Take Action on the ROAM Bill Today

Take Action Today on Wild Horse Bill

The Restore Our American Mustangs (ROAM) Act (S. 1579), recently introduced by Senator Robert C. Byrd (D-WV), will restore protections for our country’s wild horses and burros that were stripped away in recent years. Not only will the ROAM Act ensure that our mustangs and burros are once again protected from slaughter, but it seeks to reclaim land – some 19 million acres – taken away from these magnificent animals.  Please take a moment to contact your U.S. Senators today and ask them to cosponsor this vital legislation.

To take action visit AWI’s Compassion Index and contact your US Senator’s today!  Please forward this eAlert to everyone you know asking them to help protect America’s wild horses and burros.  Direct link:  http://capwiz.com/compassionindex/issues/alert/?alertid=14082831

Thank you, Chris Heyde

(*Our thanks to Chris and the Animal Welfare Institute for making “mustangs on the hill” a real success!*)


65 Responses to “Take Action on the ROAM Bill Today”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    At the site, you can also get to the anti horse slaughter bill

    • Mary Says:

      Marilyn, If you go to the site you can see where Sue Cattoor has 2 # 4s and 5s right now. She has messed up trying to remove the part that she should not have said.
      “These wild horses are not genetically pure. Other horses have been introduced over the years. ”


      As far as other herds being the same as the Pryor one, and breeders being involved, I really don’t know but what drew me into this situation and forced me to be compelled to look more so is when I saw The Pryor Mountain Mustang Center and the Breeders Association doing NOTHING to stop it even after expert after expert said it should NOT be done. I saw The Cloud Foundation and so many others trying to stop this and yet they did nothing but make recommendations on which should be removed.

      • Mary Says:

        I am not sure exactly how this can help save them but I do know that a close friend of mine has contacted an investigator at The Dept. Of Interior who is very interested in what I had said .. I am planning to email him this week. I think it is disgusting that horses like say Conquisador were removed after 19 years of living in the wild and being free just to be replaced with a horse that has a better genetic make up and is more desired by a breeder.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        If this is true then I hope you can bring it out and use it. In my humble opinion, Conquistador is a classic. There are to be additions to the Pryors? Does Matt admit this has happened? Mar

    • Mary Says:

      I agree if they were rare then we could do more for them but as far as the breeders are concerned, they are rare ..they plan to profit from them http://www.carnahanranch.com/pryor.php

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Because wild horses do not have the privilege of wildlife status, which would prevent any breeders from specializing in them.. they will be bred for profit like all other non wild horses. The breeders are opportunists and have chosen friends in high places. It would be good to have investigation on all fronts concerning conflict of interest. That may help the horses. But not right now.. and lots of documentation. mar

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Maybe the “breed association” is really a group of subversive wildlife biologists who are actually breeding toward a horse which can be proven to be an actual duplicate of the horses proven to be a wild species that exist on other continent, and when they finally have them, they will introduce the “teflon” wild horses — that the BLM can’t touch!!! (call 911 for me and ask for the little men in white coats).


      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Sorraia, nice horses, JF.

  2. betty Says:

    I just had a senator write to assure me that the mustangs rounded up by the BLM were returned to their ranges if they weren’t adopted!! Amazing!

  3. Mary Says:

    We also need to request an investigation of the following matters. I noticed that some of my comments on other topics were not approved, Perhaps I said too much? I did talk to Ginger on the phone several weeks ago and I asked her much the same. I do not understand why more is not being said about the following topic… it may be true that this herd was damaged below genetic viability, the fact remains that ” new horses ” will be added into the herd if needed. This has been going on for years.

    The part that gets to me is how the BLM can justify removing some and paying all of this with tax payer money when later they will not stop other horses with ” new bloodlines” from being introduced. The BLM is helping breeders to breed better horses. It is that plain and simple and we are flipping the bill.

    Sue Cattoor says that the herd needed to be culled due to inbreeding. This herd did not need culled. There was no inbreeding reported and the horses were very healthy. Inbreeding occours when the herd is taken to smaller numbers as it has just been. In 2012 this will happen again if we don’t find a way to stop it from happening and expose the truth. The truth is that this herd was culled so that it can be controlled by breeders of the mustangs and later in hopes to close access to the breed so that The only way to acquire a Pryor Mountain Mustang is from a private breeder.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      so how is this a bad thing?

