Your Eyes Needed on Roundups- 1000’s More Horses to be Rounded Up This Year

Photographer Pam Nickoles has compiled a list of upcoming 2009 roundups where the eyes of the public are needed! BLM has not yet provided a list of roundups by date, but we are working on getting that. Get a group of friends together, bring your still and video cameras, even your tape recorders. We need eyes on the ground that are wild horses are being removed from in such massive numbers. Nearly 1000 horses are to be removed from the Red Desert Complex in Wyoming this year alone– we need many people to observe a roundup of that magnitude. You can read the Environmental Asssesment here.

The colt who was the most lame at the Pryor Roundup

The colt who was the most lame at the Pryor Roundup

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59 Responses to “Your Eyes Needed on Roundups- 1000’s More Horses to be Rounded Up This Year”

  1. jo bunny Says:

    Holy #$%@&!! That’s a lot of roundups.
    Does anyone have the actual numbers of horses & burros to be rounded up as well as the ones slated for removal to go with that list???? THAT would certainly be an eye opener tou our American public. Then we need to look at how many of those areas on their list are slated for some sort of oil or mining projects? How many of those areas have cattle grazing on them????? This list is just astonishing, especially with the BLM so overrun with the horses they already have in adoption centers that they have admitted that they can’t take care of……who is going to pay for it, America? & WHY ARE THEY MAKING SO MANY MORE HORSES SUFFER?????? greedy #$%!&@! BLM

  2. Morgan Williams Says:

    Thank you for the list. Good grief, the Nevada list is long. Is there some other issue besides mineral mining rights or cattle and sheep grazing? Are there plans for major industry growth in Nevada of some sort that requires big chunks of land?

    It is hard to search back through the blog now for details. I seem to remember the next scheduled round up is in Red Canyon of Lost Creek, Oregon around October 26th? Christine at The Cloud Foundation gave me the info 2 weeks ago when I called the office & then another person on the blog confirmed the information.

    What about the round up in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in the Dakotas? I remember being told that the date was fast approaching.

    I am doing my best to stay involved and active. I still think of the Pryor mustangs every night before I go to bed and when I wake up. I cannot get the pictures out of my mind, especially of the look in Conquistor’s eyes and the extremely foot sore foal. There is such a sense of anxiousness inside of my soul. Like, I won’t be satisfied until I am actually there on the front lines of this battle for our American Mustangs and Burros. I am SO ready to go.

    I will be seeing Senator Feingold tomorrow.


  3. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    This is why we need a moratorium. I know there was a list this past summer, I remember looking at it. I was amazed. I thought I had bookmarked it… then I could not find it after the Pryor roundup began. If we continue to call Ken Salazar, we should be asking him to “Declare a moratorium on all roundups of wild horses and burros from 2009 through 2010. That roundups are creating ‘welfare horses’ at great tax payer expense and many horses are going to slaughter because they are not adoptable or old. That all roundups be suspended pending passage of S1579 and S727, in order to stop holding of further animals and cruelty of roundups carried out by contractors under investigation.”

  4. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    If you look at the adoption schedule, it goes south for the winter into Texas, and Artesia, NM. Hundreds of horses going south near the Mexican border. Adoptions may be used as a way to truck horses closer and closer to slaughter. If they can then be sold after not being adopted, tax payer money is then delivering the horse closer to killer buyers near the border. Mar

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      Now this is “out there” maybe — or IS it?

      We all know girls love horses, right? Here’s a group of four congresswomen on capitol hill who promote the goals of the Girl Scouts of America.

      Here is a link to the “honorary girl scout troop on capitol hill” — maybe if we contact them re this issue???

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        here’s the link:

        I am going to work on a brief email for each one in this “troop.”

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        I just put this website blog onto Martha Stewart’s blog.

        Martha loves horses and all animals

        Maybe she will help America’s free-roaming horses on public lands!

      • jo bunny Says:

        Back when the round up of Cloud’s herd began, I had the same thought, Martha LOVES horses. Maybe she can help. I wrote to her, too, but haven’t seen anything on her website……..& did you read on her blog that she was IN MONTANA around the time of the roundup? Check out the blog to see a duded-up version of Martha, riding one of Ted Turner’s 40 horses… mention of WILD horses….just Ted’s buffalo.

    • Karen L. Says:

      God knows it’s a fact that some people will sell anything to make any sort of profit. The criminal element and those who believe in free “commerce” over morality will always be among us. However, I know that the wild horses not sold last year at the Extreme Mustang Makeover in Fort Worth, Texas, were transported to holding pens in Oklahoma and again put up for adoption there. They were then scheduled for other adoption events north of Texas, and then for “holding” in the midwest if not adopted or sold.

