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Join Ginger Kathrens, along with advocate Laura Leigh, wildlife ecologist Craig Downer along with John Holland, Vicki Tobin and Ellen Cathryn-Nash on a special Howling Ridge Radio tonight dedicated to recent events: the auctioning off of 57 of the Horses in Cloud’s herd, the BLM Advisory Board Meeting in Washington DC and Mustangs on the Hill, and the worst of the worst: The Sheldon wild horse roundups — as well as updates on what the next months hold for our wild horse herds…

Listen here now (it will be online later too):

On-Air Calls: 718.664.6596 this is 9/30/09 at 9:30pm Eastern

17 Responses to “Ginger on Howling Ridge Radio”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Maybe I will have better luck with this broadcast…. mar

  2. Morgan Williams Says:

    I am listening to the show from 09-23-09. I met John and Dixie yesterday in DC. We had lunch with another woman named Mary in the Capital’s cafeteria before hitting the bricks. Dixie is a super sweet woman with so much horse knowledge and wisdom. Mary came from Virginia after first hearing last Friday about Mustangs On The Hill.

    • Morgan Williams Says:

      Geez. Wish there was a delete button sometimes for comments I leave. That was not Dixie on the radio show from the 23rd.

  3. jan eaker Says:

    I am listening to this, some wonderful news, I’m so sorry that Meeteetse was not able to stay w/her family; but the way that Ginger described the reunion of Chalupa, her baby and Bo brought tears to my eyes; I can absolutely hear their joy!

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      Work is being done already to buy Meeteetse from the Colorado rescue guy who bought her. Ginger does not believe the guy means anything good towards Cloud’s granddaughter except to use her for money. I just heard RT Fitch is working on her freedom.

  4. jan eaker Says:

    also, FYI there is a link on the pryor mountain website that lists all the horses and how much their adoption/sale fees were;

  5. Morgan Williams Says:

    Check out:

    YouTube Channel page (user name): JulianneHSSA

    She may upload video from the DC ‘Mustangs On The Hill’ press conference.

  6. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Great to hear Ginger and Makendra. In this growing crisis we all must keep going. This is becoming a way to help design true public involvement with the wild horses. I would love to spend time, over the rest of my life, as a horse guardian and observer. Maybe we should be asking for “intervention” and a moratorium. Then we offer to present management alternatives that include volunteers on the site from local communities. mar

  7. Janet Ferguson Says:

    This country sent 600,000 soldiers a year for 5 years to Vietnam. Over 50,000 soldiers lost their lives.

    Something more has to be done because, believe me, if that carnage of our young people couldn’t be ended, how on earth can we have any expectations our government will respond on behalf of ‘mere horses.’ Makendra sees the need for massive calling up of “child troops” for this battle since it is their futures at stake. M suggested less talking amongst ourselves and more “outreach.”

    Maybe someone at TCF or somewhere could develop a packet of info — one that has been “vetted” by those in the know, for individuals in their communities to use. My own community has an advocacy for humane legislation that is very active at our state capital, but nothing for the mustangs as far as I know.

    For people with children in school there could be a different route.

    What about us “grumpy grullas” (no young kids at home, maybe retired, etc. ) who could maybe host
    “Mustang Parties” or awareness venues of some kind (meetings at local library? or humane society classes?) for our neighbors and friends, where the above “official” packet could be provided for each person, forms of letters to write, and the whole info thing, then form small state groups where there is currently nothing??? Have tea and mustang-shaped dainties for refreshments. . . .

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Are Girl Scouts into this in any organized way?

      What about AARP?

      A few weeks ago there was a small paragraph and foto in the “Parade” magazine (that comes with Sunday Paper)on the terrible plight of the mustangs.

      Heard last nite on Howling Ridge Radio radio — (my notes)

      * Ginger met, with Jul. French, with Senator Landrieu for 40 minutes, and an additional hour with her staff. Landrieu is making this her #1 issue — maybe her office will have some “community directives” for us to follow in local communities. GEORGETOWN is sending Mary Landrieu a full time LAW STUDENT to work with her on this issue.

      *Landrieu knew Salazar well, and has worked with him. SHE WANTS INPUT SO SHE CAN BE CONVERSANT with people who have been “brainwashed” by BLM who feeds people misinformation that Mary knows is bologna! She wants to ‘dig in’

      *Craig made a great statement — please print it on blog for us in entirety if you will. My notes on Craig’s statement – “call for immediate halt to gathers, whether thru executive order, congressional action, or judicial means,” “urge congress to CLEAN HOUSE in BLM and US FOREST SERVICE;” Craig suggested “New Agency to manage and protect the horses as “principal presences intheir designated areas.”; allocating resources, forage, and water, native status proved already scientifically; how they complement native animals –, need for “no depriving of public water; esthetic value of horses is UNIVERSALLY appreciated.. . . etc.”

      * BLM wouldn’t come out to see the ranch Ginger wanted to use — they said “no time.” Until a reporter got in the act, then they came out! Also — it sounded like they had to additionally take fotos to BLM, of what sounded like aditional pens and corrals that had to be purchased and built at what must have been herculean efforts! In order to have new home for horses approved!

      Just putting this here for those that may have missed radio show. There was so much else, too — I’m sure it will be available to listen to in entirety. . . .

      * The description of Hope Ryden’s “pills” — where Hope Ryden met with Udall’s aides explaining evolution of the horse — the “pills” turned out to be teeth of the eohippus from 30 million years ago found approx 25 miles from where Cloud is!!!!! in the Pryors —

      * The disturbing double branding and no branding that happens (where the BLM fails to brand or brands with incorrect double brand) these unbranded horses are not “safe” from being picked up on range and sent to slaughter (I think they said).

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        What about a special Girl Scout cookie shaped like a mustang, where all proceeds go to help horses

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Actually, I am now informed that 600,000 troops were sent to Vietnam per year for 10 years (vs. 5 as I stated, above).

  8. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    These are all things for different people to do. If you are able to do meetings and give out info, go for it. Making state or regional connections will put a network in place. Educating children and adults will overlap. I have been writing essays and editorials on wild horses online for nearly four years. Creating a data base for the roundups would be nice, but someone with computer savvy will be needed. I want to be in the field at roundups with at least one or more other people. But there is so little time and more information is needed. What we would be best doing we should go for. Telling as many people as you can, everyday, helps. Makendra wants us to keep up a dialogue here but to start projects we share here and with everyone. Outwardly. The information gathering here is great and what we find we should always bring back and say ‘hey, this is good’ so we keep learning. mar

  9. Janet Ferguson Says:

    P.S. On the radio show Ginger said that Windflower, Cloud’s daughter, was killed by a mountian lion.

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