      A – it preserves the line
      B – breeders one would hope have adequate facilities, vet care, etc.
      C – no taxpayer involved – you can’t really think the BLM roundups are all being done for the breeders alone, can you? are you really saying that? (I am new to all this so, “bear with me. . “)
      D – No more subspecies decimation processes by BLM
      No more running down of foals.
      Family groups intact.
      Just like the Simpsons

      • Mary Says:

        no I don’t think they are all done for breeders. I believe the case in the Pryors is different. Breeders are very much involved with these horses. And yes I think it is a bad thing .. they need to leave this small herd alone. Experts have said that they did not need to be culled as well as the Cloud Foundation.

        I don’t appreciate my money being used to round up horses that are removed so that later new horses can be added in. Let the breeders pay for it.

        For me the idea is that these horses are supposed to be free, not controlled. If they are indeed controlled, then there are no free horses left

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        If breeders have a vested interest in the well-being of the horses, why would they allow them to be run across a mountainside at 99 degree temperature, where mares and foals are injured, stallions are injured, and then random or gunshot approach to PZP?

        What kind of breeder would go for that? I think the breeders must be anti-BLM from the get-go. They wold have to be. . . they can buy a horse they want to pick out from the adoption day if they want. they can buy a horse or they can import for artificial insemination or something. . . I still can’t see why you can possibly think this is a breeder’s issue. Even if it were, I can’t see how this bugs you so much. Free horses, fine.
        America’s free-roaming horses.
        OK, I get that.
        I don’t get the part where the breeders are so evil. . . . is this some kind of special subspecies of horse, is this a horse that is a reintroduced subspecies of horse that should be protected by law?

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        I can go up there on the mountain and gather some horsehair and if I have money can’t I reproduce the horse via cloning?

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        I hope you can, JF. This thing about breeders? I don’t know… but there are about 500 foals mentioned in the Wyoming Red Desert Complex roundup. Half to be taken, half to be released. That is terrible in the hands of these foal killers. Mar

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        If they were a rare subspecies then we could do something for Them. but not the others… mar

  4. Angela Sellitto Says:

    That’s definitely a theory that I’ve never heard. The Catoor’s must be ignorant to think that the remedy to inbreeding is culling. They are idiots.

    • Christine Says:

      I don’t remember what herd it was I first heard about this, but ‘improving the herd’ by releasing pureblooded horses like Arabians with them isn’t a theory, its been done. I do know they were doing it to the rare Nokota wild horses, who have pretty much been wiped out on their ancestral lands. (http://nokotahorse.org/cms/)

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Well, how do we use this information to help save the horses to be caught and those already… That the herds have been tampered with for personal gain? Usually in the worst ways.. but in this method of improving lines? It has seemed like everyone With a conflict of interest is encouraged by BLM and that has people like the Cattoors in deep pockets. Good ol’ boys. mar

    • Mary Says:

      Eliminating the Pryor Mustangs from roundups will in effect close access to the breed. The only way to acquire a Pryor Mountain Mustang is from a private breeder. At present there are only two breeders known to us, Carnahan Ranch and the Hartmans. They sit on the Pryor Mountain Mustang Centers board.

      It seems to me that the Pryor Mountain Mustang Center and the Pryor Mountain Mustang Breeders Association have crawled right in bed with the BLM and the Cattoors. Remember that things are not always what they seem and people deceive for their own reasons.

      As long as the BLM is willing to roundup these horses even when not necessary with our tax payers money and make a convicted criminal richer, it is of no surprise that others like the Pryor Wild Mustang Breeders Association would run to the head of the line to take advantage of the situation as well. The eventual closing off of the breed as they state on the site above would only benefit them financially in the end.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        I don’t understand what you are saying. Please elaborate.

      • jo bunny Says:

        mary, there seems to be a third breeder of pryor mtn mustangs in massachusetts…check out http://www.arrowheadmustangs.com. anyone know anything about them?? they have only a couple of horses listed on their website for sale, but i’ve seen postings on other websites for horses they are breeding….just curious to know more about them…..

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        I did not know that the Mustang Breeders Assn. had added new horses. Do you know when that was, why that was and what type of horse was added. Is this part of the public record.

        Could Johnny take his horse, Ginger, out to the Pryors, for instance and set her loose if he couldn’t afford to feed her? If so, assuming Ginger survived, how long would it take before people figured out that Ginger didn’t belong there? Would it be weeks, months, or years? What would then happen to Ginger if discovered? Anything in particular?

