Cloud’s Herd Roundup on CNN

CNN tonight (Headline News) around 7:oopm EST

 Chantal Westermann, who was at the roundup, phoned into the Jane Velez Mitchell show on Wednesday on the CNN-HLN channel- watch the clip here.  This is a short media piece-  please ask CNN to do a longer story as soon as possible! Call 404-827-2600. 

and on SUNDAY MORNING : Burros

CBS News Sunday Morning.  Times vary. Check here for your time:

The closing footage will feature the burros, possibly from the Mojave Desert. The filmmaker submitted information on the roundups  and is hoping it will be mentioned.

Please send an email to thank them and encourage them to do a cover story:

Your one call to each of these stations is multiplied when added to everyone else’s call.  It shows a station that’s there an audience for this issue, gives leverage to the reporters to do more, and soon other stations will jump in.  Thank you!


41 Responses to “Cloud’s Herd Roundup on CNN”

  1. Audrey Caprio Says:

    Hurray! Telling people to watch……this should definitely result in further expanding the calls and emails prior to Sept. 28…..hope she does a very detailed and lengthy segment.

  2. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Great, I had no idea that they showed!!! Mar

  3. Linda Says:

    It’s on 3 times tonight, 5, 7, & 10 pm MDT.

  4. R.T. Fitch Says:

    Go Chantel…I knew she would get the story in front of someone!!!

  5. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    At the web site for CNN-HLN if you click on “Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell,” it goes to her page with a box on the left TONIGHT on Issues, with a photo of horses. It gives a short preview of the story on the Pryor horses. They sometimes put these stories on, in brief, in the Headline News on CNN also. HLN is a separate channel to CNN with many of the same stories ongoing. Mar

  6. Marilyn Haley Says:

    Great News!!!! It’s about time media gave Cloud’s Herd the attention they deserve.

    Go get um Chantal.

  7. Amanda Daniell Says:

    Excellent to see this covered!

  8. lj Says:

    This is a great step to getting this story in the faces of the masses!! Well done Chantal!! It’s too important for maintaining some of what is good left of our heritage!! These horses don’t deserve to be imprisoned for crimes committed by gutless, greedy, sub-humans in this country of ours. Surely they can develop other spots that aren’t inhabited by so many souls that we’d all like to keep around for the next generations. How much is enough ya’ll? Hope it’s seen far and wide,…. everywhere!!! Thanks Chantal for being Pro-horse!!

    Big Smiles,…

  9. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Hopefully this means that CNN will continue with this story over the Arlington meet and the Mustangs on the Hill. This is a nice thread.. Mar

  10. Jean Turnmire Says:

    I Hope CNN national coverage will help people SEE the tragedy in the Pryors. These are OUR wild horses…Yours and MINE…not the government’s… being ripped from their families and taken from their home ranges. Please CALL the stations and your government to STOP this…Put the wild horses BACK…the range is lush….oil or coal drilling may be at the bottom of this…energy vs wildlife. Let NATURE rule.

    I learned more about horse behavior in my visits to Cloud’s herd in the Pryor Mountains than I had in 40 years of being with domestic horses.
    This priceless resource of bands of horses living FREE should NOT be destroyed. Please take action…yourself…NOW.

  11. Shannon Says:

    I just saw the segment on Jane Velez Mitchell’s show. I had no idea something like this could happen. It’s like rounding up all the eagles in the states that are in the US airspace and adopting them out. That would be terrible! Wild animals should stay wild! I will definately give a statement via call or email 🙂
    “Wild horses couldn’t drag me away”-Rolling Stones

  12. Erin Says:

    I just watched this, but it was way too short (only a couple of minutes long). Jane Velez-Mitchell kept interrupting Chantal in the middle of her explanation of what had happened. It was better than no publicity at all, but maybe someone could get one of the talk show newscasts, like Larry King, to do a more in depth interview of someone who has a chance to educate the television population as to what is happening and what they can do to help.

  13. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Well, This was a fast paced report. Jane Velez-Mitchell is an intense TV newsperson. Chantal’s piece was there. Though it is not an auction outright. If they follow up with the Meeting and Mustangs on the Hill, it will be great. This show reached so many people. It was a great opportunity, Thanks Chantal, you did great. Mar

  14. Rhonda czarski Says:

    This has to STOP NOW!!!
    People don’t know that the army released horses and camels years ago when the army was finished with them. This is one reason that we have wild hores. Our government is responsible for this mess. Let these poor creatures live out their lives as god intended. They ask for nothing from us except to be left alone. Rhonda Czarski

  15. Suzanne Moore Says:

    There is discussion on Jane Velez-Mitchell’s page on Facebook: I’m sending those who want to help over here.

