing any use of taxpayer dollars need to be accounted for, and taxpayers should have the right to demand accountability (in the courts, if necessary). Independent court-appointed sources need to immediately cease any and all relevant information in custody of the BLM. We know this consists of expert recommendations for preservation of genetic viability (among other things) that have gone ignored. Again, I’m not caught up on what has already been done legally… It’s just my hope that the BLM can be challenged to the point of proven conspiracy and mismanagement, so the management of America’s wild horses and burros can be granted to a party that will actually work in their best interest under open and transparent observation–perhaps a public advisory committee with expert consult.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Respond to the Press Release with your ideas if you want. There is a link to the Press Release, and the click on “feedback” at the bottom of the press release page.

        I esp. like your statement: “the past. . . absence of oversight.” Also your ideas of having, immediately, court-appointed sources to SEIZE any and all relevant information in custody of the BLM.

      • Courtney S. Says:

        Thanks, Janet. I didn’t catch that “seize” mistake (obviously), but will correct it for feedback. It’s an exhausting task to process the frustrating and disheartening reality that is the BLM.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        CS, would you believe I sent your entire post & ideas, lock, stock and barrel, as they say, on to Laura Allen yesterday, told her hoped you didn’t mind!! Hope you don’t mind!!!! 🙂

    • Courtney S. Says:

      No problem, Janet! Thanks for forwarding! 😉

  10. Cindy Says:

    more bull being shoveled at us….

  11. RJ Daum RPLS Says:

    I once had a Mustang “Jinx”. We worked 21, 000 acres together.
    What we have now is “Jinx”. At any moment he would fall over like hit by a pole on the head.
    Current Wild mustang and burro program reminded me of “Jinx”

  12. Barbara Steele Says:

    Beware of University studies–many are Land Grant schools receiving government and industry money. National Academy of Science would be a possibility. I am sure AWI and Humane Society would have names that could do these types of reports.

  13. Courtney S. Says:

    Just had to comment on this one:

    “As wild horses have no natural predators and herds grow quickly…”

    Mountain lion, wolf, bear, coyote… I don’t know what sort of presence these animals still have in the West, but I think they are all natural predators of wild horses.

    I don’t understand how Mr. Salazar can even use the word “preserve” in his letter of misleading statements when the opportunity for future generations is being stripped away.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Yes, I saw that, isn’t that a load of c*&#.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Put your response into that “feedback” provided at the bottom of the actual Press Release web page (follow link to press release provided, above, by The Cloud Foundation.)

  14. Barbara Steele Says:

    Here is was Salazar did to the grey wolf.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Thanks for this. The wolves and buffalo have such close situations to the wild horse and burro. There is hatred and ignorance and pure callousness. We now have aerial gunning in Montana and there will be in Idaho, as in Alaska. The helicopter has become a Big deal in DOI and it is grossly misused. Mar

  15. Roxy Says:

    I don’t understand the title “conference call”? What does that mean?

    And lets read everything carefully, and not throw out the whole baby with the bathwater – he does say this as one of his 3 points:

    “Showcasing certain herds on public lands in the West that warrant distinct recognition with Secretarial or possibly congressional designations. These would highlight the special qualities of America’s wild horses while generating eco-tourism for nearby rural communities.”

    Maybe thinking if they apease the Cloud advocies they can get away with whatever with the other horses?

    But the rest is really scary. I don’t understand these preserves, other than the ones in short holding I thought they were already in a preserve?

    And thats not the point – they need enough area to be “wild”. I don’t understand what they don’t get about that! But lets waite and see – maybe they will proivde that. They have recieved our bal, and its back in our court now – TCF and the Animal Law Coalition will do what is right!

    At last they have recognized the issue and brought it public. Do you all realize what this means? This is huge! – I’m going to start sending 2 e-mails a day.

    I copied this from another newspaper article – “If we get 5 calls on an issue, we don’t pay much attention. If we get 25, we start, and when we get 100 we sit up and take notice.” Texas Congressman Saturday, June 7, 2003- Lamar Smith, Marble Falls Town Hall Meeting.