        (hope you don’t mind these questions, I am trying to understand how all this works)

        Why is the situation in the Pryors different from other horse areas. Is it because the Pryor horses are more pure than others?

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Some of what Mary is stating goes on when there are more of a species in captivity than in the wild. There is a tug of war and those who want a species protected and living in the wild, take issue with those who want to have a gene pool available if the wild one fails. Maybe they are privy to information we are not.. So that they are not out fighting BLM to stop roundups because they know what is going on and they have apivotal role?? mar

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Catoors may be another species. The acid test: would you date one?

      • Mary Says:

        Let me say it in more simple terms. The Pryor Mountain Mustang Center has done nothing to stop these round ups. The Cloud Foundation has done everything it possibly can. The board members of the Pryor Mountain Mustang Center are some of the same breeders there at the Pryor Mustang Breeders Association.

        If you read what Sue Cattoor recently says on her web site, she claims that the BLM and the Pryor Mountain Mustang Center need to gather the horses and remove them becuase of inbreeding. She tries to quote Dr. Gus Cothran, a professor at Texas A&M University who specializes in horse genetics who had said the following,

        “In the short term, the Pryor mustang herd won’t be hurt by a reduction from 188 animals to around 130, he said. The Bureau of Land Management, the federal agency in charge of the herd, had originally proposed removing about 70 animals. But the roundup ended Wednesday before the agency reached its target. In its new management plan, BLM is proposing a maximum herd of 120 animals, excluding the current year’s foals.” “The concern in keeping only 120 horses on the range, Cothran said, is the threat of a potential die-off that could reduce the herd even further, reducing the herd’s genetic diversity. In the Pryor horses’ favor if such an event should occur, though, is that the horses that have been adopted out could be used to recharge the herd in such a dire situation.”

        Of course we know this not to be true and we know that over the past years The Pryor Mountain Mustang Breeders Association has introduced new horses when needed, NOT the ones that were removed.

        And although he states that it could reduce the herd even futher as being a possibility, he never mentions that inbreeding was an issue at the Pryors. In fact, The Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center had quoted him saying in a letter earlier this year that.

        ” The higher the effective population size , the less chance there will be for inbreeding to occour.” He does go on to state that “the population size is what determines the genetic diversity within the population and thus how genetically viable the population is”.

        He states that the herd will not be hurt by a reduction of 188 to 130 ONLY because other horses can be added later if necessary. He admits that keeping the herd at 120 on the range could propose a risk of reducing the herd’s genetic diversity which is exactly what he later says can cause inbreeding. I see Sue Cattoor trying to twist what he has said. I hardly think it is okay to remove some horses just to add new ones later to SAVE THE HERD.

        Of course I am not a breeder that wants to add “new bloodlines” into the herd. I am just an everyday person that believes that it is unfair to remove ” some horses” from a herd knowing that it will become genetically un-viable only to add new ones in later. And stating that the ones that were adopted out would be the horses that would be added in at a later time is what I would call a flat out lie. The BLM is helping a breeding operation to breed better horses. It is just that simple, and we are flipping the bill.

      • Mary Says:

        The Pryor Mountain Breeders Association state it right on their web site:

        ” To supply horses to restore a depleted Pryor herd, due to sickness or other catastrophic events, should that ever happen.”

        Sue Cattoor has recently since I have reported what she has said tried to quickly change what was said but I do have a copied screen as proof.. the same as matt Dillon of the Pryor Mountain Mustang Center, they both quickly change their words when questioned. .. as of now it shows the same and she has messed up trying to change it. This is what she is quickly trying to remove…..

        “These wild horses are not genetically pure. Other horses have been introduced over the years.”

        Dr. Gus Cothran has also said that new horses are added back into the herd but he says that some that were removed can be added back.. again this is not the fact but he is right some are added back but it is NOT the ones that were removed. This has gone on for many years,. DO you know what it costs to remove just ONE horse??? I woudl not care if it were only ONE.. that later ONE more is added back. It is rediculous and we are paying for it.

        I just emailed Sue the proof that I have saved asking her why she is attempting to hide the facts? Can wait to see her not respond LOL

  5. Nini Says:

    I hope the Senate wastes no time in approving the ROAM Act (SB 159) — before the BLM and its hired contractors do more harm.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Senator Mary Landrieu has said she wants to know all the facts of this matter, especially the realities vs. the bull*&^ on these issues.

