Update and Ginger on Radio Show- Saturday Morning Online!

Click here to read an update and overview!  We just sent this out on our mailing list (click here to be added)

RADIO WEB BROADCAST! Ginger Kathrens and TCF Board Member, Julianne French, will be on Clay Harper’s Radio Show Saturday morning!

Desert Horses Rounded Up- Pryors 2009, Elyse Gardner photo

Desert Horses Rounded Up- Pryors 2009, Elyse Gardner photo


8 Responses to “Update and Ginger on Radio Show- Saturday Morning Online!”

  1. Morgan Williams Says:

    I missed this! Hopefully a person can listen after the fact.

    I post my plea again:

    I very much want to go to DC. If I could ride along and share expenses with anyone from Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska or Iowa please contact me at:


    Thank you.

  2. Julianne French Says:

    You can listen. Just go to Clay’s website and click 9/19 you can hear the old broadcast.

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      I am listening to you, Ginger and Clay right now. Thank you.


    • Morgan Williams Says:

      On top of everything breaking my heart & burdening my mind right now for the still roaming American Mustang, the Pryor range mustangs in pens, the National Day of Adoption this Saturday, the 33,000 Mustangs and burros in pens, the roundups still scheduled by the BLM in 2009, equines going over the borders every day for slaughter, the pet horses being killed in south Florida for meat, all the domestic horses suffering neglect or abuse…..

      it really hurts to hear the strain and pain in Ginger’s voice. She is truly a remarkable woman of great integrity. For HER to get tired and worn out would take so much more than the average person could bear.

      I know you are still in “Charge!” mode Ginger, along with all TCF staff & board members, Carol Walker, Valerie Kennedy, R.T., the Crow Indians, Elyse. Please know that all of you have my great respect and prayers. I am doing my best to fight from my corner too.

  3. Morgan Williams Says:

    My heart just went down to toes. Oh my dear God. They tortured that newborn filly during the roundup. She did not fully escape, even though she and Mom did not make it down the mountain.

    I knew there was much information being held back by Ginger and all the others on location, even though the blog was being updated each day. Being held back for good reason, of course.

  4. Phyllis Says:

    What happened to the newborn filly?

    • Morgan Williams Says:


      I only know what I heard on the radio show with Ginger and Julianna. Ginger said that she saw the mare and 10 day old foal. The two had been harrassed by the helicopter and then left behind when they could not keep up. The foal was terribly foot sore. They two may be in danger, if they are seperated from their band or any herd in the Pryors. Being alone makes the foal vulnerable to predators. If I remember right, this new filly was named after the daughter of Senator Grijalva from Arizona.

  5. Lyn McCormick Says:

    Are these considered late babies and, if so, is it because of the contraception program ? It is so amazing that the BLM cited the need for the early fall roundup as being necessary for the safety of the helicopter crew and so as not to interfere with “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” for three bighorn sheep hunters. I am just astounded at the decision of Judge Sullivan. Does anybody have the link to the pleadings that were filed in the case ?

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