September Overview & October Action

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Pam Nickoles fundraiser for The Freedom Fund is ending soon– check it out now!

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Even Cloud was injured in the roundup

Even Cloud was injured in the roundup- he's lame but he should be okay soon we hope.

also- new blog post from Pam Nickoles– lots of beautiful photos


49 Responses to “September Overview & October Action”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Thanks for the news. I am going to try to do flyers on a local level, but I am attempting to get a friend to do a poster. We can maybe make it available to print so others can use it. It would have a blank space to write anything you need or want to. Christine was doing something like this, too. It is a good local, at home project and there is time to get this going before the Cloud Show, which will heighten awareness all over again. It will have to contain information for contacting those involved with passing ROAM and some facts that will draw people’s interest. Use momentum to build momentum. mar

  2. Karen L. Says:

    Makendra and TCF, Thank you for the overview and news. The Pam Nickoles photos are great!

  3. Morgan Williams Says:


    Is there an update on Meeteesee’s being negotiated away from the Colorado rescue guy? I am anxious to know that she is back with the herd on the Montana ranch.


  4. Morgan Williams Says:

    America’s Summer of the Wild Horse and Burro Wipe-Out
    By Mr. Ed
    Last edited: Monday, September 21, 2009
    Posted: Monday, September 21, 2009

    Extinction is Forever

    The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has recently been on a rampage many are now calling ‘America’s Summer of the Wild Horse and Burro Wipe-Out.’

  5. Morgan Williams Says:

    I continue to search for information specifically on burros. This burr under my saddle intensified when Craig Downer said last week on Howling Radio that only 2,500 burros remained in the wild. Then some one on this blog pointed out that no burros were offered on the national day of adoption.

    I am going to contact the author of this article.

    • Christine Says:

      Try this site –

      • Morgan Williams Says:


        Thanks. I also wrote to Craig Downer who we heard on the Howling blogRadio program along with Ginger Kathrens and John Holland last week. I did write to the author of the article too.

        I am not researching facts on the wild or captive burros to attempt distraction from the plight of our American mustangs. Rather I am working to be all inclusive when I speak or write on the ROAM Act and the associated bill named Prevention of Equine Cruelty. Our foundation is the 1971 Act. Also, I want to keep in mind the fact that thousands upon thousands of domestic horses are sent to slaughter each year from equine industries most citizens would never suspect. S 727 was drafted to halt slaughter.

        So much work to do in a BIG hurry.

    • Christine Says:

      There’s stuff about burros here, too.

  6. Jude Says:

    Oct 6th starts another roundup in Idaho Sand Basin/Four Mile removing 206 horses and leaving 37-40/ 33-64 at Four Mile. Does anyone know is we have humane observers to oversee these roundups?
    I know these horses are not popular like Cloud/Pryor Mountain Herd but they need the same intervention and protection even more so because they are not famous and will be brutally manhandled.
    Oct 13 Paisley HMA – removing 60 horses
    Oct 22 Tobin Range/Sonoma – removing 440 leaving 10 horses

    We must continue to have humane observers present at ALL of these roundups… Does anyone know what’s going on with any of these and is Dave Cattoor still contracted for these roundups?

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      Here are some suggestions we all review in our home areas of the US when reviewing the BLM round up schedule newly posted. Are you in any of the areas of the roundups you mention? Have you ever been a public observer before? Are there any rescue groups or humane societies nearby in your paticular state that would offer support on given roundup dates? Have you thought of contacting your local TV, radio or newpaper media to get the word out prior to round up date? I am in Wisconsin myself but have been able to contact affliated stations of CBS or ABC in other states to ask for media coverage. There is no threat of a BLM roundup in WI but I deal with plenty of equine abuse, neglect and mismanagement. I also keep working hard in productive ways for the advancement of the ROAM Act along with bill S 727.