      She has a Facebook page, as does Mr. Grivalja. Maybe she should be copied in on all our back & forth, or even all the emails we send to these senators, officials and etc., as long as they contain factual documented info. I wonder if she is aware of the successes on the East Coast (those island horses, etc.) Anything you can think of that would help Mary Landrieu we should send her — especially facts to counterract the arguments of the ignorant. (bull*(*)

  6. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    I will start some quotes and send them to her with who said them. Mar

  7. Angela Sellitto Says:

    Yes, let her know and let them all know.

  8. Suzanne Moore Says:

    Everyone ~ This may be way out in left field, but I wanted to run it by everyone anyway. When Ginger was on the radio the other evening, they were talking about how we needed to get the kids involved like they were in 1971.

    I know the Obama’s want to keep their girls out of the spotlight, but is there someone who could politely inquire if the girls would like to “spearhead” a campaign among their peers to save the wild horses?

    Just a thought…

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Why not try?

      Otherwise, maybe the girl scouts. Since Michelle has such strong ties to Chicago, perhaps there is a group of animal welfare people there who might be interested in pursuing, in their name — thus keeping the girls at “arm’s length” to the project yet acknowledging them as animal lovers, if they are. Are they????? I was surprised when the dog exploded into their lives.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Ms. Hope Ryden is very approachable. Have you thought of sending her an email with this idea and see if her ideas are applicable now, and how that might work???

      jst a thought

      • Barbara Steele Says:

        I had the pleasure of sitting next to Ms.Ryden at the BLM Advisory Meeting. I told about my old worn copy of her book where I learned about the plight of wild horses years ago and of Marguerite Henry’s Mustang book that I read as a teenager. Both Ms. Rydens’ book and Henry’s book are available in paperback. I wonder if we could get a grant or funding to purchase these books for the classroom, home schoolers, and libraries and have a lesson plan written by an educator that would point out the legacy of the wild horse and what we can do to save the wild horse from disapearing from the west. I know Misty of Chincoteague had written study guides and I wonder if Mustang has one also. I know home schoolers read the Henry series of horse books.

  9. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Suzanne, The kids were involved in the 50s and 60s and then came 1971. We were grown up. I have listened to how people handle this with some kids today; it is too ugly to let them know. It is shocking and upsetting to see photos and videos. They sicken me and I hate to see them. This is what everyone is avoiding. The ugly truth. It is very hard to tell children the truth and leave out details. Mar

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      I have agreed with that many times over. It is an unfortunate fact that this is not sugar coated. I feel and know many must that it is too harsh for kids.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        on that note, I’m sure that Ginger would have preferred all this be kept off the cloud website in that little girls are so enamored of Cloud. But, ya know, America’s kids haven’t always been protected to that great a degree from realities, yet we are further from the agrarian roots now, and it’s not as natural for kids to understand life/death issues.

        As my Grandad was a doctor, my sis and I actually went to an autopsy when we were 6 and 7 years old. . . not sure if Grandma knew we were there, at the time.

        Not the usual, though

  10. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    That being why many do not tell their kids, why the press is wary and why we have to fight lies and myths; the truth is not out there for real. There is a real threat that we can taste, but that is what we need to convey. If anyone wants the pdf I will send it… mar

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      I think kids whose families hunt (bow, rifle, etc.) understand at a young age about the nature of nature and life/death, etc. and they learn to appreciate wild nature.

      Our friends and family in the NRA may wish to present themselves as such AND in favor of SB 1579. It would be a powerful statement.

      . . . . or WOULD it????

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Yes, kids that have a country background will be more aware. Thanks for the department of cynicism department. That is all very real dealing with the madness of BLM. I do wonder who has said what… who was it thought of this in the first place? That might be very interesting. Mar

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Also I guess families living in violent neighborhoods?

  11. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    I do believe that 10 and up can handle knowing. I was uncertain of the events when I was 6 but I was aware that horse meat was in dog food. That got to me. Later I read descriptions of roundups. Then The Misfits came out and we saw it on the big screen. That was the beginning of the end, that round. now we are in this again. We can’t go back. I think plenty of horse loving kids know what is going on. They need to follow someone. Adults have to do this Now. I don’t want this to go on. It must stop. What are we willing to do? mar

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      there is a lot of silence out there. . . .were, as opposed to the poet’s observation. .. . the ear is NOT so very close to the heart.