      The moratorium idea is wonderful and has been called for since at least spring of 2008. In their letter to the BLM in ’08, the members of the House Natural Resources Committee pleaded with the BLM to halt the roundups at least until the GAO report was completed. The requests were renewed with the seating of this new administration. The cause of so much frustration is the question as to why they are not listening, much less responding. People at every level of society have made these requests.

      • Janet Ferguson Says:

        Well, that is a deep subject.

        However, the worst thing people who want better for the horses can do right now is to

        “lose hope”

        No matter what you say, and indeed it looks very suspicious, it cannot be seen as a reason to

        “give up the fight”

        Perhaps these communications to the BLM were simply “posturing” and seen as such by the BLM. Cover your a*& in Washington is nothing new.

      • Karen L. Says:

        Janet, There is no implication to “give up the fight” in my remark. I was just saying that the moratorium idea is not new. I know Ginger trusts Raul Grijalva and Nick Rahall, the authors of the House letter to the BLM in 2008, and doubt they were doing any sort of “posturing”. Right now it looks as though an executive order (as Marilyn Wargo points out) or immediate passage of S.1579 are the only means of stopping this nonsense quickly.

      • Roxy Says:

        The “cruelty” just keeps mounting.

        I had no ideas these horses were subjeced to being carted around from one adoption site to another – this has to be terribly stressful for them, and they can’t possibley show any “sparks” in their eyes.

        In addition the cost of this – this is another item that needs investigation – how much do these truckers and crews get?.

        I’m going to my first BLM adoption in Prescott Valley, AZ the 26th, and I intend to ask a lot of questions.

      • Karen L. Says:

        Roxy, Some of the horses in Fort Worth last year were beautiful and elegant like Cloud, Velvet and Rain! They were eager to accept companionship from humans even though they had been in captivity only a matter of weeks.

      • jo bunny Says:

        Roxy, not only does the BLM “transport” these poor horses around from adoption center to adoption center, they are also carted around to various shows & rodeos. We have seen some on display at a horse show in New England. There is also the EXTREME Mustang Makeover, where “traiiners” get to compete to “gentle” wild mustangs going up for adoption, with the prize money being touted at $300,000 (I wonder just where that money comes from; surely that can’t be just from corporate sponsors….)
        read on….

  5. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Yes, Many have asked for a moratorium and no go. We need the President or Salazar to simply declare one. Or a judge and that takes time and money. Meanwhile getting heard takes time. So when people meet with senators and committee members, a moratorium should be demanded. Horses that get gentled and started under saddle and are young, will be taken to ‘events’ over and over, such as the ones you mention. They are lucky. It is those who don’t get beyond one adoption event.. Like the Pryor horses over 10. In New Mexico they offer a $500. incentive for those who will adopt horses over 4 years. Then they have clinics with trainers. Mar

  6. Morgan Williams Says:

    Okay, I used the link to access the BLM’s activity map. I tried to find a phone number for more information on National Adoption day. No matter what state you are trying to attend an event at on Sept 26th, the BLM number is 1-866-4MUSTANGS. Hate to tell the BLM, but that is too many digits for a real phone number. I used the ‘contact’ us button. Found another number. No one answers. You have to leave a voice mail. 817-559-5650. A person can use the ’email us’ link but I don’t think anyone is monitoring incoming emails!

  7. Roxy Says:

    I CAN go the Lake Pleasant, Arizona gather. Finnally something I can actually do!

    Anyone else planing on this one? As soon as we get a date.

    Morgan, I have had the same experience with BLM phone number, “contact us”, etc. What a sham they are!

  8. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Roxy, Where is this roundup located? If it is Northern Arizona, maybe. Adoption Day Site and dates are listed, a link to the list is in brown letters ina box on the page about adoption. Mar

    • Roxy Says:

      Mar, not sure, Lake Pleasant itself is right at the northwest tip of metro Phoenix. But how large the range is and where the roundup will actually take place, no info known at this time. And its being called a Nuasance HMA – ?

      I am planning on going to the adoption in Prescott Valley Sept 26, there is also viewing on Friday the 25th, just to poke around, ask questions. This is at the Yavapai County Fiarground in Prescott Valley. The fairgrounds are located off Highway 89A, east of Fain Road. See you there?

  9. Nora Morbeck Says:

    I think the BLM can’t account for as many horses as they say they have, or are supposed to have, so they’re stalling as much as they can for as long as they can.