      Please don’t feel that The Cloud Foundation or any of it’s supporters only care about the Pryor Mt range herds. Very recently, TCF attorney won a case in court to prevent the roundup in western Colorado. They work very hard to bring to light the urgent plight facing all American mustangs, burros and domestic horses. It is just that Cloud the Stallion is a world wide known Mustang that giving a ‘face’ & broader awareness for all American equines. The Cloud Foundation office staff consists of only 3 persons and sometimes even Ginger is there herself. Have you been able to contact other foundations or organizations working on the Mustang and Burro bills in committee, like Chris Heyde of The Animal Welfare Institute? Also, I think Congressmen Raul Gruijvala of Arizona is working on an immediate call for moratorium of round ups. James Kleinert has been attending multiple round ups as an independent observer. He gave my Senator a preliminary copy of his reporting.

      When concerned individuals dig deeper, they realize the issue is not only about conservation of land & wildlife. It’s also about public lands being robbed and raped. It’s about National Parks being destroyed. It’s about corruption in high governmental agencies. It’s about special interest groups looking out for their pocketbooks. It’s about foreign interests hoping to take more of America away from it’s loyal citizens.

      It seems that the 2 top BLM round up contractors are mysteriously missing from the schedule: Dave & Sue Cattoor and Chris Cook (Heaverne).

      Hope this helps Jude.

    • Mary Says:

      I know it sounds crazy maybe but can’t they tranqualize Cloud to treat his leg and make sure it is not life threatening? He was captured on the 7th of September so it has been a month.

    • Brina Says:

      About the Idaho Roundup.
      Yes, there are observers at the Idaho Roundups. Have been for years.
      Went today and it went well. So far 50 horses have been rounded up. They did a good job seperating by size and also kept the young ones seperated and hauled in small trailer by themselves.
      No worries Idaho has observers from the Wild Horse RAC Representative and The Friends of Mustangs and also Barbara Gerber from the Swiss Wild Horse Association.
      Thank you for your concern, keep up the good job and we will take good care of these very pretty horses.

      • Morgan Williams Says:


        What is the BLM plans with the rounded up Mustangs? How much of the herd is going to be permently removed? How many mares will be given PZP? How many going to long term holding in the BLM pens? Is the BLM zeroing out specific bands of Mustangs like done at the Pryor Mt. Range round up. Is there an adoption day set for those Mustangs permenently removed? Are you seeing the Mustangs and being allowed to check on health or possible injuries?

        Thanks for letting us know who is watching over this roundup. We keep hearing about humane observers being banned.

      • Brina Says:

        The plan for now is to have an adoption the 1st weekend in December. They are finishing up with the castration of the adoptable horses. I was up there yesterday and will be back tomorrow. 1 horse in sick bay with an open wound. 4 horses are bandaged, 2 of them foals. They left the young ones on the mares. They are still sorting out the horses that will be returned, several of the real old horses will go out again for sure. Don’t think, at least have not verified that they will PZP them. Just some of the older ones are leaving, the rest are staying until the Spring for yet another adoption round. So far they have never banned any observers. As a matter of fact we had a Rancher present who wanted to observe (she owns part of the HMA) and also a few family members of BLM and the Roundup Crew where also present. The Idaho BLM is pretty easy to work with and they have heated some of our advice and concerns.
        They are, sadly, only trying to keep about 33 horses in each HMA, they removed a total of about 60 horses in each HMA. But they are trying to keep each herd’s DNA preserved as much as possible.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Brina, We are so glad to hear from you and about the Idaho roundups. Sorry they are doing this. I imagine that the mares were given PZP-22 and will not foal for a couple years. Be sure that they are all freeze branded. that is the only way to keep track or keep them from slaughter, maybe. nothing is for sure. If you are able to ask about the injured horses find out if they will be OK. Good luck, Mar

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Brina, One always hopes the local people are involved. wish we all had better connections. Would you get back to us from time to time as you see the horses and the adoption takes place. Tell us how they are and all. We do like to hear. Thanks for being there, it is a great relief to hear about these horses. mar

      • Morgan Williams Says:


        Thanks for all your information.

