Talking Points

Here is a short document with the general overview of talking points that may be helpful as you reach out to the Media as well as to Congressionals.

Brief Talking Points 9-23-09


7 Responses to “Talking Points”

  1. Morgan Williams Says:

    This is very helpful.

    I spent 3 days getting facts, names & numbers organized in a 3 page letter before meeting my Senator & his staff.

  2. Janet Ferguson Says:

    This post was posted on the Facebook Page against euthanasia of wild mustangs. This is a link to an MSNBC article dated last November.
    I think it is very pertinent to the meetings with the congresspersons those who are making the commitment to journey to our nation’s capitol on behalf of the horses: if you agree, please do not forget to mention this potential bloodletting:



    • Morgan Williams Says:

      I read the related article on the same page of the link you provided. It was about a mare found with the branding mark cut off her rear flank and then turned loose. Those organizations who find domestic horses turned loose in desert areas say that slaughter houses are necessary evils in the USA. Horse owners who can’t afford euthanasia or can’t find a shelter to take in their equine, turn the equine loose. Of course, a domestic horse cannot survive in the wilderness.

  3. Robyn Goode Says:

    This document is helpful. Thanks. I have been trying, with no luck, to get a newspaper in Vermont to do a story on these issues. The editors say it has nothing to do with our state, there is no link, even after I explain that it is as much Vermonters tax dollars, as any other states, that help to fund the BLMs endeavors. I am SO frustrated. Finally, The Vermont Standard, in Woodstock, agreed to publish a “letter to the editor” next Thursday, if I keep it under 200 words & say how this affects local Vermonters. Ugh! Vermont is a horse loving state, that should be enough!
    I have also been in contact with our Senator Bernie Sanders. He should be of help for our horses 🙂 I am praying for you all who will be attending the meetings next week. And praying for the horses to not fall into the wrong hands this weekend!

  4. Janet Ferguson Says:

    The website, below, is actually a video player of part 2 of the BLM Advisory Board Meeting held last June. About 1/3 way thru is the public comment segment. It is interesting to listen to.

    Also discussions take place on litigation etc. elsewhere in these videos.

    This is the general link posted which you can go to tomorrow for live coverage of the BLM meeting. 8-5 Eastern Standard Time.

  5. Janet Ferguson Says:

    Listening to the video of the public comment section of the BLM meeting in 6/09; one rancher indicateds that it is the Department of Agriculture that is telling the BLM what to do. “Dishing it Out”. then the BLM gets blamed. He says, money, not the BLM is the problem – gov’t won’t spend the money for the BLM programs.

    Who’s on first with this? Where does the Department of Agriculture come in? Earlier in the evening, an official who spoke before the Advisory Committee said the Secretary of Agriculture had equal responsibility for the situation but no “power” Does anyone understand this dynamic????

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