    This is the NPR short version posted today:

    Interior proposes preserves to protect wild horses
    by The Associated Press
    text sizeAAA
    WASHINGTON October 7, 2009, 01:44 pm ET
    Interior Secretary Ken Salazar wants to create wild horse preserves in the Midwest and East to protect wild horses and burros that now roam the West.
    Salazar says his plan will restore the health of America’s wild horse herds and the rangelands that support them. He says the plan would not require killing any wild horses. Interior Department officials had warned that it might be necessary to kill some horses to combat rising costs of maintaining wild horse herds.
    About 36,000 wild horses and burros roam in 10 Western states, nearly half in Nevada. The BLM rounds up thousands of the animals each year, but has had a hard time finding buyers in recent years. The agency spent $29 million this year to maintain wild horses.

    Ok, I’ve decided we are having a huge impact – we have “made the News” so to speak now – thiers is a “defensive” strategy – they are scared. Just keep up the “offensive” -be like Cloud with that Black Stallion – push back!

    Sorry I’ve put too much here – my adrenaline is soaring, sorry.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      The thing is, how about those half-truths in the NPR release, just parroting the original Press Release!

      Maybe they (NPR) need to be set straight with the real facts now!

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Yes, if they are open down here. I hope so. i am almost caught up. This was very interesting. This was not mistaken by anyone. It is camoflage, but it is so like them. I see the whole thing as already in the works and if we don’t like it we have to stop them. They will have someone monitor our response and see that we are dug in and not buying it.

        The horses are not yours, BLM/DOI. They are ours! mar

    • Karen L. Says:

      Roxy, I agree that this is a step forward; that we are having an impact. We need to keep up the pressure. They are trying to do damage control. (I have been out all day and just read the posts a couple of hours ago and posted something similar under Barbara’s “Harry Reid letter” entry.)

  16. Roxy Says:

    Also, sorry again – but someone else already said this is not a typical TCF article – it is incorrect on at least one point – IF YOU ACTUALLY READ THE PRESS RELEASE AND THE LETTER, he clearly points out the number in holding and in the wild – does not leave that out as this article indicates.

    So continueing confusion where I sit and waiting for more.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      lordy lordy lordy

      • Roxy Says:

        Janet, Thanks – I needed that, slap my out of my frenzy! And made me laugh at myself.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        my l-l-l was strictlly comiserating (comiseratory?) Glad it “helped!” I always think of my great Aunt Mary, one of her famous quotes was, “Sometimes I think “OH WELL”….but then, other times, I don’t know!” (Aunt Mary was “a Netherland from Tennessee” and she never let anyone forget it!!!!

  17. Donna Buscemi Says:

    erll this response from Abbey and Salazar at least shows that we’re making them realize there is a problem. Now we just need to help them find the right solution. Here’s my e mail to Salazar

    iSec Salazar,
    I don’t see the proposals offered by yourself and Bob Abbey as a solution to the current mismanagement of the Wild Herds. It is different but not better.

    Here are my concerns:
    First, the BLM has great difficulty changing its method of SOP. It would be in the animals’ best interest to have the BLM involved.

    Second, there are predators and there would be more if their slaughter was not allowed by the government. Mountain lions are present in the Pryors.

    Third, 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act expressly states horses are not to be removed from their lands.
    I have concerns regarding your plans for use of this land if you succeed in removing the herds.

    Fourth, a large portion of the BLM budget has gone to the Catoors and other contractors used in the roundups. During the Pryor roundup the BLM employees were paid overtime on the Labor Day holiday and Saturday. So it is incorrect info to suggest that the majority of the money was spent to feed the horses in holding. A large portion was used to get them there.

    Fifth, the decisions on how to best manage the wild herds should be left up to independent mustang, burro and range experts that are not in BLM’s pocket or employed by the Federal or State governments.

    Sixth, restoring the 20million plus acres that were stolen from the wild herds saves the American taxpayer from purchasing additional land.

    Seventh, mass sterilization as suggested is

    Eighth, the wild ponies on Assateague are never removed and selective birth control measures are used.
    The National Park Service manages the Maryland herd.

    According to the NPS website on Assateague
    “The National Park Service (NPS) wanted a safe, effective way to control overpopulation. Researchers working in conjunction with the NPS developed a non-hormonal, non-invasive vaccine to prevent pregnancy. This vaccine is delivered by a dart to the hindquarters of selected mares each spring. To keep the gene pool as large as possible each mare is allowed to have one offspring. This vaccine has successfully lowered the birth rate of Maryland’s horses to fewer than 10 foals per year – enough to ensure a sustainable population. Like people, wild horses are highly social animals that form complex, family-based societies. Using this contraceptive method the population is controlled, and their natural relationships in the wild are preserved. Results of a 2005 genetic study of the entire herd will be used to help the NPS make wise herd management decisions. The goal of the NPS in Maryland is to keep herd size to less than 125 horses”.