        Who is the contracter this time for this Idaho roundup? Chris & Karen Cook? Dave & Sue Cattoor? These two contractors have been made millionaires many times over all courtesy of the US taxpayers.

        I am glad, but very surprised to hear anything good about a BLM round up in Idaho after the horrfic, deadly round up at Challis this year that wiped out entire populations of Mustangs just to put them all in long term BLM prison corrals. One stallion was severly harrassed by a helicopter. The helicopter got so low that the stallion’s back feet kicked the helicopter’s landing feet. Foals were orhaned. Family bands were split apart forever. There were 364 Mustangs removed all at once from their protect public lands and some of those Mustangs were even illegally taken from PRIVATE lands (Wooley Farm). The Mustangs, yearlings and foals were pushed 10+ miles in heat over 100 degrees at times. It has been reported that up to 11 horses died from that roundup. Ellisa Kline had been photographing the Challis herds for the last 5 years. She was hearbroken to watch this all transpire.

        Did you attend the Challis roundup? What did you see?

        Will your adoption date in December be a special adoption event? I thought the BLM would hold no more adoption events until next spring.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Morgan, Brina came here to share. I hope she will come back. mar

      • Brina Says:

        It was Sue Cattoors group. I actually enjoyed visiting with Sue and also got to hear some good stories.
        We will keep monitoring the horses, no worries.
        Adoption scheduled for Dec 5 & 6.
        We were not at the Challis Roundup, didn’t hear the entire story either, but talked to an observer, who mentioned it was not as bad a someone is trying to make it out to be. So, sadly I know nothing about the Challis Roundup, only helped at the Adoption event in Boise a little. Gorgeous horses, well fed. Sadly we could tell that the herds DNA was changed from the horses we adopted from that area 18 years ago. Granted some of the horses did look better, but they are just not the same anymore.
        Yes, some things go wrong at these roundups, yes it is horrific to see. But sadly, unless we change laws and take fences down to increase the HMAs not too much can be done about having to round them up.\
        We have fences here in Idaho that were ment as “temporary” and are still up after 20 years. We have been trying for years but to no prevail. My favorite issue, a motorcycle trail head right in an HMA, can you believe it, they just snug it in, lots of signatures missing on that plan.
        Ok, enough vending. Keep on riding good horses, Brina

  7. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Jude, The Sands Basin about the 10th, is one I was thinking I might try to make, but I do not have a contact up there and I think the location is fairly remote. I have a good pickup, not a 4 wheel drive. I have been on some back roads in Idaho and I have back country experience. I had been planning to go to Wyoming, Red Desert Complex, and dig in there for as much of those roundups as possible. That is later in October. I feel the need to have someone at these Idaho gathers. I hope anyone who is going or lives near there will contact us. I understand that Lisa Dine’s book, The American Mustang Guidebook, may have corral locations. I will try to get this book. But I have not got the connections for locations. Do you? mar

    • Jude Says:

      I live in southern Arizona, work full time and run a horse rescue besides. Being an observer would not be in the best interest of the horses that I do take care of nor do I have the luxury of taking the time off from work as that is mostly how we support our rescue.
      I know so many people are trying to find ways to help and I really appreciate everyone that can get in there and do the hands on stuff.
      It’s so frustrating knowing that even Raul Grijava calling for moratoriums on any future roundups with the BLM in blatant disregard of anybody.
      We must continue to press onward to keep the pressure on the BLM so that they will be HELD ACCOUNTABLE.
      We must find the weak link. Somewhere along the way WE WILL SUCCEED on behalf of the Wild Horses and Burros. Good overcomes evil everytime, it just takes time to get there….
      Thanks to everyone for all your efforts… Let’s continue on supporting one another in prayers and encouragement. Blessings!!!!

