The Next Generation for Wild Horses…

A 6th grade class in Colorado Springs just sent a whole folder of letters to us to take to Washington next week. These letters are inspiring and remind us again that not saving these horses is not an option. We hope to have these up on our website soon, but here is just one for tonight:

Dear Mr. Ken Salizar,

I hope you will understand my request to pass the R.O.A.M. bill. Montana’s wild horses deserve the right to be free. They have lived in this area for generations, and it is the only home they have ever known. Please do not let what happened to the buffalo many years ago, happen to these beautiful animals. It is our duty as human beings to protect and preserve this habitat for them.

These horses need space to run, fresh green grass to feed on, but most of all to continue to be free. Please stop capturing them and putting them in cages. This is extremely cruel, and they don’t understand what is happening to them. Please listen to all the horse lovers of this country, and do the right thing.       -Katerina, 6th grader

Grullo bachelors by pond MS 6-09


11 Responses to “The Next Generation for Wild Horses…”

  1. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Katerina, I was your age when I was given a a mustang. I had asked for a horse every day from age 6. The years we were together were the best in my life in many ways. Wild horses were abused on the range then, too. It was kids like me and like you, now, that helped stop the cruelty and got laws passed. Thank you for caring, we need your voice. Mar

  2. Barbara Steele Says:

    Chapter 19 of Marguerite Henry’s “Mustang, Wild Spirit of the West” is titled “Power of the Children”. I believe Congress received more letters from children supporting the Wild Horse Act back in 1959.

  3. Courtney S. Says:

    Beautiful. 🙂

  4. Suzanne Moore Says:

    I keep wondering – don’t many of these BLM guys have kids? Kids almost always love horses. How can they ever explain to their children what they have done?

  5. jan sterling Says:

    maybe they dont tell their kids what they do – have friend whose husband is a prison guard – a necessary job – and his sons dont know what he does – they are small tho

    glad to hear we do have friends in high places – maybe something will be done about leadership at blm and dept of interior – so glad to hear older horses got homes –

    too bad schools dont urge kids to read all those really good horse books we grew up with, walter farley, marquiete henry’s books, my friend flicka – read them all

    • Suzanne Moore Says:

      Yeah, it’s a shame kids don’t read stuff like that anymore. I guess it’s not gory enough for modern tastes….

      I have a question. Does anyone here know – when writing to try to get the ROAM act out of committee, is it better to write to the entire committee or the subcommittee that’s actually handling the bill? Or both?

      What worries me is that the Senate is never going to get the chance to vote on this. I know the Cattleman’s lobby is fighting hard to block it’s ever leaving the committee. Grrrrr………..

  6. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Suzanne, We all need to know something of each of the sub committee members and to write them and be persuasive if they are pro cattle. I guess we all need to concentrate on a specific set of people. Who should we be writing, emailing and phoning at this stage? BLM in some way. How do we change what we are doing so we are more effective? Write committee members. I know there is list of them somewhere. Who is the sub committee? There is a good email link for them and we need to use it. Get regional people to attend roundups all fall and winter. That means we need to have directions to corrals. Maybe we need a moratorium petition for Obama/Salazar.. Mar

  7. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    i am able to get the radio show, mar

  8. Suzanne Moore Says:

    This is my favorite site that I’ve found so far –

    If you sign in, you can track bills, committees, and individual members of the House and Senate. A LOT of info. I’m tracking S. 1579 as well as the Committee.

    Only one of my Senators is on the Committee, and even he’s not on the Sub. we need. If anyone has their Senators on here, please write to them. They always place more value on someone who can actually VOTE for them.

  9. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    This is good, Suzanne, and there is Mark Udall, I have to figure out what I need to say to him. Mar

  10. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Here’s a neat mural (the first one and the next one!)

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