    I suggest you contact the National Park Service people at Assateague for some suggestions– they are supporting a herd the size of what the Pryor horses were reduced to, on less than 18,000 acres -not the 38,000 acres in the Pryors.

    • Barbara Steele Says:

      All these replies are excellent and if you want to make comments to the news releases just google Salazar Wild Horses. This new “revelation” by DOI is all over the internet.
      Here is one for starters–

      I have to go to a meeting but will spend late night hours commenting. Let em have it——-

      • Roxy Says:

        Barbara, Donna, Excellent, excellent, excellent! I’ll hit the internet tonight – please keep posting links to everything you find in meantime.

        Donna, may we copy you? I may add a Ninth A respectufl observatin that this appears to be an urgent means to bypass support for ROAM.

        And I agree with your later statement – BLM – out of here!

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Donna B. This is very good. Yes we have found common ground in all our ruminations. I will have to reapply to NPR, I think the form I filled out was lost. I will hear if they did get it. But I m exhausted. I watched that film that is not finished that is about the betrayal of our horses, slaughter and abuse. It is so upsetting. I must go out. I need a break. NPR had the Salazar letter, too. I hate to lose something I have put my heart into. Maybe they have it. Be right back.Mar

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        if you cut and pasted better, you could edit/copy all the stuff you input before you complete your post, so it is saved temporarily before it is lost.

        You can highlight, edit/copy and then print it in a new document,which you save on your computer, before you even submit the info.

        Special, huh?

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      You pull it all together and bring in the issues of cost, ranges lost, etc.

  18. Christine Says:

    Put them on reservations, shrink the reservations whenever there’s money to be made by white men, kill them off if need be. After all, they were ‘wild’ and ‘needed to be managed’. :/

    Sound kinda familiar?

  19. Donna Buscemi Says:

    My first suggestion should say NOT have the BLM involved

  20. Roxy Says:

    What does “Ten years from now we won’t have the same problem…” mean? McNabb used ten years in one of his comments too.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      That is a reference to the fact that the lower 48 is going to be another province of China by then.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      No more horses? mar

    • Susan NY Says:

      10 years from now, God willing, the BLM will not be controlling the fate of America’s wild horses and burros.

      Left to their own devices, 10 years from now the true wild American horse would be gone, except for a few sterile individuals held captive in tourist zoos.

      THEY are the problem, and they need to be fired from the Wild Horse and Burro program ASAP. That’s another framing, instead of letting them frame the argument by responding to their “Proposal to Nowhere.”

  21. Kathi Martin Says:

    ‘Amen!’ – to not having the BLM involved on any level.

  22. Donna Buscemi Says:

    RoxyRoxy yes you may copy it. Make the correction to #1 and also I didn’t complete #7 was gonna address extinction. Also I sent the same basic letter to both the House and Senate committees that deal with Public lands. I believe they were all the people Salazar cc’d . I’m signing off for tonight. Good luck to all . See ya in the am

  23. Linda Says:

    As I was on Facebook tonight, I realized that many of “our elected officials” and appointed ones have a Facebook page, even Ken Salazar. If we write factual, pointed comments to our Senators and Representatives on their pages, (not inflammatory or emotional), we can reach a lot of people with the facts, ion addition to the owners of the page. These politicians have only begun to realize the power of the people and the internet. It’s a new world out there.

  24. Suzanne Moore Says:

    My overriding question is – how is this better for the horses than the extermination they were originally planning? How long are these “non-reproducing” herds going to be around? When the existing animals die, that’s it.


  25. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Gee, i sure missed a lot! I hope they (BLM) get your drift. just got back. Now to catch up and try KUTE FM 105.3 again. That is four Corners public Radio. mar

  26. Barbara Steele Says:

    Mr.Salazar, Mr.Abbey,
    I have read your press release very carefully. You propose to move these “excess” horses to the mid-west and to the eastern states according to your publicity release. “Spokesman Tom Gorey said the land management agency would work with state and local officials to create the preserves – essentially large ranches – and make them accessible to the public.”

    “We think there is real potential for ecotourism
    We think there is real potential for ecotourism,” he said. “Everybody loves horses.”