  16. Richard Sobek Says:

    It is a shame that hundreds of years can be wiped out by disinterest in history and interest in unneccesary destruction of the country God made. (Hmmmmm did I offend using His name?) We the people in order to destroy a perfect union? Really? What became of the love of life and the beautiful wilderness that was here long before man became a twitter with itself. Leave the horses that flourish in their home alone. The idiot that said they are not surviving has never really been 4 feet from a beautiful new colt folling behind a proud Palomino father.

  17. Janet Ferguson Says:

    “Not adoptable because they are wild?”
    These horses of the Spanish mustang strain, I have read, in books written ‘way back in the 1800’s (Dobie, et al) are

    Why promote the adoption out of one side of your mouth while dissing the “adoptability” (incorrectly) out of the other side of your mouth?

    It pissed me off. Sorry.

  18. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    JF, Yeh, I tried to think of what i could say to her… She is an animal activist? She had Makenzie Phillips and More Anna Nicole Smith and a Panel to discuss her. She was rude, inaccurate and I would like her to do it again. Fat chance. Chantal did a good thing…

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Chantal absolutely did a good thing. Paid for it by being cut off — never mind — I’m outa here for now. . . later!

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Basically, tho, she did mention The Cloud Foundation before her time ran out. That’s it. . . later.

  19. Morgan Williams Says:

    Jane is a VERY intense persona on CNN. Jane behaves and says what she does to get people interested. She knows how to capture attention by using the right catch phrases and hard hitting description words. Jane had most of her facts right. I know the Spotlight segment is short, but I do wish Chantral had more chance to speak.

    Thanks to Chantral for putting yourself & more urgent information out there in the public’s view.

  20. Nora Morbeck Says:

    Did she say “57 stallions” being captured and put up for adoption, or 57 horses? It came out so fast… kind of like projectile vomit…

    Sorry. I don’t like this reporter’s “in your face” journalistic style. Plus, she missed important details and blurted misinformation. Not sure if that helps or hinders in the long or short run.

    I’m glad Chantel got a chance to put in a few calm, positive words, though. What she had to say was clear and sounded like it came from a place of compassion. So that part was wonderful!!

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      I thought I heard “57 stallions” too.

      You know, some of these arguments could be used to sway the mass-euthanasia crowd: such as “untameable”, “not enough $$ to care for properly” so people really do have to be careful how things are phrased I believe strongly.

    • Nora Morbeck Says:

      I agree.

      These horses can be trained, though it’s more challenging and takes a lot of personal committment. I don’t think people should be discouraged from adopting — but they should be educated. I don’t think this reporter’s blabbing helped on that front.

      I’m also concerned about the mass euthanasia issue. That seems to be the BLM’s fallback position. “Well, we have no choice. We can’t afford to feed them.”

      Of course they should have thought of that before they rounded up and corraled over 30,000 horses. Guess it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission…

      • Marilyn Wargo Says:

        I wish we had someone in Nebraska to go to the holding pens. The horses still need to be seen. If a few people arrived there with some press, and asked to get in, maybe they would be allowed. Anyone from Nebraska or South Dakota? In spring, when I go see my mother, i will go through there. But that is a long way off. Mar

  21. texasnathorse Says:

    i’m not exatly sure what you people are talking about. caught the tail end of it, but i do know mustangs.they are very trainable and make great partners.i have one of my own and am currently training two for someone else. the BLM is doing a lot to preserve our wild horse heritage. don’t know if it’s enough because they are overrun with them. they have various programs for adopting them out. sometimes ones passion for something clouds ones vision and causes one to make bad decesions.

  22. Morgan Williams Says:

    Yipee for Burros getting attention! Brighty of Grand Canyon is being relived and loved all over again.

  23. Richard Sobek Says:

    We should strive to adopt back the land that someone took and forgot that it was covered in beauty. If someone wants to adopt then they should show they are worthy parents!!!!!

  24. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    I have called HLN and left a message after I had reached a woman who cut me off as soon as I mentioned the Pryor horses. I did call back and tried to get a human, when I did, she , again, cut me off and put on the message recording. The recording is used to filter people who are swearing etc, which I was not, and was very surprised both times to be cut off. So much for the CNN corporate handling of the public. Mar

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Maybe those who would see “our” failure are pretending to be “us” and flooding their lines with unsavory verbage.

      You never know.

  25. Nikki Says:

    “These horses are unadoptable because they are wild”

    Are you kidding me?! These animals make great mounts and companions in the right hands! I have a mustang (& 3 domestics) and will own get anything besides a mustang in the future. I found this woman’s style of reporting to be awful. She did nothing but hinder their chances of getting adopted. Big win for the mustangs huh? She did nothing but spew misinformation like vomit. If she was trying to help them she could hace mentioned the fact that tomorrow is National Wild Horse Adoption Day, or mention that they are wonderful, intellegent horses that are used for everything from ranch work to border patrol to therapy horses for handicapped riders programs. I can’t believe this!