    What’s happened to Madeleine Pickens’ idea of a sanctuary for thousands of these captive wild horses? Why is the BLM stalling on this idea? Why so much red tape? It doesn’t completely solve the problem the BLM created in the first place, but at least it’s a plan to give some of these horses a home.

    Sadly, I suspect that November will see these horses sent to slaughter in Mexico or Canada with the idea that as many of these horses as possible could be gotten rid of before the EU fully phases in its new bans on “food additives” in horse meat. I think the sales to slaughter have already been going on, which is why the BLM can’t provide an accurate head count.

    This is a government agency. These kinds of records should be accessible to the public. So much for “government transparency…”

    Thanks to everyone for sharing your wonderful thoughts, for your determination and patience. Keep writing and calling. Sign and re-sign the petition on the Cloud site. They can’t ignore us forever…

    • Roxy Says:

      Google “Madeleine Pickens’ wild horse update”.

      She has 3 videos, One announcment from her, and the rest of the cover page is 8 links to the Cloud Foundation and Jerry Finch. She also knows how many e-mails sent to Salazar – 10,444 and counting. Jezz, I think I have sent half that many myself – feels like it anyway. And, someting new I had not seen before, 10,000 kept in little pens for 3 years!!!

      In one of her blogs she indicates that she has been haulted, stalled or something like that – read that somewhere a few days ago.

      I undertand from some commenters here that the fear is that if she takes the 33,00, that BLM wil just fill up those pens again. But, I ‘m going out on a limb, and appreciate any rebuttal – this is two pronged, let her take the horses, than STOP BLM from filling the pens back up.

      And, not turning the wild horse into a disney land – well, I’m seeing that as much favorable to what those 10,000 are living through for 3 years!

      Along those same lines, I need to ask this question, if 33,000 captive horses were somehow returned to their homes, how well will they integrate back into thier old homes. Also, Has BLM even kept records of where they were gathered?

      • Roxy Says:

        PS on Pickens web page there is “Get Badges”.

        Do I dare get the ROAM one on a tee shirt and where it to the adoption day? YES, I think so!

  10. Nora Morbeck Says:

    By the way … I just read this in the Lovel Chronicle, dated today:

    “Two pairs of mares and stallions were kept in captivity this week to get to know each other. The BLM played matchmaker with these pairs, putting stallions with mares from distantly related bloodlines to mix up the genetics of the herd. One stallion, Exhilaration, was released Wednesday, but later returned to the site, trying to get into the pens. He was paired with a mare at the capture site.”

    What the heck? I’m confused. I thought the BLM was trying to limit breeding. Now they’re playing matchmaker? Anyone know anything about this?

  11. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Roxy, I can only get into the 4 corners from where I am in Pagopsa Springs, Co. But you should get a few friends to go to the roundup if you can and be a presence. Maybe this is where they have biult into horses territory like in Nevada. Or they compete with cattle. Why is information gone from websites? I get pages of old entries when I look for HMAs now. Bad BLM, covering their trail.. Mar

  12. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Adoptions begin at Royal Gorge, near Canon City, Colorado, on this Friday. Horses from WHIP, gentled by the prison inmates. The price for them begins with $125. fee and then competitive bidding. I will try to go to see what the other horses are like, where they are from and how many. Though we may be renting a place with land, we do not have a trailer to haul horses. There are no roundups in Colorado the rest of this year. Eastern Nevada is close enough for me to get to. If there is info on roundups there I need to know. Other dates for Canon City adoptions are; Oct. 2, 16, 30. November 13, 20. December 4 and 18. I have been trying to call Tom Gorey. Makendra said to ask him for the Roundup schedule. His number is 202-452-5031. He left a message, dated today, that he was at his office but not answering the phone. I will keep calling him in the morning.

  13. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    At the BLM Quick Facts page in the Wild Horse and Burro Program, there is a box with figures in it for 2009. It has 195 horses listed for Montana. The AML for 2009 is 105. This seems to indicate that the Pryor horses are still over management levels, even after the roundup. Mar

  14. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    AMLs are Appropriate Management Levels and they seem to want to take another 10,000 horses. Or what the difference is from horses taken this year and horses they will take. It is terrible to fight an entity that acts like it is not accountable at any level to anyone and the Administration lets it go on and on. Mar

    • Roxy Says:

      Mar, I saw those numbers too and really felt down.

      I feel your frustration. We must just keep up the pressure in whatever means is available to us. Soon the Administratin will have to get tired of BLM and will demand accountability. That is what Obama ran on, and I do think I see little progress here and there on other issues – the more pressure we apply the higher up the list BLM will become.