    I do love horses–I own a BLM mustang and a Chincoteague pony. If I want to see mustangs in the wild I would go to the west to see them in their own habitat. If I want to see lots of horses in my own neighborhood I can view horses, my neighbors horses or take a 10 minute drive to the Hanover Shoe Farms and see world famous Standardbreds. Here I can see the stallions, mares and in the spring and summer the foals in the pastures. Why would I want to see a “terminated herd” of geldings or all mares living out their days miles from their RIGHTFUL homes. How sad would that be to know that when those animals died that would be the end of their legacy. Why would you want to treat these reintroduced natives as retirees in an old horse home? This concept makes about as much sense as rounding up the Assateague ponies and sending them to Montana. Sorry but I won’t be attending your “Horse Park”.
    I will travel this weekend to Assateague Island to see the Chincoteague ponies rounded up for fall vet checks. Amazing how the Saltwater Cowboys actually ride horses and don’t need helicopters to run the animals. Yes the terrain is different but going through marshes, shrubs and water takes patience and time, not something I have seen in BLM gathers when horses are trampled, foals killed or orphaned. Later I will visit the National Park Service Assateague ponies on the Maryland side of the island where a pony I foster just produced a foal. Dr.Jay Kirkpatrick has worked with this herd since 1988 to work on long term solutions to herd growth and herd viability.
    I would hope the BLM would be encouraged to move ahead with scientific research that already exists since 1988.
    Until this “catch-up” by BLM occurs I heartily encourage the DOI to have BLM stop further removals of horses from their rightful land. What was proposed today was No answer to the problem that BLM has created and it is an obvious attempt to pre-empt the ROAM act in the Senate. I would also encourage Congress to have a outside audit of the numbers that the BLM has submitted as to horses in holding and long term as well as horses in the wild for an accurate count. I also read a report today on the McCullough Gather that NO Humane observer would be allowed. In this age of transparency it is obvious that much has remained hidden from the public.
    Barbara Steele

    Note–I tried to send this to DOI feedback and got an error message from them. Saved it in Microsoft Word so they will get a copy when they get their act together. Interesting how these official gov’t links malefunction! Am sending this to all comment pages I including to NPR that I subscribe.

    • Susan NY Says:

      Thank you for your excellent points, Barbara.

      At best, we are looking at a proposal that would turn wild horses on wild lands into sterile zoo specimens in captivity, under the complete control of the BLM.

      Expecting wild horse advocates to subsidize illegal, unwanted removals with free volunteer labor (while BLM staffers receive salaries, health insurance and retirement benefits at taxpayer expense) is disrespectful to the wild horses, and to the American people.

      I hope to visit the ponies on Assateague Island some day, please enjoy your visit and thanks again.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        This gives me an idea. Now may be the time to talk to Jack hanna. Ask his opinion of what Salazar and BLM have proposed. Zoo animals get to reproduce. I bet he would be shocked to hear all this. We should ask for his opinion as an animal advocate. Who wants to do this??? Mar

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Barbara, very nice job. This was a real objective reaction from everyone. That BLM is scared of ROAM is obvious. They are playing dirty. We have to hang in there. But if we can pull all we need off, BLM will not have to make decisions about America’s wild horses and burros anymore. I believe that if we can get more information about Burros we may find the worst criminal activity. There have been rumors down the decades of torture and killings that are worse than most of the bad horses have been put through. sad to say. There numbers have been so reduced. Where are they? There are rescues that are feeding large herds of donkey/burros. I have read that many are shot in corrals. I am not trying to upset you, but they are part of the equation and they have been done wrong, too. mar

    • Donna Buscemi Says:

      Great letter! I’ve used a different e mail for Salazar and they appear to have gone thru. Try

      Also found this video that only addresses cattle’s impact on the range
      Society of Range Management

      Also at

      Upcoming Workshops and Symposia
      The 2009 Conference on Wild & Feral Horse and Burro Management and Policy
      November 3-5, 2009
      John Ascuaga’s Nugget
      Sparks/Reno, Nevada
      Online Registration

      Also look forward to your post on Assateague! I’m planning to go in a few weeks.

      • Roxy Says:

        Donna, you should cross post this vido link on every page.

        Though they did show “wild Horses” and did say “catttle grazing can be beneficial – so my take is that horse grazing is then also beneficial.

        But then they talk about partnering with the public, but when the public goes to a BLM event to say they are treated is disdain is moderate. And fortunatley we can all see that for ourelves since they are all on video and all on-line.