  12. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Civil disobedience has been used successfully for many decades all over the world. At some point there should be some of us willing to stand and sit in the way and stop a roundup. That will cause big ripples. They are expecting it. Why? Because it is the one thing that they don’t want to deal with. But, they keep marshal’s on call and worry that it will happen; stop a roundup and cost them money, put off their plan. And their plan seems to be working. That is scary.. mar

  13. Janet Ferguson Says:

    I liked what Mr. Grivalja said about ethics in the New West. Not the Old West. A new ethic where we preserve things.

  14. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    We are lucky we have held on to all we have so far. If anyone else comes along and decides to be rid of something over a 40 year span, this was the plan to watch. mar

  15. Christine Says:

    What about going to your local boarding stables and riding lesson teachers? That’s where you’ll find many of the horse crazy kids nowadays that are or aren’t participating in 4H or Pony Club (yep, we have that in the US, too!), and where you can educate other horse enthusiasts directly. I had my Brawn at a boarding stable the first year I had him, and was absolutely astounded by the ignorance of the other owners. It was only the kids and the stable owner and her son who actually understood that when I said ‘wild horse’ I DIDN’T mean ‘domestic horse that had been left out in a pasture for years’. Some of them were even astounded that mustangs still existed in the wild!

    Maybe make up flyers for local feed and tack stores – most I know of have advertising boards or places you can stack flyers…and I wish I’d thought of that before now because I could have done that myself while out of town. Say does anyone have Acrobat or another program that could turn the ‘Open the Gates’ image into a pdf if I sent them the file? I could probably turn it into a Word doc and put it up online for people to download and print out instead. I know it doesn’t have a lot of information on it, but it does have the Cloud Foundation website and I could also put the blog URL on it, too. (speaking of that, did anyone get the shirts they ordered from CafePress yet? How do they look? I always want to know how the CafePress stuff I do turns out.)

    On another note, the thought that the Pryor Mountain Mustang Center is in bed with the BLM and the Cattoors…is exactly the thought I got with the posts after the roundup, but I didn’t want to say anything in case I might be wrong or out of line. The idea just plain bothered the heck out of me, especially with Matt touting the ‘saving’ of Stiles but being almost completely silent on what the Cloud Foundation did for 15 of the others, which was a far more herculean effort.

    • Mary Says:

      I absolutely think that education anf informing our youth about these issues is necessary. I for one plan to get the DVD set and see what it shows, maybe some books too and donate them to my local libraries. I have a close friend that is planning to do the same.

      I too had a lot of problems with Matt Dillon of the Pryor Mountain Mustang Center. For one, he always had a positive spin in his blog about the atrocities that were going on. What did me in was when the 6 humane observers were all told that they had to leave, photogrphs could not be taken etc and yet Matt was not made to leave and he posted pictures on is blog that very night. He too changed what he had originally said in one of his Blog entries after I questioned him and emailed me immediately. I did not care that he indicated to me that he was ” hurt” I only responded to him that my concerns were not of his feelings but the welfare of the horses and how hurt they must feel and how I am sure how they felt was much worse.

      He asked me to eamil him back but he would never answer simple questions:
      1. Do you take horses out only to put others back in at a later time that you consider more genetically desirable?
      2. If you care so much for the horses, what specificaly have you done to stop these roundups? I explained to him that I saw how hard TCF was working to stop this from happening.

      he never answered anything other than to say that ” the ones that they feel will best represent the breed are kept and the others are recommended for removal by him”.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Matt, Who would not tell me his name himself because he had people scream at him on the phone, is a contact. He has said revealing and important things. It is easy to be angry at him but he has felt more than he said. He did say how empty the refuge looked after so many were taken. I would not want to be in his shoes these days. Mar

  16. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Christine, If we do flyers we might put up some here online, to be printed by others. People with equipment and knowledge, should be able to make good flyers with photos. If we can get this out in all our regions and also get friends far off to do a few hours of posting flyers, too, we could reach a large enough number of folks to get a Strong Active Response from a good percentage. I can get something printed at a library but we have no printer. Maybe we should get this done before the Cloud show is on PBS. After that show is on, people will notice a flyer even in a grocery store. This is grassroots, it can move. I am in. mar

    • Mary Says:

      I do have a PDF of the flyer that I made for the Cloud Foundation if that is the one that is still being used. If you want a copy of it just email me at mca1895@wikianswers.com

      • Christine Says:

        Mary, just load it up somewhere online and point us to it with the URL.