      Now, I’m breaking out the talking points and sending each one individually and then as a whole list to Obama, Biden and Salazar, my State reps, my State rep on the committee holding S 1579, and have now added the Engergy and Natural Resources Committee as a whole, and my State Governor.

      And even though TCF said not to bother with BLM as it is a waste of time, because they don’t, won’t or somehow think they can’t listen- I’m going to bother them as much as possible anyway.

    • Roxy Says:

      PS, I’m also, to my State reps, where they list numerouse topics, sending this same barrage for each even possible conceavably related item.

      I’m sticking to what Ginger said in her last radio spot during the roundup – keep calling, keep writing, keep, e-mailing – the “sqweeky wheel” and all that.

      Plus, be encouraged – there is real movement, real organization going to Washington. I am going to ask for an appointment with my State reps whenever they are back home for a while.

  15. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Roxy, Makendra said to ask Tom Gorey, at BLM for the roundup schedule. I have a feeling that he will ignore me. But we must get that information again. That we are being held at arms length all the time is not acceptable. I will stay angry to get through this. I know people have to do normal stuff everyday and are still putting time and passion into this, I know that others are watching what we do and say, hoping for more hope and action to take place. So it will. The rally shows we have not stopped our efforts. After the rally we must keep at it. This will also be after the adoptions begin. What happens to each and every Pryor Horse will be news to people who are listening. We will all want good homes for them and the horse we are about to meet at adoption sites. We should be pestering BLM, because they simply deserve it. I just wish we could information. Maybe one Washington bound person should file under the Freedom Of Information Act against BLM for Roundup info and numbers of horses sold from holding, etc. In Federal Court. I wish I knew if this is possible. Mar

  16. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Possibly Ghost Dancer, I was mixed up by that, too.

  17. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    With our economy it is hard for people to even fulfill a dream of adopting a wild horse. BLM hopes to place 1000 on or from adoption day. Yes, apparently the better, choice, gentled horses get taken to multiple adoptions. Though it must be expensive. I wonder who hauls for BLM. Is that another secret??? I wish we had an insider. Mar

  18. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Are the trainers using unadopted horses to compete in the Mustang Makeovers?? That is wrong for them to profit from horses that belong to All of us. Surely this is not legal. Of course, BLM can do anything. Mar

    • Roxy Says:

      I watched Ken McNabbs show last week, that was advertized to be about the “plight of the american wild horse” on RFD (?) network.

      There was no mention of any kind of plight – it was a contest for the trainers (mentioned further up somewhere), don’t recall if cash prizes were involved or not. There were close to 10,000 people, the fire marshal had to shut the doors, and they hope for more next year – would have to be at another facility. I’m sure they charged for tickets, and there were booths all around selling things, etc. And there were advertizer booths, those are usually charged for also.

      Anyway, it appeared that all the trained horses entered in that show would be up for adoption and I must say, as they were also displayed around the fair grounds after the contest, that they were beutiful, and so well trained – the trainers didn’t even have the horses haltered.

    • Karen L. Says:

      The horses trained for the Makeover competition in Fort Worth last year were auctioned immediately after the contest. I don’t think any sold for less than $1,000; and I remember two of them went for $7,000-$8,000, maybe more. Of course, there was an entire Equestrian Center barn full of adoptable horses who were not part of the competition. Those were the ones who went to Oklahoma later. All seemed to have great rapport with their handlers, some of whom looked like 4-H kids. I’m not sure how the cash flow was arranged for the trainers.

  19. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Yep, Cloud Dancer seems to be Damsel. Go to Pryor Mountain wild Mustang Center . org and you can read all Matthew’s posts. He did a good job of observing. He is for the use of the PZP and does draw fire from people for that, but he cares about the horses. BLM listens to him up to a point. He did not want this number of horses taken, either. mar

  20. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    $300,000. is a lot of money. It seems to be publicity for adoption. Yet, why such a large purse? It also appears to be another commercial enterprise designed to profit from wild horses. The few that get trained are fortunate, I hope. Mar

  21. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Roxy, Yes, Cattoors is supposedly under investigation. Does someone have that information at hand? Mar

  22. Marilyn Wargo Says:

    Roxy, The info on Cattoors from TCF site is not up, but I asked them to post it so we can see again. There was a further investigation on him. Mar

  23. Kari Says:

    If someone can find any info regarding gather dates for Oregon I will put it on my calendar. I know my gelding was gathered in November last year.

  24. Barbara Steele Says:

    I have been to 2 “adoptions” in Pennsylvania. At the first adoption we purchased a buckskin mare on the second day for the “reduced” price of $75.00. Most of the horses were bays–little brown horses and while they looked fit they were dirty and pretty rough looking. The second adoption we went to just look and it seemed about the same–sad little brown horses.
    No doubt that the more colorful Pryor horses will be adopted and the BLM will use that success in the promotion of more gathers.