  27. Barbara Steele Says:

    Did Rep Rahall really welcome Salazar’s plan?
    from press release in
    Rep. Nick Rahall, D-W.Va., chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, welcomed Salazar’s plan, which he said would reverse decades of government policies that treated wild horses and burros as a nuisance.

    “Years of attempts by BLM to shoehorn these magnificent animals into ever-shrinking territory has manufactured an overcrowding problem,” Rahall said.”Restoring horses and burros to the acreage from which they have been needlessly removed is critical.”

    Even if the acreage is not where they historically live?

    • Karen L. Says:

      Barbara, The sentence, “Restoring horses and burros to the acreage from which they have been needlessly removed is critical,” does not sound as though Mr. Rahall is welcoming the plan. “Restore” means “to put back in a former place or position.” There’s a miscommunication somewhere in the article…

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      We can call Rahall for a clarification or further comment. One thing I see running through all of BLMs defamation of wild horses and burros is; they avoid at all times any mention on paper of MTn Lion as if wild horses have had no exposure to them. BLM does not want wild horses treated like a wild species or wildlife species and will even destroy the Spanish bloodlines to keep them from ever being put on par with wildlife. This is critical to what they are saying and doing to them. It is their way of fighting us. go for the legs and bring us down.

      Someone, sorry I can’t say who at the moment, said; get American Heritage or some kind of historical protections for the horses and burros. That would be grand and could be worked on now. Someone should research it and find who awards this and where and apply for the status. I am sure some noted historians can be found to help once they know what is happening. That will bring publicity that is very positive and National.

      And there is no reason why The Cloud Foundation or one of our associates cannot ask for permission to see all the facilities that have Our horses and Burros. It is OUR right. We can then get others involved after a preliminary look see. I mean this. Maybe Ginger and her lawyer and maybe Hilary and even RT Fitch and Laura from the law coalition, could make a strong group appeal to see the horses and Burros. It is worth a try. They could have a press release saying they are seeking this. Bring Madeleine. But make big thing about no one ever being allowed to do this as if the horses were in bad shape.
      or they have something to hide.. Then if they refuse the press can ask them why. The press can ask to go, too. If they say ‘yes’ then someone gets to see
      what no one gets to see. mar

      • Donna Buscemi Says:

        The President, by Executive Order, can declare National Monumentss for s under the Antiquities Act. Learned this on the PBS National Parks Special last week. So , in theory, the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang range could be declared a National monument, with the tie in to the Lewis and Clark Expidition. National Park designation requires an act of Congress. Assateague is a National Park, so the BS we have heard about Mustangs and Burros not being allowed in National Parks isn’t really accurate. The burros were removed from the Grand Canyon and maybe because they were not considered wild animals. But the ponies on Assateague are considered “ferral” but are living in a National Park. So we could research areas where wild herds live to see what historical significance the area holds and then petition the President to declare them National Monuments. Not an overnight process.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Donna, If we just initiate this process, we can announce it and have that much more going for the horses and burros. it may take time to accomplish, but in reality it is possible to get this status for the horses at Pryor, at least. Some Monuments become Parks with time. Is there a process that you can separate and get that will initiate this??

        Burros and 37 wild horses were removed from Grand Canyon because they were using resources that wildlife needed. I remember it well. mar

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      He has maybe made a mistake in seeming to agree about over crowding. In the wild we know that is not so. In the holding areas that may be true. Have any of the senators asked to see the horses? If not they should go with Ginger… mar

  28. Barbara Steele Says:

    I hope you are right. I know reporters can twist words around. I saw another article that said Rep. Grivalja looked forward to working with the DOI for the horses benefit. Not an exact quote and I can’t find the article right now. Think I need some sleep and get ready for the trip to Assateague.
    Nite all—–

  29. jo bunny Says:

    check out the blm’s list of faq’s regarding this….i found this one especially interesting….
    “Authorized livestock grazing on BLM-managed land has declined by nearly 50 percent since the 1940s; actual livestock grazing on public rangelands is even less than what is authorized because of such factors as drought, wildfire, and climate change impacts.”
    cattle grazing DECLINED 50% since the ’40s??? REALLY??????? grazing is LESS than what is authorized??????? again, REALLY??????????