        I should have something up tomorrow as a Word doc, I’m really really too mad right now to word it civilly. I’d be calling Matt a 5-letter word that begins with a ‘p’ and that’s not terribly constructive right now. 😉 😉

    • Mary Says:

      I certainly was not one that was yelling at him, I would never do that, but I am glad someone is yelling. I think they should yell louder for the horses sake. I am sure they want us to yell as loud as we can and fight for them.

  17. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Actually having a set of flyers so an interested person can take the info home is most effective so we have to buy our own paper and do it. mar

  18. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Monday I will try to get Melanie Gilbert, again, she is Wild Horse and Burro Specialist in the Rawlins BLM Field Office. 307-328-4353. I want to ask her about the contractors, the large number of foals mentioned in the Assessment, where the corrals are, can press come? What about the public? Roy Packer is Range Specialist in Rawlins, 307-332-8400. The Lander office is also involved and Rock Springs, because of the huge area. BLM districts are very big. mar

  19. Christine Says:

    You guys aren’t going to believe this.

    I had 6 versions of the ‘Open the Gates’ image on my HD, in GIF, PNG, and PSD, plus a thumbnail and just the words on a license plate frame. These files were FINE when I worked with them last week.

    I just tried to open them. EVERY SINGLE FILE except for the thumbnail and the license plate frame IS CORRUPTED.

    Fortunately the Conquistador Shirt ones are still good, and I can rework them with new text. I’m thinking of adding ‘If you love horses, don’t be part of the problem by sticking your head in the sand’ but I will probably word that better when I’m not so damned angry.

  20. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    If anyone has roundups in their region then maybe a flyer with that on it could be made. I think I will ask Sloan to make one, she is a graphic designer. Colorado is scheduled for more roundups and it would be nice to stop them, too. There are places with activists already but I know so little about their experiences. I bet theirs are like Pryor only worse. Ginger or Makendra had said FOAL (?) would be at McCulloch (spel) Peaks. That is up near Cody, Wyoming. mar

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      There is a USFS website with wild horse and burro section; and one page for each wild horse area. Didn’t ask them about roundups, but also thought I’d put that out here in case anybody wants to pursue: this specific page goes to Jicarella (since MW has been mentioning)


      (I may be the last one to know about this website, but just putting it out here for what it’s worth.)

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        JF, Wow, you found them. There is some other info I can tell you off the blog. You do not have to join the group to get the info. No one does. Just some stuff is better not here. Got a project, too Besides the Roundup backup.

        Your web link tells me a lot and it is another place where it may not be BLM but the horses are being removed, even from the reservation, I fear. They will get them anywhere it seems. We have to stop them. ROAM is not dead in 30 days. The moratorium is needed. mar

        Thanks again.

  21. Peggy taylor Says:

    God is watching you!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Shirley Dykhuis Says:

    you know these horses were meant to roam free so let them roam and be free spirits open the prairies and let them run,stop slaughtering them and killing young foals by your helicopter round ups,it’s a wonder you don’t kill off the whole herd doing the way your doing these round ups and what your doing to these poor animals that were not meant to live in holding pens and eventually die there,thats inhumane as ever.keep wild horses and donkeys and alike roaming free ,not slaughtered,not killed by being put in holding pens or rounded up by helicopter,your cruel and inhumane the way your doing,STOP DOING IT NOW,so our children’s children will be able to see such beautiful free spirits as the wild mustangs,horses which ever you want to call them and the donkeys to.

  23. mustangdreams... Cat Kindsfather Says:

    150 Advocates Showed @ The Truth Rally!

    150 advocates showed up for the “TRUTH RALLY” in Carson City, Nevada on February 20th including Craig Downer and Elyse Gardner who made it back from the Las Vegas “Mustang Outrage” rally to show in Reno for the mini rally also on the 20th, and then to Carson City for the Truth Rally!! A big shout out to them, that is pure dedication! And a thank you to everyone who made it possible! Thanks to The Cloud Foundation for putting the word out. : ) Great rally!

  24. mustangdreams... Cat Kindsfather Says:

    Here is another shot from the “TRUTH RALLY” in Carson City.
    Wild Horses in Her Future?  Its Up to Us!
    I think you can view more shots shots my photo stream from this link.

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