BLM Appeals West Douglas Ruling

Our attorney, Valerie J. Stanley, backed by incredible advocates, won the West Douglas case to stop the zeroing out of this small Colorado herd. This historic victory is now being appealed by the BLM. This is not a surprise, but the judge’s ruling was clear and we hope for these horses and all others that this decision positively impacts, that this appeal fails. Our taxpayer dollars are at work to destroy America’s wild horses and burros. A copy of this decision will be posted here soon. Article here (note The Horse online magazine site has many wonderful articles!)


20 Responses to “BLM Appeals West Douglas Ruling”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    West Douglas horses may be slipping away from BLMs plans. BLM has designs on all the land wild horses are removed from. Mar

  2. Janet Ferguson Says:

    That automatically generated thing up there dates to 2007.

  3. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    He was my senator, i was still at my Mother’s until we sold the house. He was one of the best senators I ever was in contact with. Dick Durbin, Still in Illinois, is too. mar

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      MW Do you have a Wild Horse Reserve or something? I have to go start dinner. . . back later.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        No, but I am hoping to get to be a citizen volunteer at one, enjoying horses into my old age. Because we are going to save these horses and as much of their stolen land as possible. We all have horse reserves, The Pryors is the first and there will be more as like the ones in the East. If you can see it make it happen… mar

      • Roxy Says:

        Janet and Mar, me too. I’m needing to first relooate out of the Phoenix Metro air pollution. Carson City is first on my list, with Redding second, – but both are somewhat too small town for city gal like myself. I really wanted Sacramento – then they slipped from middle air pollution in the last three years to top 25 worse. I’m still going to try to see about the outskirts in the foothils – anyone have any ideas? Because that is really where I want to live.

        I could just stay here and head to Wickenberg, gets the winds down from the mountains through a valley which pretty much keeps the pollution at bay, and keeps temps “little cooler”, and yet not to far from the city, but I hate the heat here.

        Yes, as soon as I can I wil be a citizen volunteer too – I’ll start this winter with the couple close by me here in Gilbert and Scottsdale.

        Funny, I sent out a hit for travel trailers to get me started and the only one I got back was in Colorado Springs – but I’d freeze my bottom off there, and its a big bottom!

  4. Suzanne Moore Says:

    Re President Obama – Of all the people I’ve written to, he is the ONLY one I’ve received anything at all in response. Of course, it was a form letter, but at least SOMEONE knew that I wrote to him.

    Haven’t heard from my Representative, but doesn’t matter – he voted against ROAM in the House. I didn’t like him even before that.

    My Senators are a different matter. I think we’ll have them if S 1579 EVER gets out of committee.

  5. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    If you can, request that they make inquiries as to getting the bill out of committee. There were those at the radio interview last night that say ROAM needs some work. Ginger said it. If so, when does that get done? If we have senators saying they want it to pass the committee, will that help? That seems like worth requesting from any pro-horse senate members. Mar

  6. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Yet, there are people who feel it needs work, if so, how do they get it done? If you change one thing someone else will ask for something, too, maybe bad. It is a difficult process so it seems it is worth getting it right. I hope they are working from their end at making it better and not losing any of the basis. mar

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      You and another blogger have used the term ‘citizen volunteer’. What exactly is that?

      Do you know what Roxy meant by saying ‘I put out a hit on travel trailers and only got one response from Colorado Springs”?


      • Roxy Says:

        I was looking for a particular used travel trailer made by Cirrus – Eco trailer, and the only response I got was fron a private party in Colorado Springs, so I was pondering moving there and being able to volunteer with the Cloud Foundation in some way. But decided it is too cold for me there

        I will be looking for volunteer options here in the Phoenix Metro area instead – problem is the air pollution and I do not get along. I may just volunteer at the Fire Dept. for a while instead. Don’t know for sure, just looking around for what I want to do in retirement. It was an early retirment option, due to the economy and downsizing, not exaclty my choosing, but I’m 62 and vested in my retirment plan.

        Hoping to make it to outskirts of Sacramento in the foothills, otherwise, Carson Ctiy, Redding, or may just get as far as Wickenberg, AZ.

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        You are a citizen volunteer, not for the country but for your beliefs. I used it as a term for people to be involved with horse refuges as observers and record keepers. I would like to see this. Involve the public and be rid of all the secrecy. Mar

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