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      After WWII we did go through some changes. Open range was going and the biggest Texan cattle ranches broke down by the 70s. Feed lots got bigger. The demand for burgers grew. That may be a real statistic. The quality of public grazing lands really fell as they were overgrazed and no demand was made by you know who to restore them I was in school in Las Cruces and there were big fights about range lands and how they were bad and who was responsible. That was the 80s. mar

    • Roxy Says:

      Have you read Boggus (spelling?) comment on R.T. Fitch site? Very good, but he proposes drilling some water wells.

      And if the livestock are gone, why not give back the 10 million acres, plus some of the livestock land, drill a few wells and budget crises be gone!

      I still really don’t know that much about wild horses, but seems if you sterilize them all, male and female, put them out to graze on preserves, they aren’t going to interact like wild horse bands -can anyone advise me on that please?

      And if that is true, who is going to pay money to see a bunch of what others have called “little brown fuzzy horses” just grazing? People will be going expecting to see these multicolored horses running, fighting, and with fouls playing, and will demand their money back.

      I still can’t get what “they” don’t get about being “wild” – “they” have obviosly not watched the Cloud shows.

  30. Christine Says:

    I doubt it. From what I understand, critical thinking and ability as well as time to do any real investigating is pretty much no longer existent in most newsrooms.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Christine, not all reporters are in newsrooms. We may wish we had a big name and we may get one at some point. As this has grown and not diminished, there is the chance that more national coverage will come. This is a National story, big time. We got to keep coming at it from all sides. mar

      • Roxy Says:

        This may sound just negative, but reality is the same corportions that own or have interest in the cattle ranches, mining, oil, natural gas all that, also own the news – five big conglomerate corporations own almost all the news in this country (Google Moyers on Democracy – its a pretty easy read, or you can watch teh video onthe internet). So that leaves just a very few real independent news people.

        There is a documentary, when I remember the name I’ll post it here, about a news crew that would not change their story as directed, and got fired from a big name broadcaster, sued and won their case, but too late, their story didn’t get told in a timely manner.

        Even if you get a big name, their going to be twisted – unless they are aired live and uncut, unedited, or we will get the same inaccurate and incomplete news we got in this news article.

  31. Barbara Steele Says:

  32. jo bunny Says:

    is senator landrieu still supporting s1579????? & if reps. grijalva & rahall are supporting the salazar plan, what does this mean for s1579 NOW???

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Jo B. We have to call these people and ask them and we need to point out that the Salazar proposal is already begun and changes nothing, just clearly makes it worse. This is not what people want for the horses and burros. Salazar’s plan is to continue to zero out wild horse populations and take their land. This is a land grab at the expense of the future of all our wild equids. mar

    • Barbara Steele Says:

      Just emailed the following to Senator Landrieu,
      I just read your comments concerning the Dept of Interior Salazar’s solutions to the wild horses in holding. The comments say that 7,000 horses will be rounded up in 2010 but according to a BLM website the number is 12,043. There is much discrepacy in BLM numbers.
      I am concerned that the BLM is removing far too many wild horses and burros from their rightful range and creating a larger problem. The “gathers”(many inhumane) need to be stopped.
      As an east coast resident and owner of a BLM mustang and a Chincoteague pony I am amazed that the DOI thinks that a non-producing wild horse herd away from their habitat would be a great tourist attraction. This makes about as much sense as moving the Assateague Island ponies to Montana. Please continue to support the ROAM act as passed in the House of Representatives. Thank you for your interest in our wild horses and burros.
      Barbara Steele

    • Karen L. Says:

      jb, Senator Landrieu has enlisted the help of a law intern within the past couple of weeks in order to navigate the complex relationships of S.1579 to existing law (WHB Act of 1971) and to the demands of the American public. In the link you provided, she says she welcomes Salazar’s initiative and looks forward to working with his agency to pass legislation for the horses. To me, she is saying that at least/at last the DOI and BLM have acknowledged the voice of the people and the needs of the animals, but it is only a start. I think Senator Landrieu is continuing to work for ROAM. Last night I sent my latest letter to the Senate Committee on Natural Resources saying that the need for ROAM to be brought from committee to the Senate floor is now stronger than ever. We can stay in touch with Ms. Landrieu by continuing to contact the committee as we have been—she is an integral part of that unit.

      After about two years of reading correspondence from both Rep. Rahall and Grijalva to the BLM, I can’t believe that they are endorsing this DOI announcement as a panacea for all the problems. Perhaps the reporter for the article linked by Barbara misunderstood the details of the big picture. At any rate, the way to keep going forward for the horses and burros is to continue to contact the Natural Resources Committee to press them to get ROAM to the Senate floor regardless of the DOI rhetoric yesterday. And, of course, keep working on your own Senators! We still have a voice!

