Come to DC for Wild Horses!

Here is the text of the ROAM Act

Please join us for MUSTANGS on the HILL– people are coming from all over the US to speak up and show up for our wild horses.MUSTANGS ON THE HILL Flier


3 Responses to “Come to DC for Wild Horses!”

  1. Morgan Williams Says:

    I am working on attending. I have spoken to Valerie and Lindsay. I will leave my open request here too for a possible traveling option:

    ANYONE! Please contact me if you are coming from Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska or Wisconsin. I could meet you in Rockford, Chicago or even a little further south of Chicago. I have driven to DC and then back to Wisconsin once before. Two people can make the drive straight through from Chicago in about 14 hours. I can split all costs. Please contact me at:

    “Never quit. It is the easiest cop-out in the world. Set a goal and don’t quit until you attain it.”
    Bear Bryant

  2. Overview « Says:

    […] 29th we’ll start out with a press conference and then fan out for meetings with Senators. Read more here! ¬†¬†Here is a great new article on the ROAM act, let’s get this […]

  3. carol groleau Says:

    I would love to attend but i can not but i have so many times signed petitions for cloud and i actually called the blm on the day that the round up was and told them how disturbed i was with have my total support .thank you so much for attending when i can not!

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