    • Cynthia Says:

      That’s an interesting point

    • Janet Ferguson Says:

      This is “off the wall” but when I was taking jumping lessons there was a little brown horse at the stable named, “George.” I got a chance to ride “George” once in class. I loved riding George — even tho he wasn’t much to look at — not tall, sort of scraggly & primordial looking, he was sure footed and did everything you wanted, esp. “jump”. It turned out he had been the horse that was the Master of the Hunt’s horse!!! He’s also the one my husband rode when he first learned to jump.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      JF, My first horse was a mustang, Came off a train from the West. He had a dorsal stripe and was apricot dun. We learned to jump together. There are photos of mustangs that have his face. In winter I used to call him my “Prehistoric Monster” as he was very fuzzy. Mar

    • Barbara Steele Says:

      Marilyn, My daughter-in-law and I adopted Ally, the buckskin 17 years ago making her about 20 years old. She has the black dorsal stripes and leg markings. She is the companion of the Chincoteague pony I adopted in 2007 and both of them have a best buddy, a elderly Shetland pony, Winnie the Pooh.

    • Marilyn Wargo Says:

      Barbara, What a wonderful family you have! They must be very happy creatures. Thanks for telling us. Mar

  25. Terry Casson Says:

    The foal who was most lame – the month old, with blaze -, what has become of her? Is she in the crowd for adoption? Was she given any sort of treatment?

    • thecloudfoundation Says:

      He’s being adopted out with his mother and according to one observer he’s getting around much better and it looks like he will recover. Completely unnecessary pain for him though. We will see him next friday and will report back thank you! makendra

  26. Kathleen Says:

    To Roxy and others:

    On the AZ gather at Lake Pleasant — does anyone know what that “Nuisance HMA” means? It is on a separate line from Lake Pleasant so I assumed it was a separate gather but it is not a location name I recognize. Is Pam Nikoles, list of gathers author, reading?

    As for Lake Pleasant, I would think all they are taking are burros, not horses, because AFAIK there are no horses down here in the low desert save for a few owned by ranchers still using range land in the outlying areas . (I am in N Scottsdale.) Not to say burros don’t need help too but just FYI…

    Roxy, I may go to the Prescott adoption on the 26th depending on health issues. If so, I’ll look for you. I did not know about Prescott – the BLM map does not show Prescott but shows a location in Gilbert. I called them and left a message trying to get more info but have not received a call back. I can’t buy a horse but I can at least witness.

    It makes me sick to think the horses are being moved south, closer to the border to facilitate ease of slaughter but the cynic in me certainly finds that a feasible idea, sick though it is.

    I am trying to write a (another!) really strong letter to the Advisory Board for that 29th meeting (cc to pres, sens/reps, BLM, DOI, & everyone else -I hope they get sick of hearing from me!). I’m using footnote verifiable references to every point made but have run into a brick wall on one point: the issues with the roundup contractor. I also saw the original info on the controversy over the Cattoors and their record and reputation as well as the supposed investigation. I would LOVE to have some verification of these things so I can use them to state and support my objections most strongly. I need to get this letter out soon so if anyone has solid back up on these points, please post here.

  27. Kathleen Says:

    Regarding celebrities/actors, someone brought up Martha Stewart but has anyone been able to contact these horse enthusiasts? – – Oprah, Julia Roberts, Willie Nelson, Viggo Mortenson, C Thomas Howell, Betty White (via the Morris Foundation), Christie Brinkley, Bijoux Phillips, Nicollette Sheridan, Kate Bosworth, Shakira, Leona Lewis, Robert Duvall, William Shatner, Shania Twain, Sam Elliott, Robert Redford, Richard Gere, Elizabeth Taylor, the Shriver/Schwartzeneggers, the Sellecks, Mitt Romney’s wife Ann, Sly Stallone, Patrick Duffy and I’m sure tons more I am not recalling.

    • Brenda Robinson Says:

      Wow, you are up on your celebrity horse enthuisits. Why don’t you send an email to all of these people, and let them see all you have sent it to. Maybe some of the people you mentioned will get in touch with one another and this may help. Just a suggestion.

      I am trying to connect with people in Toronto to form a protest here.

  28. Regina Says:

    I am interested in attending one of the Wyoming gathers. Can anyone tell me more information? I need to know where the different areas are located. Plus, the Theodore Roosevelt gather. Any more info on that gather? I have a friend in the area.

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