Campaign for Conquistador Tee Shirt

We will have tee-shirts available in Washington DC and at the BLM Advisory Board meeting in Artlington. If you can’t come, please  order your tee shirt e-mail or call Yunsoon Jeon @ 847-869-6686- cost is $24 + shipping. Conquistador tee shirt

Please order by 9/19 to get in time for Washington DC- or come get one from us there.

Thanks to Elyse Gardner for bringing this compelling photograph to the battle to win back his and the other horses freedom.


22 Responses to “Campaign for Conquistador Tee Shirt”

  1. gale e muellenhoff Says:

    going to Washington – will they be available there…

  2. thecloudfoundation Says:

    not sure where that came from — that must have just been an automatic add-on from the e-mail!

  3. Cynthia Says:

    If we place an order, should we send the money directly to the foundation then, with a mention for the tee shirt?

    • thecloudfoundation Says:

      Just order through the tee company, unfortunatly this is not a fundraiser, just an attention getter. Do you know anyone who is familier with cafe press who could get designs up on that website? Thanks, M

  4. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Thanks Elyse, Conquistador is waiting for us. Mar

  5. thecloudfoundation Says:

    Absolutely for real! We are working on getting these cheaper but for immediate ordering, please use the information above. Thanks All!

  6. Morgan Williams Says:

    Will order. Thank you to all who put forth efforts so fast and furiously to make the tee shirt a reality!

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      so many talented people doing so much so quickly — awesome. The Mustangs on the Hill poster is beautiful! I downloaded for my local distribution wherever they’ll accept.

      Does anyone know is Cloud is still lame???

  7. Christine Says:

    I have a CafePress account, I could help out with what you want to do with CafePress.

  8. Christine Says:

    Something I’ve wondered for a bit…did they brand Conquistador and the other older horses who are in danger of going to auction? Or did they leave off the freeze brands for them?

    • thecloudfoundation Says:

      They freeze-branded them all on the left side of their necks. There have beenother horses out on the range who were released after being freeze-branded though…. Starman was released and is branded, Shaman (who died a couple weeks before the roundup) also had a freeze brand. Keep advocating for their release!
      thank you!

      • Christine Says:

        Oh, gads, and now I feel dumb for not remembering that their tag number is always the last four of their brand.

    • thecloudfoundation Says:

      They will be up for adoption but then offered for sale if they are not adopted. In case our plans A and B fall through to keep all these older horses together, we are working to make sure all are either adopted by great people or bought by great people– us and other supporters of these horses. So they are not out of danger but we certainly can’t let them go into the BLM line of long-term holding etc. Thanks Janet Makendra

    • Suzanne Moore Says:

      This was on the BLM website as of Sept. 10th:

      What happens to the horses that don’t go back to the range?
      These horses will be offered for adoption to qualified adopters on September 26 at the Britton Springs corrals. Before the adoption, the horses will be examined by veterinarians, freeze-
      branded, and vaccinated. Adoption-eligible horses will go through the oral competitive bid process; sale-eligible horses (over 10 years old) will go through the sale authority process (oral competitive bid for one round then first come-first serve). Any horses not adopted or sold will be transported to the BLM’s Elm Creek, Nebraska, holding facility where they will be rested before being sent to another adoption event or to long-term holding, as appropriate.

      Sounds to me like they don’t intend to even offer the older horses for adoption at all. Have they since changed this?

    • Cynthia Says:

      Are you sure that older horses will go to the sales process AFTER the adoption process?
      Is there any way to check on Conquistador’s fate as well as other older horses and make sure that they show up at the adoption center and iare not sold before?

  9. Rachel asks Says:

    URGENT! Can I have permission to print copies of photos and the news release to display and distribute tomorrow at the Woofstock (an animal care and rescue festival) in Harrisburg, PA? I will be working at Another Chance 4 Horses’ booth.

  10. Kathryn Baker Says:

    I would go to D.C. if I could afford it. Unfortunately I just cannot do it. I hope it is a big success and that we get the legislation we need to prevent further roundups and to release the horses held prisoner by the BLM.
    The tee shirt of Conquistador is awesome!

  11. Suzanne Moore Says:

    Just sent off my order. Hang in there, Conquistador!

  12. Kathi Martin Says:

    I’ll be in Washington and all resources that I can bring home to L.A. will be fantastic! Just spoke to a vet tech this morning at a small animal hospital, she doesn’t know much about horses but is very concerned with what is going on. She wants me to bring back any info that can be put in the vet’s office. Non-horse people are beginning to get the truth, we need them to help us get Victory!

  13. jo bunny Says:

    STILES!!! stiles’ name was left off of the teeshirt!!! any chance he can be added, at least for future teeshirt runs???? he was the 13th pryor horse over the age of 10 to be captured & adopted….i couldn’t figure out the math of the 13 older horses…..the tee shirt lists Conquistador, Cavelitta, Grumpy Grulla (at 21, the oldest of the horses), Bo, Trigger, Shane, Mae West, Evita, Mystery, Meeteetse, Moshi, Sierra, & Floyd……
    i knew that they were trying to get floyd (4 years old) released because of his rare color….but couldn’t figure out if there was another horse over 10, or what….now i know. STILES NEEDS TO BE ADDED TO THE LIST!!!
    poor stiles. i don’t want him to feel left out. we want stiles to be released back into his range, too! 8 )

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