  26. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    I can’t help but wonder if they are monitoring us. I sure would if I were them. When I called a BLM official and left a message, yesterday, I mentioned i may want to observe a roundup as an observer or a journalist. He called back. Wow. He was very nice. The information he gave me I gave to Makendra. Then I found, once again that the HMAs (Horse Management Areas) were not accessable nor are the maps and list on pda. But Google Maps are good for finding obscure places. There are roundups on the list under “Your eyes needed at roundups” here, and there are now tentative dates for them. If you are in Arizona, there are two burro roundups coming the 1st or so of Oct. Northwest of Sun City and west of Rt 17 at Lake Pleasant HMA. I am still trying to find the second one, Nuisance? But BLM will likely tell you the location of a HMA if you call and ask ‘in state’. I am hoping we can find a map of HMAs so we can add to this information. Then there are a series of roundups in The Red Desert Complex of Wyoming mid Oct. through mid or late Nov. They will be removing horses from more and more areas COMPLETELY. Mar

  27. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    I have not yet been through the whole list of the roundups and some HMAs may still be found on the BLM state web sites. The Wyoming ones are. Yet they cover a huge area and knowing where a roundup is taking place, where holding pens are is still needed. This information used to be posted, as it was with Cloud’s herd. This is supposed to be public information. Observers and the public are not to be excluded and yet they did say they wanted no one at upcoming roundups like the Shelden herd which is not BLM but a National Wildlife refuge. The Sheldon horses have been through hell. I hope you have been reading about them here. Mar

  28. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    This means that hundreds of horses will be added to swelling adoption lists and more older horse will be put away in pens to be sold. THIS YEAR. That BLM has been told to stop this and they keep barreling along is criminal. They are removing so many horses and all burros from areas. We need to stop them and we need to watch them. We do need “eye” in as many places as possible. California has a series of roundups this winter. I know it is a huge state but someone needs to be there. I wish we could set up an observers fund and list of volunteers to be at every one of these roundups. I am hoping that ROAM will be out of committee soon and on the Senate docket so all these roundups can be stopped. But it may still take time and the horses are being caught next week and beyond, every week into the new year and on. I am an old lady but I am getting out there. There is a roundup in Utah this next week. We are trying to rent a house and get indoors for the winter, but Roger’s sister lives near this roundup, that is in Onaqui, Utah. This is just southeast of Salt lake City and is near the Army Chemical Depot. This is open land. These horses are to be removed entirely. I will try to be there. Mar

  29. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Well, now I am going to Jicarilla roundup, it is very close, in New Mexico. Begins on Sept. 30th, so maybe we have some one else in Salt lake?? Correction, ABOVE, Onaqui is south west of SLC. Mar

  30. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    If you are interested, The Cloud Foundation may give you information on the roundups if you ask. I think that they want us out there. It is a personal decision. If we can detail what we see and take photos and get the information up here and out to the public, we can show that these roundups are happening NOW and what they are like. I think people still have to grasp how many horses are being caught each month and that it makes no sense at all at this point less than that. The horses are really disappearing. Mar

  31. Suzanne Moore Says:

    Have any of you seen this!

  32. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Yes!! Janet Fergusen posted this earlier. It is a great thing and we hope it does not slow down ROAM. That is why Mary Landrieu had some words for BLM and others. the idea of the government and states using mustangs is so good, too. They are a wonderful source of horse power for us. Mar

  33. Karen H. Says:

    I found this information on the “mustangs4us” website: “Adjoining Sheldon is the BLM Herd Management Area ‘McGee Creek HMA'”…which has lots of photos and some info on the Winnemuca HMA’s, including the Calico Mountains Complex — “November 2009: This herd, along with Buffalo Hills and neighboring HMA’s, has been identified as a starvation risk due to protracted drought, and is likely to be gathered before the end of the year. With the current crisis in holding pen overstocking and the GAO’s recommendation that they all be killed, the future is bleak indeed for these truly special and magnificent horses.” Does anyone know about this? Not sure what state this is in, possibly California or Nevada?

  34. Karen H. Says:

    I found this info on the “mustangs4us” website: “Adjoining Sheldon is the BLM Herd Management Area ‘McGee Creek HMA'”…which has lots of photos and some info on the Winnemuca HMA’s, including the Calico Mountains Complex — “November 2009: This herd, along with Buffalo Hills and neighboring HMA’s, has been identified as a starvation risk due to protracted drought, and is likely to be gathered before the end of the year. With the current crisis in holding pen overstocking and the GAO’s recommendation that they all be killed, the future is bleak indeed for these truly special and magnificent horses.” Does anyone know about this? Not sure what state this is in, possibly California or Nevada?

  35. Roxy Says:

    What is it I am thanking CBS for? All I saw was wild horses at the end. Did I miss it? Must have been a blink.

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