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Jude, Thanks so much for coming back. Your work is very important these days. I do believe there are many weak links in BLM. They are blatantly bad.
        Like you, I believe we can win. Sl’an, mar

  8. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Jude, we are supposed to be renting a place and getting indoors this week. I will go if there is someone else to share expenses. We are poor. I know these horses need people there as much as any herd up against contractors. I am not quite prepared and need to unload the truck. I am hoping someone will come forward, maybe Golde because she lives in Idaho. I did ask her once but she was telling us about Challis roundup. Golde, if you read this, can you be an observer? The roundups are north of Boise City in back country. I wish there was one place everyone could coordinate from. This has been brought up, I am not savvy in that but I see it may be needed for roundup coordinating. I would also be able to go more often and farther with a partner who has resources. You need to go to Pam Nichols ? Photography and her blog about ‘eyes at roundup’ I just was there, there may be someone in touch there who will know if anyone has said they will go there. I would go to any of these roundups if I had money. On that level I am available. mar

  9. Angela Sellitto Says:

    They say “we are not going to use humane observers” for this round up. I didn’t know it was up to them. They said it puts more stress on the horses. Helicopters don’t?

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      I keep hearing that there is no law on the books and then I hear that there is, but BLM does as it pleases. We need observers in Idaho now. Anyone out there available and close enough? Boise City region. mar

    • Suzanne Moore Says:

      I just can’t BELIEVE they can refuse humane oversight and get away with it! The same goes for all those 33,000 horses they’re supposed to have in long term holding. What about them? No humane inspections??


      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Suzanne, That is the question that is driving us all crazy with worry. Jan was here yesterday and mentioned this plane flew over the big holding facility and saw dead horses and that is how the location got out. Now we all want to know if the dead horses were investigated or not. It is madness. Mar

  10. Angela Sellitto Says:

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      Thanks for the article!

      I am waiting for administrator’s approval on this comment I tried to post:

      “You cannot possibly believe there is absolutely ANY comparison between the Pryor Mt. Range herd BLM roundup and adoption day to the BLM’s planned roundup and penning of 90% of the McCullough Peaks herd. This horrific roundup on the 15th will basically wipe out this mustang herd, either by inhumane roundup deaths/injuries or by the languishing in BLM prison pens or prevention of foaling for the next 3 years. The supposed adoption day is months away! The Pryor herd was watched constantly by independent humane observers (who refused to accept ‘no’ from the BLM), was covered by media and adoption day was only weeks away from the moronic roundup day. Adoption of the eldest stallion Mustangs and mares, to keep the Spanish bloodlines together & viable, was done by an outpouring of donations to the Freedom Fund.

      The BLM, its insane contractors, so called horse experts and vets with unusual work ethics are under tremendous public pressure. Round up moratoriums are being called for until the R.O.A.M. Act can be passed by Congress in Washington. Time to cease and desist from catering to special land interest groups, needless roundups of our few remaining wild Mustangs and burros and the endless stream of all American equines flowing to Mexico or Canada for slaughter.

      Wake up people! This roundup on the 15th is NOT necessary. It is costing taxpayer’s money! We are being lied to! Our natural resources, National Parks and our public land is being stolen and raped. Fight before it’s too late!”

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Morgan, This HMA near Cody Wyoming has many concerned people and they will be there whether BLM likes it or not. Makendra or Ginger said that FOAL will attend and then this other group that allies with the McCullough herd. There are other roundups that we need to get people to, in Idaho, as Jude has said. And others. Many of us do not have experience as public observers but many of us have backgrounds that entail much observation and we are as capable as any to observe the roundups.

        There is no apparent way to coordinate people. mar

    • Suzanne Moore Says:

      I just posted a comment about this article. It’s moderated so I just hope the Trib will see fit to let if see the light of day. The BLM stated that they hoped this roundup would have a “similar outcome” to the Pryor one.

      All I said was that that ain’t gonna happen without a similar number of dedicated, independent people watching them as were at the Pryor “gathering.”

