Pryors Roundup Vet Report

With thanks to Horseback Magazine for getting this information. The horse that tied up is the grulla mare, Brumby, and the mare who colicked is Cloud’s daughter, Rain. READ ARTICE/REPORT HERE

RT Fitch added photos and commentary here!


22 Responses to “Pryors Roundup Vet Report”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    I have read this twice and just feel like so much is missing. Is it just me? mar

  2. Laura Evans Says:

    A lot of it bothers me. If there were so many people there that the crew couldn’t work properly, how come the independent observer wasn’t allowed to be there? If he examined all of the horses after they were brought in and they were fine with in 10 to 20 minutes, how come there are videos of horses with labored breathing 30 minutes after they were brought in? If the horses were brought in at a walk or a slow run then explain all the videos of them at a full out gallop? Why would the helicopter only start pushing them when they got close enough to be filmed? Why does the “report” from the guy who was photographed harrassing the horses with a crop differ so much from the videos made by Ginger?

  3. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    They have their own way of seeing themselves and everyone else… Mar

  4. Margaret Says:

    I too am bothered by a lot of this report. If these horses were truly walked or trotted the whole way down the mountain why did one tie up and another colic???? Why did Cassidy come off so sore footed. Now maybe Cloud and that other mare that is lame at the top of the mountain got hurt on the way back up but the evidence shows many horses running for the corrals–including the Judas horse.

    Why is Sue Cattorr saying that Elysee is a self appointed humane observer???? One would think that as an independent observer who was beholden to no one–they would want her on their side. It was comments and other things that she saw (disturbing ones) that caused the BLM to withdraw that invite. Perhaps her husband isn’t responsible for everything but the BLM CERTAINLY IS.

    Because of the BLM’s own silence they make themselves look even worse.

    I just hope the horses will be okay this winter. Going into winter being lame is not in Cloud’s best interest. As well as the other horses. They need to be able to defend themselves. They need to be able to feed and get around.

    This “gather” was not well concieved or executed. It was planned by bunch of people who KNOW nothing about the horses or there needs. It was done to help the National Adoption Day. You don’t have the horses cater to your schedule–you work around theres.

  5. Marilyn Wargo Says:


  6. Barbara Steele Says:

    A little off topic but the roundup of the Chincoteague ponies–Virginia side of the island will be held Friday, Oct. 9 and Saturday, Oct. 10. The “Salt Water Cowboys” actually ride horses through marsh, woods, and water to round up the ponies so the vet can give them shots, wormer and check out their general health. The Maryland side Assateague ponies are never rounded up but they are darted in the spring with PZP. I am attaching a link to an article explaining the herds and how each is handled. I will be there to watch along with people who own “buy backs” and visitors to the Refuge. I wish I could be at a BLM “gather” to help document the differences. Looks like the east coast cowboys know how to ride horses and don’t have to call in the helicopters!

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Barbara, If you take pictures maybe you can put some where we can see. Have a great time, thanks for the article. Mar

    • Karen L. Says:

      Barbara, Better yet, take pictures and send to the Senate Natural Resources Committee and to your Senators along with links to the Challis Roundup for comparison(?)

    • Margaret Says:

      Well one of the differences in the Chincoteague Ponies is that the Fire Department owns the ponies. They make the decisions. And it has always been that way. I think they do a pretty decent job too.

      But I worry about the Maryland side. If Salazar has his way the ponies will be no more. And this PZP stuff–it might not have hormones in it but Ginger has noted many mares never having a foal because of this stuff. And they were given this stuff years ago. And then when the stuff does wear off the poor mares have out of season foals.

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Don’t forget to update Mary Landrieu on all this info. She needs to have all the info we have so she can make her case! She has said this!
      Ginger K met with Mary for 45 minutes and with her staff for an additional hour when in Washington.

  7. Donna Buscemi Says:

    I went back to the Pryor Wild web site to find the picture of the mare in the shoot with the bloody injury under her eye. I thought for sure that it was on Matt’s blog and I couldn’t find it. I couldn’t find it on any other blogswebsites either. Was I imagining it? Does anyone know that picture of which I speak? I wonder if the BLM volunteer agreement forced its removal? Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places for it!

  8. Christine Says:

    Anyone have a direct link to the report? Horseback magazine won’t let my slow connection open the ‘zine. And maybe a direct link to the Howling Ridge podcast where I could download it? Blogtalk also won’t work with my connection, but I might have a chance to download it. Yes, my connection sucks mightily, and I cannot afford better.

  9. Janet Ferguson Says:

    This isn’t a link to the report, but an interesting fact, a headline from the magazine:

    The Humane Society of the United States Names Pat Parelli as Humane Horseman of the Year

  10. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    The Parelli’s are neighbors up the road. I have thought about contacting them. I do not know if they are here, but I will stop by at some point. if he is Humane, then he may be mustang support. Mar

    • Robin Bailey Says:

      Marilyn, didn’t know if you knew this or not – Parelli instructor Jesse Peters won the Gatorland Extreme Mustang Makeover April 2009. I read Pat Parelli asked him to take this on and even offered his Ocala, FL facility to Jesse to use for training. Peters worked with his mustang Aspire for 70 days using Parelli’s techniques, even going so far as to refuse the BLM’s putting her through the shute to halter her when he picked her up. My neighbor has the article, and I can’t remember all of it, but the mustang was adopted and presented to the young man who was there to watch Jesse train her the whole time. There is also a National Geographic video called “America’s Lost Mustangs” that shows Pat Parelli working successfully with a mustang for forty minutes, using natural horsemanship and not the bully techniques like the BLM is so proud of using/abusing. I think it certainly looks like he could be a mustang support. Go for it!

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        Robin, thank you for saying this. Someone found that Parelli had won a national award for Humane Horseman of the Year. So I know I ought to talk to him or his people. Who ever I find at the Place up the road. I have watched his show and he is very consistent.

        All this success with these smart horses just makes this situation all the more bizarre. This is all good to know and I will keep your info. Hope you will help the horses, too. Mar

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