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Karen, i called the DC offices of REp. Grijalva and Rahall. Both have said they still back ROAM. Grijalva’s people gave me a Policy advisor, Glenn Miller to contact for a clear staement. I spoke to Laurel at Rahall’s and she said, very defensively, that Rahall has not changed at all about his bill and he was only glad that Salazar has addressed the issue. That seems to be the main idea, that DOI has made an effort. The two Reps are just hoping to open more communication and have more of a dialogue with BLM and DOI. mar

      • Karen L. Says:

        Thanks, Mar, I’m not surprised. I feel as though I’ve come to know the character of these men. They were way ahead of everyone (except maybe Ginger) on these equine issues. With Landrieu joining the fray in the Senate, things are going to be addressed.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      They are not supporting the Salazar plan they are hoping for better communication. Both offices have said they are not being ‘judgmental’ about DOI and Abbey, who Laurel stressed ‘is new and needs time.’ I said that what was put in the article was misleading, but I was told that, of course they want to work with DOI and BLM. Which makes sense since they have so much information to retrieve from the BLM. mar

      • Karen L. Says:

        Yeah, it’s kind of funny. Abbey probably feels about the way a mustang feels when being pursued by a helicopter!

      • Roxy Says:

        I’ve decided these people (Landrieu perhaps included) will tell you whatever you want to hear to sell their snake oil and get you off their backs. Having said that, Salazar has opened communicaition, now we need to take that letter and press release and answer each and every item, clearly respectufly, over and over and over again.

        Landrieu does not speciifcally say she is supporting ROAM anywhwere that I have read, so I will take her at her word on that. This is not meant to dilute her position in the appropriatinos bill, but again, she did not specificcaly support ROAM there either, but it is encouraging that she is looking into it very serioulsy.

        Only gleem of hope is that Rahall and Grijalva will have enough clout the get through the BS and get a decent bill passed.

        Blast them all to surpport ROAM – just keep up the pressure.

        Abbey is new? I did not know that. Or did you mean Salazar?

      • Karen L. Says:

        Roxy, Both Salazar and Abbey are “new”. Abbey was only announced as the BLM director during the summer of 2009. He is definitely not new to the BLM itself, but new in taking over the policies left to him by the director under Bush. I believe that Landrieu met with Ginger et al for about 45 minutes during the recent Washington trip—Ginger would have solid knowledge of her support of ROAM if it exists. Landrieu is certainly on the side of horses in general—she is a sponsor of the current bill against slaughter and wants the Burns rider repealed.

        Definitely, everyone needs to keep the pressure to get ROAM passed.

  33. Donna Buscemi Says:

    Mar et al,
    Here’s the link to the Antiquities Act – on the NAtional Parks website
    Need to look into it further. Then I’ll try to gather further knowledge re the Pryors and historical associations. Gotta get back to work, so if anyone else has time to check this out – feel free.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      There’s also the National Historic reservation Act of 1968

      (these are my notes from viewing the June 2009 BLM public comment section, Part 2 on HorsePower video website)

      Several people during public comment made excellent points, among those are:

      National Historic Preservation Act of 1968 – gave communities the ability to preserve as a living part of their history.

      Provision CFR 4710.5 and CFR 4710.6 — Closure to livestock to support viable herds of wild horses — the commenter said she had heard nothing during the meeting discussing this option. the same commentator added that: “Cattle have access to: 200 million acres of federal lands; 37 million acres of state lands, 31 National Parks; 36 reclamation projects. Wild horses have access to NO state lands, NO national forests, NO wildlife refuges and NO reclamation projects. She felt the action that should be taken are: 1- focus on improving herd area acreage by all means available; increase the (A)ppropriate (M)anagement (L)evels (AMLs) to reflect healthy long-term viable populations.”


    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Donna and JF, thanks again. This is something someone should run with.
      I did find my post, here, about burros that I put up late last night. Thanks TCF for giving them some special attention. I am having a bad word day. My first post today was nearly unreadable.

      Cattle take up too much space! They foul water and infect it with giardia. Cattle damage range and deplete forage for wildlife. Eat less beef! look at the favoritism the cattle get! mar

  34. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Here’s a link to the BLM’s “Questions and Answers” regarding Salazar’s News Release, (from BLM website)

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