      I did also mention that the Pryor one wasn’t exactly perfect even if the vet report said it was, given that Cloud is still lame.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Suzanne, i posted a comment there and it was accepted but now it is disabled. I am really angry that they are not letting people read the comments. I think Morgan had one waiting for approval. mar

      • Morgan Williams Says:


        All I could think, when I saw my comment must be approved by a moderator, is “so much for free speech”. That is all you hear the free press scream bloody murder about is “free speech! free speech! 1st amendment”. Yah. Freedom of speech for you only, none for me. That is why I posted my comment here on this blog too.

        Equine advocates are squealched at every turn, along with any other animal rights interest group. I am not a conspiracy theory monger or someone who implies America is anything like a communist state, but, I have to wonder if I could face any consequences if I keep talking, posting, commenting, speaking out, showing up, spreading the word, writing letters, getting in people’s faces (all in a non-combative method of course).

        I am not one to become unbalanced either. Concern for my fellowman is at the top of my list. However, when my fellowman purposely uses their free will to unjustly kill, steal and destroy ANYTHING…… oh boy. My dander get up and the fur will fly.

    • Morgan Williams Says:

      Angela & Suzanne:

      I recieved an email from the moderator of the article. They are going to post my comment in full

  11. Angela Sellitto Says:

    I wonder how many people try and leave comments here and they don’t get posted.

  12. Angela Sellitto Says:

    oops! sorry:( I guess I was impatient.

  13. Suzanne Moore Says:

    Have you all seen this? Oh, I wish I was back in Dallas right now!

  14. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Yep, I posted it at the place where everyone else is hanging out. It started an uproar. Kinda. Or I am not happy with what I am hearing. Par for the course. I am trying to discern some parts of ROAM. If sanctuaries are made then Artificial birth control is Required…If horses return to their own range they may have natural predation. Mar

    • Suzanne Moore Says:

      That’s my problem with the Pickens Plan too. If the horses are going to be turned into a “non-breeding” herd, how is that “saving” them? Still, publicity is something we desperately need right now, and she certainly provides THAT.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Suzanne, what I had failed to realize, probably because I have not seen the horses kept from our eyes so long, is that they have been altered. All the colts and studs are gelded now. Thousands. The mares full of PZP-22 and may never foal or it could be years. Such hateful destruction. mar

  15. Carryl Edwards Says:

    I am so upset that the BLM is continueing to round up our beautiful mustangs. Here is a poem I wrote about mustangs after watchinh the film “Hidalgo”.
    In the far diatance you can see miles of grasslands as far as the eyes can see.
    You feel the ground tremble beneath your feet and out on the horizon you see them,
    but only a blur of color.
    As they get closer you realize that it is hundreds of wild mustangs running as fast as the wind.
    The ground roars now with the sound of hooves as the herd begins to pass you by.
    There are so many of them from whites to paints all bunched together in one large herd.
    From the youngest to the oldest they run together as a Family.
    The joy that fills my heart is over run to see them, knowing that they will always run Free
    without boundaries as they were born to be -FREE!
    Carryl Edwards

  16. Jude Says:

    Stampede to Oblivion to show Oct 10th 9pm in NV. Filmed by Investigative Reporter and Peabody Award winner George Knapp – he tells what’s really happening to Nevada’s Wild Horses.
    Just read an article that BLM is being pushed by western lawmakers to remove horses and put them in a 15,600 acre pasture in Ennis. Have written them to see who the lawmakers are that are doing the pushing. The article claimed there are 37,000 wild horses in 10 western states and there are 10,000 to many for the range to support.

  17. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Yes, i read this yesterday. I used to live near Ennis. Wow, That is an inflated number designed to take all the rest of the horses and then someone will say “Where did all the horses go?” And the answer will be “There wasn’t room for them anymore…” There were so many they all had to be removed because they were destroying their range and ruining it for all the other animals while they were starving to death. But 10 times the cows can be put there and no overgrazing will occur. Then the 10,000 will go and what will really be left?? Token, barely reproducing wild horses. A mere shadow of the numbers that we had in 1971. mar

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