New ways to support TCF

Everyone has been amazingly generous and supportive — here are three new offers of new ways to support The Cloud Foundation. Thank you all!

Book Offer:

Wild horse angels deserve recognition!  As a token of thanks,  Terri Farley, author of the PHANTOM STALLION and WILD HORSE ISLAND series will send free gift books to the first 15 angels to pledge $15 or more to the Freedom Fund (applied to purchase/transport of older Pryor horses who have been cruelly removed from the Pryor Mountains and legal fees to get them returned to their home).

1. Visit to “shop” for the title you want.

2. go to , donate, and  indicate you want a GIFT BOOK  so that the The Cloud Foundation can get your information to Terri. She will do her best to fill requests, and mail your gift post paid.

If no request is made, or yours can’t be filled, Terri will send a book with a wild white stallion on the cover, in honor of CLOUD.

Photography Offers- in alphabetical order- thanks to all!

Deb Little Photography

Pam Nickoles photography

Living Images by Carol Walker

Kathy Weigand photography


Unrelated Note: The BLM is concerned with slogans that could incite violence, so please keep speaking up for our horses but avoid language that could be perceived as threatening to BLM employee’s safety.


2 Responses to “New ways to support TCF”

  1. Christine Says:

    There are ALSO supposed to be two new shirts to buy linked in the Gift Store…but I guess Jay hasn’t had the time yet to do the update we talked about yesterday on the phone.

    So in the meantime, here are the URLs again:

  2. jan sterling Says:

    got up early and put on news and c-span saw nothing about mustangs – so much other junk going on in wash – health care bill and now iran

    i wish they had been able to ride into the capitol that would have gotten news coverage

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